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  1. [PC] My game keep pause by itself
  2. [PC] Windows 10 version 1703 Creators Update Issues
  3. [PC] High-pitched feedback whine on Macbook Air + Bootcamp Windows 10 - How I fixed it
  4. [PS4] Importing Rocksmith 2011 Songs Into Rocksmith 2014
  5. Bass guitar issue
  6. [PC] Cross platform DLC?????
  7. [Ubisoft_Account] Rocksmith 2014 remastered doesn't run on MAC Os High Sierra
  8. [PC] Rocksmith 2014
  9. Issues w/ performance on Windows 10 RS2014
  10. [PS4] Rocksmith DLC not showing up even though installed.
  11. [PC] Bass Guitar sound keeps turning off
  12. [PC] Bass Strings/Notes Not Detecting
  13. [PC] non-song functionality suggestion
  14. [PC] Dropping Difficulty
  15. [PS4] 3 Doors Down not showing up in song list
  16. [PC] [Solved] Rocksmith 2014 Remasted not Launching
  17. Help with Rocksmith USB Cable crashing and calibration not working
  18. Loads Game, White Screen with logo, freezes, crash. Windows Ten
  19. [PC] Crashes on fresh install of Windows 10
  20. [iOS] guitarcade won't work
  21. [PC] No output device detected
  22. [PC] Steam login don't work
  23. [PC] Using external USB sound adapter garbles sound and slows game to a crawl
  24. [PC] RS crashing
  25. [PC] Trouble with my pick up
  26. [PS4] Interesting Bug on PS4
  27. [PC] Windows 10 Anniversary - Constant Static?
  28. [Ubisoft_Account] Why does the Rocksmith website suck so badly?
  29. [PS4] "Rocksmith has detected a change in volume"
  30. [XBOne] Xbox One - Installed DLC not appearing in Learn a Song List
  31. [PC] Simultaneous use of Rocksmith and Bias FX on one machine
  32. [PC] Help setting up on Mac
  33. [PC] DLC Re-Install
  34. [PC] characters not recognized to connect to uplay
  35. [iOS] Mute rocksmith lead guitar
  36. [XBOne] I am at my wits end with "missed notes" with real tone cable
  37. [PC] Too much DLC....
  38. [PC] Rocksmith not recognizing mic
  39. riff repeater
  40. [PC] Windows 10 real-tone cable support
  41. [PC] Uplay rewards locked themselves
  42. [XBOne] Just updated Xbox1 and Rocksmith - these are my initial comments - anyone else?
  43. [PC] Insane stuttering and refuses to validate files properly
  44. Guitarcade Games Broken, 2014 Remastered Mac
  45. [PC] RealTone Cable stopped working?
  46. [PC] Rocksmith High Sierra USB-C Real Tone Cable
  47. [Uplay_Shop] Why do I need to pay twice for the game?
  48. [PC] Steam preview box layout??
  49. [PC] Resolution Issue
  50. [PS4] Rocksmith doesn't recognize microphone
  51. [PC] sound during lesson choppy skipping
  52. [XBOne] Xbox play anywhere
  53. [PS4] Christmas songs Rocksmith PS3
  54. [PC] Ubisoft stole my money
  55. [PS4] Multiplayer using USB Hub
  56. [PC] Rocksmith cable doesn't work...
  57. [IMPORTANT] Pull Request for seemingly explicit painting in harmonic heist
  58. [XBOne] Can't Download DLC
  59. [PC] Rocksmith won't accept the code on my new computer
  60. [PC] Cant enter Rocksmith 2014 Remastered
  61. [PC] BEST Pedals to USE for Rocksmith "Improvement"?....
  62. [XBOne] Unusual DLC issue
  63. [XBOne] Where is "Where is My Mind"
  64. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Remastered Tabs back to Steam window
  65. [PS4] Cliff of dover dlc ... Help
  66. [PC] RS2014 "No cable" won't download through Ubisoft
  67. [XBOne] Rocksmith forces stereo movie playback on Xbox
  68. [PS4] I want to ask for a certain dlc
  69. [PC] ROCKSMITH 2014 It does not open in my pc
  70. [PC] Missing DLC songs when installed the game on other computer
  71. [PC] Lost game.
  72. [PC] lag on a laptop
  73. [PC] Rocksmith is not detecting my cable on PC
  74. [PS4] The Darkness - verdict?
  75. [PC] RS 2014 won't recognize cable on PC
  76. [IMPORTANT] I missed the survey and I want to add my suggestions for the next Rocksmith (2018)
  77. [PC] Rocksmith needed specs for a new laptop suggestions
  78. [XBOne] Missing packs in in-game Rocksmith 2014 remastered store
  79. [PC] License only works once on PC???????
  80. [PC] The dreaded LAG issues
  81. [PC] Strange Sound Issue In Lessons
  82. [PC] rs and ubi sign-in
  83. [PC] Trying to stream the game on twitch, but mic doesnt work past title scene
  84. Main menu does not load
  85. [PS4] missing dlc
  86. [XBOne] XBoxOne Version Is Turning On HDMI Audio On The Console
  87. [Ubisoft_Account] Feedback and crackling sound after loading profile
  88. [XBOne] Xbox One S annoying screen overlay
  89. [XBOne] Multi Profile
  90. [PC] Crash at launch (bug report)
  91. [PS4] [PS4] [DLC] Region issue
  92. [PC] Can't get past the Profile Setup
  93. [PS3] Master Mode problems
  94. [XBOne] Disc import tool issue
  95. Mary Jane's Last Dance won't play anymore as well as other TP songs
  96. [PS4] Note Detection Issues - Are we stuck with relatively poor detection on PS4?
  97. [PC] Volume in Learn a Song
  98. [XBOne] Purchased DLC on Xbox 360 Doesn't Show Up on Xbox One
  99. [PS4] PS4 constantly freezing
  100. [PC] calibration screen is not working and how I figured this out
  101. [Ubisoft_Account] Forum claims still to be under planned maintenance for me
  102. [iOS] Rocksmith freezing / Pausing for a moment during a song on MacBook Pro (High Sierra)
  103. [PS4] Rocksmith 2014 Remastered - Audio Nightmare - Ps3/soundbar/TV
  104. [PC] Question on running on multiple PCs, shared license?
  105. [PC] Date Added is no longer sorting properly on PC
  106. [PC] rocksmith 2014 will crashes during boot
  107. [PC] Twitch set up?
  108. [PC] No rankings on many Score Attack leaderboards?
  109. [Uplay_Shop] Can't connect to Uplay servers on Mac
  110. [Ubisoft_Account] rocksmith 2014
  111. can no longer connect to UBI Server
  112. [PS4] Migrating from PS3 to PS4
  113. PS4 issue: recent DLC working but not recording progress
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  115. [XB360] XBox 360 will not recognize bass
  116. [Ubisoft_Account] http://www.shaperich.com/vidhigra/
  117. [PC] Feedback
  118. [PC] Calibration - "reset gain to default" over & over - video requested during livestream
  119. [PS4] Rocksmith Remastered PS4 won't download DLC song
  120. [PC] Game is Not Starting
  121. [PS4] DLC problem
  122. [XBOne] Streaming of the game
  123. [PC] An Intonation Reminder
  124. [PC] Avatar
  125. [XBOne] Chords 101
  126. [PS4] Remove / unregister DLC from a PS4 so that it can be installed on a different PS4?
  127. [Ubisoft_Account] Locked / Blocked out
  128. [IMPORTANT] Patch today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4
  129. [PC] Rocksmith don't recognize real tone cable in Windows 10 1803 Spring update
  130. [PC] RS 2014 Mac 64 Bit Version?
  131. [PC] Tone bug after game update
  132. [PC] Problem loading section since update
  133. [PC] Ubisoft servers not responding at startup and game freeze after tuning
  134. [PC] Any Chance For Patch Notes?
  135. [PS3] Last update (1.10 I believe) extremely buggy on my PS3
  136. [PC] This game is cruel - thought it was all working then :(
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  139. [PC] uplay availability and annoying offline mode
  140. [PC] Latency on over-powered laptop - think I tried everyting
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  142. [PS4] Feedback/noise on PS4
  143. [PC] Audio Messed UP!!
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  147. [PC] Rocksmith Automatically minimizes after launch on Windows 10
  148. [PC] Help with notes
  149. [XBOne] Two player connection details
  150. [Uplay_Shop] https://evaherbalist.com/sleep-well/
  151. [PS4] https://evaherbalist.com/sleep-well/
  152. [XBOne] Xbox DLC Missing
  153. [PC] promblem with riff repeater
  154. [PC] Cannot Install Rocksmith Remastered 2014 Ed on Mac
  155. [PC] Current Level of Support for Rocksmith 2014 Remastered Edition
  156. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 freezes when trying to return to the song list after playing a song
  157. [PC] Windows 10 not recognizing RTC
  158. [PC] Already Logged in - Cant play
  159. [PC] Rock Smith 2014 remastered install on PC
  160. Misaligned Progress Bar in Song
  161. [XB360] Run Dmc availability?
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  164. [XB360] DLC has disappeared (sort of)
  165. [XBOne] Joni Mitchell Pack
  166. [XBOne] Song missing in Bachsmith DLC pack (Ode to Joy)
  167. [PC] Problems adding Ubisoft Music Pack
  168. [XBOne] Xbox One Audio Setup
  169. [PS4] Issue with 20th Century Boy
  170. PS3 - Component Video?
  171. [PC] Static with new headset
  172. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 XBOX & PC
  173. [PS3] ROCKSMITH 2014 on PS3 not saving my game anymore.
  174. [PC] Windows 10 doesn't recognize Real Tone Cable
  175. [PC] PC - is the in game shop ever going to get fixed?
  176. [Uplay_Shop] Epiphone bundle closeout download expired?
  177. [PC] Switching Steam accounts
  178. [Ubisoft_Account] UPlay bonuses won't appear in game!
  179. [PC] Bass and guitar multiplayer
  180. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 + Windows 10 Vs. Bose Blueetooth
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  183. [PS4] Realtone cable stops working when iplug in
  184. [XB360] game key lost for xbox360
  185. [XBOne] Rocksmith lag
  186. [PC] Mic (input) level resetting
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  190. Windows 10 game window minimizes randomly
  191. [PS4] Purchasing songs on P3, unable to play on PS4
  192. [PS4] No DLC added since Stone Sour pack
  193. [XBOne] Xbox One to Guitar Amp. Would that work for guitar and bass?
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  195. [PlayStation Europe] Missing DLC Packs in PlayStation Store
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  198. When UBI servers are not available score is not synced afterwards????
  199. [PS3] Download Issue
  200. [PC] Where to buy rocksmith remastered for pc?
  201. [PC] [Mac] Game doesn't work on Mojave
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  207. [XB360] https://healthcaresupchat.com/keto-go-uk/
  208. [PC] https://www.oralhealthplus.com/rapid-tone-diet/
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  210. [PC] Reinstalled Mac, all the bought DLC shown in Steam but not in Rocksmith
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  215. Uplay service not available on Rocksmith 2014
  216. [XBOne] Sound issue in game
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  218. [PS3] Severe stuttering on RS2014 on PS3
  219. [PC] No ingame sound at all.
  220. [Ubisoft_Account] Request a song on the website.
  221. [PC] Using a 6.35mm to 3.5mm cable with Rocksmith
  222. [PS4] Rocksmith wont see mic
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  225. [PC] Can I run Rocksmith on two different computers?
  226. [PC] No audio on instructor videos for lessons
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  228. [PC] Game Crashes with an error code R6025 - Pure Virtual Function Call
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  230. [PC] Real tone cable code 10 Windows 10
  231. [PC] Support 3840x1080
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  234. [PC] MAC Rocksmith 2014 Problems
  235. [PC] Rocksmith still stuttering while playing lesson audio
  236. [XBOne] Rs 2014 Remastered freezes and sometimes looses game savings
  237. [Ubisoft_Account] Holiday Support Guide
  238. [PC] Rocksmith is super laggy in the menu
  239. [iOS] The Minimum iPad model required?
  240. [PC] Low FPS and guitar stops outputting sound
  241. [PS4] Wrong info on your FAQ has cost me a lot of money
  242. [PS4] Did my RealTone Cable just die?
  243. [PC] Can't change RT Cable output from 44hz to 48hz
  244. [PC] audiodg.exe & rocksmith cable - DAW problem
  245. [PC] Xeon processors
  246. [XBOne] Non stop Play Freezing a song start
  247. [PC] Steam Issues? Can't fire up the game suddenly. Missing executable.
  248. [PC] R.S. 2014 Remastered issue
  249. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot login using Chrome
  250. [PS4] Rocksmith song packs not installing