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  15. What makes DoC unique and should be in BS2
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  18. Blackskull Crusher need to go from BS2
  19. NEWFLASH: Gold will be almost useless after base set 2
  20. To all the haters up in here! BS2 is genious! :D
  21. BUildings that are Buildings and Buildings that are Fortunes
  22. MY IMPRESSIONS ON THE CHANGES FOR BS2 long text incomming....
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  26. About the redeem code of DoC: organisation for a tournament
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  37. Change Arianas ability for BS 2
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  39. Achievement after BS2 come out
  40. Unique Card reveal - Zefiria, Chosen of the Winds - Air Aligned creature
  41. Heart of Nightmares - Features Interview with the Dev Team
  42. Altar of Wishes: older sets will cost more Wildcards than newer sets.
  43. Which going out of print cards are worth getting NOW
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  47. Will Void Rising Packs be Available for Gold?
  48. Heart of Nightmares - New Ranking & Matchmaking
  49. level 150/200/250 no seals, but what happens qith level 100??? plz help
  50. going foward wat are the must have cards now from bs01?? help please
  51. Heart of Nightmares - Spoiler Stream
  52. BS2 + HoN Actual release date
  53. Standard is the competitive format and open ist not WHAT?
  54. Can we use the BS1 cards (the no deleted ones) on BS2 ranked matches??
  55. A question regarding the tribes for the future
  56. Filler cards in HoN
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  58. please
  59. SPOILER - All HoN cards
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  63. bug.
  64. is the resolution ****ed?
  65. Farewell and good luck
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  67. seals? what now....
  68. Stuck on Hakeem's puzzle
  69. Ignatius puzzle IMPOSSIBLE ?
  70. When will HoN packs be available for gold???????????
  71. How to beat Phrias campain with each faction?
  72. Special Reward for logging in?
  73. Spells in BS2 and Creature survivability
  74. MMDOC:HON the bait and switch.
  75. Epics?!?! Not even ONE in a box
  76. Game's incentives based on lack of information
  77. Hon and the patch - feedback
  78. Campaign rewards? (WCs in free packs)
  79. Feedback about the new UI
  80. In the stream, didn't Kimmundi say ...
  81. No numbers - a bug?
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  83. HoN Feedback (Haven player)
  84. i think im done
  85. Daily Quests - Feedback
  86. Strongest deck vs Necro?
  87. Congratulations!
  88. Let's talk about Necro
  89. Heart of Nightmares now available for gold!
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  91. Cry topic :) (feedback!)
  92. My review and rating of Heart of Nightmares and the factions.
  93. New player to the game: Does the base set 2 starter worth buying?
  94. The "I win" Cards of Heart of Nightmares
  95. Just a quick question
  96. Still new (explanation of base 1 & base 2) what does that mean?
  97. Is this a glitch, or am I just confused?
  98. Where can i see a full review on every card of hearth of nightmare?
  99. Will this get invalidated like base set 1 at some point?
  100. Am I just a really unlucky or...
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