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  1. Challenge a Friend option
  2. New Update Rigs ANBA
  3. A topic about the good thnigs in this update...
  4. New 'fan' races
  5. New tracks from update 2.0.0
  6. IAP bundles
  7. Devs, please save my dying slot machine!!!
  8. So, what data are we downloading exactly?
  9. No more missions will appear
  10. Reporting an issue? Read Me!
  11. Its cheaper to skip upgade times.
  12. Is Fire Oasis track really available after you "won" it in IOS 2.1.0?
  13. 我是这个论坛上唯一的华人?
  14. Bike and Rider Customisation
  15. anba is the best part of this game for me
  16. Trials Frontier no longer considered "free"
  17. Another bug...
  18. New device, continuing process?
  19. what device do you play on?
  20. Regarding tracks?
  21. Deselecting parts when upgrading the bikes.
  22. Tips for Gold on The Stacks
  23. did anyone not pay the 95 gems in 24 hours for the new tracks?
  24. complete list of all tracks
  25. Cheaters taking over game
  26. Inverted Airtime
  27. Slot Machine back to 60min and 5 diamonds/refresh?
  28. List of missions.
  29. How does the Slot machine exactly works?
  30. Help Please With Lumber Yard
  31. New to this game
  32. toughest time savers?
  33. Chances are...I'm worse than you. And you don't even know it. :/
  34. treehouse help
  35. Beat Cassidy, The Lift, Inverted Airtime - HELP!
  36. Blocked anba track!!
  37. ANBA coin reward tops out?
  38. annoying ad-colony
  39. Berserker last Blueprint Piece
  40. ANBA Missions and Berserker Bike
  41. SWAMP tracks
  42. Step Into The Light
  43. Help Leaderboard
  44. Ghost Missions
  45. Trashmire
  46. Can I unlock full game?
  47. Skill Games missing in Trials Frontier
  48. Moving saves from IOS to Android
  49. how to add friends
  50. Bouncy Hills Help
  51. Damn guys...big bug in ANBA mission!
  52. Post-endgame Mission: Beat CASSIDY with 6 reverse on-air time... HOW?!?!
  53. The gratuitious "I beat this game" thread
  54. Xbox 360 controller.
  55. Android update 2.0.2
  56. Stuck
  57. Come on dev's. Let's up the rewards
  58. Update takes forever
  59. Last Update
  60. New track locations in latest IOS update
  61. Looking for new uplay friends?
  62. Update 7 - Candy Mission - Hinged Pathway
  63. Land Of Sugar - Candy Mission - Need help on Aqueduct now!
  64. Monster Lake track
  65. Candy Prophet - Deadwood Valley Candy HELP!
  66. 0 Coins from Diamond Dash!
  67. Sweet Dreams Mission: Pipe Basin PLEASE HELP
  68. Update
  69. Candy in Planks and Mozzies...
  70. The Dump Truck
  71. Lost Candy at the Cave Entrance...
  72. Android Support Group
  73. No new prices from Slot machine
  74. Not having a good day.
  75. How do I do this ?
  76. Problem Slot Machine
  77. Gems spent since last update?
  78. Where's the candy in Sunset Dungeon?
  79. French track names
  80. Hello from SerenityJoshi!
  81. Land of sugar candy mission
  82. Various issues
  83. Crane Peak Candy
  84. Grind for coins
  85. Question about candy on several tracks!
  86. Anyone else experienced not able to play Frog Village?
  87. Silver Medal on Melancholy Temple. Im about to break my phone.
  88. A little help please
  89. i just spent 81 gems to get a track on the loot wheel
  90. Updating general ranking ?
  91. how many people give up at the level 5 part quests b/w poor android players
  92. Anybody else?
  93. The benefits of the Enforcer Custume
  94. Getting the 4th slot machine prize on the first spin
  95. Preferred way to to earn new tracks in the next update?
  96. Why the caps?
  97. best way to improve score?
  98. everytime i have to do things like spend 10 gems to skip an ANBA opponent
  99. crafting 101
  100. Where is the last experience level?
  101. Denial Candy on Parched Cliff
  102. Issues....
  103. Is there something wrong with checkpoint coin accumulation?
  104. Candy Quest Guide
  105. Moving save data from iOS to Android?!
  106. How can I reach the candy in Parched Cliff?
  107. Bike upgrade Problem in Trials Frontier
  108. Looking for lower level IOS uplay firends
  109. ios friends for getting the enforcer!
  110. this place is pretty cool
  111. max level??
  112. bike Upgrade
  113. Change its nickname?
  114. Last Candy ("Bonbon Voyage")
  115. New uplay friends, for the sake of competition!
  116. Platinum Medals
  117. Please rank you hardest 5 tracks to Plat
  118. tracks with most coins available?
  119. Please help
  120. Does anyone know how much Gems it costs for The Cyborg Helmet?
  121. I'm possibly the biggest ANBA advocate here
  122. the goon outfit
  123. Has anyone been able to beat "Doing Your Part" Season 2 mission?
  124. 95 gems is the only way ?
  125. Where have my friends gone?
  126. Jump higher in Trebuchet ?
  127. Pro Player Bundle
  128. How to unlock tier 3 bikes?
  129. "Doing your part" Cassidy is beaten !
  130. Requirements for fireoasis
  131. post here when ANBA is being a jerk
  132. Trials Frontier iOS Update 2.4.2
  133. Can anyone tell me what the Old Guy from the Store says in the Saloon?
  134. New stuff in IOS update 2.4.2....
  135. Official Data Cube thread - Post locations here!
  136. Gas fixed...Game deleted..Was fun while it lasted. Anyone else?
  137. Lumber Yard Hill
  138. costume unlock priority
  139. Apparently Lotz can't say numbers higher than 19
  140. Prospector daily challenge issues
  141. Does anyone's TV in the Saloon actually work?
  142. Restore Purchases?
  143. Welcome to the [dark] machine !!!
  144. My Dreamrun - Coaster Canyon (android)
  145. help with two challenges
  146. Dica de como passar em Estrada Flamejante (how to pass in Flaming Road)
  147. Slot machine and Phantom
  148. CRASH! Imroved time CRASH.. AAAAAAAGH!
  149. Slot Machine and Tracks
  150. Help! I cannot find hidden candy in Deadwood Valley
  151. Help with last 2 Berserker blueprints
  152. 1 Plat to go... any recommendations?
  153. Problemas with de la tracks /help!
  154. Only 4312 people bothered to buy the DLC on Android - time for a change of rules ?
  155. You can now change your uPlay Username!
  156. I don't even wanna be 1st any more...
  157. Tracks not available in Android OS ?
  158. Has everyone lost their uplay friend pictures?
  159. Infinite Prospector Missions
  160. Global Ranking Problem! I have NEVER been #1!
  161. [iOS] Hidden special offer
  162. Three Loot Wheel gem slots in a row!
  163. Come on! Give us some iOS MFi support :)
  164. Track made by the devil itself
  165. which is more annoying? grinding for lvl 5 parts or coins?
  166. Trials Frontier: iOS, Android and Amazon update 2.5.0
  167. IOS Beta players... be aware of this!!!
  168. Pumpkins?
  169. Like the new paintjobs
  170. What is the Russian lady Zudina about?
  171. thanks for the update redlynx
  172. Platinium Knight - outfit also for android...
  173. Enforcerer outfit - needs 10 uplay friends - android
  174. So where's the rest of the quests?
  175. Randomly or...?
  176. i wish they would at least change it so gas wasnt taken until youve completed a race
  177. Not sure if I just found a new BUG!
  178. HELP! data cube @ rocky desert
  179. bug or feature during spin tasks?
  180. need low ranking friends for Enforcer outfit
  181. this pumpkin stuff is getting old
  182. Doing the Pumpkin quests efficiently without driving yourself crazy
  183. Minimum Tango to get Silver in the Island
  184. Minimum Tier I bike to get the Well Park Data Cube
  185. Hey level 50 dudes.....
  186. Fuel!!!!!
  187. Which paint job comes with the Halloween $10 pack?
  188. Berserker/Riptide's minimum level for The Refinery data cube ?
  189. Where is my pumpkin stuff?
  190. How to get the Tango brownish skin?
  191. Trials frontier on a big screen?
  192. its extremely frustrating how craashes and glitches cause us to lose gems
  193. Uplay Skin
  194. Trackmap
  195. Berserker Blue and Black paint job !!!
  196. Question about a skin
  197. can we get some of these sticky posts removed?
  198. I'm number 1848
  199. Alpha Street
  200. Need friends to unlock robot suit
  201. Does it worth to upgrade the tank size?
  202. Pandora's Cube
  203. Any one friend to TGrandTheftAuto, the No.1 guy on iOS world leaderboard?
  204. Does it worth to upgrade the Phantom?
  205. How to fix my Berserker?
  206. anyone playing frontier on a windows PC ?
  207. How do you get the Spider skin for the Beserker?
  208. best bike for island tracks?
  209. Glitches in some uniforms
  210. Move up in rank?
  211. Problem The Cave
  212. Theories on the loot wheel?
  213. got spider paintjob from loot wheel just now!!
  214. is Logging Camp the new Fire Oasis
  215. Anyone else had a problem getting Cracked Reservoir Data Cube?
  216. Explosive Barrel Boost
  217. Gems from ads
  218. Buttons malfunction
  219. I need Uplay friends
  220. How the leaderboard works?
  221. has the game gotten really sluggish for anyone else on IOS over the last few updates?
  222. Tactics for Improving Times
  223. Panorama Track View @Devs
  224. Missing Haunted Hallows
  225. Have you ever been that unlucky ?
  226. What is the trick behind Buzzsaw Paradise and Balance Avenue?
  227. Tank recharge penalty!!!!
  228. Important question for Devs regarding Pumpkin quest!
  229. is it just me?
  230. the ads on android are so super annoying
  231. Surprise !
  232. My shiny new black paintjob!
  233. Tips for unlocking missing tracks?
  234. Notification sound
  235. did they change the ANBA coin reward amount again?
  236. Can this be right?
  237. Leaderboard question
  238. Ouch!
  239. They can't be serious !
  240. On the Post-Halloween message
  241. What is a -1?
  242. Infinite Prospector Missions
  243. Im back !
  244. Notifications?
  245. i'm done :)
  246. Android players - How are you progressing?
  247. Trials Frontier w/ Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  248. How to unlock phantom?
  249. Halloween is over
  250. Balance Bikes