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  1. Forum Rules
  2. Going black screen when I enter the main menu
  3. The app not opening
  4. Connecting to Server... forever... [FIX]
  5. Mission Problems
  6. Trials Frontier Update 2: Known Issues
  7. Can I get my scores removed?
  8. Charged twice
  9. My Platinum score/time want register!
  10. Game crashes at start
  11. Combo pack - no price, one click buy?
  12. Hilltop Ghetto Platinum Glitch
  13. Trials Frontier Update 3: Known Issues
  14. Purchased Starter Pack - Purchase failed by still charged.
  15. Info: Bugs and Fix
  16. A place to report suspicious facts!
  17. There's no new missions, ANBA gone black etc.
  18. Anba
  19. Is there any ETA on the next patch for Frontie that fixes the crash at the start-up?
  20. ANBA dissapeared?
  21. Combo Pack Disappeared?
  22. Cannot Complete Power Hour!
  23. Thanks a lot -- not really.
  24. Crashing issue
  25. Possible workaround.
  26. Game locks / freezes iPhone completely when returning to it
  27. Platinum iOS Achievement
  28. Dear Devs: Any update regarding an update?
  29. Crash crash crash
  30. Last Part for Mantis and Robtoman
  31. Final Round bug
  32. Lost Playgrounds, crossed the finishing line but said I am crashed.
  33. slot machine randomly resetting
  34. Fixed? Did the devs do something?
  35. A.N.B.A bug
  36. anba returned with a vengeance
  37. Leaderboards
  38. Trials Frontier 2.0.1 - Patch Notes
  39. Game Crash - BluePrint Mastermind
  40. sdsd
  41. Truly disappointed and I demand a reward!
  42. Game crashes since about 3 days when beeing online
  43. crash whenever I enter the village
  44. Request/demand to get diamonds refunded
  45. Redlynx can my game be fixed?
  46. Charged twice. Want 1000 gems I purchased.
  47. Linking UPLAY Mobile and 360 for Time capsule challenge
  48. Uplay Maintenance Today
  49. Trials Frontier: Startup Crashing Update
  50. How do I race a ghost / get through the Beamery?
  51. crashing on maps
  52. Leaderboards down?
  53. Is anyone's A.N.B.A not working?
  54. RE-INSTALL APP to fix Issues
  55. my game is still crashing and requiring reinstall
  56. Step Into The Light Help Please
  57. found a bug where a part wont register for challenge
  58. Slot machine problems.
  59. Trials Frontier won't open anymore?!
  60. pls fix that crash-bug when playing offline
  61. minor non gameplay impacting bug
  62. I don't have a ANBA
  63. ANBA & hackers
  64. Can you post a new list of known issues under the current patch?
  65. Trials Frontier : New Update Version 2.0.2 released
  66. will this issue be addressed?
  67. Game not working after deleting Facebook account
  68. Got ripped off on recent deal for Tango paint job/coins/diamonds/etc
  69. Slot Machine Crashes game.
  70. Gas pedal bug (and somer others) - will you fix this?
  71. Tap the app get a black screen and immediately crashes
  72. Ridiculous Internet traffic use of the game
  73. Frontier crashing on start..
  74. Everytime I try to go to the map, the game closes
  75. Sudden burst of gems
  76. Seriously ubisoft what the hell!?!?
  77. Transfer Progress
  78. UnPlayable UPlay
  79. Buy Gems
  80. Finished game still missing "cave dwellers" track
  81. How do I unregister a uplay account from the game?
  82. 12 step program achievement
  83. "Unlimited" fuel?
  84. Slot machine just reset? Prizes gone
  85. Stuck in an infinite A.N.B.A. loop.
  86. ANBA stopped working for me.
  87. ANBA is not ghosted while playing the ANBA challenges
  88. Today's update crippled my bike
  89. iOS Touch Control Issues
  90. Missing tracks
  91. Urgent, do I need to purchase the Pro Player Bundle twice on the same iTunes account?
  92. Most recent update will not download
  93. Devs, you said 11 tracks in update notes...where are they?
  94. Slot machines bugs - you dont receive what you should
  95. To set new pb's or not??
  96. Stuck, need help
  97. Quest "the end"
  98. Serious slot machine bug here!
  99. Get back my save from UPlay after iPhone reinitialization
  100. won fire oasis got steeple run! ripped off again :(
  101. serious bug!! help
  102. All current bugs and glitches for trials frontier
  103. Denied a credit by RedLynx/Ubisoft
  104. Scenario concerning Bluch frozen after upgrade saloon & mantis
  105. I'm confused on why this isn't there.
  107. Stuck in a loop, new Fanboy mission
  108. Just noticed my ANBA missioned tracks are no longer available!
  109. Extremely Serious BUGs!!!!!
  110. A.N.B.A missions froze
  111. iOS 7 controller support
  112. Slot machine countdown problem
  113. Frontier v2.2.0 & 2.2.1
  114. Devs - Cannon End - Is it a bug?
  115. A.n.b.a mission problem
  116. Devs, Data Downloading's killing my slot machine!
  117. The Swamp tracks not available anymore
  118. Some of my reported bugs are being closed....
  119. Show best medal instead of best time?
  120. Slot Machine bug - The Quagmire instead of Trash Tops
  121. Repair memory glitch
  122. Game keeps crashing.
  123. Trials frontier won't open level
  124. My game has gone wrong.
  125. Points not rewarded when level time is beaten offline
  126. Completed the game, now what? ANBA never changes! Some tracks greyed out!
  127. Help Leaderboard
  128. Few bugs to squash.
  129. Final berserker blue print
  130. Trials Frontier iOS version 2.3.0
  131. Devs, why dont I have these outfits already?
  132. Bought special pack got nothing, please help.
  133. Like Trials on Facebook quest bug?
  134. Missing gems on upgrade
  135. Interesting bug?
  136. Game stole 250 gems from me
  137. Game crashes after latest update
  138. Fire oasis please.
  139. A.n.b.a cannot play mud cake track
  140. Notifications... XXXX has passed me on WHAT?
  141. Game Killing Crash Issue - FAO RedLynx
  142. I've lost the game!
  143. iPhone 4 - iOS7 - app don't work
  144. Can't find candy in Planks and Mozzies track (Spinning around quest).
  145. uplay not working
  146. Does the newest version work with iOS 8?
  147. Trials frontier isnt linking with fusion?
  148. Still downloading
  149. Regarding update 2.4.2
  150. Reset Time for my slot machine ?
  151. WTF? I've to wait an hour for 1 fuel? are you serious?
  152. Lost my game
  153. Can't combine parts after restore
  154. iOS Soft Launch Players Missing Halloween Content
  155. Crashing game leads to 24hr tank embargo?
  156. Lost improvements Bronco
  157. Berserker Venom paint-job from loot wheel is really Jackal Skeleton one
  158. Can't connect to Uplay on Trials Frontier
  159. Devs, what happens if we cant do one of these events and miss a Halloween track?
  160. Game crashing for anyone else? IOS
  161. Purchase Glitch [moved from wrong forum]
  162. Problem with Halloween Bundle
  163. Obtain skins from offers
  164. Trials frontier started to freeze
  165. refuel penaltly glitch/bug
  166. There is a problem with the log in services!
  167. Fuel Issue - Help!
  168. it was fun.
  169. Please unblock.
  170. Graphics Problem
  171. Bug with moto again
  172. My Jackal's engine just got reset from Level 10 to 0!
  173. Fuel problems (ticket 01753066)
  174. ive been fuel penalized again!
  175. Lost 120 gems
  176. Trying to finish Data Cube Challenge
  177. Black paintjob bug
  178. Game crashes alot since update
  179. Devs, no Donkey Blueprints or Neon Paintjob!
  180. ANBA track/bike bug?
  181. Delays! Timeouts! Fix the BUNKER connectivity!
  182. Broken Slot Machine
  183. Claiming showdown results crashes game
  184. give me my chips!!
  185. Purchased coins and didn't go into my account
  186. Anyone with an unanswered/unresolved support ticket
  187. The Soldier Bundle problem, devs
  188. Maxed out Tango loses upgrades
  189. Completing Slot Machine Challenges Are Broken
  190. BUNKER is OUT OF ORDER please help fix soon
  191. BUG: Speed button stop working
  192. Need your help mates
  193. Purchased the Special Starter Pack, never received it
  194. Didn't get rewards after Win in PvP
  195. Slot machine is broken
  196. So it's 06 Jan 2015, still no update to fix the bunker
  197. Got Pending Support Tickets, Read This!
  198. [BUG] [iOS] Unbeatable missions on Slots
  199. Lost Tango bike upgrades
  200. Need Berserker Plans
  201. Need an explanation
  202. Bunker and ghosts not available
  203. Showdown races time out ALWAYS now (for everyone or just me?)
  204. Report Your Bugs and Glitches for iOS Here!
  205. New phone, no Trials saved game
  206. incorrect synchronization, how to fix?
  207. help
  208. The Cave
  209. Level Editor for Trials Frontier?
  210. Reinstalling game, lev 1 rider or lev 1 rider? Had the uplay bug on new update
  211. Lost all progress and uplay friends when installing 3.1.0
  212. Add me on Uplay for Ticket Exchanging!
  213. Download Paused at 100%
  214. My bunker isn't loading
  215. Bought the valentine bundle
  216. Bundles do not appear in the store
  217. How do I respond to Ubisoft Support?
  218. No access to multiplayer
  219. Lost All Your Progress? post here!!!
  220. Game seems to have died
  221. How to Contact Customer Support (CS) and Respond to Customer Support (CS).
  222. Urgent! Please Read if you are considering Reinstalling the Game!
  223. Purchased a Bundle and Didn't Receive the Content? Read This!
  224. SerenityJoshi
  225. No sound
  226. Buy valentine bundle multiple times?
  227. Server vs. local version of rider
  228. Fuel refil from 2min up to 24h for 1 Fuel??!
  229. In game adverts
  230. notifications and badges
  231. Submitted my Support Ticket a week ago and still no response..
  232. If i reset progression
  233. Slot machine is messed up!
  234. Is there even a Ubisoft Support team?
  235. Outfit doesn't unlock!
  236. reset game not so reset...
  237. Can't start new showdown
  238. New tank refill policy !?
  239. Lags and Slowdowns
  240. Not receiving any win streak bonuses?
  241. Slot machine error, is there a way to fix it?
  242. a.n.b.a.
  243. someone help me? ubi?
  244. New Info about the Next Update from the Devs!
  245. Help me sign out
  246. Uplay not connecting
  247. No anniversary gift during 3 days...
  248. Version 3.2.1 Glitches
  249. No Gifts!
  250. game crash