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  1. [XBOne] Sound fluctuates/sounds uneven at certain points with sound bar
  2. [PC] Sound not coming from amp
  3. [XBOne] Broadcasting with Twitch degrades note recognition.
  4. [PS3] Bought a song from psn and it wont show up
  5. [PC] Help with DLC not showing up
  6. [PS4] importing rs1 songs onto rs2014 issues
  7. [PC] MAC Book Air OS X Yosemite not recognizing REALtone Cable
  8. [XB360] Weird behavior when playing with electro-acoustic and how I fixed it...
  9. PC Display Lag Correction SOLVED!!
  10. Low volume warning for bass, but not guitar
  11. [XB360] Ubisoft servers are not available. Try again later. XBOX 360
  12. [Ubisoft_Account] PS3/PS4 stats not showing on uplay
  13. Cable and or gain settin issues on XBOX is driving me nuts....
  14. [PC] Rocksmith will not start. crashes after 5-10 seconds
  15. [PS4] a question
  16. [PC] Tuning hell
  17. [PC] Rocksmith downer (nothing being picked up)
  18. [PC] Having trouble understanding a note in slides 101
  19. [XB360] Can you get replacement Game discs ?
  20. [PC] Real tone cable is an unkown device
  21. [PC] Ubisoft servers aren't available on pc.
  22. [PC] how to play rocksmith and watch youtube at the same time?
  23. [PS3] Game Freezes
  24. [PC] Cant get past configuration screen
  25. [XBOne] twitch steaming generates sales?
  26. [Ubisoft_Account] jeffmur62
  27. [XBOne] XBox One Freezing
  28. [PS4] Hear clicking/sound cut out - leads to game thinking I strum different notes
  29. [PS3] very low volume for Queen's Another one bites the dust
  30. [PC] Windows 10 & Rocksmith 2014
  31. Rocksmith 2014 lagging with Yamaha RX A3030
  32. [XBOne] Bohemian Guitar Issues On Rocksmith 2014
  33. Problem: Has Anyone Else Experienced An Issue With Tuner Stuck in a Loop Tuning E?
  34. [PC] With a doublebass?
  35. [XB360] authentic tone???
  36. [PC] Rocksmith 2014: Crashing when Launched from Steam in Windows 10
  37. [PC] Windows 10 not recognizing Rocksmith Cable
  38. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Loading PC Edition
  39. [PC] how to unlock tones ? tone designer problems ?
  40. [PC] windows 10 ruined my steam account
  41. [PC] DLC Accross Platforms‏
  42. Rocksmith
  43. [PS4] Why even have Guitararcade if they are bugged?
  44. [XB360] DLC Issues
  45. [XB360] Low volume
  46. [PC] Cherubrock
  47. [PC] Profile disappeared
  48. [PS4] Used to have RS on PS3 now Have RS14 on PS4, dont like it
  49. [XB360] Learn To Fly - DLC Issue
  50. Is this an issue with my xbox/internet or the DLC itself?
  51. Request for advice about the picking/strumming hand
  52. [PC] no audio output device detected win 7
  53. [PS3] Hitting notes troubleshooting
  54. [PS3] Chic - Good Times Bass notes too loud?
  55. [PC] Extremely distorted amp sound on Win 10
  56. [XB360] download issues
  57. [PC] Real Tone Cable not recognized. Yellow exclamaton mark as "usb audio device"
  58. [PC] Cant load game, help please
  59. [PC] I need to know before I purchase...
  60. [PC] Has anybody managed to get 2011 working with Windows 8.1?
  61. [PC] RS 2014 Videos don't load after 1 Lesson
  62. ps4 rs1 import working in UK!!!
  63. [PC] Can't buy Pantera song pack for Rocksmith 2014?
  64. [PC] I'm embarrassed to ask, but going to anyway...can't find the import pack or Uplay
  65. [XB360] Unable to download Foo fighter II or Bon Jovi song packs. Rocksmith 2014 X Box 360
  66. [XBOne] List of issues I am sure I am not alone with....
  67. [PC] Guitar suddenly got very quiet in-game
  68. I have parasit in the cable on PS4
  69. [XB360] Rocksmith has detected the removal of an external device and will be closed
  70. [PS4] Earth, Wind and Fire DLC Pack
  71. Terrible noise and distortion suddenly on iMac
  72. [PS4] Purchased songs missing
  73. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Crashes after Rocksmith guitar pick screen
  74. [XBOne] Unable to download All American Rejects and Doors
  75. [PC] "no audio output device is detected" win 10
  76. [PS4] Does the xbox 360 version have the audio lag?
  77. [PC] Help me solve audio problem?
  78. [PC] windows 10 problems
  79. [PS4] Active pickups recommended for Bass?
  80. [XB360] I want to learn how to sweep pick
  81. [PC] in game sound controling
  82. [PC] Any fix known for a Logitech G35 Headset yet? Which headsets are known to work?
  83. [PS4] Most of my DLC Library has vanished (PS4 3.0)
  84. [PC] Feature request: Listenback
  85. [PS3] I wan't to hear myself play, not the guitar that's is playing along anyway
  86. [PS4] Does DLC for PS3 works on rocksmith 2014 for PS4?
  87. Can't get the Soundcheck achievement to show up on my user-stats page
  88. [XBOne] % are getting reset
  89. [PS4] Real Tone Cable dont work.
  90. [XB360] what should I get xbox 360 or Xbox one
  91. [PC] Installed Windows 10 Original RS is fine, RS 2014 just crashes
  92. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 - Removing songs
  93. [PS4] Low volume bug
  94. [XB360] Foo Fighters Song Pack (1) Won't download
  95. [PC] No Fall Out Boy for RS 2014 for PC in STEAM?
  96. [XBOne] Preparing to purchase Rocksmith 2014. Would live some advice.
  97. [PS3] Megadeth and Muse
  98. [PC] Having ALT tab audio issues?
  99. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 for Bass. 5 string compatibility?
  100. [PC] News Update Stuck In June on PC & PS3
  101. [PS4] Guitar out of tune (even when in tune according to Rocksmith)
  102. [PC] Could not find any audio output device.
  103. [XB360] Video and Audio problems
  104. [PC] Real Tone Cable stopped working
  105. [PC] PC to XONE
  106. [XBOne] Hysteria missing from Hit Singles II pack
  107. [PS4] No content ps4
  108. [PC] Cutscenes sound is distroted
  109. [XBOne] Here we go again. getting recharged for purchased DLC!
  110. [PC] rocksmith2014.exe stop working
  111. [PS3] song volume issue
  112. Multiple PCs
  113. Glad the game was free
  114. [PC] Original RS run on Windows 8/10?
  115. [PC] BEX Error possible Fix
  116. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Winodws 10 0xc000007b error
  117. [PC] RS1 Run on Windows 8/10?
  118. [PC] Lost Profile Please Help
  119. [PS3] news feed problem
  120. [PS3] DLC not showing in game
  121. [PC] Rocksmith Sounds Good - Playback Elsewhere Less Good
  122. [PC] Real Tone Cable won't tune anymore on PC
  123. [XBOne] Screen dimming
  124. Can I play in RockSmith 2013 usign the following devices?
  125. [XB360] DLC help please
  126. [Ubisoft_Account] Is there a maximum number of profiles in RS2014?
  127. [PC] RealTone Cable no longer works
  128. [XBOne] XBOX 360 upgrade to XBOX ONE?
  129. [PS4] Popping and static noise observation. PS4
  130. [XB360] Note Doesn't Register and Phantom Note
  131. [PC] No DLC in song list
  132. [PC] Can't connect to servers!!
  133. [PC] Want to buy dlc but game says 'downloading songs' forever
  134. [XBOne] Upgrading from the 360 version
  135. [PC] XBOX 360 to PC questions
  136. [XBOne] DLC purchase on Xbox360 not transferring to XBone...again
  137. [PS4] :^/ Incorrect Spelling In PS4 Trophy Title....
  138. [PS4] :^/ Bends Tutorial Borked....
  139. [PC] song storage
  140. [PS3] Can't find the songs I DLd
  141. [PS3] Game suggestions
  142. [PS3] Riff Repeater help
  143. [PC] No songs loading
  144. [PS3] Rocksmith 1 Scale Runner/Patch
  145. [PS3] Mission help please
  146. [PC] Cable problems
  147. [PC] Error Sound Initialization
  148. [PS4] i not have ps3 but i want RS1 music in my RS2014
  149. [PS3] Ducks registering frets.
  150. [PS3] Cannot get Rocksmith to load
  151. [PC] Transferring to a different computer and steam account
  152. [PC] Losing tones inbtween song plays?
  153. [PC] Save file corrupted. Am I screwed?
  154. [XBOne] Tuning Help
  155. [PC] New Update on Tone Drop Support from Ubisoft
  156. [PS4] It sounds like a bowl of rice krispies when I play RS
  157. [PS4] PS4 Rocksmith Cable
  158. [PS4] RESOLVED static, popping, crackling, dirty, sounds on my PS4 - follow IT Crowd advise
  159. [PS4] Doubt in PS4
  160. [PS4] Lag/Latency with USB headphones question
  161. [PC] Session Mode keeps crashing - multiple computers
  162. [PC] Sound Problem
  163. [PS4] Why does it restart the song each time
  164. [PC] Rocksmith eating up C drive space
  165. [PS3] Big mistake
  166. [Ubisoft_Account] Cross save support through uplay?
  167. [PC] Problema audio Windows 8.1
  168. [PC] Rocksmith2014.exe has stopped working
  169. [PC] [Help needed] y PC cannot detect the Rocksmith Real Tune cable
  170. [PS4] Want to learn songs which are not in the shop
  171. [XBOne] Calibration Challenge
  172. [PC] [Forum] Bad Request
  173. [XBOne] Almost cant hear some notes during songs.
  174. [PC] Encore not registering
  175. [PC] Top string playing one chord off
  176. [XB360] Wrong Lyrics--Place To Report? Does Ubi Care?
  177. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 for PC or Xbox One in Canada?
  178. [PC] Some1 help urgently
  179. [PC] Real Tone cable sound cutting out
  180. [PC] Question about Eb tuning before I purchase
  181. [PC] Question about low output pickups and guitar tone before I purchase
  182. [PC] Missing DLCs from Rocksmith to Rocksmith 2014
  183. [PS4] Idiot in need of assistance!!
  184. [PS3] rocksmith progress bar not working
  185. [XBOne] Missing 'Rocksmith Disc Import Pack' under 'Packs' for previous XBox 360 Owner.
  186. [PS4] Trouble transferring some dlc to PS4
  187. [PC] Cable unplugged altough I've read many in this forum
  188. [PC] :^/ Second Hand RockSmith 2014 Registration....
  189. [PC] PC + TV lag
  190. [PC] Real Tone Cable and Windows 10 issues
  191. [PS4] How can I get more songs that not show in the shop?
  192. [PS3] Importing Spanish Rocksmith into English Rocksmith 2014
  193. [XB360] retrocompatibility
  194. [PC] Real Tone cable NOISE
  195. [PC] rocksmith2014 crashing on startup windows 10 preview build 11082
  196. [PS4] All in game DLC not visible as shown on Rocksmith Homepage
  197. Strange buzzing noise
  198. Ordered in Feb 2014, never received the key...
  199. [PS3] Set up multiplayer
  200. [PC] Song Starting Levels too high
  201. [PC] Help with proper configuration needed :)
  202. [XBOne] Latency Help
  203. [PS4] Song dont show any notes ! ! !
  204. [PC] Bass has Fuzzy Sound In RockSmith 2014 Guitare and Bass edition
  205. [PS4] Help me manage my library
  206. [PS3] Tuning
  207. [PC] Laptop to home audio system. Will this work well?
  208. [PC] Buying songs
  209. [PC] Rocksmith 2014.exe has stopped working
  210. [PC] Speed within songs varying
  211. [XB360] Transfer saved game progress to new profile?
  212. [PC] toshiba l50-b
  213. [PC] Riff Repeater is no longer leveling up
  214. [XBOne] Bought Judas Priest Pack but didn't get Painkiller
  215. [PC] Which USB Port?
  216. [XBOne] Songs Dissapearing?
  217. [PC] Can't get past initial setup
  218. [PS4] Clean tones making speakers crackle (PS4)
  219. [PC] 38 Special DLC doesn't download
  220. [PC] Very poor audio on Windows 10
  221. [XBOne] RS2014 crashes on startup (Xbox One)
  222. [XBOne] Can't find the RS1 Disc Import Tool on XBox One?
  223. [PC] Menu selection scroll to top?
  224. [PC] 8 days no replies from ubisoft support - if i pick a string in rocksmith 1 freezes
  225. [XBOne] Tones Broke,Game Freezing,realtone cable breaking, game wont load
  226. [PC] I feel like I've been swindled
  227. [PC] Video Lag
  228. [XB360] RS 2014 Xbox 360 sound issue
  229. [PC] No audio when recording RS2014
  230. [PS4] The DLC I bought for Rocksmith 2014 doesn't work
  231. [XB360] Xbox 360 cable not working.. Please help :-/
  232. [PC] DLC nmot showing up
  233. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Keeps crashing
  234. [PS3] PS4 Rocksmith 2014 Purchases to PS3 Rocksmith 2014 Issues.....
  235. [PC] Tone Drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  236. [PC] Need help recording gameplay
  237. [PS3] Top string not playing properly
  238. [PS4] English in German box release of Rocksmith 2014
  239. [PC] Noise and crackling problems
  240. [PC] Game not working as of last week
  241. [PC] You know when you want to play game, but can't. Cause it cannot connect to server..
  242. [PS4] Lost all my Hendrix and original RS songs
  243. [iOS] Running the Original Rocksmith on 2016 MacBook Pro
  244. Pesky ground loop
  245. [PS3] High E string broke after 3 days of new strings
  246. [PS4] Humming Buzzing sound
  247. [PC] Getting Low Memory warning after playing for a while?
  248. [XBOne] Apparently my cable stopped working :(
  249. [PC] Another configuration problem
  250. [PS4] PS4 Patch Notes?