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  1. Assassin's Creed Liberation and Freedom Cry won't start
  2. [Uplay_Shop] Game not in libary
  3. [PC] Wildlands not showing in library
  4. [PC] Pls help me with this ubisoft software
  5. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't get the reset password
  6. [PC] Uplay Action cannot unlock
  7. [IMPORTANT] Problem with a CD Key
  8. Unable to open support ticket
  9. Can't Log Into Uplay or Ubisoft website - Need Some Help
  10. Download speed limited
  11. 2 Factor Purgatory
  12. Uplay --can not download, launches with error - support sucks
  13. [Ubisoft_Account] i can't login to Uplay
  14. unable to download patches
  15. [Uplay_Shop] How many time you can get 20% discount with 100 uplay points?
  16. [Uplay_Shop] Can't use voucher code
  17. [PC] uplay client won't launch
  18. [Uplay_Shop] Anno 1404 gold edition not in library
  19. [PC] Shop doesnt work in the uplay launcher
  20. [PC] Keep getting an error when I try to download Valiant Hearts.
  21. Uplay store unavailable
  22. Unable to do two-step verification
  23. [PC] Monopoly Plus - NAT STRICT
  24. [IMPORTANT] Game not showing up.
  25. [Ubisoft_Account] Username problem
  26. [IMPORTANT] Help for mic
  27. [PC] Monopoly plus game breaking bug
  28. Can't log in
  29. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot Install Uplay
  30. Rainbow Six Sieg , can't download
  31. Bridge Crew Not Showing Up
  32. Uplay crashed and now it is downloading the game again
  33. Uplay shop down....
  34. [PC] InvalidKey
  35. [PS3] Uplay Frozen my PS3 Every Time i try to Enter on Them!!! :( :( :( :(
  36. [Uplay_Shop] Cant Redeem Credit code [Rainbow Six Siege special offer]
  37. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot login to uplay on pc
  38. Money charged, no key?
  39. [Ubisoft_Account] uplay to steam
  40. [Uplay_Shop] Cant buy the division
  41. Is Uplay safe to use?
  42. The Division Season Pass Issue (WOMEN >,<)
  43. What Appening to Uplay on PS3???? :( :( :(
  44. [PC] AC Revelation crashes after UPlay update 21.09.17
  45. [PC] I had to BLOCK Ubi Ports in order to solve the "ubisoft service is not available..."
  46. [Uplay_Shop] Cant access the Shop on Uplay
  47. [Ubisoft_Account] Games Missing from Club UBI web site account
  48. [PC] Activation Code for Rainbow Six: Siege
  49. [IMPORTANT] Uplay
  50. Is there a way for me to play a Uplay game without steam?
  51. Name change not working
  52. [PC] uplay: adding game installation location?
  53. A Ubisoft service is not available at this moment
  54. [PC] My new game not appearing in my library I am new user HELPPPPPPPP
  55. [PC] Some Games Showing Up on Club, Others Don't.
  56. Ubi Service not available. Here's what I've done! Spoilers: Plenty
  57. [PC] I've lagged playing Monopoly Plus in Multiplayer MODE. HELP PLS.
  58. Cannot Login
  59. O zen connexion problem
  60. [PC] i have problem with u play
  61. 2 step verification
  62. [Uplay_Shop] I bought Tom Clancy's The Division and got "Uplay is Unavailable" error
  63. [Ubisoft_Account] 2 step authentication + new phone
  64. [Ubisoft_Account] Cant Put Spoopy In My Name To Celebrate Halloween Cause Its Restricted But Why
  65. [Ubisoft_Account] Please help
  66. [Ubisoft_Account] Issue with connecting steam to uplay
  67. [PC] Download stops at 99%
  68. Ubisoft Support is Useless And Only Tends To Things That Have Already Been Anserd
  69. [Ubisoft_Account] Please help me. Iforgot my email for Uplay account
  70. [PC] Trouble Signing-in (A Ubisoft is not available at the moment)
  71. [PC] Iranian access to servers problem
  72. [PC] Game stucks download at the same place
  73. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay Linking
  74. Uplay promo code?
  75. Language installer uplay
  76. Some games I own are not showing up on UbiClub
  77. [Ubisoft_Account] Account email change working only partially
  78. [Ubisoft_Account] All accounts suspended
  79. [Uplay_Shop] #&@ slow download
  80. Uplay Classic Challenges not Registering
  81. Twitch prime code not redeeming on the fractured but whole
  82. My order has been "canceled" despite me having paid for the game over a year ago.....
  83. [PC] Saved Game Folder Gone
  84. [PC] Far Cry 2
  85. [PC] My games are missing?
  86. A day's wait JUST for PW recovery e-mail? Seriously.
  87. [Ubisoft_Account] Account hacked and name was changed.
  88. Import steam friends fails: "No friends found"
  89. Club Reward Bug
  90. [Uplay_Shop] Bought a game on uplay client and It doesn't show up
  91. [PC] Monopoly Can't Connect Online
  92. [Uplay_Shop] my game box.
  93. [PC] Anno 1404 Venice Servers Down!
  94. [PC] I can't login to the website
  95. [PC] Uplay has detected an unrecoverable error and must shut down.
  96. PaySafeCard payment dilemma
  97. Lost my promo code
  98. [Uplay_Shop] Not Recieveing Password change email
  99. 20% discount won't apply
  100. Uplay login failes: The ubisoft services is not available
  101. Bought Far Cry 3 Key but can't download?
  102. Help with avatar change
  103. UPlay fails to synchronize saves
  104. [PC] Uplay can't download Assassin's Creed Origins to 100%. Endless download
  105. [Ubisoft_Account] want to remove my old account so i can use my email for a new account again
  106. [PC] Bought a game from Ubisoft store and it does not appear on Uplay
  107. ubisoft service is not available at the moment
  108. ubisoft service is not available at the moment
  109. [PC] Uplay save games synchronizing fail since 3 years.
  110. [Ubisoft_Account] Account theft problem
  111. [PC] Assassin Creed 3 won't start
  112. [PC] No activation key on old original games
  113. [Ubisoft_Account] This account was stolen from me
  114. [PC] UPlay wont log in.
  115. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay not displaying at all.
  116. [Ubisoft_Account] Suspended and didnt got my recovery mail
  117. Game play button shows as "Download" even though it's been downloaded
  118. [PC] cant download UplayInstaller
  119. mysqli warning when trying to install Uplay
  120. Ubisoft service is not available. Please help me.
  121. [PC] Uplay Error : This product cannot be activated right now, please try again later.
  122. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't go offline: If this is your first time using Uplay on this computer...
  123. [IMPORTANT] Can I use my xbox one account of the crew with my pc?
  124. Assassin's Creed Origins Won't Launch
  125. [IMPORTANT] lost access to email
  126. Rainbow Six (1998)Won't Launch
  127. Post edit
  128. I am having trouble buying Deep ocean dlc
  129. [Ubisoft_Account] stolen and new account
  130. [Ubisoft_Account] PS4 Uplay account and PC Uplay account
  131. [Uplay_Shop] Watch dogs 1 pre-load
  132. [Ubisoft_Account] Games gone from my library in Uplay
  133. [Ubisoft_Account] I Need to Change my email log in
  134. [PC] Using UPlay from more than one location
  135. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't log in my real account
  136. [Ubisoft_Account] Account login issue
  137. Uplay has detected an unrecoverable error and must shutdown
  138. [Ubisoft_Account] Lost Uplay 2 Step Verification Codes please help me
  139. Uplay Download Speed Constantly Goes Down to 0b/s
  140. [PC] Assassin's Creed Origins
  141. [PC] "Failed to synchronize cloud saves" on every game after OS reinstall
  142. Couldnt verify ownership of the game
  143. [PC] Conection problem
  144. Can't Uninstall Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege or Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
  145. [IMPORTANT] Assassin's Creed Origins download stops at 4.93gb
  146. [Uplay_Shop] uPlay dowlnload problem.
  147. [Uplay_Shop] Timed out but still charged
  148. [Uplay_Shop] DLC -Assassianīs Creed III - Tyrany of King Washington Episode 3: The Rendemption
  149. Uplay is CONSTANTLY giving me "service not available" error :x!
  150. uplay keeps loggin me out
  151. Deleted Game Data files?
  152. [IMPORTANT] Gen.Variant.Graftor
  153. [PC] settlers
  154. [Uplay_Shop] Cannot Download Uplay Software, website down?
  155. [Ubisoft_Account] Problem with Account, possibly hacked, HELP!
  156. [Ubisoft_Account] 2 factor authentication...
  157. [PC] Problems with download of Watch_Dogs
  158. [PC] Watchdogs gives me a blue screen when I run it....
  159. ubisoft uplay installer stopped working
  160. [Ubisoft_Account] Name changed on its own
  161. [Uplay_Shop] Failed to buy AC Origins 3 times!
  162. Restricted Word
  163. watchdogs dlc payment in limbo
  164. Can;t login to uplay...again
  165. [Uplay_Shop] Game not showing on in my Library
  166. [Uplay_Shop] My Discount code is Missing
  167. [Ubisoft_Account] Linked steam acc with the wrong uplay acc
  168. [Ubisoft_Account] Service unavailable
  169. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't change my username?
  170. Tricky troubles with 2-Step Authenticator
  171. Ubisoft Club XP
  172. [Uplay_Shop] Don't buy anything from Uplay
  173. [PC] There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product.
  174. [Uplay_Shop] I haven't received what I've paid for.
  175. [Uplay_Shop] Where can I find code for 20% off discount?
  176. Uplay is unable to start your download.
  177. [Ubisoft_Account] can't change my email address
  178. [Ubisoft_Account] A Ubisoft Service is not available at the moment. [Please Help]
  179. [PC] UPLAY UNITS not showing up
  180. [Uplay_Shop] Do discounts on one product stack or not during Black Friday?
  181. [Ubisoft_Account] Change Email
  182. About two-step verification
  183. [PC] A Ubisoft Service is not available at the moment.
  184. Any downsides to buying a physical copy?
  185. [Uplay_Shop] Not recieving password recovery Email plz help
  186. [Uplay_Shop] 20% coupon did not come to e-mail
  187. [Uplay_Shop] Problem with UBISOFT STORE
  188. [Ubisoft_Account] A Ubisoft Service is not available at the moment. [Please Help]
  189. [Uplay_Shop] Cannot download UPlay game. Opens Steam instead.
  190. Idiot installed game on wrong drive, plus other stupidity... help!
  191. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't change username
  192. My debit card was charged three times for rainbow six siege complete edition.
  193. [Uplay_Shop] 20% dicount
  194. [Uplay_Shop] Problem with game after payment
  195. [IMPORTANT] Uplay not starting
  196. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay Store purchase failed, but money was taken
  197. Connection Lost
  198. "UPlay is unable to start your download"
  199. [PC] Cannot download patch ("Failed to download manifest")
  200. Assassin's Creed II UPLAY exclusive map
  201. Problem with e-mail!!!
  202. [Ubisoft_Account] Problem with e-mail!!!
  203. [Ubisoft_Account] I can't change my Avatar.
  204. [PC] Problem with account linking from Steam
  205. Cannot log in to uplay
  206. [Ubisoft_Account] 2 UBI Accounts, 1 Xbox
  207. Uplay Slow Download
  208. Copy my Saved Games to friends PC
  209. Stuck on logging in....
  210. Ubisof is currently not available.
  211. [PC] 버그?
  212. [Ubisoft_Account] Somebody steal my Email
  213. [PC] A ubisoft service is not available at the moment
  214. [Uplay_Shop] Response time? 5 day's and still with out any response for my open case
  215. [PC] Steam Demo of uPlay game owned on uPlayed
  216. Starting game
  217. [PC] Assassin's Creed Black Flag Balck Screen Glitch
  218. Missing Game in my Game Library
  219. [Ubisoft_Account] google authenticator
  220. [Ubisoft_Account] Restricted word in Username
  221. [PC] World In Conflict
  222. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay Units 20% offer Purchase not Working
  223. [PC] Games not showing in library
  224. Bought game on Uplay - no response mail & not appearing in game library
  225. Black Friday Sale - failed transaction and money withheld
  226. World in Conflict Multiplayer launch issue
  227. [Uplay_Shop] Bought The game, still don't have it
  228. [PC] Download stuck at 0B/s
  229. [Ubisoft_Account] Account link
  230. Assassin's Creed Origins DLC not installing
  231. [Ubisoft_Account] Im having trouble logging into my other account
  232. Can't load Ubisoft Club website on Firefox because of an invalid certificate
  233. [PC] service is not available at the moment
  234. Duplicate order and Support not helping
  235. [PC] World in Conflict won't launch
  236. [PC] RB6 Siege: Club Challenge JTF2 Anniversary
  237. [PC] Cannot run Assassins Creed: Syndicate
  238. Uplay Client
  239. [Uplay_Shop] Purchased game not displayed in library
  240. [PC] Uplay Buttons are not working
  241. 2 Step that i NEVER authorized
  242. Uplay can't login it said wrong email or password but it's not wrong!!
  243. Service not available
  244. [PC] Uplay re downloading games that are already installed
  245. Uplay "service not available"
  246. cant log in. furious as hell.
  247. [Uplay_Shop] Purchased far cry 4 and nothing in library.Not even in my orders
  248. Cannot connect to uplay, cannot synkronise my game.
  249. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot acces to my account because authenticator
  250. [PC] You have been logged out