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  1. [PS4] moving songs from RS1 (PS3) to RS2014 (PS4)
  2. Run Time Earror!
  3. [XB360] Anyone else getting hard drive errors?
  4. [PC] Gradual crashing
  5. [PC] "audio output device not detected"
  6. [XB360] Backup dlc?
  7. [PC] [Steam] DLC price typo
  8. [PS4] master mode logic on some DLC seems off
  9. [PC] No cable audio after latest patch
  10. [PC] PC help after new update.
  11. [PC] Prospective Buyer Has Three Questions Regarding Rocksmith 2014 Remastered - PC
  12. Another ticked off customer
  13. [PC] Problems with my guitar detecting the realtone cable (i think?)
  14. [PC] Game Will Not Start - Unless I'm Offline
  15. [PC] Original Rocksmith on mac
  16. [PC] My real tone cable isn't detecting my new guitar
  17. [PC] Rocksmtih 2014 thinks my real tone cable is unplugged
  18. [XBOne] No Audio Settings/guitar volume too low
  19. [PC] Tuner detection isn't working with Mic-In
  20. [PC] Warning! No Product Key For PC!
  21. [PS4] Lag problem!! :(:(:(
  22. Having to constantly recalibrat
  23. [IMPORTANT] Cable Real Tone is not recognized by Rocksmith after upgrades and I can not play!!!
  24. [PS3] Rocksmith 2014 Remastered PS3 edition - Nonstop play not accepting song choice
  25. [PC] Rocksmith cable Issue
  26. [XBOne] I can't calibrate my acoustic guitar
  27. [PC] Support for 3440x1440 resolution 21:9
  28. [PC] Rocksmith Remasterd no longer works on any of my computers
  29. [PC] I bought RS and the import tool on Steam, but the songs haven't moved over to RS 2014
  30. [XBOne] Xbox One: "Volume too low" and tones not sounding how they should
  31. [XBOne] Just bought a new xbox one s - issues with some DLC
  32. [XB360] Help! Can't play RS2014 off-line. It constantly crash and restart.
  33. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 no longer starts on MAC
  34. [PS4] realtone cable and microphone
  35. [PC] Can't get past calibration screen
  36. [XB360] Removal of Storage Device (when offline) Bug
  37. [XBOne] Bass sound is low... not the good kind of low
  38. [XBOne] USB Mic
  39. [PC] Rocksmith 2014: "Welcome to Rocksmith" Lesson
  40. [PC] Session mode, bass sounds like garbage
  41. [XBOne] DLC Downloads from 360 not appearing in XB One RS 2014 Remastered
  42. [PC] Mic mode - Listen sound + audio interface support
  43. [PS3] Crashes when loading song, when browsing songs
  44. [XBOne] Import original Rocksmith songs to XBOne
  45. [PC] Playing ahead of the song for higher scores in score attack
  46. [PC] Is there a reason why the PC Shop doesn't show all DLC? Using RS 2014 Remastered..own
  47. [PC] Unlock rewards doesn't work
  48. [PS3] Distorted/crackling/popping with USB Headphones
  49. [PC] Sucks that they make a "music game" with NO freakin sound
  50. [PC] Feedback needed: Calbiration/Tuning issues on PC
  51. [PC] In Game Tuner ... or My Tuner ??
  52. [Ubisoft_Account] I just bought a PS4
  53. [IMPORTANT] New Rocksmith 2014 remastered, No activation key?
  54. [PS4] Electric Guitar with Mic
  55. [iOS] Guitar Not Heard on Bluetooth Headphones?
  56. [PC] Multiple mics disabled in system after january 2 patch
  57. [PC] unable to get rocksmith to start on any of my computers
  58. [PC] Mic volume level issue
  59. [PS4] Content transfer problem on PS4 Pro
  60. [iOS] [Mac] Low Guitar Volume w Realtone / Can't Calibrate, Guitar not detected
  61. [PC] Static-like noise and weird popping sound when playing
  62. [XBOne] Disable uplay pop up?
  63. [PC] Public beta test: PC/Mac crashes
  64. [PC] Steam doesn't seem to accept paypal?
  65. [PS4] I bought the song, but I do not see in the list
  66. [PC] Cable only detects in the USB port it was originally plugged into
  67. New songs for purchase not showing (PC)
  68. [XB360] Transfer Licence to PC?
  69. [XB360] Kinect voice search broken
  70. [XBOne] Mics causing Rocksmith 2014 to crash
  71. [PC] Count-in doesn't play when song is restarted
  72. [PS4] Disc Import PS3-to-PS4 Pro issue, "No content found."
  73. [Ubisoft_Account] Rocksmith remastered: So far a very poor experience!
  74. [PC] App crash after Score Attack
  75. [PC] Realtone cable constant buzzing without guitar plugged in
  76. [PC] Realcable buzzing and static when playing.
  77. [XBOne] Muse Missing on Xbox One?
  78. [IMPORTANT] Any chance 60DC will be fixed anytime soon?
  79. [XBOne] bought remastered song transfer from 360
  80. [XBOne] tuning does not work
  81. [XBOne] Calibration issues/new error message - Xbox One
  82. [XBOne] Xbox Rocksmith Remaster Connection
  83. [IMPORTANT] Rocksmith Remastered: Small patch, starting today -- Jan 20, 2017
  84. [PS4] Note detections issues
  85. [PC] At the risk of sounding like a big baby...
  86. [Ubisoft_Account] Why can't stats be unified/shared cross-platform?
  87. Rocksmith 2014 Remastered and Mcirophone and kinect on xbox one
  88. [PC] Problem with optical audio on PC
  89. [XBOne] Nonstop play in disconnect mode
  90. [PS4] PS4 with Blue Yeti for Microphone Mode
  91. [XBOne] RS1 import pack
  92. [XBOne] I redeemed my code on Xbox One but still don't have the songs
  93. [PC] [HELP] I Cant Hear My Guitars Voice on PC
  94. [XB360] XBOX static noise between songs/in song list when not touching any strings
  95. [PC] Register error
  96. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 | Steam | Notes detection > KO > 150 lost
  97. [PC] Distorted Robotic Tone for All Sounds in Rocksmith
  98. [PC] Using an amp-modeler as a mic input
  99. [XBOne] Notes not detecting in Lessons, but good in songs
  100. [PC] Audiobox issues.
  101. [PC] Calibration bar wont move but guitar plays through just fine
  102. [PC] audio crackling
  103. [PC] guitarcade game wont start
  104. [PS3] Question for anyone who would know, downloading the game.
  105. [PS4] Cracking sounds when using RS2014
  106. [PC] [MAC] Not recognizing guitar
  107. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Remastered edition brand new sealed with no activation code
  108. [XBOne] Calibration issues
  109. Xbox One DLC Song packs missing
  110. [Uplay_Shop] Website to redeem Rocksmith activation code not found.
  111. [PC] Sort by Friends on Score Attack Leaderboards not working
  112. [PS3] Tuning at 432Hz
  113. [PS3] Sorting by DATE ADDED is messed up
  114. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Ignores Defaults
  115. [PC] rocksmith has detected a sudden change in your volume
  116. [XBOne] DLC Song Won't install
  117. [PC] Shop says "There is no content. It might not be for salre yet, or might no long
  118. [XB360] Rocksmith DLC shared across platforms
  119. [PC] [MAC] Microphone setup
  120. [Ubisoft_Account] Rocksmith on a Mac distorts and does not play back correctly
  121. [PC] Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface
  122. [PC] Suggestion: Cursor Keys to Fast Forward / Rewind During Song
  123. [PS3] Session mode help
  124. [PC] Several problems I can no longer deal with.
  125. [PC] RS starts with sound, but goes silent as I reach main menu
  126. [PS4] DLC not working
  127. [PC] Microphone pics up guitar, but no guitar sound output
  128. [PC] Real Tone cable not working, Windows 10
  129. [PC] Vocal microphone not working anymore.
  130. [PS4] Tears for Fears ps4 dlc bass sound muffled/distorted
  131. [PC] Error Sound Initalization
  132. [PC] Installing RS with no CD drive?
  133. PS4 Tears for Fears dlc bass guitar audio distorted/muffled
  134. [PC] New
  135. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 save file corrupt
  136. [PC] Exiting RS 2014 issues
  137. [PC] Lost progress due to pc restart
  138. [PC] Windows 10, microphone and tuning
  139. [PS3] I really need an answer from an Ubisoft rep here
  140. [PC] Persistent static buzzing on startup making Rocksmith is unplayable
  141. [XBOne] Xbox Preview Program - Latest Update Has Killed RS!
  142. [Uplay_Shop] PS4 EU/DE ingame shop nearly empty and empty song packs??
  143. [PS3] Last Few Days PS3 Crashing Alot
  144. [PS4] ISO: adive for dlc transfer issue (PS3-->PS4)
  145. [PC] DLC Song Missing
  146. No Songs In Online Shop !
  147. [PS3] video lag all of a sudden a problem!
  148. [PS4] Migrations to PS4 help
  149. [PC] System crashes!
  150. [PS3] Static, noise, low guitar volume, game unplayable
  151. [PC] New Latency Issue?
  152. [PS3] Won't there be any DLC Rocksmith 2014 song pack update for on PS3?
  153. [PS4] Lots of songs disappeared
  154. [PC] 3 of 5 Skid Row songs appearing individually on Steam, no pack
  155. [XBOne] Rocksmith songs (complex question about versions)
  156. [XBOne] Cant purchase any songs from Rocksmith shop (xbox one)
  157. [PC] help!!
  158. [Ubisoft_Account] Unable to submit requests
  159. [PC] Steam Demo Crash on Startup
  160. 'Search a Song' feature not working on macOS Sierra
  161. [PC] So ... how many cables have you been through?
  162. [PC] Sightreading level suddenly dropped super low
  163. [PC] white screen issues
  164. [PC] Vocal Mic Issue - Solved! (devs please read)
  165. [iOS] Missing Profile??
  166. [PC] How do I get rid of the delay from my computer to my tv
  167. [PC] Every Restart sets back Profiles
  168. [XBOne] Skid Row Download Problems
  169. [XBOne] Power Ballad Song Pack not showing in game
  170. [PC] Random loss of signal from the guitar.
  171. [XBOne] Arena Rock Song Pack and 90s Rock Song Pack Songs not showing up in game :(
  172. [PC] Win 10 laptop issue with Realtone cable -- help!
  173. [PC] Missing Notes and Music
  174. [XBOne] Xbox One patch coming this week
  175. [XBOne] Game Audio too quiet
  176. [PC] Whats the point, CD and Key codes.
  177. [PC] No Discord during RS
  178. [PC] Can't enter password
  179. [XBOne] DLC Not showing up anymore
  180. [PC] Rocksmith with an acoustic guitar and USB mic
  181. [PC] Missing Profile Partially Restored / How to Access Master Leaderboards
  182. [PC] Not recognizing bends at the 20th fret (or more)
  183. PS3 v1.08?
  184. [PC] Cannot download the new DLC - Mix Tape Pack
  185. [PS3] Sorting problem after 1.08 update
  186. [PC] Macbook Pro 2016 Cable not detected in Rocksmith
  187. [XB360] xbox360 and ubisoft servers
  188. [PC] [Request App] Rocksmith request app does not log in on Opera browser
  189. [PC] Getting Started
  190. [PS4] Recommended set up for PS4 Slim to combat lag.
  191. [PC] selecting the head
  192. [PC] Small used PC that will run RS 2014
  193. [PC] Licence
  194. [PS4] PS4 recognises microphone but rocksmith don't.
  195. [PS4] Calibration problems - game untunes my guitar
  196. [PS4] Universal Media Remote - PS4
  197. [PC] Audio delay on Dell XPS 15?
  198. [PC] Latency issues with digital video connections (HDMI, DVI-D, etc.)
  199. [PS4] Detection problems + feedback
  200. [PC] rocksmith 2014 has stopped working
  201. [PC] Rocksmith USB Guitar Adapter - This device cannot start. (Code 10)
  202. [PS4] PS4 USB Headphones connected to the console NOT the controller
  203. [PC] Rocksmith and steam errors
  204. [XBOne] Queen, Reo Speedwagon, Black flag dlc
  205. [PS4] Still cannot fix my audio latency issues - Please help!
  206. [PC] Rocksmith freezing after credits on Mac
  207. Rocksmith Remastered PS4 code for bonus songs
  208. [PC] Downloading RS2014
  209. [PC] FIXED: buzzing sound and huge distortion.
  210. [PC] So I just bought a copy of Rocksmith Remastered on PC...
  211. [PS4] Songs missing from pack display in store
  212. [PS4] Audio stopped working
  213. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Remastered no input connection and Steam code
  214. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Remastered download marked as having a virus
  215. [PC] game save data corruption
  216. [PC] Do I Need to Buy the Game Again?...
  217. [iOS] Rocksmith 2014 remastered on Macbook Pro 2017
  218. [PC] Help with Ducks Redux please!
  219. [PC] ERROR SOUND INITIALIZATION - Rocksmith 2014 Remastered
  220. [PS4] Can't download songs
  221. [PC] "no audio output device is detected"
  222. [PC] Static on Oasis songpack
  223. [PC] Non-Stop Play issues
  224. [PC] Notechart speed
  225. [PC] Tune accoustic guitar using mic
  226. [XBOne] 2014 Remastered dlc help
  227. [PC] Strange levelling up in Riff Repeater [Steam/MacOS]
  228. [PC] Game Minimizing in Windows 10
  229. [PC] Calibration/Tuning of an acoustic guitar won't work
  230. [PS4] Please help me, can't download the songs i bought
  231. [XB360] Purchased DLC locked on only one profile.
  232. [PC] RealTone cable crashes sound settings on Windows10
  233. May Update Killed Rocksmith 2014 Remastered
  234. [PS4] Less delay on Mac than PS4 ?
  235. [XB360] DLC on xbox one not backwards compatible with xbox 360
  236. [PS4] New DLC only shows up after Restoring Licenses
  237. [XBOne] Having lots of issues with game on XB1
  238. [PC] realtone cable seems to be cutting in and out,unless i turn the cable in the guitar
  239. [PC] [BUG] First playthrough on songs, sections drop mastery.
  240. [Ubisoft_Account] 90 Day Challenge - No Stats
  241. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Remastered blocked by graphics software/hardware/card
  242. [PC] Low Guitar volume in game
  243. [PC] How to disable all unnecessary visual and sound effects?
  244. [XB360] DLC song freezes whole system (xbox 360)
  245. [PC] Noise problem
  246. [XBOne] Rocksmith Remastered note detection off by -100 cents in E Standard
  247. [PC] Rocksmith 2012 stopped working on my PC
  248. [IMPORTANT] Patch Notes: Rocksmith Remastered - July 31 2017
  249. [XBOne] Scale Warriors - No man left behind
  250. [PS4] Microphone not working