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  1. Extra Rally ticket Ads not giving extra tickets!!!
  2. Lossing gems
  3. Okay you slow asses
  4. Dakar Rally Challenge rankings not working
  5. Lumber Yard on Leg 6 of Dakar
  6. Reverse Engineering
  7. tapjoy ignored me and dont reward
  8. I purchased the Love express out fit $27
  9. Timer issues with Love Event
  10. Canít fuse parts or complete missions
  11. Love Event Disappeared!
  12. Downloads every time I launch game.
  13. KTM 500-EXC Blueprints
  14. Devs, cleanup iOS leaderboards please
  15. Upgrade timer issue
  16. Front flips don't stop
  17. Midnight Circuit not registering my times
  18. Lost golden tickets
  19. Where did the in-game Support button go?
  20. Not getting credit for Bunker wins
  21. For christ sake!!!
  22. Game offline
  23. X Games seems to have dissapeared
  24. X-games fade to black
  25. X games leg 3 not showing
  26. What is Ubisoft/RL going to do about the people it screwed out of Leg rewards?
  27. Wheel items not being credited
  28. X-Games not working again!
  29. Leg 6 not working
  30. Game lagging, phone heating and crashes.
  31. X games compensation
  32. Timer is ahead and not accurate
  33. The donkey
  34. Slow Download
  35. How to close the game properly with a iphone
  36. Pumpkins not showing up in halloween event
  37. Game keeps saying an update is needed to continue playing even though itís updated
  38. BUG: Pressing a button often switch off an already pressed button
  39. Servers down
  40. Donít expect help
  41. Bug: App-style ads donít reduce bike upgrade time
  42. 13MB download needed every time I open the Game (pretty much)
  43. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
  44. Hungry Shark Outfit Error? (iOS)
  45. New Tracks in 23h and a bunch of minutes on event after using an item.
  46. Moon event, finished too 5% but summary said top 100% and no track
  47. Touches Mission
  48. Finishing Touches
  49. Cannot play on iPhone 11 Pro Max zoomed
  50. Problem with the 4th leg
  51. I will
  52. Trixmas