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  1. [Switch] Unable to login to account on Wheel Of Fortune
  2. Can not receive emails from ubisoft
  3. cant change country in uplay
  4. [Ubisoft_Account] Account Hacked or nah?
  5. Can't change Uplay username?
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  7. UI Won't let me enter the state of Alaska into the billing address???
  8. Promo code is missing
  9. [Ubisoft_Account] can't change my country in uplay
  10. Cant change my account name..
  11. [Uplay_Shop] Help with unreasonably failed order
  12. [Ubisoft_Account] Lost possibility to log in.
  13. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay 2 step verification
  14. Flashback (2013) no sound?
  15. Uplay Store never works from whtin games...
  16. Can't get Ubisoft club app to work
  17. Holiday 2018 Support Guide
  18. [PC] Blazing Angels 2 Secret Missions of WWII
  19. [Uplay_Shop] Ubisoft Store
  20. Locked out of account/two-factor
  21. [Uplay_Shop] Request refund on uplay points used on discount coupons
  22. [PC] bought Wildlands Wrong region and repurchased right region, Refund for wrong region?
  23. How long can i keep uplay coupon after redeemed it before using?
  24. 2-Step not working (?) with new phone
  25. [PC] "The Child of Light service is unavailable" Unobtainable achievement
  26. [Uplay_Shop] Game bought but not in my library
  27. [PC] uplay client extremely slow and unresponsive
  28. [PC] I didn't get actions unlocked even if i complete them..
  29. Can't change Uplay name
  30. [Ubisoft_Account] Activation of The Division 2
  31. About xsolla appear in paypal automatic payment
  32. [PS4] Ubisoft account games on ps4
  33. Help me !
  34. ubistore SEA region charge in Singapore dollar or US dollar?
  35. [Ubisoft_Account] I own a copy of a game, can I give it away?
  36. Bought a game (Anno 2205 tundra), can't find it in UPlay?
  37. [PC] Far Cry 4 - There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product.
  38. [Ubisoft_Account] Have a problem with Authenticator please help
  39. Rainbow Six Siege Data Centre Issues
  40. [Uplay_Shop] Discount code missing
  41. [PC] Monopoly player select doesnt add correct number of AI players
  42. I can not change my nick on uplay or on the site
  43. [Ubisoft_Account] Linking Steam and Uplay accounts
  44. Uplay fails synchonizing my Achievments and Safegames
  45. Club challenges not unlocking
  46. Changing Username
  47. sh56
  48. [PC] [PC] Saved files missing from Uplay
  49. Anno 2070 Multiplayer Problem and cd key not valid in steam
  50. i dont have my qr code for 2 step
  51. [Ubisoft_Account] transfer data from one account to another
  52. Uplay avatar won't update
  53. [Uplay_Shop] Cant buy anything in uplay or Ubi store
  54. [Ubisoft_Account] I would like to change my ubi name now instead of waiting the 30 days
  55. [Ubisoft_Account] to redeem The Division GOLD edition form EA to Uplay
  56. [Ubisoft_Account] не могу сменить аватар в Uplay
  57. [Ubisoft_Account] Avatar won't change.
  58. [Uplay_Shop] Download stuck at 0b/s
  59. Uplay downloads suddenly freeze.
  60. [Ubisoft_Account] Changing profile picture doesn't actually change it
  61. [Ubisoft_Account] Server isn't sending Auth. Code
  62. Can't change my IGN on Uplay
  63. [Ubisoft_Account] Password invalid despite updating it over and over.
  64. [PC] Driver: San Francisco - Russian language is missing
  65. [Ubisoft_Account] 2FA - Permanently locked out of Uplay and no support available.
  66. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't change my name after 30 days.
  67. GAME vs LAPTOP
  68. transfer ownership from pc to xbox one?
  69. [Ubisoft_Account] Unable to reset password
  70. Is there a fix for the changing profile picture problem?
  71. [Ubisoft_Account] Reset password
  72. [PC] Bug report: uplay client is reporting wrong download speed
  73. Uplay crashing (run tine error)
  74. [Uplay_Shop] Cant´t buy anything.
  75. Order problem
  76. will my uplay points disappear?
  77. [PC] Download stuck at 99%
  78. [Ubisoft_Account] Avatar Banned
  79. [PC] Locating backup local files after Cloud Synchronization.
  80. Does not send email
  81. How to deactivate 2-step verification?
  82. Just dance 3
  83. [PC] I already bought it, and uplay don't give a damn
  84. [Uplay_Shop] Redeemed 20% code but didnt get the code on email
  85. Issue recieving my game
  86. [Uplay_Shop] Store tab doesn't show up in uplay sometimes.
  87. Ubiclub - no game in dashboard
  88. Cannot buy anything - \nothing in your cart
  89. [Ubisoft_Account] Lost verification Codes, cant log in, and support inst working
  90. [Uplay_Shop] Steam & Uplay - R6S Editions
  91. [Uplay_Shop] Charged twice for one game yesterday, charged for no game today
  92. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't change my name.
  93. [Uplay_Shop] Charged for, but didnt recieve the game
  94. [Ubisoft_Account] I can't change my account name.
  95. Division 2 beta redeem code page not availible???
  96. [PC] o Serviço da Ubisoft não está disponível no Momento etc..
  97. [XBOne] Haven't recieved my Division 2 beta code
  98. Problem with sending friend requests on the Ubisoft Club
  99. [Uplay_Shop] Why is the store in French?
  100. [PC] The Division 2 Beta download COMPLETELY restarted
  101. [Ubisoft_Account] a Ubisoft service is not available at the moment.
  102. Trying to remove 2 step verification
  103. Unlink xbox account from locked out old account
  104. [Ubisoft_Account] ubisoft autolink not appear
  105. Trying to remove 2 step verification (case reference number included)
  106. [PC] Purchased game with corrupted download
  107. [PC] Ubisoft service
  108. [Uplay_Shop] Digital download not fulfilled
  109. [Ubisoft_Account] not getting the password reset link in my email
  110. [Uplay_Shop] UPlay Download resets
  111. [Uplay_Shop] payed for ghost recon full game but got demo version
  112. [Ubisoft_Account] Renaming old unused account ?
  113. [Uplay_Shop] Please Help! Case (07931981) open since 5th of February!
  114. [PC] Farcry 5 promo code doesnt work
  115. [Uplay_Shop] Accidentally purchased duplicate Rainbow Six: Siege with intentions of buying gift.
  116. SH5 Will Not Show Up in Games Tab
  117. [Ubisoft_Account] Purchased some games, but not appeared in the gameslist
  118. [Ubisoft_Account] Changing the profile name
  119. Uplay won't install on PC
  120. UPLAY NOT AVAILABLE for the moment
  121. [Uplay_Shop] Transaction could not be processed error, but went through anyway.
  122. [Ubisoft_Account] Xbox Live Account linked to wrong Uplay Account
  123. [PC] I just redeemed 100 coins for the 20% discount code but i never got an email for it
  124. [ISSUE] The Division can be downloaded but I don't own it + uPlay Reward issue.
  125. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot remember email and support is not reponding
  126. [PC] I downloaded r6 for the free weekend and i don't have any operators
  127. [PC] UPLAY Far Cry New Dawn
  128. [PC] Extremely slow download speeds
  129. Unable to use 20% off code
  130. [Uplay_Shop] Cannot buy anything with paypal
  131. [Uplay_Shop] Using multiple payment methods at checkout?
  132. Offline mode not working
  133. [PC] The Division - Achievements are not popping up
  134. [Uplay_Shop] Ubisoft support not responding to refund case
  135. [Ubisoft_Account] Change the Country in my uplay account?
  136. [Ubisoft_Account] It is impossible to change 2 step authorisation via browser logged in to my account
  137. [PC] Dear uplay - can i play a game that i bought?????
  138. New Uplay nickname
  139. I can’t launch assassin creed odyssey anymore
  140. [PC] Can I download Uplay to external hard drive and still play from it?
  141. [Uplay_Shop] Not getting a response from Ubi Support on my case
  142. UPlay doesn't send email for forgotten password
  143. Trying to pre order The Division 2
  144. Issue with updating AC Odyssey
  145. [PC] Game Suggestions Tab
  146. [Ubisoft_Account] password change another acount
  147. Ubisoft Service is currently unavailable error- Cant login on Uplay Client
  148. [PC] Steam main Uplay Season Pass (Assassin's Creed Odyssey)
  149. [PC] Why i get redirected to Steam shop when i try to download a game?
  150. Please add Paysafecard as payment method.
  151. Please change the US location of my account information to China as soon as possible!
  152. There is a problem with the 2-step system.
  153. [Ubisoft_Account] Support team hasn't replied yet to my ticket about 2FA
  154. Uplay Account issue - customer support taking forever..
  155. Refund process
  156. [Uplay_Shop] 20% Discount Code
  157. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't upload Uplay avatars anymore - Probably banned.
  158. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay purchase failed,help me!!!
  159. [Ubisoft_Account] I have a ticket that has been sitting since March 2nd.
  160. [Ubisoft_Account] Unable to reset or change Uplay account password.
  161. [Uplay_Shop] GR:Wildlands on Uplay store says "Coming Soon" and "pre-loaded"?????
  162. New Phone Question
  163. [Uplay_Shop] Should orders made in the Uplay PC application show up on the ubi web store history?
  164. Comprei pacote atirador nao veio os item prometido na loja
  165. When do ship the Division 2 collectibles?
  166. Buy High Quality Passports, Drivers License, Id cards, (( jayroy011@hotmail.com
  167. [Ubisoft_Account] ALL my friends are gone
  168. [Uplay_Shop] Can't get that 20 % discount due error and try again later :/
  169. [Uplay_Shop] Charged but no game!
  170. UPLAY how long will you keep ingoring you customer's loss caused by your system error
  171. Missing bagde picture
  172. [Uplay_Shop] Charged but no game
  173. [PC] Impossible de changer de nom d'utilisateur Uplay
  174. [PC] Redeemed code but not showing as owned game
  175. Every single name is taken
  176. [Ubisoft_Account] Username change not working
  177. I bought a gre and I do not have it
  178. [Ubisoft_Account] can't find 2fa backup-codes
  179. Charged twice for a game
  180. Money charged,but did not receive the game
  181. UPlay challenges STILL not updating!
  182. [Uplay_Shop] No Action on Support Ticket After Days
  183. [Ubisoft_Account] Country problem
  184. [Uplay_Shop] Charged for a game and didnt get, and Ubisoft isnt responding
  185. Duplicate Purchase on TheDivision 2 Gold Edition Preorder
  186. [Uplay_Shop] Charged twice
  187. 404 Page Not Found and Purchase Failed
  188. [Uplay_Shop] Is that possible to share %20 promo code ?
  189. Bought Uno from steam for Mac but cannot play because of Uplay
  190. Uplay club down?
  191. [Uplay_Shop] Got charged for Division 2 ultimate edition and didn't receive it
  192. [Uplay_Shop] Reported a duplicate purchase a week ago... still no response?
  193. [Ubisoft_Account] Recover account
  194. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot "save" Please update me with exclusive content and offers for Ubisoft titles.
  195. [Uplay_Shop] Broken Sort System
  196. [Uplay_Shop] Charged three times for The division 2
  197. [Uplay_Shop] UPlay Can't Download The Division 1
  198. [Uplay_Shop] This reward is not available in your country. [Hong Kong]
  199. [Uplay_Shop] Purchase failure and the discount code no longer valid
  200. No product key provided for order! (ANNO 2070) No response from support
  201. [Ubisoft_Account] discount code not available in you country
  202. [Uplay_Shop] Duplicate Purchases for The Division 2 Gold Edition
  203. [Uplay_Shop] Charged twice
  204. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay Store, purchase failed but money was taken!
  205. [Uplay_Shop] Duplicated transaction
  206. Help with not being able to submit a picture to my account.
  207. Credit card payment is successful,but I don't see the game on list
  208. [Uplay_Shop] Got charged for The Division 2 and didn't receive the game
  209. [PC] Terribly slow (<100kb/s) downloads
  210. Download speed is really slow!
  211. [Uplay_Shop] Double billed, still waiting for a refund
  212. Having an account error and the account support page is not working
  213. [Uplay_Shop] Can't buy The Division 2 Ultimate Edition with SGD currency
  214. ANNO 2070 CD Key Issue
  215. Thanks Ubisoft
  216. [Uplay_Shop] Got charged for Far cry 5 Gold edition but never recieved it
  217. [Uplay_Shop] Charged 3 times for division 2, no response from ubisoft
  218. [PC] ( Uplay )Can't checkout
  219. Payment Failed
  220. [PC] Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 - AMD Rewards Activation Issue
  221. [PC] Uplay launcher insists on re-downloading Division 2 game files while already present
  222. [Uplay_Shop] Discount Code still not resolved
  223. [Uplay_Shop] 20% coupon did not come to e-mail
  224. Game not appearing in library
  225. Can't Buy The Division 2 for PC
  226. Google Authenticator code not working after syncing?!
  227. [PC] The Divison 2 Download Issue on Uplay
  228. [PC] Requesting Refund due to Uplay Issue
  229. [Uplay_Shop] Bought The Division 2 Gold Edition but not shown in library
  230. [Ubisoft_Account] account issue need help
  231. [Uplay_Shop] Ubisoft 20% discount code: "This reward is not available in your country."
  232. [Uplay_Shop] Code Redemption Failed
  233. [Ubisoft_Account] Ubisoft support haven't responded in over a month
  234. UPlay Download speed is utter garbage.
  235. [Uplay_Shop] Sharing 20% discount codes for friends
  236. Recover account from old email?
  237. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay Checkout Error Took My Money
  238. In game overlay purchases failed
  239. [Ubisoft_Account] how to recover games after from old account
  240. [Ubisoft Purchase] The Division 2 (Gold Edition)
  241. [Uplay_Shop] 20% off code doesn't apply TD2 GE pc
  242. Sint Maarten missing from options to buy
  243. Please Help, It is already 7 days, and I still can't login Uplay.
  244. [Ubisoft_Account] HELP: Getting hacked nothing helps...
  245. [PC] Uplay Wont Launch
  246. [Uplay_Shop] Adding my name to the list of failed TD2 purchases
  247. [Uplay_Shop] Can't make any purchases! Support doesn't respond!
  248. [PC] Download is too slow.. I'm here in South Korea and I never see kb/s download since 02
  249. [IMPORTANT] Switch game across accounts, 6 days and counting.
  250. [Uplay_Shop] Game not appearing, tripled charged.