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  1. Rock Singles Pack is $2.99 on Xbox One
  2. Why is Slash's lead singer also singing for Alter Bridge?!?
  3. Dan's clue for 12/9 DLC
  4. Where is all the PS4 dlc?
  5. RATM -- partial delay in US on PlayStation platforms
  6. What is the average sales amount of all DLC?
  7. DLC 12/9 "Rage Against the Machine"
  8. White Stripes PS4 DLC
  9. DLC Download help
  10. Hypothetical; Songs Lacking an Instrument - Future DLC
  11. Xbox 1 RATM pack not in store yet?
  12. Poll: Would you buy Clapton's songs if they were DLC?
  13. Bass Videos for Rage Against the Machine DLC 12/09/14
  14. DLC transfer question
  15. SCEE error
  16. Rage Against the Machine DLC for PS3 & PS4
  17. DLC For Asia (R3) PS4
  18. BackTrack Spotlight: "Oblivion" by Mastodon
  19. Alt tunings: hate 'em, won't play 'em - DLC List/shown anywhere on RS site?
  20. Unlockables?
  21. I've got next week's hint.
  22. What is the song import pack??
  23. Real Clue for 12/16 DLC
  24. Rocksmith 2014 - DLC Poll (January -> April)
  25. When is Bon Jovi going to be ready for DLC on PS4? (in EU)
  26. Happy hendrix day!!!
  27. Any luck downloading hendrix on x1 yet?
  28. Rocksmith 2014 DLC 12/16 “The Jimi Hendrix Experience"
  29. DLC 12/16 "Jimi Hendrix"
  30. Jimi on Steam
  31. No Bass for Red House
  32. Second Change by Shinedown Issue on PS4 - Didn't DL right song
  33. Skipping Jimi Hendrix 12/16 for bass videos this week
  34. I'm new to Rocksmith and I'm wondering how often DLC is released?
  35. Alternatives to psn eu
  36. Jimi / Sony irony?
  37. Jimi Hendrix DLC
  38. Lady Singers Only thread: Garbage, Benatar, Grace P and others...
  39. How often is there free DLC?
  40. Please help with Hendrix
  41. [PS4] Rocksmith 2014 PS4 EU DLC Overview
  42. Bulls On Parade Lagging
  43. Unable to download Bon Jovi songs (Xbox 360)
  44. Some Hendrix thoughts
  45. Hendrix Xbox One UK
  46. Steam DLC sale
  47. (ps3) all my DLC is gone.
  48. Will the DLC go back on special before the end of the year?
  49. Jimi Hendrix now available for free on Xbox One
  50. Clue for 12/23 DLC
  51. Cant find Rocksmith Import Pack for PS4
  52. Unable to download purchased product (Bon Jovi)
  53. A big Thanks to the Hendrix Estate and RS Team for Jimi Hendrix DLC, esp. Purple Haze
  54. Will There Be Full Albums
  55. Do you see the PS4 Disc Import Pack in US?
  56. Whats everyones favorite DLC and for what instrument?
  57. Where is all the DLC on the PS4 version?
  58. Billy Idol white wedding part 1 ?
  59. Bon Jovi Bass
  60. Question about ps3 songs on ps4
  61. (ps3) RATM is a go.
  62. (X-Box 360 / X-Box One) Discounted X-Box Cash at Best Buy!!
  63. DLC for 12/30
  64. I don't like not knowing what DLC is scheduled to come out....
  65. (X-Box One) A Day to Remember pack on sale.
  66. Want to Buy Original Rocksmith but already have Rocksmith 2014 DLC
  67. Dissapointed with communication/descriptions of DLC for RS to RS2014 - buyer beware!
  68. How do I do giveaways on dlc on steam
  69. Friday dlc
  70. [Bass] Killing in the Name Of
  71. PS4 Song Packs
  72. Dan's clue for 1/6 DLC
  73. DLC downloaded but not installed on PS4
  74. when I try to download my 360 dlc on xbox one
  75. PS4 Version Some Songs Still Missing?
  76. XBOX 360 -buy add on doesn't appear in song list
  77. Don't hate me ... but where is it.
  78. 6/1/15 DLC - Linkin Park
  79. PS3 DLC Availability EU
  80. DLC 1/6/2015 "Linkin Park"
  81. My New Year's wish for Rocksmith
  82. Rate the Linkin Park songs
  83. Chimney - Yellow Moon Band
  84. Bass Videos for Linkin Park DLC 1/6/15
  85. BackTrack Spotlight: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
  86. PS3: didn't get Hendrix DLC I paid $29.99 for
  87. Opinion: 15 Rocksmith Singles that should be revisited
  88. Dan's clue for 1/13 DLC
  89. Why is the PS4 version missing most of the DLC?
  90. playstation eu delays a positve
  91. jimi hendricks DLC Xbox360
  92. Tips/ Help for Bon Jovi
  93. ps4 transfer tool
  94. Can't purchase songs I want for Rocksmith 2014
  95. DLC 1/13/2015 - "Soundgarden"
  96. Problem with Jimi DLC PS EU
  97. BackTrack Spotlight: "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple
  98. How likely are we to get non-us/uk dlc
  99. any reason why previously purchased ps3 content is not free on my ps4 ??
  100. updated top 40
  101. Dan's clue for 1/20 DLC
  102. PS3 EU - Killswitch Pricing Fixed - Sort Of
  103. Old DLC on New Rocksmith?
  104. US PS4 DLC downloads but then disappears when I try to play it.
  105. Know Your Enemy Isolated Bass Track
  106. DLC 1/20/2015 - Classic Riff Singles
  107. Rate the 1/20 DLC: Classic Riff Singles
  108. Bands that have ahd multi members
  109. To play original Rocksmith songs in Rocksmith 2014
  110. Why is there no forum for requesting songs like Rock Band forum
  111. What are the chances of Bass only DLC?
  112. BackTrack Spotlight: "Basket Case" by Green Day
  113. Historical Backtracks.... * Updated 12/11/16 *
  114. Question.
  115. What I'd like personally as a DLC (not just another request)
  116. Dan's clue for 1/27 DLC
  117. Love the Bass in Space Oddity
  118. Sony giving out code for 10% off on PSN
  119. XBOne Store
  120. Flyleaf - all around me - DLC not showing notes to play
  121. Jimi Hendrix DLC ?
  122. Rocksmith 2014 PS4 Importing nightmare, need help!!
  123. Cake DLC Unavailable to Download - PS4 (USA)
  124. DLC membership - just a thought
  125. Cake dlc help
  126. Just got the import pack from original Rocksmith
  127. DLC 1/27/2015 "Three Days Grace"
  128. xbox360 to xbox one dlc
  129. BackTrack Spotlight: "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas
  130. Rocksmith 2014 PS4 nightmare
  131. What do you consider to be a good month of DLC
  132. Ps4 eu hendrix dlc not free in rs store
  133. Dan's clue for 2/2 DLC
  134. Slash Pack Missing on Xbox One
  135. Any news on 360 pack for Xbox One
  136. DLC 2/3 "Power Ballad Singles"
  137. Feb Power Ballads DLC for PS4?
  138. XB1 DLC 2/3 not showing in a pack
  139. BackTrack Spotlight: "Creep" by Radiohead
  140. Dansmith coming soon!!
  141. Dan hid in a clue in the Twitch Stream?
  142. Let's take action and finally get our promised 360 DLC on Xbox One
  143. XBOX ONE Enumerating DLC, Controller Sleep & DLC Issues
  144. Dan's clue for 2/10 DLC
  145. [PC Steam] Can't buy Maroon 5 song pack with Rocksmith 2014
  146. Who decides how big the packs are going to be?
  147. Best DLC for Standard Tuning
  148. An alternative for DLC.
  149. DLC Pack for Styles rather than individual songs or artists
  150. Getting more Metal into Rocksmith.
  151. DLC buy on xbox 360 > do i have to it a second time on mac ?
  152. Slash pack songs no download
  153. DLC 2/10 "Seether"
  154. Leaked dlc - Jane’s Addiction
  155. BackTrack Spotlight: "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi
  156. What would you rather? All the legacy DLC, or new DLC?
  157. Janes Addiction
  158. Seether Twitch
  159. DLCs that teach you the most
  160. No puzzle today?
  161. Dan's clue for 2/17 DLC
  162. dlc already purchased is trying to charge me again , no support anywhere
  163. Free Bird - Bass chords
  164. Question about song packs!
  165. Seems to be some progress on 360 to XB1 DLC's
  166. Rocksmith 1 songs on my PS4
  167. DLC song packs not showing on Xbox store!
  168. DLC 2/17 "Jane's Addiction"
  169. Warrant "Cherry Pie" - epic win, great DLC
  170. "Jumbo Player Premium Pack" - DLC
  171. Weird behavior with Jane's Addiction DLC - showing both owned and locked version!
  172. BackTrack Spotlight: "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse
  173. Mac Steam Store DLC not showing up - come on Rocksmith!
  174. Where to find out about new or upcoming songs on Rocksmith?
  175. Best DLCs for learning Chords
  176. How do I request a version of a song?
  177. Pack Idea - Long Songs Singles
  178. Dan's clue for 2/24 DLC
  179. PS3 RS1 DLC tracks onto RS 2014 PS4 - without previous RS1 or PS3?
  180. PS3 RS1 DLC tracks onto RS 2014 PS4 - without previous RS1 or PS3?
  181. Original Rocksmith song list
  182. More DLC
  183. Idea: 5-star RATING system for DLC (like PSN or Amazon has for songs)
  184. DLC 2/24 "Papa Roach"
  185. BackTrack Spotlight: "More Than a Feeling" by Boston
  186. "Don't Fear the Reaper" Not Available in Game or PS3 Store
  187. BackTrack Spotlight Discussion & Feedback
  188. Hangar 18 by Megadeth legacy DLC, not free
  189. Rocksmith Songs Database
  190. Feedback Needed: Rage Against the Machine EU DLC mix-up
  191. Removal of songs from DLC??
  192. Dan's clue for 3/3 DLC
  193. "There are no item currently availble." Problem on ps3 rs14
  194. login with psn on request a song?
  195. ps3 to ps4 dlc issues?
  196. Purchase Foreigner Pack, Get Blink 182
  197. Ps4 Duran Duran Dlc Rocksmith 2014 Uk
  198. Playstation EU DLC problems
  199. DLC 3/3 "The Cars"
  200. BackTrack Spotlight: "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam
  201. How do I get stats about my rocksmith playing?
  202. DLC and Import tool
  203. Dan, any chance of getting tomorrows clue earlier then late afternoon?
  204. Dan's clue for 3/10 DLC
  205. Can anybody please recommend some good and slow songs on bass?
  206. The Cars - Volume and Tone issues
  207. Incorrect permissions for one Matchbox 20 song on Xbox One
  208. Strange PS4 DLC Issue
  209. Purchased RS & RS 2014 not appearing as FREE on PS4
  210. Anyone else 'level up' on DLC, then decrease difficulty in RR?
  211. 3/10 DLC "Jeff Buckley"
  212. Original Rocksmith Music...
  213. PS3 to PC DLC
  214. BackTrack Spotlight: "Tom Sawyer" by Rush
  215. Original Rocksmith tracks missing in 2014
  216. List of Finger-picked songs?
  217. adding songs
  218. Is This Love bass arrangement wrong?
  219. Dan's clue for 3/17 DLC
  220. PS3-EU Jeff Buckley DLC messed up (missing/miss-priced)
  221. Status of R logo on Xbox 360 purchases on Xbox One?
  222. (X-Box 360) Blink-182 Song pack and Dammit missing from console and in game store.
  223. DLC 3/17 "Shamrock Song Pack"
  224. BackTrack Spotlight: "Born Under a Bad Sign" by Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan
  225. PS4 Store
  226. Region locked DLC?
  227. I missed the Stream today
  228. Shipping Up To Boston bass question
  229. Dan's clue for 3/24 DLC
  230. PS4 EU/AU DLC Jessie's Girl issue
  231. DLC 3/24 "Anthrax"
  232. Group Power
  233. DLC: steam purchase for Windows doesn't work
  234. PS4 EU/AU Import tool
  235. What happened to Backing Tracks?
  236. Question about requesting DLC.
  237. What happened to Behind the Scenes?
  238. Song packs with bonus song
  239. BackTrack Spotlight: "Aerials" by System of a Down
  240. Clue Day or DLC day -- which is your favorite?
  241. DLC question!
  242. Choose my DLC
  243. No clue this week?
  244. Idea To Save The DLC Clues For The Next Two Weeks
  245. DLC 3/31 "Spinal Tap"
  246. No Crossbuy? Dissapointed and feeling a bit money milked on DLCs.
  247. OMG!!! Metallica DLC for Rocksmith 2014 Announcement Video Is Here
  248. BackTrack Spotlight: "Gimme Some Money" by Spinal Tap
  249. DLC 4/7 "Bush"
  250. Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark finger picking?