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  1. rtzeraze
  2. suggestions so far
  3. Very Early Impressions some things I hope will be added or fixed later.
  4. Day/Night Cycle is way too fast.
  5. Give us feedback and help to improve the game experience
  6. Another first impression from an elderly gamer...
  7. First Impressions after leaving the town!
  8. Man, I really wish I could get my money back.
  9. Movement Speed (especially when trying to cover a lot of ground)
  10. Don't wait on enemy movements when they're not in your field of vision
  11. Day / Night cycles need to be slowed down
  12. R Please allow Font/UI scaling Options.
  13. R Anti-aliasing, anybody?
  14. List of good and bad points.
  15. Possible to learn new skills after character generation?
  16. Identify Items and ?unconsious members?
  17. Detailed maps
  18. [Gameplay]Lighthouse lvl 2
  19. R Warrior mode is HARD!
  20. Suggestions After 2 Hours of Play
  21. Please add voices to dialogs.
  22. map layout/ tool tips
  23. It's a start...
  24. Movement not fluid and smooth
  25. Road map for additional content?
  26. Broken weapons and Lighthouse confusion
  27. First impression Plus / Minus List: Will be updated
  28. More Feedback
  29. Ultimate Adventurer badge/title?
  30. Turbo charge combat, faster kills and/or less of it, lower HP and/or raise damage.
  31. test - to be removed
  32. Tips for a better game.
  33. My thoughts on aspects of the game!
  34. R Map locations + notes
  35. R Previewing the game - list of issues in the game I've found (gaming journalist)
  36. R Everything I noticed so far...
  37. Observations concerning equipment
  38. R Spell costs - too high?
  39. How to slow down day/night cycle solution.
  40. All my reports and suggests
  41. Explorable zone outside of sorpigal. Lighting seems 'fake'
  42. R Combat log and hit points
  43. Preorder bonus ?
  44. [solved] Can't move toward ranged attackers?
  45. Bugs report
  46. One Hour into the Game: User Interface Feedback
  47. Some Ideas on Improvements
  48. MOVED--> One Hour into the Game: User Interface Feedback
  49. Skills
  50. R Weapon durability is a joke.
  51. R There should be a button for "end party turn"
  52. 6 Rations... Design Element?
  53. More skills and trainers
  54. R Combat and moving & map etc
  55. 5 Hours Game Session feedback on Warrior Difficulty from game developer.
  56. R Cursor!
  57. Unconscious state
  58. R Suggested Feature: Taking Notes on the map
  59. Feedback from a UI focused point of view
  60. Class balance (and how that is another argument for misc. skills)
  61. Feedback so far, hope you can use it.
  62. [solved] Attack Button
  63. Feedback so far
  64. R Anyone beat Mamushi on Warrior yet?
  65. R Finished Act 1. Some musing on everything but bugs.
  66. Feedback; after a full clear of the alpha
  67. R Location markers?
  68. MMX should to be improve so much...
  69. Feedback
  70. So far, so good, some feedback
  71. Has a level cap and/or skill cap been announced?
  72. List of feedback thus far
  73. character creation issue
  74. [solved] Quick bar - Action bar or whatever is called
  75. R My Feedback so far
  76. R Are Ghosts in Zone one Place holders? and Jassad's Bestairy bugged.
  77. R Don't remove the combat engagement movement lock!
  78. Day and Night Cyles and the Potential Use of Camps
  79. My Feedback and Suggestions
  80. Feedback Warrior difficulty
  81. R Font Size
  82. Almost there... feedback/issues
  83. NPCs and other problems
  84. My first hour
  85. R Comment on the map
  86. First Feedback.
  87. R It's an amusing game so to say!
  88. Loss of freedom of movement and immersion compared to 6-7-8
  89. Loss of freedom of movement and immersion compared to 6-7-8
  90. Wizard's Eye
  91. About time information in the game
  92. Legends on the map
  93. R Repair Skills
  94. Class Balance.
  95. R My Feedback.
  96. Weapon Durability Config edit option
  97. R Respawning enemies
  98. R map tags/notes
  99. Personal feedback.
  100. MAJOR GUI placement problem!
  101. How about "Notched weapons" before breaking.
  102. R Ghosts ;_;
  103. Great game, one MAJOR improvement
  104. R Impressions (3 hrs in, will update more as it happens)
  105. Some feedback after playing for a while
  106. Spells & skills
  107. Feedback and some pointers.
  108. Suggestions and a bug so far (the "turn around bug")
  109. [solved] Training? Where can my party get trained?
  110. Night & Day - Soltution to eleminate fast-cycling ?
  111. Can't make it through 30 minutes.
  112. Expert Air Magic and some bugs?
  113. R Can we use controller?
  114. enter the well
  115. [Spoiler] Map Sorpigal (german)
  116. R Great game so far, but needs some work
  117. Spell Books
  118. repair and identify skills
  119. So I beat chapter 1. But only because I cheated.
  120. 1 melee attack button + 1 ranged attack button
  121. R Some minor comments about free view and movement smootheness.
  122. Potions
  123. [request] UI - Action Bar - Scrollable sets, slots + default attack action
  124. [request] UI - Action Bar - swap icons when dropping in taken slot
  125. A poll I propose
  126. R Some things I didn't like so far
  127. My thoughts so far.
  128. R Finished Act 1 - My feedback
  129. R Secret Doors or Not?
  130. R finished first act - data & feedback
  132. R Finished Act 1 Report
  133. Displaying in-game time
  134. R Shops - suggestions
  135. [Spoiler] Sorpigal Map (English)
  136. Will the early access got patches
  137. R I am so sorry about this game
  138. [Mod, Gameplay]Increase in the duration of the day
  139. R A thought on enemies
  140. Stats Question and Skill Question
  141. R Sixpack is to small / NO QUICK travel
  142. Ranged Combat - Why Can't I attack/cast spells at enemies on Diagonals?
  143. R Time : really moving too fast at least in town
  144. R Maps : not adding remark nor details
  145. Potions and Essences
  146. R Another personal overview
  147. R User interface - major and minor annoyances
  148. My feedback and suggestions
  149. R Gameplay problems / ideas
  150. R German Diskussion
  151. R My review and suggestions so far
  152. No day
  153. R My Feedback, Some bugs I've found (Kengi!?), What I like, and a Let's Play Link
  154. Any Hidden Super Cool Things?
  155. [solved] How to leave town?
  156. R The game needs a front row / back row system
  157. R Missing / Needed Features
  158. R Impressions so far
  159. R Observations & Strategy Tips
  160. R Question about editing, and some feed back as well :P
  161. R ranged targeting plz for gods sake!
  162. R Act 1: Feedback
  163. R GUI - talking with NPCs (some ideas)
  164. Extra XP?
  165. R Truly Unenjoyable
  166. No 2 handed trainer in town ?
  167. Lighthouse Puzzle - Spoilers!
  168. Enemy turn and rotating your party
  169. Multiple attacks per character and visual feedback.
  170. R World Map doesn't show information.
  171. R First try feedback.
  172. R A Second Attempt and Related Suggestions
  173. R First impressions
  174. Old movement style vs new one
  175. R First impressions
  176. R Observations after four hours of play
  177. Going back to town...
  178. R Potions vendors issue
  179. Skill / Stat descriptions
  180. R Combat Tactics (inability to target a specific creature) Issue
  181. Missing Expert Trainers
  182. Hints Needed
  183. Questions about Early Access
  184. R Standard "Impressions after a few hours playing" thread!
  185. This... Turn Based gameplay will be the downfall of this game....
  186. A Few Issues
  187. Full Voice Acting?
  188. Could anyone kill the Ghosts?
  189. Problem leaving the city
  190. R Impressions & suggestions
  191. Feedback on the skill system
  192. This is not HEROES OF M&M! Bring old MMVI-VIII back
  193. Strategical improvement - the group roster
  194. ACT1 Finished: Feedback / Bugs / Suggestions
  195. Rehashing a couple of points
  196. HS's 2 Biggest Suggestions
  197. Borrowing from MM6
  198. Only strickly forward range is frustrating...
  199. The worst M&M game
  200. How about an equipment durability rating?
  201. Chapel rosalie highway man quest
  202. Ranger has no defend or range icon
  203. My first feedback after 4-5 hours of play
  204. cmthegamer's General Feedback Thread
  205. Feedback as requested
  206. My first thoughts
  207. Quest - Experience - Skill points
  208. Live actors for player icons
  209. Very short game!
  210. Bring Back The Old Might & Magic!! (Have a look what your fans really think)
  211. System requirements ?
  212. R Resting needs a confirmation tab
  213. Liquid membrane - Coral Priestess
  214. 1st week of Early Access: First feedback, first reply + Dev Chat Wednesday, 28th, 6pm
  215. When will there be an update?
  216. Past M&M add-on game designs
  217. Character Head Models Animated? Grid System definitely needs a little improving.
  218. R comparing Inventories when in the shop.
  219. Thoughts after the first 24 hours of immersion
  220. Different character Models?
  221. Functions of temple chat.
  222. My Feedback after ~20 hours of play
  223. Randomness of shop items
  224. Suggestion for Item Break Change
  225. Mouse keybinds - one additional small sugesstion
  226. Buyback feature in the shop?
  227. Barbarian with no attack/defend
  228. Identifying Items
  229. Digital Soundtrack missing from the Steam version.
  230. What I like in this game
  231. Level trainer ?
  232. Some impressions from M&M 9 fan
  233. Feedback: comments on restrictions, game balance...
  234. Balancing issues 1h vs. 2h and Magic
  235. Thinking about: How Respawning could be done
  236. [Missing Feature] Wait
  237. more RACES !
  238. No more feedback until a patch come out.
  239. Follower Feedback
  240. Early access finished )
  241. Some wishes
  242. Riddle me this: more puzzles?
  243. Mamjushi down - now where to stand and when?
  244. Any ETA for the patch ?
  245. Some feedback and bugs (can't post in early access)
  246. [suggestion] map symbols
  247. To my fellow mm6+ fans
  248. Small bug on leaving the shops
  249. Thanks for the chat!
  250. Early access forum - polls