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  2. I'm excited for TRIALS FUSION!! (First thread I WIN)
  3. What platform will you be getting Fusion on?
  4. Before you concern about the tricks, see here before posting
  5. So...
  6. Trick Hater memes
  7. FMX in Fusion [or Don't Let Tricks Get You Down]
  8. What achievements would you like to see on Fusion?
  9. Official Fusion World Record Thread
  10. You know what would be epic?
  11. Price?
  12. What idea of social media do You have?
  13. Trials Fusion - Personal Best Thread
  14. Leader board suggestion
  15. Give Me Gecko 520 for a Bonus Bike!
  16. Trials Fusion Wishlist
  17. You play with Vibration on or off?
  18. Will there be an option to host user created t`s publicly?
  19. Trials Fusion: Ninja Thread! New OP!
  20. TF and Span in Fusion?
  21. Don't Rush Fusion Release!!!
  22. Trials Fusion Concept Art
  23. Question about Next-Gen, Xbox 360 and PC cross-platforming
  24. Will Trials Fusion Have an Online Requirement to play it ?
  25. Release date?
  26. Trials Fusion New Announcement Details - 3/3/14
  27. Where will you be playing Trials Fusion next year?
  28. Fusion at Gamescom?
  29. had anyone seen this interview?
  30. I'd like to know now
  31. Trials Fusion 75$ for Xbox One? Don't pre-order it yet.
  32. Track central's community must improve...
  33. All Platinum Medal Club.
  34. Cannibals' tutorial vids
  35. Multiplayer Ranking Suggestion
  36. Should the head still be the checkpoint trigger for fusion?
  37. PAX Prime August 30th....?
  38. Trials Fusion Builders list..
  39. Video track montages? like or dislike.
  40. Who will be staying on Xbox 360 for Trials Fusion?
  41. Idea for a new Trials Fusion gameplay (free-roam) setting :
  42. Fusion @ Eurogamer
  43. Idea for Fusion
  44. What's your taste? Musical or lyrical music in Fusion? Vote!
  45. Returning Tracks From Evo
  46. Kinect for Xbox One suggestion
  47. Trials Fusion FMX Controls
  48. Will Fusion use the "Snowdrop" engine?
  49. Is there such a gampepad in Existence?
  50. Offline Suggestions
  51. Trials Fusion Donkey Petition! [26 signed] Updated OP
  52. Should the Banshee be Included in Fusion?
  53. Any chance of a holiday update on the Fusion progress?
  54. All I Want For Christmas
  55. For those Trials fans with Forza 5 (Xbox One)
  56. Surprised to see this on a fansite first
  57. Editor: Our own Platinum Time 'Phrase'
  58. My pros and cons about Trials Fusion on XBLA
  59. Info: Screenshots Released on Dec. 19 2013
  60. Something to note for Fusion TC
  61. Xmas Present?
  62. Would you want a storefront on Trials Fusion?
  63. PetaTrack - 30 Minutes Long
  64. Why not monetize TRACK CENTRAL for Fusion?
  65. Trials Fusions Pre-order
  66. Monthly LeaderBoard - Suggestion Poll and Discussion
  67. Trials fusion tournaments..
  68. Trials Fusion User created Track Ideas
  69. Watch PewDiePie Play Trials Fusion [Strong Language]
  70. Trials Fusion Gameplay Video (Safe for Work)
  71. Spot ons from Trials Fusion leak videos and articles
  72. Trials Fusion releasing April 16th. Confirmed.
  73. Trials Fusion "Ride On" Gameplay Trailer
  74. Fusion articles with gameplay.
  75. will the PC version be badly optimized again?
  76. Will the Xbox 360 digital copy give me access to Xbox One's?
  77. Trials Fusion Track Jam Contest
  78. One thing REDLYNX are not telling us.....
  79. Season Pass?
  80. 7 weeks how many clones
  81. Forge editor for Fusion?
  82. Quad Bikes???
  83. Is there gonna be preorders?
  84. Download vs Retail
  85. Trials fusion leaderboards
  86. PC pre-order beta access?
  87. Is this Legit??
  88. Trials Fusion Q/A Thread
  89. New to PS4, need Fusion friends !
  90. Any mention of tournaments?
  91. can we have jj as an obstacle in fusion too?
  92. Part of Fusion livestream from today...2/28
  93. Donkey in Fusion?
  94. Cross-platform track sharing ?
  95. Do we have to Purchase online?
  96. The OTHG gearing-up for Trials Fusion.
  97. Xbox One Challenges
  98. Trials Fusion system requirements
  99. Professor FatShady's 'sneak peek' of Trials Fusion
  100. Pre-Order Details & Exclusive Unlocks!
  101. Game DVR and Twitch on X1/PS4.
  102. This time can we please have LB's for each bike ?
  103. Glitched scores a thing of the past?
  104. Questions about new Forum
  105. Welcome to the new RedLynx Forums!
  106. Concerns about Fusion
  107. Trials Fusion Now Available For Pre-purchase on Steam
  108. Professor FatShady takes on Inferno 4 - 2 faults! (via Kotaku Australia)
  109. I'm probably skipping PC version this time
  110. Trials Fusion | FMX Tricks Gameplay Trailer
  111. Why release date is different only in Japan?
  112. Track Jam Winner: DragonMICKY
  113. Game Secrets?! SPOILERS
  114. Love the look of the New Forums guys and gals
  115. What is a Game Developer - Questions by xzamplez
  116. Good Move redlynx!
  117. Trials Fusion DEMO on STEAM ?
  118. No multiplayer? Srsly rl?
  119. PS4 version 720P? [MOD EDIT: confirmed 1080p]
  120. Top 5 Hardest Fusion Tracks (Vid)
  121. Fusion achievements...disappointing if these are them
  122. Release dates different by country?
  123. Trials Cross Platform !?!?
  124. Track Central w/ Silver XBL Membership
  125. *SPOILERS* Warp Zone 1 on the TKO-Panda
  126. Poll: Which platform are you going to be playing on?
  127. The University of Trials is back!
  128. Review Embargo and Forum Changes?
  129. Xbox one 360 compatibility
  130. New pc content 16th?
  131. Looking for PS4 friends for fusion...
  132. Fusion resolution differences: PS4-1080p; XB1 900p - confirmed?
  133. Custom Tournaments?
  134. So does physics feel like HD or EVO or new altogether??
  135. VOTE NOW for the Track Jam winning track and creator!
  136. Twitch Streaming on Tuesday and Wednesday
  137. I officially lost all want to be competitive in Trials Fusion.
  138. FMX Tricks Questions and Answers
  139. Confused
  140. What is New in Fusion?
  141. Trials Fusion media event - Helsinki Finland 2014
  142. Bail outs....
  143. Will there be a digital standard edition for PS4?
  144. Vantier's FMX Tutorial
  145. 4K Dell up3214Q will not boot
  146. Deluxe Edition Delayed?
  147. does the game support 4k?
  148. Update Replay Question!
  149. Where did the community go?
  150. How much is the digital version/season pass in the UK?
  151. Pyrosequencing.
  152. Console Controller Differences
  153. North American PS4 Digital Release Date & Time: April 15th or 16th?
  154. Does a "standard" edition even exist? if so, when does it?
  155. is my gpu under the requires?
  156. Anyone In the UK know why Supermarkets aren't selling fusion till the 17th and 18th
  157. Trials Fusion - 7/10 at best.
  158. Xbox One Disc Version Available 4/15?
  159. Fusion is out - come watch
  160. New trials fusion forum!!
  161. Trials fusion release time?
  162. Does it matter on which platform I play for my Global Leaderboard score?
  163. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of The Law
  164. Fallen Angel bike kit for PS4?!
  165. Wait wait wait, no cross-platform track central ?
  166. 360??
  167. When?
  168. Vid: The Journey From Trials Evolution to Trials Fusion
  169. Fusion editor- very hard to be creative
  170. Season Pass for 360?
  171. No Multiplayer until later in the year
  172. Queued!
  173. Time Split
  174. Reviews?
  175. Possible timesaver on Park and Ride?
  176. Split Times/Ghosts
  177. no more "create a supercross" track?!
  178. First reviews out!
  179. So who decided to put skill and fix events in the career?
  180. Xbox one RT sensitivity
  181. No multi-player? Surely they should have stated this.
  182. Track/game descriptions and instructions are terrible!
  183. I don't like the announcer voices
  184. Track Central - SUGGEST IMPROVEMENTS/FIXES HERE for Devs
  185. How do you do "Tricks"
  186. Trials Fusion - Funny Moments
  187. [Spoilers] Trials Fusion Easter Eggs
  188. Twitch live stream Trials Fusion Career PS4
  189. Concerns with custom tracks / Track Central
  190. Empty Game
  191. 321 countdown in the editor?
  192. Big Air Challenge - How To Gold Medal
  193. Broken Promises?
  194. I feel robbed!
  195. Fusion first impressions thread
  196. No mo slow mo
  197. Absolutely amazing game, 9.5/10
  198. Anybody playing the XBOX 360 version of Trials Fusion?
  199. two things I want to eventually see fixed with Trials Fusion.
  200. What is Pyrosequencing?
  201. Evolution-> One Step forward. Fusion-> Two Steps Back.
  202. No Online Multiplayer
  203. Just adding to the flavour..
  204. Tricks works 70% of time
  205. Triathalon map
  206. Future Updates thread
  207. Everything looks like Halo to me.
  208. Are the servers down for anyone else
  209. Trials fusion - DLC WishList
  210. About the season pass...
  211. I'd have rather have just had Trials Evolution with new tracks
  212. Trials Fusion - Squirrel Locations
  213. Well this Place is Snazzy
  214. launch stream
  215. Fusion Factory Track challenge..
  216. FMX having effect on speedrunning?
  217. Do users have to use Gold for downloading tracks?
  218. Global Scoring Calculations - Help Wanted from Top Riders
  219. riddle thread
  220. FMX tricklist and how to perform them!
  221. Xbox Ambassidor says Only Gold can download tracks in Xbox-360 for Fusion [INCORRECT]
  222. Psycho Squirrel
  223. RedLynx tainted with Ubisoft
  224. Buyers remorse...
  225. Bring back the Phoenix 250 EVO
  226. Fusion
  227. Sounds like a BIG let-down to me
  228. Warp Zone 3
  229. Proud Hero outfit
  230. Need new stunt system and multiplayer!
  231. The dynamic music...
  232. The importance of Track Central user interface.
  233. Mutilplayer broken
  234. Trials Fusion - Pros and Cons
  235. Genuine question about signing into U play
  236. Fusion on the New Consoles should be significantly better than it currently is.
  237. Add people thread.
  238. Extreme/Ninja lounge for TC
  239. Is the deluxe edition worth it over the standard?
  240. Lesson Learned!
  241. The Fifth key? Help?
  242. Missing the tournaments?
  243. WTF Is... - Trials Fusion ?
  244. Please disable the right joystick in time trials events
  245. Wormholin
  246. Favorite Tracks so far?
  247. Cant create my Feeds in TC
  248. World record topic
  249. Fusion and Evo for the full package
  250. Tiny font....