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  1. [PC] my pc dont recognize the real tone cable
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  8. [iOS] Regarding Time recorded on RS2014
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  11. [PS3] bachsmith didn't show up in my song list after purchase and download.
  12. [XB360] will rockSmith worked on an Apple tablet or a PC tablet
  13. [XB360] Re-download DLC
  14. [PC] Note recognition questions
  15. [XB360] Master mode not kicking in for some songs?
  16. [PC] Score attack name change
  17. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Steam loses sound when I'm playing.
  18. [PC] RealTone Cable Problem
  19. [PC] Realtone cable and Surface Pro 3
  20. [PC] Fretting Single Notes (Roots of Chords)
  21. [PC] Difficulty Level
  22. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 - usb cables
  23. [Ubisoft_Account] [Forum] Marketing video replacement of embedded YouTube
  24. [PC] Does Ubisoft Ever Fix A Bug?
  25. [PS3] how do I reverse song sort order?
  26. [PC] Rocksmith 2014's Venues
  27. [PC] It's the end of the world as I know it
  28. [PC] Rocksmith® 2014 Edition on sale (again) at the Humblebundle store...
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  31. [PS3] DLC locked on secondary account
  32. [Uplay_Shop] uPlay at University
  33. [XB360] Do you seriosuly need 2 controlers for Multiplayer?
  34. [PS3] Original Rocksmith Best Buy Edition exclusives questions
  35. [PC] Enable the Steam Overlay to access the Shop
  36. [PC] Realtone cable only works when Rocksmith 2014 is not running
  37. [PS4] I need a technical audio connection support ..!
  38. [PC] my pc reconize the real tone cable but...
  39. [XB360] How to change venue in event concert?
  40. [PC] Realtone cable always connected
  41. [PS3] Where to Begin?
  42. [PC] Equivalent of rocksmith.ini on a Mac?
  43. [XB360] Stopid-*ss game
  44. [XB360] A day to remember dlc
  45. [PC] Cable works on pc but not rocksmith
  46. [IMPORTANT] Ongoing issues with DLC in EU/UK/AU PS Store
  47. [XB360] Kinect voice command to sensitive?
  48. [PS3] Guitar and bass lose sound in Rocksmith
  49. [PS3] Can you store individual song Riff Repeater manual settiings?
  50. [PS3] change default guitar tone?
  51. [PS3] DLC keeps getting removed from library RS2014
  52. Please Fix the Game already!
  53. [Uplay_Shop] DLC missing from shop and the sort function is the shop is broken
  54. [PS3] White Stripes not appearing in in-game store
  55. [PC] Some songs have a % but say I haven't played them
  56. [PS3] Audioslave- Like A Stone detection issue
  57. [XBOne] New to bass, why are the levels as high as my guitar levels?
  58. [PC] How to play RockSmith with the window minimized?
  59. Save Corrupted
  60. [PC] Yosemite OS X
  61. How to get rid of echo?
  62. [Uplay_Shop] A few nitpicks with some songs
  63. [XB360] Switching from PC to Xbox: what do I need to know?
  64. [PC] RealTone Cable stopped working - is it realy broken?
  65. [XB360] Rocksmith (original/2012) disc error
  66. [PC] Realtone cable - never recognized right, but suddenly stopped working altogether
  67. [PC] Need some troubleshooting help.
  68. [PC] multiple issues with sound+real tone connection
  69. [PS3] Bugs - Guitarcade
  70. [PS3] Help needed to get my DLC onto UBS Stick
  71. [PC] Rocsmith 2014 lack of sound
  72. Rocksmith simply will not recognize bends on the 20th or higher fret on the e string
  73. [XB360] How do you unlock the harmonizer pedal?
  74. [XB360] No sound ingame
  75. [PC] Input to Rocksmith
  76. [PS4] Official Rocksmith 2014 Support Thread for PS4
  77. [XBOne] Official Rocksmith 2014 Support Thread for Xbox One
  78. [PC] New audio interface, game no longer working
  79. [PS4] Free Latency tester for PS4
  80. [XBOne] How to setup Xbox One to use the recommended optical connection?
  81. [PS3] How to reset song to 0% complete?
  82. [PC] HD cable to LED TV - how to setup the audio for no lag?
  83. [PS4] Ps3 to ps4, psn europe that happen?
  84. [PS4] European PS Store and in game DLC status 09/11/04
  85. Freezing issues on Xbox one?
  86. [PC] Guitar Real Tone cable not recognizing
  87. XBOX One Connection Problem
  88. [Uplay_Shop] Anyone knows where I get just the small - usb ending of the cable ?
  89. Guitar always seems quiet when playing
  90. Unplayable XBOX One
  91. [XB360] In-game Shop audio previews -- it works now!
  92. [PS3] Fix the FingeredPicked indicator for bass please
  93. Unplaybale lag with optical cable on PS4 edition
  94. [XB360] game doesn't start
  95. Rocksmith 2014 is broken on XBOX 360
  96. [PC] Two computers at once on steam
  97. [PS4] Getting the RS1 content imported without owning a PS3
  98. [XB360] XBOX 360 Game freeze at profile load
  99. [XBOne] 360 to One DLC problems
  100. [XBOne] Note detection problem
  101. [XBOne] Seriously Bummed
  102. [XBOne] xbox 360's to Xbox one DLC's not working
  103. [PS3] Another dead cable thread - repairable?
  104. [PS3] Play a song difficulty level
  105. [XBOne] XBOX ONE Audio Latency using Optical
  106. [PS4] Rocksmith '14 Shop says 'No content available' and DLC stuck on 'Waiting to install'
  107. [PS4] Need latency help please!!! (ps4)
  108. [XBOne] Patch Notes 11/17/14
  109. [Ubisoft_Account] How to download MP3 Practice tracks for RS 2014 on PS4
  110. [XBOne] after patch game turns on HDMI audio automatically
  111. [XBOne] Recording clips with Xbox One
  112. [IMPORTANT] Problem in MAC! Every time start RS2014 Steam ask me to install.
  113. [PS4] Is ps4 Rocksmith 2014 region free?
  114. [PC] Unplugged Cable Error
  115. [XBOne] pearl jam dlc missing
  116. [XBOne] Twitch issues
  117. [XBOne] DLC Song Packs missing/incorrect songs
  118. [PS3] big time freezing
  119. can't download any dlc from the store. what the problem?
  120. Rocksmith 2014 and PS4 - Lag, Delay, Latency
  121. [PC] Latency Issue
  122. [PC] HELP i want songs!
  123. [PC] Profile randomly disappears.....
  124. [PC] Rocksmith code registering as Rocksmith 2014
  125. [PC] Steam In-Home Streaming issues
  126. [PC] Strange fluttering/oscillating noise
  127. [PC] Forum Maintenance ?
  128. [PC] Rocksmith 1 song in Rocksmith 2014 - Steam version
  129. [PC] Help! i have a question.
  130. [IMPORTANT] Multiplayer Tone Switch
  131. [PS4] Messed up with DLC transfer from PS3 to PS4
  132. [PC] ERROR SOUND INITIALIZATION <===== Mutes everything aswell
  133. [XB360] USB powered fan for XB360 slim causing interference?
  134. [PC] Recording with Bandicam - no audio
  135. [PS4] PS3 DLC content not showing from PSstore on PS4 so how to get these DLCs?
  136. Paid DLC content from XBOX 360 Not transfering to XBOX ONE
  137. [XB360] rocksmith2014
  138. [XBOne] Some of DLCs form XB360 do not transfer to XBOne
  139. [PS4] Optimal audio experience
  140. [PC] Installing SR1 the disc install and steam says this is a demo not retail???
  141. [PC] PC doesn't fully recognize the Rocksmith USB cable.
  142. Please HELP!!!
  143. [PS3] Rocksmith 2014 Store Empty
  144. [XBOne] Disc Import to Xbox One?
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  146. [PS3] Can You Sort the Songs List to Show Only Acoustic Songs?
  147. [XB360] Missing XBOX 360 DLC in offline mode for Rocksmith 2014
  148. [XBOne] Do not buy rocksmith for the xbox one!
  149. [PC] Please Help. Error at hooking API "LdrFindResource_U" Dumping first 32 bytes"
  150. [XBOne] Guitarcade Issues - need help
  151. [PS3] Installing RS 2014 on 2 PS3's
  152. [PS4] Rocksmith With Acoustic Guitar setup issue
  153. [XBOne] New to game having problems
  154. [PC] Weird "tonal loss?"
  155. [PS3] Missing a song
  156. [XBOne] Latency using Optical Converter
  157. [Ubisoft_Account] The PS4 version won't show on my UPlay account
  158. [iOS] Latency issue
  159. [PS4] Tuning Problems - Thinks I'm hitting multiple strings
  160. [XBOne] Some comments..
  161. Download error E-82000102
  162. [PS4] Does anyone know how long of a wait?
  163. [XBOne] Hendrix Help!
  164. [PS4] Hendix DLC PS4
  165. [XB360] Rocksmith 2014 Tuning
  166. [XBOne] Major breakthrough with note recognition!
  167. [PC] Fret problem or Rocksmith cant recognize the notes?
  168. [PC] Can't buy certain songs on Steam
  169. [PC] Freeze after load profile
  170. [XBOne] In game store behavior
  171. [PC] Rocksmith songs
  172. [XBOne] Enumerating Downloadble Content
  173. [PC] Rocksmith Questions
  174. [XB360] Bad, Unsustained Sound, Like RS can't "hear" the notes I play
  175. [PC] Rocksmith Cable driver not installing on Windows 8.1
  176. Audio Not Being Detected
  177. [PC] Help! Can I Run It?
  178. [PS3] Hendrix pack gave me wrong songs
  179. [PC] rocksmith to rocksmith 2014 - song transfer
  180. [PC] Original RockSmith hard copy is recognized as RS 2014 edition in steam...
  181. [PS4] Game video will freeze while playing, audio continues
  182. [PC] Scrambled display of song
  183. Problems with volume of guitar
  184. [XBOne] Redownloading DLC
  185. [XBOne] Re-Importing original RS songs into 2014
  186. Ps4 rocksmith latency
  187. [PS4] Ps4 guitar lag
  188. [PS3] I'm experiencing two major issues with RS2014
  189. [PC] rocksmith.exe has stopped working
  190. [PS4] Maroon 5 Pack did not download all songs
  191. [PS3] moving music
  192. Xbox 360 freezes during songs
  193. [PC] Is there a way to see your stats inside of the game?
  194. [XBOne] RS1 Disc as DLC on XB1 with out 360
  195. [PS4] where can I buy the import tool for RS1 songs
  196. This is kinda related to rocksmith
  197. Rocksmith 2014 PS4 buzzing noise problem
  198. [PC] First time playing, real tone cable not recognized by laptop
  199. Audiophile speakers
  200. PS4 Begin button not launching game
  201. [PS4] PS4 Begin button not launching game
  202. [XB360] Game not registering string hits
  203. [PS4] PS4 Rockmith is not in Spanish
  204. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 PC Version crashes at launch
  205. [XBOne] Strings electrically charged when I play
  206. Xbox 360 rocksmith 2014 real tone cable error?
  207. [XBOne] Turtle beach dealy
  208. [XB360] Loud buzzing problem that won't stop
  209. [PC] Low FPS in songs/stuttering
  210. [XBOne] Enumerating Downloadable Content
  211. [PS3] Problems with in game shop
  212. [XBOne] audio lag issues
  213. [PC] Can't exit
  214. [iOS] Keyboard commands / shortcuts
  215. [iOS] RS / Steam use at home with multiple mac's
  216. [XBOne] Can't get all my DLC
  217. [Ubisoft_Account] Not connected
  218. [PS4] Bon Jovi 5 song pack not available in PS store?
  219. [PC] Game crashes while playing any song (RS2014)
  220. [PC] I cannot hear my guitar on this game
  221. [PS4] MISS on 1st fret lower e strings problem.
  222. [PS3] Song list glitch - help please!
  223. [PS4] RS 2014 PS4 - Some songs not showing correctly
  224. Mac setup
  225. Rocksmith 2014 Crashing on startup
  226. [XBOne] upgrade from 360 to xbox
  227. [PC] Game freezes in lessons mode
  228. [PC] Real Tone Cable not working
  229. [PC] Losing detection of guitar mid-song
  230. [XBOne] DLC not transferring
  231. [PS4] Ps4 Display Lag Porked?
  232. PS4 DLC not working
  233. [PS4] From PC to PS4?
  234. [Ubisoft_Account] Sync account between platforms PS3 and PC
  235. [PS4] PS4 Note Dection Sub Par
  236. Very annoying noise in RS 2014 (PS4)
  237. [XBOne] problems recognizing notes?
  238. [XBOne] Does anyone from Rocksmith even read this forum?
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  240. [PS4] Unable to play - no sound during calibration
  241. [PS3] Inconsistent volume, Bass
  242. [XBOne] [PS4] Patch Notes - 1/6/15
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  244. [PC] no songs in Queen DLC Pack
  245. [XBOne] Umm, Yeah
  246. [PS3] In play game tuning problem
  247. [Ubisoft_Account] Using Rocksmith 2014 in both PS4 and PC, Uplay Account issue
  248. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 does not recognize logitech g930 wireless headphones as audio output
  249. [PS4] I'd like to think RS didn't do this, but my home theater sub woofer sounds like crap
  250. [PC] Game won't start - new install