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  1. Updated game and game crashes now.
  2. Gas and throttle
  3. Trials Frontier 3.2.1 - Crash
  4. I can't login to uPlay on Frontier.
  5. Can't send gifts to friends using Android devices
  6. Map loading really slow
  7. What happend to my candy ?
  8. Something wrong with my rank on Frostpocalypse.
  9. Loss progress
  10. Audio volume different in each startup
  11. lost progress
  12. Ninjas Broke The Bunker
  13. Phantom Last blueprint
  14. Where's my Frostpocalypse paint job?
  15. How i can get polar costume ?
  16. Trials Frontier Frostpocalypse update crashes after splash screen
  17. Constant daily crashing
  18. Gift box not working.
  19. My gift box is not working WHAT can I do
  20. I did not get polar costume
  21. Cant get the outfit to drve the frostocalypse-tracks 5-8
  22. Butch's Home - Beat leroy in tree houses - Not WORKing
  23. Wonky leaderboards, when will they get sorted?
  24. Specific track crash (rotten railway)
  25. Arctic Explorer Outit - how do I get it?
  26. Terracotta Soldier Problem
  27. Frostpocalypse Leaderboard Missing
  28. Daily prospection : Night life
  29. Multiple Showdowns Start - BUG!
  30. Showdown failure
  31. New season failure
  32. Didn't get seasons rewards.
  33. how to get the arctic outfit now that winter is over?
  34. Purchased A bundle and didn't get content?!?! Refund
  35. No friends pictures & infinit loop
  36. Missions that's impossible to complete
  37. Can't connect to uplay at all
  38. Cannot delete non-active friends from my friend list in a game
  39. Верните деньги!
  40. "download paused at 100%" cannot play at all.
  41. Help - Lost Progress
  42. Can't play Showdown mode and Rouge Nations at all
  43. Showdown problem loading
  44. Cannot Use Any Online Features
  45. Rogue Nation - Wrecked Tracks
  46. Old server save
  47. Slot Machine - Same Rewards
  48. Can't Log Into uPlay
  49. Rocks off missing
  50. Barren Steps missing
  51. How to get "The Quagmire" track?
  52. Unable to connect since getting new track
  53. The game automatically switched from German to English language - how to revert back?
  54. Control Problem
  55. Uplay logs me out straight away, can't connect
  56. Language issues with latest update - iOS9
  57. Wild West Legends Bundle - READ IF YOU PURCHASED
  58. Tap Joy Rewards
  59. Track not updating
  60. L'Application trial frontière de s'ouvre plus
  61. Game not starting
  62. halloween event content not downloading
  63. doom drop medal run - haloween event = bugged
  64. Doom Drop crash
  65. Small centered apps on iphone 4 after install ios 7.1.2
  66. Pumpkin Queen Races Not Working
  67. Missing track. Crow nest
  68. Halloween track bundle 150 gems
  69. Gift sending problems!!!!
  70. Bunker purchase problem
  71. Fuel not recharging while playing
  72. WTH! Global score not improving after ANBA wins / any other track time improvement!
  73. Downloading... latest content forever and Rotten Railway issue
  74. iPhone 4 app crashes before anything loads
  75. Help
  76. freeze money on global leaderboard
  77. iOS: Cannot connect and buy anything in the shop - how to resolve this?
  78. After Christmas Update Game Freeze
  79. Don't do what I did! (Winter event)
  80. Can't connect to the store + lost data
  81. Can't join uplay
  82. Pretty much unplayable
  83. Please help me, I can't connect to my old game.
  84. Thanks for kicking me out of event
  85. Ads playing in background
  86. I can't get new maps
  87. New Device
  88. How much money have you got?
  89. What the hell RL..
  90. [IOS] [BUG] World map won't open just crashes
  91. Not getting unlimted fuel after last season
  92. General rank blocked
  93. Bunker store shenanigans
  94. My time is not updated and medal on track don't change
  95. Two QOL requests
  96. Help: purchased golden tickets and didn't received its content
  97. Bunker match won't start
  98. No gifts
  99. New time records on tracks, but no points for leaderboard IOS
  100. [Solved]responded to new banner today and joined Gala Bingo. No diamonds deposited :(
  101. cant login into uplay nor bunker
  102. Missed the Big Swing and the Stallion :-(
  103. Bag event KTM
  104. Trials Frontier immediately crashes at startup
  105. Chances are I'm better then some of you, Missing Tracks Part 2
  106. KTM tournament issue
  107. test KTM
  108. ANBA bug
  109. No rewards after the end of the season
  110. Unable to connect to store to get in-app purchases.
  111. Black screen when returning to the village.
  112. KTM - Season complete - Unable to connect to The Bunker
  113. Fix the bunker.. Fix the bunker!
  114. No ktm game
  115. Game crashes
  116. black screen appears on selecting home option
  117. Not receiving Bunker rewards
  118. Data Cube Bug
  119. Crash at startup resulted in loss of all progress
  120. Looking for some BASIC game knowledge (not gameplay)
  121. Rewarded offer failed
  122. Game won't open
  123. Game doesnt sync when connecting to Facebook
  124. Victories in the bunker do NOT register
  125. spent 400 gems on track pack, received nothing, please help.
  126. Spent 600 diamonds and got old map
  127. Slot machine progress
  128. Metal Mayhem + Donkey = stuck position at first checkpoint.
  129. 4.1.0 crash on iOS 7.1.2
  130. Trials frontier cannot connect to server
  131. throttle sometimes fails
  132. Somebody of idiot like me spent 600 diamonds got old map
  133. Game Crashing on some tracks since last update (IOS on Ipad mini 2)
  134. Game crashes while starting track in bunker
  135. Feel cheated
  136. Lean buttons not working properly.
  137. Event is over
  138. Event is over although more than two days are remaining !!!
  139. Help please
  140. Upgrade complete but can't be "installed"
  141. [Trial Frontker] My game have restarted help me!
  142. My game just restarted for no reason ! Please help
  143. no riders club reward, support not working
  144. Spent 600 diamonds and got old map
  145. Leader Board Problem
  146. Subscribed to Hulu, and Received the Gems
  147. The Bunker is Down Again (Sep 5th)
  148. Doghouse missions not working, please help!
  149. Moving to a new phone
  150. Upgraded to iOS 10, lean buttons no longer work on first tap
  151. Crash since latest IOS uodate
  152. cant fuse ios10
  153. When restarting bunker track, controls unavailable
  154. Urgent! Purchases did not go through
  155. Update borked
  156. Midnight Circuit ranking bug
  157. Midnight circuit
  158. Can't load bunker nor Midnight Circuit
  159. Top 1% first & second week-2nd week only 4 prizes
  160. Lags in game on iPad PRO?
  161. Ad is crashing the game
  162. Bunker lag? Opponent's retries not shown.
  163. 我的午夜杯第二周的奖励没有收到
  164. How to logout of uplay on Trails Frontier iPhone
  165. Unlocking "Toad Hole"
  166. The Bunker Problem
  167. Need A way to send game data from IOS to android...
  168. Trials frontier login problem
  169. midnight circuit not working for me
  170. Forging items
  171. How can I play the KTM challenge?
  172. Game freezes when I race
  173. Freezes!!!
  174. BUG: KTM Leg Ended Too Early
  175. KTM Rally challange
  176. Ubisoft sign in issue
  177. CRASH (Apple TV) - Opening costume hut
  178. Apple TV Update - Won't Update
  179. Top 3% or less on all tracks of KTM challenge, not in the top 20% on the leaderboards
  180. Lost my KTM Rally Challenge "Lost Descent" Map Location
  181. Lost real money
  182. Didn't get any reward from Leg 2
  183. Frequently Asked Questions (or ‘Help me! I’m stuck!’)
  184. Ktm 450 rally missing parts
  185. Global leaderboards
  186. Kim bike glitch
  187. Stuck with robot
  188. Locked track during showdown
  189. When entering the garage: game freezes up & closes out
  190. Upgrade not successful
  191. Can't connect to trials frontier servers
  192. why does it stop fixing gas in trials Frontier when you don't take your finger off
  193. Ubisoft Login every day? Connection issues
  194. Creating Uplay account resets progress
  195. new update issues
  196. Strengthening update...not so strong
  197. I cannot participate in midnight club
  198. Midnight Circuit bugs
  199. Dumping the game because of the new range of ubisoft bugs😟
  200. Trials frontier Strecke weg
  201. Cannot Connect to Ubi - Can't Do Bunker, Midnight Circuit, or Doghouse
  202. A slew of issues old and new
  203. Videos (to spin the loot wheel) not giving rewards
  204. Leaderboard problems
  205. Leaderboards and ANBA not working
  206. Halloween Tier 1 Track Pack
  207. Lost my KTM bike.
  208. habe keine freunde mehr bzw keine bestenliste (keine Aktualisierung)
  209. Midnight circuit time not registered
  210. My moto do not upgrading
  211. Leaderboard/Ghost issues
  212. Purchasing items in the bunker is too much for this poor little app to handle
  213. Halloween Tracks 2015
  214. Incorrect Ghost in the Midnight Circuit
  215. Tapjoy does not give rewards.
  216. Prizes not given out on Midnight Circuit
  217. No Sound
  218. Road Captain Package
  219. Easter egg hunt - timer resets after it ends
  220. Egg Hunt persistent crash - unable to collect any eggs
  221. Egg hunt leaderboard
  222. Cannot buy the stallion parts in the shop
  223. Trials Frontier: Easter Bundle Not Appearing
  224. I'm logged to ubisoft but still can't play
  225. End of Easter Egg Event
  226. Didn't get my bunker rewards because of a crash.
  227. Game crashing on startup
  228. Midnight Circuit - The Lift
  229. Midnight circuit - Crane Peak
  230. Fire update bugs
  231. Rabbit hell
  232. Can't finish bike upgrade
  233. Event Tracks - Not Showing
  234. Interesting bug in bunker
  235. Midnight Circuit Recurring Bug
  236. Prospect member- no rewards
  237. Ads Showing Up for In-App Purchasers
  238. Problem with the latest Trials Frontier update on IOS
  239. Small glitch...
  240. Cannot Access The Midnight Circuit
  241. Gift Box, Bunker and Leaderboard problem
  242. Anyone else experiencing these bugs?
  243. Purchase Tickets too easy
  244. Robbed of tickets because of sync issues to server for my times in bunker.
  245. I'm begging you
  246. HUGE problem when logging in to Ubisoft
  247. cant transfer game progress to new phone
  248. My Account is banned this forum
  249. Bug Extra Ralley Tickets for new Event
  250. Can’t save over Ubisoft data