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  1. Asalah Invoker of Castigation
  2. How often will we be getting preview cards?
  3. When is new expansion expected?
  4. Hero Rebalancing, will we Ever get it?
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  7. Academy's Gameplay - Part 2
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  9. Hakeem and Myranda
  10. Has any sanctuary card been peviewed?
  11. New Artwork - Haven Creature (Crusader Chaplain)
  12. Gazal, Lady of Secrets
  13. I've found this gallery full of spoilers
  14. Gameplay novelties, strategies and other goodies!
  15. Summary of HantzzLeak
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  18. Suggestion to Ubi: how to make more money with wishing well
  19. Additional Campaign?
  20. Gazal, Herald of the Void
  21. Forgotten Wars Twitch Reveal - Friday 20th & Tuesday 24th
  22. Gameplay article by SimonV Haven, Inferno and Neutrals
  23. My GF broke up with me, because I felt in love with Myranda
  24. Forgotten Wars is going to kill this game dead.
  25. Forgettable Wars
  26. Arts from the upcomming expansion
  27. Academy spell stealer question to team
  28. Wild Cards generation mechanics?
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  30. Necro is saved!
  31. is there a complete cardlist for the expansion somewhere??
  32. Forgotten Wars Review by Matrix_Disc, Rancord, and Uraxor - Card Rankings
  33. Forgotten Wars - full set review
  34. Ambush and Evade Question
  35. Prediction For Dominant Faction/Deck After Forgotten Wars is Released
  36. Wildcards from packs
  37. Full card list online on mmdoc.net
  38. Launch Trailer: Forgotten Wars
  39. Myranda - Forgotten Wars Hero
  40. My review and rating of the factions (other than Academy) and spell schools in FW.
  41. Card distribution is STILL embarrasingly awful.
  42. Bonus biography: Akane, Caller of Memories
  43. Bonus biography: Ammar, The Cunning
  44. Akane, Caller of Memories is a little bit op?
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