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  1. Getting Very frustrated with 2014
  2. [PS3] PS3 Update?
  3. [PC] pc rocksmith problem + says its a demo when i brought full game
  4. Download RS 2014 for free on new Mac if already purchased installation disc?
  5. [PC] Where is B'z - Ultra Soul video?
  6. [PC] RS2014 PC - Reset Level Question
  7. [PC] Random Crashes and Blue Screen
  8. [PS3] Castle Chorded
  9. [PS3] how to play a multiplayer rocksmiths 2014
  10. [PS3] RS 2014 not recognizing my first string 3rd fret...
  11. [PC] Amp and Tone load problem
  12. [PC] Real Tone Cable problem
  13. [PC] Full Version Says Its a Demo
  14. [PC] [actually, MAC] Patch Note 5/7/14
  15. How to transfer 2013 songs to 2014 Rocksmith on PS3?
  16. Rocksmith not registering notes properly
  17. Why was my post " You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! " moved to General Discussion?
  18. [XB360] Playing both RS1 and RS 2014
  19. [PC] Tone Designer
  20. [PC] [Mac] Rocksmith 2014 DLC For Mac
  21. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 not registering strumming everytime
  22. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 PC, not reconising guitar at calibration stage.
  23. [PC] guitar bundle
  24. [PC] Tone stick gets booted off and it reverts to clean tone with no gain.
  25. [XB360] Tuning off in Rocksmith 2014...
  26. Can't Import Rocksmith to Rocksmith 2014 Xbox 360
  27. [PS3] Nonstop Play Song Manager: songs are being randomly unchecked
  28. [PC] Audio slow and crackling
  29. [PS3] Lost Breakaway Cable Part (USB Part)
  30. [PC] Rocksmith product doubts: PS3 vs PC and PC packages
  31. [PC] Please, how can I reset all my stats in Rocksmith on PC ?
  32. [XB360] Installing RS1 & RS2014 to flash drive on Xbox 360
  33. [XB360] Choosing Inlay Game Freeze
  34. [XB360] Is there a list of what percentage of songs are in what tuning?
  35. [PS3] Anyone else having issues with A Day To Remembers "If It Means That Much To You"??
  36. [XB360] transfer of game ownership
  37. [iOS] Bugs with Keyboard input in Guitarcade on Mac with recent updates
  38. [PC] buying dlc
  39. [PC] Change Audio Device in Windows for Rocksmith?
  40. [PS3] PS3 RS2014 Shop empty
  41. [PC] MAC does not recognize real tone cable
  42. [PC] MAC does not recognize real tone cable
  43. [PC] Lag in PC version vs Xbox?
  44. [PS3] Rocksmith 2014 freezing
  45. [PS3] Rocksmith 2014 freezing
  46. [PC] Mission: Must play X # of new songs (But I have played each song once)
  47. [Ubisoft_Account] auto login doesn't work anymore
  48. [XB360] Xbox not recognising guitar works on Mac
  49. [XB360] RS1 and RS2014 Progress Profiles
  50. [PC] When will Rocksmith dlc be available for Rocksmith 2014 ????
  51. [PC] Rocksmith 1 - No Key
  52. [PC] Download
  53. [PC] Audio lag with usb audio card
  54. [PC] Freeze and Runtime Error RS2014
  55. [PC] error sound initialization rs2014pc
  56. [PS3] Multiplayer using output other than HDTV
  57. [PS3] how can I make video of gameplay plus myself playing (PiP)?
  58. [XB360] Problems playing RS songs on RS 2014
  59. [XB360] any way to customs a own song to xbox360 rocksmith 2014
  60. [PS3] Rocksmith 2014 error... 'the save file could not be loaded'
  61. [XB360] High strings drop out and won't sustane, but only on one account
  62. [Ubisoft_Account] Encouraging Emails from Ubisoft
  63. [XB360] Unwell (matchbox20)
  64. [PS3] do rocksmith song packs work on rocksmith 2014
  65. [PS3] Failing Songs
  66. [XB360] Song Qualification - lowered in error! How to reset
  67. [PC] Mac Rocksmith 2014 DLC Issue
  68. [PS3] PS3: Cannot import or buy R1 songs for R2
  69. [XB360] Can I hear a sample of RS1 DLC songs before I buy them?
  70. [PS3] Import Rocksmith DLC into 2014?
  71. Crackling sounds on Corsair wireless headset while playing the game
  72. [PS3] Audio started lagging
  73. [PC] Game installs as demo
  74. [PC] Purchased DLC But Won't Install
  75. [PC] faulty cable? pc can't detect? help me out please
  76. [Ubisoft_Account] Guitar Model Flagged by Profanity Filter
  77. [XB360] E major string (red one) is not really taken by the game
  78. [XB360] Auto acceleration in Riff Repeater question
  79. [XB360] Rocksmith 2014 problem
  80. [PC] what kind of support is this?
  81. [PC] i guess Ubisoft support aren't commited in providing pleasantry service eh?
  82. [PS3] The sound my Guitar makes changes during play
  83. [PC] rock smith appears letterboxed on a widescreen monitor
  84. [PS3] Slash's dlc
  85. [PC] RS2014 won't accept E string tuning
  86. [PS3] Score Attack - Not what you may think it is ..
  87. [PS3] Rocksmith 2014 Shop: There are no items currently available
  88. [PC] Sold my copy of Rocksmith and need key for buyer
  89. [XB360] New string giving me trouble.
  90. [XB360] Where is Progression Profile Stored?
  91. [PC] Windows 7 mouse-over and arrows not working on menus.
  92. [XB360] Display Lag Correction "0" is still not enough!!!???
  93. [XB360] Auto Filter pedals, Rocksmith versus Rocksmith 2014
  94. [PC] Loosing Guitar tone when going into Learn a song Mode
  95. [PS3] Bass problems in session mode
  96. [PC] My Real tone cable stopped working.. While i was playing!
  97. [PC] Steam
  98. [PC] Help!
  99. [PC] Will it run?
  100. [XB360] Rocksmith 2014 - tuning issues, distortion issue, first impressions after 2 days
  101. [PC] RS 2014 in game shop does not function
  102. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 - Long start up time and can't log into 60 day challenge
  103. [PC] MacBook Pro static sound
  104. [Ubisoft_Account] 60 day Chalange tied to wrong account (sort of)
  105. [PC] Multiple menus open up, cannot complete setup/intro.
  106. [PC] Where do I find a standalone real tone cable these days???
  107. [XB360] A (hopefully) simple DLC question.
  108. [PS3] PS3 Error 80010514 - Unable to read disk
  109. [PC] Corrupt save
  110. [PS3] What Guitar Signal Specifications are Best Picked Up by the Real Tone Cable?
  111. [PC] Rocksmith Signature Banner In Player Stats
  112. [XB360] Fretting in Shifting 101
  113. [PC] Tuning Problems
  114. [PC] Game won't start
  115. [PS3] Is there a trick to Calibrating??
  116. [PC] Real tone cable problem
  117. [PC] Error sound initialization
  118. [PS3] Mind Eraser No Chaser missing chart section for BASS
  119. [XB360] "Ghosting"? Some letters on screen streaking to center of screen.
  120. [PC] Streaming with Open Broadcaster, audio issues
  121. [PS3] Weird lag problem: playing ahead of the beat the only way to get 'Perfect' notes.
  122. [XB360] Black Tounge Medium Score Attack Note Issue
  123. [iOS] My guitar only make noise when i play it in the game
  124. [WP] Why no mac configuration guide and faq's?
  125. [PC] Hocksmit error code 10 driver problem
  126. [PC] Is there a way to backup my profile?
  127. [XB360] Song stop during play and shut down or don't play at all [XBOX 360]
  128. [PC] Sound no worky
  129. [PC] Real Tone Cable Problem; PC switch from PS3
  130. [PC] Jaybirds wireless buds with mac?
  131. [PC] Bug lancement de Rocksmith 2014
  132. [PC] Laptops that can run Rocksmith???
  133. Best Process to Bring in RS1 to RS2014 DLC Content
  134. [iOS] Rocksmith 1 DLC songs don't work in 2014?
  135. [PC] Problem with Real Tone Cable
  136. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 on laptop question
  137. [PC] Windows 8.1 - 64 Bit - Real Tone Cable - hocksmit
  138. [XB360] New freeze issue.
  139. [Ubisoft_Account] U-Play is not tracking anything
  140. Load PS3 Rocksmith® on Mac Rocksmith 2014® is possible?
  141. [PC] V-Sync
  142. X box one
  143. I can play RS but not RS2014 PC
  144. [PS3] Sum41 DLC shows up (locked) in DLC - why?
  145. [PC] Cable not detected.
  146. [PS3] Autosave
  147. [PC] Varaix and POD HD500X with USB connected to PC.
  148. [Ubisoft_Account] Cant link rocksmith 2014 using my steam key
  149. not letting me buy songs from the old rocksmith
  150. [PC] Songs missing
  151. Old Problem but Can't Fix -- Harmonic Heist won't register ANY harmonics on B/e
  152. [PC] Install on new PC
  153. Please help!
  154. [PC] What gives?
  155. [XB360] Some DLC won't show up while offline
  156. [PC] Can't tune anything but "E" (won't go to next string)
  157. [XB360] Cable not working properly
  158. [XB360] Background noise caused by cable?
  159. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 not letting me play? [Windows 7]
  160. [PC] Amp Mode + Windows Media Player
  161. [PC] Rush Red Barchetta missing tone switch
  162. [PS3] Notation: Pink vertical line?
  163. [PC] Huge tuner problems
  164. [PS3] Cannot find Billy Talent DLC pack on Australian PS Store
  165. [PC] Bad input on the E string.
  166. [PS3] Player Stats
  167. [PS3] PC recognizes cable but PS3 doesn't
  168. trouble registering the G string
  169. [PC] Authentic Tones no longer play
  170. [Ubisoft_Account] Rocksmith web issue
  171. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot access forums with account
  172. [XB360] E-string issues
  173. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot see my Rocksmith Profile
  174. Sound Issue
  175. [PS3] RS1 from Germany has English language?
  176. [PC] web site bug report
  177. [PS3] Still unable to buy/find/import RS1 songs into RS2
  178. Riff repeator very buggy?
  179. [PC] Sound issue with Guitar Rig 5
  180. [PS3] New songs are on the easiest difficulty all the sudden
  181. [PC] Cable works just NOT for Rocksmith
  182. A bug and a proposal
  183. Problem connecting my guitar
  184. Doesnt Sound Right
  185. [PS3] Tuning
  186. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 very spercific crash on learn song only!
  187. [XB360] xbox360 help?
  188. [PC] Two questions
  189. [XB360] Recalibration
  190. [Ubisoft_Account] Loading User profile
  191. [PC] RockSmith 2014 no se oye
  192. [PC] Pagefile issues
  193. [PS3] Mixing
  194. [Ubisoft_Account] RS stats banner
  195. [XB360] Rocksmith 2014 and Tritton Warhead wireless headset
  196. [PC] Latency issue - SCARLET 2i2
  197. [PS3] new DLC bought but not appearing in game
  198. [PC] Runtime Error
  199. M-Audio USB Interface?
  200. [XB360] No Cable Recognition on X-Box 360
  201. [Uplay_Shop] No New DLC since Apri?
  202. [PC] The sound is overdistorted
  203. [PC] Crashing in game
  204. [XB360] DLC Previews
  205. [XB360] Song updates
  206. [XB360] Rcoksmith wont recognize playing on low volume
  207. [PS3] Feature request: high mode
  208. [PC] Repair a damaged savegame file
  209. [PC] Game Stuck on Half Volume
  210. [PC] Can't even play a song!! Stuck in an endless loop!
  211. another @#$% dead cable ....
  212. [PC] Can't open main menu or get to options
  213. [PS3] Tuning
  214. [PS3] Bonus Arrangements
  215. [PC] (PC) Rocksmith 2014 Advice - How To Run Game More Smoothly?
  216. [PC] (PC) Rocksmith 2014 Advice - How To Run Game More Smoothly?
  217. [PC] [Mac] Real Tone Cable Only Produces Noise
  218. [PC] removing the measure lines?
  219. [PC] Extreme overamplification/distortion [Please read all]
  220. [PC] No Support For Original Rocksmith
  221. [PC] Audio cutting out
  222. [PC] Linux users, ask for a port
  223. [PC] Anyone Else's Stats Messed Up?
  224. Can't find the song I've just purchased and loaded from PlayStation Store
  225. [PC] New guitar not working - needs far too high gain
  226. [XB360] Realtone cable issues.
  227. [XB360] How to update Rocksmith 2014 with patches in XBox 360
  228. [PS3] Shop not working + DLC Issues
  229. [PS3] RockSmith Cable - PS3
  230. [PS3] help with strumming power chords...
  231. [PS3] More Tuning Struggles
  232. Someone please help before I smash my guitar; note recognition issues/tuning(?)
  233. [Ubisoft_Account] Session mode
  234. [PC] Computer Crashing on launch
  235. [PS3] possible version issue
  236. [XB360] have no sound at all
  237. [PC] Sweet Home Alabama
  238. [PS3] Bonus Content - PS3
  239. [XB360] Switching from lead to rhythm. Err...what's next
  240. [PC] Forum weirdness
  241. [PC] Change Your Tempo session challenge DOES NOT WORK!!! HELP!!
  242. [PC] During gameplay, game slows, audio wobble
  243. [PC] session mode craskes to desk top after 15 minutes of play
  244. [PC] Problems with Lefty inlays
  245. [PS3] Deleting songs from library
  246. [XB360] Rocksmith Shop Sorting Issue
  247. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Disc Import Tool
  248. [PC] PC Version Sound Not Working
  249. [PC] Guitar Input sound lag!!! Help
  250. [PS3] New Sound System