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  2. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition - Press Thread
  4. My wimpy computer...
  5. Question about the gold edition
  6. Chat + FPS
  7. Steam + Big Picture + Evo = Win
  8. Gold Edition - Windows LIVE Game?
  10. Level Editor
  11. Impatient Anonymous
  12. Operating Systems?
  13. Spectator Mode?
  14. Throttle control?
  15. Custom maps cross compatible?
  16. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Closed Beta Invitation
  17. So like I won a riders of doom code. Who wants it?
  18. in your opinion
  19. Some questions
  20. Leaderboards filtered by bike?
  21. PC track central question
  22. Quick Question: Why own Both?
  23. trials evo awsome edition
  24. Which will you play first?
  25. New Beta ?nfo
  26. Steam vs Uplay
  27. Preventing Hacking & Botting in Evo Gold?
  28. Stereoscopic 3d support
  29. Release Discussion!
  30. Will Evo Gold include the DLC content?
  31. Track Creators
  32. final system req
  33. Question for devs
  34. Pre-order Info
  35. Pre-order thru Steam???
  36. Please, Please, PLEASE optimize the Track Central for PC:s
  37. Modding
  38. True Fan's on Gold?
  39. Nice!
  40. Thanks RedLynx :D
  41. Do we need uplay to play Trials Evo Gold?
  42. Any plans for a demo?
  43. Hey Trials players/builders! Near London?!
  44. Trials HD tracks in multiplayer?
  45. GameSpot's developer challenge...
  46. Preorder+Exclusive access to the Beta
  47. Will Trials Evolution: Gold Edition be cross-platform?
  48. Questios regarding PC DVD ROM option on Uplay store
  49. I want a Trials Bundle on Steam
  50. Trials Evolution Gold Edition Steam Group.
  51. Track Sharing: Community Site
  52. not noticed anyone asking this question about gold
  53. NDA for the last beta?
  54. Preorder showing MUCH later release date. What?
  55. Base Game + DLC?
  56. POLL.. How many HD custom tracks do you have??
  57. Online from another country?
  58. Steam - Uplay Interconnectivity
  59. After pre-ordering, how will we receive our beta key?
  60. better resolution
  61. A question to the quality track creators...
  62. XML Stats
  63. Voice chat
  64. Things to do while waiting
  65. STEAM
  66. Steam Pre-Order?
  67. Can't preorder from Uplay
  68. The Easter Eggs / Riddle
  69. Multi accounting
  70. Snapshots and Video record?
  71. system req
  72. Trials Evolution Gold ~ In-Game Voice Chat!
  73. SUGGESTION: a HAT GIFT for the steam pre-order
  74. Which 360 controller should I get?
  75. Steam Workshop support?
  76. Playing Gold on beta release!
  77. What in-game stats are there?
  78. For anyone hell bent on keyboard...
  79. A suggestion for the riding on Evo gold
  80. Uplay username list
  81. Couple of Questions (probably answered already)
  82. Free game when you purchase through Uplay
  83. beta
  84. Minimum System Requirements
  85. Pre-ordering from europe on the uplay store
  86. Uplay Rewards Now Online
  87. Is the beta up if I buy off uplay?
  88. Beta and Steam pre order to get beta .
  89. Trials Gold SweetFX?
  90. Trials Evo Gold Beta Build Off!
  91. Pre Order Items?
  92. Uplay beta download?
  93. awww yeaaa its time
  95. Steam store page is now up
  96. steam vetrsion
  97. Feedback Thread
  98. Game works perfectly
  99. uPlays Avatars
  100. Private Online Races in Beta?
  101. Trials Evolution Platinum Edition
  102. How do I know my times are being counted?
  103. Bought & installed through Steam...
  104. Analog throttle/brake/leaning?
  105. Non-steam shortcut?
  106. It's back...
  107. Can we get a fullscreen windowed mode?
  108. My thoughts on my first run with gold,, whats yours??
  109. Will there be a reset after beta?
  110. Glitches, 10 Year old Graphics, Heavy Bugs, Bad Console Port
  111. To all track makers.
  112. Anyone else agrees?
  113. AutoHotkey scripts for the editor
  114. Replay Upload System
  115. pad or keyboard/mouse
  116. Trials Evolution PC Requirements
  117. Trials Evolution PC Requirements
  118. Condensing...
  119. No connection to track center possible
  120. A few questions and opinions of the beta
  121. Who's building?
  122. How many platinums...?
  123. You most/least favourite bike and why
  124. Whose got the Uplay desktop reward as their desktop?
  125. Just some thoughts after playing for a while
  126. Saving to Leaderboards Issue
  127. [Request] Teams
  128. TC Advanced Search
  129. Evo Gold TC screenshots
  130. Multiplayer?
  131. You know you've played too much TE Gold when
  132. Is Trials Evolution Gold Edition come with the dlc?
  133. Cheater/bug user on the leaderboards
  134. How will DLC work?
  135. ADD-ON XBOX > PC ??
  136. Marathon / Ultimate Endurance on HD Warehouse.
  137. Your favourite thing about Gold so far?
  138. Donkey Master vs Donkey Apprentice (fun)
  139. Wall of shame 2 - List of banned cheaters
  140. I can run Crysis 3 smooth, but not Trials?
  141. Recording Gamplay
  142. Wow, what are up with the servers for Trials.
  143. No track central board for Gold.
  144. A few things that could improve game
  145. Invtite friends to multiplayer
  146. Concrete Dreams with Evo physics?
  147. Just got screwed over. Thank You UBI servers!
  148. glad i waited .. gold .more like silver
  149. Trials Gold Leaderboards
  150. Epic Video Idea :D
  151. Beware - this might hurt you!
  152. Where to pre-order retail version in the US?
  153. Evo or HD Tracks? VOTE!
  154. Beta patch schedule?
  155. Idea for track leaderboards
  156. Score Problem
  157. What's the Points/Score Calculation Formula?
  158. paper thin head
  159. Questions about controls (stick, trigger) in T2SE and TEGE
  160. Icarus Factor Impossible?
  161. Remote/Local Leaderboards: Synchronization
  162. Request Idea
  163. Will Multiplayer Levels be Shared Between xBox and PC?
  164. 2 serieus questions
  165. How do I use custom tracks in Multiplayer online?
  166. Add Online service check/Icons on menu
  167. Is it out yet? Not march 21st...
  168. Leaderboard Scoring
  169. Today was a good day...
  170. Why only this guy get pre order costume ?
  171. Track uploading - does it work for you?
  172. This game is great
  173. Right Trigger
  174. Why so high system req?
  175. local multiplayer online suggestion
  176. progress reset?
  177. So what happens between March 14 and 21?
  178. Marathon achievement.
  179. Save File Locations
  180. Warehous - "The Rise and Fall" no platinum with 32 sec o.O
  181. I will be 1 starring crap, unthemed ninjas...
  182. Questions for devs: TFs and wrenches award in Gold Edition?
  183. How many hours have you spent in the beta?
  184. Looking for ideas for themes
  185. 536/536 club.
  186. Trials Evolution Soundtrack.
  187. So, why does this track suck?
  188. xbox 360 controller
  189. What do you as a community want to see?
  190. "Are you Original?" Theme Competition
  191. So my track has completely disappeared from Track Central...
  192. Where can i pre-order the physical copy?
  193. how do you disable the intro?
  194. Steam pre-order cosmetic bonuses
  195. 21 march
  196. Patch Downloading
  197. So what is being done about the frame shuttering ?!
  198. Adding uplay gamertag under the avatar
  199. Will non-360 controller support be added?
  200. Have there been any patches?
  201. If your going to play multiplayer, at least gold the tracks
  202. Anychance of a Leaderboard Recalculation before Beta ends?
  203. Idea for Trials
  204. reset
  205. Looking for Trials players around my skill level
  206. Trials Evolution [Your wishlist / Features wanted]
  207. Trials driving tutorial
  208. Hackers on track leaderboards
  209. Trials Gold - Beta Record Topic
  210. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Beta Has Concluded
  211. Offline till launch?
  212. Who came up with this stupid Idea?
  213. Anyone else seeing the u_play user name above your driver???
  214. Just wondering.... (can you finish these maps)
  215. Will singleplayer progress be saved 3/15/-3/21?
  216. All user made tracks deleted? [BUG?]
  217. How do i change my name that appears on the leaderboards?
  218. Possible play in LAN
  219. Opening Song plz
  220. Bad Port. Disappointed.
  221. Trials Evo: Gold Edition (Steelbook) unboxing!
  222. dlc release
  223. Impressions of the 'Beta'
  224. Awesome game!
  225. Origin of pain DLC on PC
  226. Has anybody noticed?
  227. Xbox save?
  228. 21st of March (Details)
  229. The real reason for all the framerate drops and stutter
  230. So, seriously, Controller or Keyboard?
  231. University of Trials (Class 8 - October 16 - FINAL CLASS)
  232. Awesome...!! but i got a couple of questions...
  233. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition - Online Functionality Return
  234. Preordered Version - Play already ?!
  235. Multiplayer private to public
  236. No reset/recalculation of leaderboard for release?
  237. The game is Available NOW, yeah!
  238. Lol. Test your Might still doesn't work.
  239. I received the benefit of pre-order?
  240. What ways are there of earning $?
  241. Trials Evolution Gold Edition - Records Topic
  242. Flickering shadows and texture pop in
  243. Track ratings seem to be screwed again
  244. Global leaderboards are broken as they are now
  245. No Pre-Order Bonuses Activated
  246. Observations of an idiot
  248. Game not updated
  249. Why no Xbox Tracks in the trackcenter?
  250. Game Soundtrack