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  1. AC IV Multiplayer not tracking my past ranks?
  2. Assassin's Creed III Multiplayer Artifact Assault Tournament on Playstation 3
  3. Connection failed [0xb0200065]
  4. New UK PS4 AC:BF tournament!
  5. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Multiplayer
  6. Anyone Else Having Issues with Combat in Unity?
  7. Club QPLB looking for members - come join the fun.
  8. Animus synchronization problem. Assasin's Creed Revelations Multiplayer
  9. Help me
  10. The Ghosts of War are now recruiting
  11. WTF is going on?
  12. Unity clan
  13. Join LegendsOfAllLegends club now on PS4. You won't regret it!
  14. Miss Marzy's 2nd Mega Mash Up Tournament [AA 360 ACIII]
  15. The Hyrulians needs your blades.
  16. Impossible to access the Café Theatre basement
  17. Bug no Troféu ''Sabe Tudo''
  18. I lose my club because of request.
  19. How do I cancel club request?
  20. Suport unreachable
  21. How to communicate while playing coop?
  22. how to voice chat in ACU
  23. [_SaD] SmileAndDie (Pro-Community) searching for new active Club Members
  24. No Ragrets ACIII AA Tournament hosted by Ia Lavinia
  26. clan GFXX looking for members
  27. téléchargement
  28. Looking for serious Unity players for...
  29. [WoSh] World of Shadows club looking for RU-UA players for coop
  30. Assasin's Creed 3 Wolfpack
  31. [1STL] SaintLouis Recruiting active players
  32. The RCL tournament AC4 AA, with Priwe Money!
  33. The RCL tournament AC4 AA With Prize money
  34. Grand Chatelet symbol bug
  35. [McdX] RealReality
  36. [XB1] TeamMinorityAC looking for active players to join Club!
  37. Who wants to join my club?
  38. ACTIVE CLAN - Won 3 weeks straight now
  39. XBOX 1 Club Looking for Active Members Gold Division 1 "8 Victories soon to be 9!"
  40. looking for keen active players
  41. ZajacAssassins - Club - competitive players
  42. MY1776 expansion recruitment
  43. BDLB looking for members
  44. Looking for active members.
  45. Played all multiplayer games, now where's my reward?
  46. Need help with ACIV: Black Flag mission, Locate James Kidd
  47. Join the Reich! DeutschesKaiserreich [GKVD] is looking for you!
  48. Help question!
  49. Help question!
  50. Initiates Avatars Probleme
  51. Dead Kings Lantern Wont work
  52. PS4 ACU Dead Kings: Sequence 13, Memory 2 - no reward
  53. Funny ACU co-op moments
  54. The Order of the Phoenix is looking for Legends
  55. AC4 MP Matchmaking
  56. xTeaMxHazEx looking for new members!
  57. Need more members. Trying to take down salads!
  58. AC3 Mega Mixed Scram Manhunt Spectacular for Xbox 360
  59. Add-on access??
  60. KF15 is looking for active club members to unlock everything
  61. Looking to recruit for Hazardous Syndicate [HZSN]
  62. ACUnity - 4 players under same house, cant connect to each other.
  63. UPlay Not Tracking Stats on Older Games
  64. TheFedayeen are looking for serious recruits
  65. Parrying with the guillotine gun
  66. Assassination Interception Mission in Rogue Bug. Really funny.
  67. Open Letter to AC Developers
  68. Swedish Chaos needs members
  69. Assassin's Creed: Unity - Club Competitions are rigged!
  70. 5 Gold Diamond Bugged?
  71. Looking for noobs or active pros
  72. AC Feedom Hawks RECLUTA! (Clan Hispano AC UNITY)
  73. PS4 Clan wins lots, lookng for more members.
  74. does all AC games have modern timelevels?
  75. A sad feeling
  76. Assassin's Creed: Rogue move bugs
  77. Getting Screwed by Cheater Prestige Levels!
  78. Petition to bring back AC Adversarial Multiplayer
  79. Forum Spamming
  80. The Stealth Project (STP8)
  81. My struggle with uplay passport and the fact that i can't find it for sale anywhere..
  82. Looking for a Party to Finished some Trophy
  83. LeapOfNOPE, Great winning streak, club growing, recruiting more!
  84. XBOne Clan/Group recruiting new members! New Axis of Evil (currently top of league).
  85. [PC] ACIV: Black Flag - Sacred Land achievement
  86. Looking for few more clan members
  87. Australian clan looking for members
  88. XBONE - issues when playing with friends
  89. AC IV Clan Xbox360 need members
  90. Unity clan ITSTHECREED Looking for new memebrs
  91. Total multiplayer/co-op beginner looking for advice (PS4 free onliine weekend)
  92. LeapOfNOPE, Great winning streak, club growing, recruiting more!
  93. I need Ubisoft`s approval.
  94. New Setting
  95. Problema com Iniciaçao do Jogo
  96. Idea for new Assasins Creed
  97. AC Unity Input lag after recent patch (5)
  98. Vicious Entropy Looking to recruit (PS4)
  99. need help
  100. MP - rewarded for playing badly?
  101. Looking for new clan
  102. PC, Assassin Creed 3, stuck in Limited Mode
  103. Looking for ACU Unite Team!
  104. CloudSurfers recruiting active members PS4
  105. Cant find uplay content
  106. PS4 - looking for unity clan
  107. Raging Brotherhood looking for members!!!!!
  108. LOOKING FOR CLUBS! highly prefer stealth
  109. Clan ravenwolf doctrine
  110. No club competition yet?
  111. ACGangstas looking for all skill levels!
  112. Community Challenges for ACIV, are they done with them?
  113. The AC3 Console Wars Tournament on PC and Xbox 360 Artifact Assault
  114. AC III multiplayer
  115. Help us save the AC MP please!
  116. Voiceless Enemy .. recruiting ps4 players of all types.
  117. The Nephilims Covenant - Assassins Creed Unity - PS4 Clan
  118. Will not work
  119. StageDeadHD recruiting new members
  120. Assassin's Creed III Domination Tournament [PC]
  121. [2LDK] ItsAllGood - New club needs members!
  122. Heavy weapon parry glitch and Xbox 360 controller turning off
  123. ACU EGOs clan recruiting
  124. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Multiplayer Patch 1.03
  125. AC 4 Black Flag Abstergo Credits
  126. AC Brotherhood Multiplayer play solo
  127. AC4 MP - Host disconnect
  128. The Ragnar Syndicate recruiting the finest.
  129. Looking for co-op
  130. UnanimousAssassins Seeking Other Members of the Creed
  131. Looking for club for club competition. Seasoned assassin
  132. [PC] Looking for players to play CO-OP and Heist with.
  133. Assassin's Creed Multiplayer- Brotherhood
  134. Club Competition Winning Club - Join Now - Club Tag: LoKc
  135. Looking for a club for club competitions
  136. Servidores Fora
  137. Assassin's Creed Revelations Offline Mode
  138. Assassin's Creed Multiplayer REVIVAL- Brotherhood
  139. Looking for an Xbox One Clan That plays together
  140. [TK42] BluesClues - Australian clan, Looking for Assassins!
  141. Rogue PC, bug, ship sailing without sails
  142. The 6 Side looking for new members
  143. TEU Recruitment
  144. Xbox one.. Join StupidNinjaClan our tag is RC33
  145. Seven Seas Recruitment
  146. Is anyone still playing ACIV: Black Flag multiplayer?
  147. AC Unity: Patch 5 deleted my save file, what do I do?
  148. Need club more then 2 members that are active and want to play together!!!
  149. Looking for new club members
  150. -CADZ- Teamwork/Communication/Active/Timing
  151. The Assasins creed fundamentals: How to succeed in any AC game online
  152. Unable to equip the Five-Shot Duck Foot.
  153. Frustrating Problem when trying to connect with friends "Invite Not Available"
  154. Searching for Assassins Creed: Unity contacts
  155. LOOKING FOR A VERY ACTIVE CLUB: Respectful, Mature
  156. AC Black Flag MP Loyalty Items???
  157. ACIV: Black Flag challenges titles not unlocking
  158. Undefeated Unity Club [DnDu] now recruiting new members
  159. Getting down on Creed
  160. Club
  161. Assassin's Creed III crashes after every game session
  162. AC Unity Competition club. [PS4]
  163. Last AC Black Flag Multiplayer Trophy - Help Needed! PS4
  164. LFC - Looking for active Xbox clan AC Unity
  165. Looking for active players (UK preferred) : AC Unity Club Competition
  166. Assassin's Creed Revelations - Project Operose
  167. [0FOX] FoxHoundBlackOpsUnit is looking for teammates to do all 11 club challenges
  168. Bug Reports - Assassin's Creed III - Multiplayer
  169. let's play some unity coop
  170. Singapore//looking for AC club
  171. ACB multiplayer tonight! [PS3]
  172. Looking for active PS4 AC Club.
  173. looking for new recruits
  174. No Multiplayer in Assassins Creed: Syndicate!
  175. 3. mision in 7. sequence i can't use "E" its do nothing
  176. [ANY PLATFORM] Will this section of the forums be deserted?
  177. No AC unity club comp this week?
  178. Serious Talk - about our community, the future of MP, and Ubisoft's reasons
  179. Historical issues in the upcoming AC Syndicate
  180. Connor or Shay
  181. Anyone up for PC Brotherhood?
  182. Does multiplayer have story?
  183. Looking for club with all 11 objectives completed
  184. Looking for Active Club
  185. AC3 [Ps3] Looking for friends, to play AA
  186. An Assassin known as Darizuka.
  187. PS4 ACU [4IAI] UnityCreed2015 Club Voluntary Leaderboard
  188. Best Game Design AC4 Multiplayer ---Awards well Deserved Comments
  189. New club looking for STEALTHY assassins
  190. ACB XBOX now!
  191. Qrty looking for players that are players that play together can be on any platform
  192. Error linking multiplayer games Assassin's Creed
  193. ACIV Multiplayer (PC)
  194. Nothing better than Alliance on a Saturday night! X-Box!
  195. Looking for active clan
  196. Active Brotherhood/Revelations Multiplayer
  197. Ubisoft scam?
  198. Cant see friend, shown as offline.
  199. Assassin's Creed Multiplayer Tribute Montage ♥
  200. Looking for active clan
  201. AC3 4v4 Tournament on Xbox360
  202. Looking for mature fun loving Xbox One Club
  203. Looking for serious and active club (read thread)
  204. Franciade not return to Paris
  205. The Knaves looking for members
  206. ACIV, drop through the floor bug help?
  207. Looking for decent clan Xbox360
  208. Love problem solution in uk +91-9871352216
  209. Searching for a Multiplayer Clan (not ACUnity!)
  210. PS4 Daily Bonus?!
  211. Looking for a serious clan on Xbox One! :)
  212. AC3 Crear clan Assassins Network
  213. Assassin's Creed Online - The Multiplayer Future is coming?
  214. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer
  215. AC4 Multiplayer - Stun Streak
  216. Looking for AC4 Black Flag Wolfpack players!
  217. AC Unity Co-op not working XB1
  218. AC Unity Connection Failed
  219. Can't accept clan invites AC3
  220. New Immersive AC Unity Clan: “Apricity” is Now Recruiting
  221. AC4 Multiplayer - Anyone interested?
  222. AC4 PC Need help with Sacred Land Achivement
  223. PC AC(4) club
  224. Will Ubisoft ever come out with multiplayer for Assassin's Creed ever again?
  225. Need help to change gamertag
  226. Assassin's Creed 4 - Multiplayer ladder
  227. I Need A Clan To Play With
  228. I need a club
  229. AC Unity, looking for coop friends
  230. Assassin's Creed IV multiplayer ladder
  231. Assassin's Creed: Unity Club Recruitment (Join Nemesis)
  232. Welcome back to 2013: minor hack glitch is back
  233. PLS, Help me get my club back....
  234. 배트맨토토–––•(-•(✻] lgt888.com ]✻)•-)•–––안전놀이터
  235. LF: XboxOne Active Group
  236. Sacred Land Trophy Assistance (PS3)
  237. Prestige 99 on the kill sheet
  238. AC4 clan looking for
  239. Does anyone still plays Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood?
  240. Sith Tank's AC4 Artifact Assault Tournament Xbox One
  241. Idea for a new AC 21ST Century storyline
  242. Losing Abstergo points and winning
  243. Would like to join a Active Brotherhood (Xbox One)
  244. [IMPORTANT] Assassin's Creed 3 Multiplayer Wii U needs patch
  245. Looking for a Club / Clan?
  246. Black Flag Multiplayer. Not gaining any Money(Wallet) AT ALL.
  247. ACIII 360 AA 4v4 Round Robin Tournament hosted by Divicitits & Star
  248. Join The Hell March Clan! Hell March wants you!👇
  249. AC Unity not finding players PS4
  250. Assassin's Creed 3 - PunkBuster won't let me play