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  1. Pyrosequencing in the garage...
  2. Cross Platform Is Here
  3. Time Limited Tournaments
  4. Rating user track since Update
  5. Calling A developer - Details Please
  6. Tournament Feature Pack + Update Notes
  7. Update reduced the complexity meter
  8. Closed Tournaments?
  9. Restarting Tournaments is a pain...
  10. POLL: Did You Play Online Multiplayer In Trials Evo?
  11. Twitch stream regarding current and future updates....
  12. Why releasing without MP was a mistake.
  13. A cry for help from the Devs.
  14. DLC This summer?
  15. Cross Platform Tracks...by ???????
  16. Nightlife tournament 3 times in 2 days
  17. Am I supposed to get money each time I finish a track?
  18. PC GAMERS: Post your computer specs and game performance!
  19. FMX assisted runs
  20. Trials Fusion at Summer Games Done Quick, Information times and Charity
  21. Are bike upgrades functional or totally cosmetic?
  22. Will coffin runs be removed and scores recalculated?
  23. Guaranteed EXP in Tournaments...
  24. Tournament WR thread
  25. Seriously, take this guys keyboard away...
  26. DLC and non DLC
  27. Leaderboard Clean Up
  28. Have any of you guys seen this before?
  29. Donation Incentives for trials fusion Summer Games Done Quick, less than 21 hours
  30. When are we getting online multiplayer then ?
  31. How will private multiplayer sessions work ?
  32. One of you very good guys in real life??
  33. I don't want online MP....
  34. Key bindings for the Editor [PC]
  35. Redlynx Are you happy Now ??
  36. Democratic poll
  37. XBL/PSN Friends
  38. What about a BETA section in TC
  39. Problems
  40. Attn: Xbox One Players interested in Creative Track Central content
  41. Top Roach help
  42. Hard Extreme Tournaments :)
  43. Jarrett where you be??
  44. New DLC 29th
  45. Explaining the situation and hostility we have, offering a way forward for Fusion?
  46. This is all Trials Fusion's fault. (Funny Stories due to Trials games)
  47. Trials DLC For Free (Xbox Only: Bing Rewards)
  48. Tournaments question and suggestion.
  49. Looking for new Ghosts to race against......
  50. Looking for Trials friends? This is the place! All platforms
  51. Trials Team: New Online MP Feature??
  52. Track Central now works on 360
  53. 360 TC working
  54. Bring back og nightlife tourney
  55. Are online server costs an issue?
  56. Repetitive tournaments -.-
  57. Live stream winner
  58. Is amazing ride tournament messed up today??
  59. Customs DLC Idea
  60. Idea about DLC/Future Updates. Free DLC for Holidays?
  61. Be The One with the Bike
  62. FusionFactor in BurnProof?
  63. Way to drive competition on custom tracks and keep old tracks alive?
  64. when will they add online multiplayer?
  65. PS4 Noob learning curve in full effect.
  66. Is Trials Fusion really physics-based?
  67. Are global leaderboards ever going to get fixed?
  68. Multiplayer Level Capped at 100
  69. Why are the featured and redlynx picks feeds going unchanged? (ps4)
  70. Something to think about :)
  71. Trials Fusion Showcase. Wanting some tips and ideas.
  72. The Bike is your Hula Hoop didnt unlock (XBONE)
  73. Only 1% of Fusion owners download top Uplay pick...
  74. What do you want in a Track?
  75. Notification from a complete stranger
  76. On the bright side for once
  77. 52 Track Limit!!! One Hell of a Problem!
  78. Trials Fusion Supercross custom Tracks
  79. Riders of the Rustland & Empire in the Sky Achievements Revealed
  80. Trials Fusion officially outsells Evolution
  81. Rides of the Rustlands & Empire of the Sky screenshots
  82. Slowmotion feature in replays?
  83. Ubisoft Owes Its Customers
  84. think I am going crazy
  85. It seems like the tournaments have recently been broken.
  86. How do the leaderboards / ranking work exactly?
  87. Be more respectful, seriously.
  88. Big thanks for Fusion!!
  89. Wow...ps4 controllers suck for trials...
  90. Major Terrain Shadow Bug
  91. Cross platform Ninjas
  92. XB1 Season Pass Question
  93. A thread about Trials Fusion on PC
  94. Trials Wrecked My Controllers :)
  95. Adding TC tracks to Local supercross track list... Is it possible??
  96. DLC Extreme Tracks
  97. Why oh why
  98. connection issues
  99. How to get DLC with season pass-Xbox360
  100. Riders of the Rustlands - Squirrel Locations
  101. Hate 'driving Insane' club
  102. only 1 leaderboard?
  103. Thanks For the DLC
  104. Fusion friends please
  105. New not unlocking on ps4?
  106. Seriously - Thanks for the DLC
  107. DLC issues
  108. The process needed to unlock the Season Pass DLC is ridiculous on PS4.
  109. Whiteout - A Storm is Coming Challenge
  110. Single Player Experience Cap
  111. New Flip noise?
  112. Missing score from Rags to Riches!
  113. morrillo - Inactivity
  114. Riders of the rustlands supercross tracks?
  115. For gawds sake Shifty!
  116. Achievement not unlocking
  117. Visuals of the Rustlands DLC...it's the bees knees!
  118. My Opinions
  119. Rustlands
  120. Should I Buy
  121. [Xbox One] -1 Acheivement doesn't pop for me. Any tips?
  122. Local Multi player question
  123. DLC Question/Request: More Gold Sinks
  124. Yo!! RL...drop the donkey
  125. Seriously!!!! What is up with multiplayer!!!!!!
  126. Unlock all levels
  127. Leaderboard inconsistency?
  128. Redlynx of the Past/Future and why there is a difference
  129. How do they do that?
  130. Possible NEW Hidden Squirrel location
  131. Gigatrack?
  132. New Update 1,1GB..........Patch Notes?
  133. Who's EvoSquirrel?
  134. New DLC coming out this month
  135. Interesting find, post dlc (music)
  136. Funny Thread! (Trials and non Trials Related)
  137. Ultimate Comparative Trials Evo/Fusion
  138. I hate frostbite
  139. I need help getting better.
  140. Extreme difficulty maps vs EVO
  141. Ninja moves?
  142. Ninja Inferno IV
  143. Want Sandy back!
  144. wolf in wolf's clothing achievement not unlocking
  145. AUS/NZ Trials Fusion Competition
  146. SEASON PASS (and the costs)
  147. Leaderboards fixing
  148. Fixing scores!
  149. Inferno IV question(s)
  150. Drunken trials thread...
  151. Biggest issue for Track Central...
  152. Where do i stand?
  153. Empire of the Sky preview
  154. Inferno 4 ridiculously difficult?
  155. Removing coffin runs on 360?
  156. Trials main website login broken??
  157. New dlc is not available for season pass holders on xbox one.
  158. New DLC not available to pass holders for 360 either
  159. Online Multiplayer
  160. X1 Trails Fusion free at xbox.com SMH
  161. Which DLC did you like better- RoR/EotS?
  162. New DLC Achievements Not Unlocking...
  163. DLC coming soon PS4 Sweden?
  164. [ Req ] Artist for YT backdrop
  165. new DLC
  166. Thanks for Empires of the Sky :-)D
  167. Any tips on how to
  168. Missleading?
  169. I got my first world record last night!!!
  170. My idea for the Next Trials: Adventure Mode!!
  171. extreme timesaver in stratosphere
  172. PS4 2nd DLC help?
  173. Fix the future or please bring back the past !
  174. Fix the future or please bring back the past !
  175. Give us some info!
  176. Top Female Trials Players
  177. Track spaming
  178. Small details
  179. We've all done this at least once
  180. Ice bucket challenge in trials community only!
  181. Youtube channel
  182. Way of the Machine Roach Challenge
  183. WTF is wrong with the players?! (Track Central)
  184. Skill Game Tournament
  185. Fusion Multiplayer idea: Dynamic track list.
  186. challenge category/ upload limit
  187. How much Money do you have? Will we ever be able to spend it?
  188. Player logging in!!!!! aarrgghh
  189. Good track for Local.
  190. Runescape > Trials Fusion
  191. Older Trials players: Just started or your a old Pro....the OverTheHillGang wants U !
  192. Feeling ripped off
  193. TwoDudesReview: Trials Fusion!
  194. Trials Fusion Multiplayer
  195. Genuine meaning for upload.
  196. All friends gone from leaderboard
  197. Hilarious Video YT.. Post yours.
  198. evolution tracks on fusion?!?!
  199. Ninja Challenge Central....TRACK CENTRAL=Hot mess.
  200. What happened to the forums???
  201. Where are the players on the PC platform?
  202. I want to hear SynDi in the upcoming DLCs!
  203. With what buttons do you play Trials ?
  204. Teams?
  205. Deleting coffin runs
  206. Request : Links to all Ubi Track Drops
  207. [Request] Fusion-themed Avatar goodies??
  208. [Spoilers] Story questions, will the AI's return?
  209. Im getting tired of the bugs and glitches and the lack of info on updates
  210. you guys happy with our money, cause i not happy with a quarter of a game
  211. Whats with all the uploads.
  212. Discrepancy between keyboard and controller.
  213. Ability to remove shared tracks
  214. Show some legacy support please
  215. Way of the Machine
  216. 2 separate leaderboards?
  217. Why can you 500 fault or time out on a track and still be able to like or dislike
  218. This game is Bad
  219. A surprise in the post today...
  220. Redlynx no support for Pc Version at all ! - Game is unplayable
  221. I got called out :(
  222. Being plunt - the change
  223. No reason to play trials..
  224. Thats what happens if...
  225. Local multiplayer improvements
  226. Looking back
  227. Player retention and lack there of it....
  228. Why does the PS4 version runs worse than the XB1 version in some ways?
  229. Global leaderboards
  230. Xbox one new dlc not available to season pass holders
  231. Is this for real ?
  232. Made a mistake
  233. Best DLC Ever
  234. Medal System
  235. Welcome to the Abyss DLC Design
  236. "Bullseye" challenge got translated wrong in German
  237. Seriously
  238. Enter Atlantis - The ending
  239. War themed track
  240. Ay ubilynx!
  241. Group themed building
  242. Ghost mode multiplayer
  243. U Can't Cena Me!
  244. Explination for Failed homework lol
  245. Game progression and rider outfits...
  246. Fusion Gigatrack. Fact or Fiction?
  247. Custom Track Event
  248. Pinball
  249. multiplayer?
  250. What is teams?