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  1. played for 5 minutes horrible experience
  2. My game is in chinese / japanese!
  3. Game will not run
  4. Times won't show in hogh-score list and key already used
  5. Video Performance
  6. Activation?
  7. Beta Issues
  8. Frame Rate issues? Disable SLI.
  9. Bete key already used
  10. Trials Evolution Gold Edition PC Performance
  11. Trials Evolution Gold Edition PC Performance
  12. Cannot install Gold Edition
  13. help plz
  14. Logitech F510 Not recognized?
  15. Multiplayer Ports?
  16. activation key not working
  17. Gamepad without D-Pad not supported ?
  18. Cd Key Does Not Work
  19. SteelSeries 3GC Controller
  20. Really? Unplayable. (Let's be honest... it's not a BETA!)
  21. Analog throttle controller works as digital (xbox360 pc)
  22. AMD3D / 3d vision support ?
  23. [Bug Reports] Video Performance
  24. [Bug Reports] Menu Sections/Options/Leaderboards/Achievement
  25. [Bug Reports] Multiplayer: Online Public
  26. [Bug Reports] Multiplayer: Local
  27. [Bug Reports] Career Mode: Garage
  28. [Bug Reports] Career Mode: HD Warehouse
  29. [Bug Reports] Career Mode: Stats
  30. [Bug Reports] Multiplayer: Online Private
  31. [Bug Reports] Audio Performance
  32. [Bug Reports] Career Mode: Crash County
  33. Got a bug to report? We've got a thread for that!
  34. 1208: ANSI code page... install error
  35. Activation code.
  36. Logitech Dual Action
  37. Beta activation Help!
  38. Temporary Fix For ALT-TAB Issue
  39. Direct X 9
  40. Crash on 1st track
  41. Terrible performance on upload to youtube.
  42. Saving records is very slow...
  43. Local Multiplayer Controls
  44. maximum resolution in options for me is 1600x900?
  45. Hacked Leaderboard
  46. Horrible flickering while the steam overlay is open.
  47. need help
  48. Game Close/Crash - License C -- Issue Resolved
  49. Multiplayer connection issues.
  50. Logitech Gamepad F710
  51. All objects in editor snap to 45 degrees
  52. Holy FPS Drops and long save times batman!!!
  53. Pre-order bonuses in the beta?
  54. Steam Achievements?
  55. Cloud-saving not working
  56. Wierd terrain generation
  57. Nothing saved after restarting game
  58. Unable to start trials
  59. Feature Request : Full screen windowed mode
  60. Framerate issues on single-GPU system
  61. Online doesn't seem to work at all?
  62. Texture corruption
  63. A few bugs i noticed (PC version)
  64. Am I able to change the directX level?
  65. option to disable shadows?
  66. Trials won't save or takes 10 min to save my runs
  67. Trials won't save or takes 10 min to save my runs
  68. Beta stats on launch?
  69. Issue with trials evolution
  70. Error in config file?
  71. How do you access beta/ CD code is invalid from steam
  72. My track won't upload!! Please help!
  73. No connection to track center possible
  74. Re-mappable controls?
  75. Trials Gold is ruining my controller!
  76. Performance Issue: Problem with optimisation
  77. Can't Upload Track
  78. directx question
  79. Game running but not showing up??
  80. Xrotto's Score is miscalculated.
  81. Xrotto's Score is miscalculated.
  82. Will it RUN?
  83. private match with friend bug/glitch
  84. Unable to upload tracks
  85. Amazon Beta Code Redemption?
  86. Enable Large Address Aware support
  87. Cant connect Nat Type
  88. Low res intro & then switches to selected res?
  89. Gamepad question
  90. [Editor] Simulation button resets mouse position
  91. Will it be likely we'll see a patch for the resolution issue
  92. Can't activate my key!
  93. Texture bugs in Trials evolution: gold edition
  94. [Known Issues] Trials Evolution Gold Edition
  95. [Bug Reports] Track Central
  96. [Workaround exists now!] Controls/Gamepads not supported?
  97. [Workaround exists now!] Controls/Gamepads not supported?
  98. Will the stats be reseted on the launch?
  99. You serious #2
  100. Track Central Uploading
  101. ABCD
  102. Can my notebook run this game?
  103. Bought items lost!
  104. Ghosts not visible on replays, just a dot with the name :(
  105. Lab Rat Squirrel Password for Keyboard Please
  106. Lab Rat Squirrel Password for Keyboard Please
  107. Lab Rat Squirrel Password for Keyboard Please
  108. Make it easier to view "next track" when viewing leaderboard
  109. Text chat and lobby in Multiplayer
  110. Game minimizes on it's own...
  111. Youtube uploads are poor quality/missing frames?
  112. uplay username
  113. System requirements okay, but graphic/texture errors?!
  114. Please add a level editor section for TE:GE
  115. Save Deleted
  116. Cant find the beta key anywhere
  117. money lost in garage
  118. Everything lost
  119. Game crash constantly
  121. Everything unlocked upon first play
  122. My progress got resetted to 0%
  123. Everything reset. 300 Medals gone!
  124. [Bug Report]
  125. My game is gone from uplay ?
  126. Trials won't start / open
  127. CTD in first License
  128. Game froze after getting Trials Trophy
  129. Game has taken all my medals away and locked everything
  130. Texture Problem
  131. Insufficient Beta keys?
  132. Insufficient Beta keys?
  133. Lost all bikes after uplay update
  134. Lost all bikes after uplay update
  135. Lost all bikes after uplay update
  136. TE:GE Registration key
  137. Gamepads support
  138. Game deleted itself
  139. Progress Lost After UPlay Update
  140. Trials Evo God Edition - any hope for shared memory users?
  141. Cannot connect to the internet
  142. Can not vote in multiplayer
  143. Can not vote in multiplayer
  144. Can not vote in multiplayer
  145. Failed framerate fix for nvidia card users
  146. Horrible Perfomance with SLI of GTX680 and even 1 GPU
  147. Game closes when I click "Online"
  148. UPlay updated now my game has reset- even needs reactivation
  149. Textures not working
  150. Textures not working
  151. Can't install the game (STEAM)
  152. Tribal Troubles not working
  153. Issues.
  154. AMD Mobility GPU Texture issues
  155. Stuck at 99 Medals.
  156. multyplayer
  157. Trials Evolution Gold Edition - v1.0.5
  158. A question about screen tearing
  159. UPlay Overlay does not appear
  160. UPlay Overlay does not appear
  161. Game wont Start / Wasn't added to my Uplay games list!
  162. Saves/Progress is gone again
  163. I make my friend's game crash when I join multiplayer games
  164. Can not connect to any online content.
  165. Editor Bugs and Notes
  166. Cant install the game...
  167. AMD Mobility GPU - Crazy Texture Problem (PHOTOS)
  168. User name/real name on track times
  169. LONG SAVING bug? [moved]
  170. LONG SAVING bug? [moved]
  171. [Bug Reports] Track Central: Level Editor
  172. [Bug Reports] YouTube Upload Feature
  173. Logitech Dual Action joystick problem
  174. NEW NVIDIA BETA 314.21 FIX for lots of problems
  175. Partial Medal Loss
  176. Never got my Pre Order Bonuses.
  177. Can't save video
  178. Game will NOT start
  179. Setting Minimum Video Memory?
  180. Translucent objects are too hard to see.
  181. Download and Installing Issues on Laptop
  182. NO FIX FOR SLI yes ?
  183. Can't access track central or online multiplayer
  185. Game Doesn't Start
  186. Performance + Multiplayer Patch
  188. MP Beta on Uplay
  189. Advanced effect setting
  190. Squeezing a bit more out of an older PC
  191. "There was a problem starting your game."
  192. Anyone want to help?
  193. Trials Refuses To Use A Resolution Higher Than 1600x900
  194. Demon on Wheels+Life is Harsh
  195. Demon on Wheels+Life is Harsh
  196. No preorder bonus?
  197. Uplay ID not showing up on Forums
  198. [Solved] Intel HD Integrated Graphics 3000/4000 Problems
  199. cd key in use ... ONE BS AFTER ANOTHER WITH THIS !!!!!!!!!
  200. Trials Evolutions 1.0.2 patch error 1328
  201. The game lags really bad now
  202. patch help me plz
  203. Steam and Uplay Cross Multiplayer
  204. Textures Not Loading
  205. Steam and Uplay linking
  206. xbox wireless controller receiver drops framerate
  207. Game closes when trying to connect to multiplayer
  208. Trouble with install and patch ...
  209. Can not connect to any online content
  210. a question and i need help plz
  211. Steam and U_play account linking doesn't work
  212. So, how do I get patch 1.02?
  213. Ok, now how do I access all my pre-order content?
  214. leaderboards
  215. Can't play multiplayer.
  216. Multiplayer
  217. Why the 60 fps cap?
  218. How does this Multiplayer-thing works?
  219. [BUG REPORTS]: Patch installation problem
  220. Not connected Ubi Servers?
  221. Trials not updating and no pre-order bonuses.
  222. Not much FPS
  223. No preorder bonus?
  224. Custom track saving problem.
  225. Trials Evolution crashes in some multiplayer cases.
  226. Logitec Rumblepad 2
  227. Multiplayer Private Party
  228. Can't install the game
  229. Save files lost
  230. Low Frame Rate
  231. Editor Offline saves
  232. Ideas for improvements/patches
  233. Multiplayer doesn´t work
  234. FIX for SLI users
  235. Multiplayer Options
  236. kind of FIXED: lag/stuttering, am I the only one?
  237. Having frame rate issues? Try this! (NVIDIA users w/SLI)
  238. Youtube export is freezing
  239. Lost all my medals/saves
  240. List of problems that I have experienced
  241. Slow-Mo Uploads
  242. Cheat guys here (Screen)
  243. Impulse chains much weaker than on the 360??
  244. Updated 'known issues' thread?
  245. Black screen on startup?
  246. ATI Mobility Radeon HD GPU Terrain bugs
  247. Nvidia Geforce 314.22 WHQL
  248. Graphics bugs on Radeon 6870
  249. Preorder Bonus Update - Check here before posting.
  250. Failed to start the game (Unknown Error).