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  1. Xbox One Club Recruiting Zombie Monkies !
  2. Everybodys welcome!
  3. Clan Arashikage is recruiting.
  4. Looking for some Spanish speaking Assasins!!!
  5. Online new to forming group, please join me none of my friends have a ps4!!
  6. XBOne Recruitment for a Club in Assassins Creed Unity
  7. [ANGL] Aengeuls - Australian/NZ Club
  8. Looking for some friends and help on assassins creed unity for the XBONE
  9. [NvTm] XB1 if you want club competition gear join us.
  10. Over here if you are looking for a club!
  11. swb1 looking to bulk up
  12. Booted from my own club and placed in another.
  13. XBOne [SPQR] TheOmegaSeven Recruiting
  14. Grumbles at Co-Op
  15. Kingston Assassin Contract glitch.
  16. Join this club!
  17. PS4 New Immersion Heist Clan!
  18. OSKS club looking to build up
  19. [LYUD] LegendaryUnited club recruitment
  20. -01-: Wer möchte mehr Ausrüstung, Kredo-Punkte, die Missionen knacken, etc.?
  21. Aussie player looking for a Clan
  22. Club looking for actives
  23. Looking for an XBONE clan
  24. Anybody play AC3 MP on Wii U?
  25. assassins creed multiplayer not working
  26. Plenty of room in a winning clan!
  27. MWCT MidwestConnections Clan Recruiting Xbox One
  28. MWCT MidwestConnections Clan Recruiting Xbox One
  29. Club recruitment
  30. Recherche club
  31. x2 Winning Canadian clan recruiting SH!V
  32. [GWLF]GreenWolves Recruiting
  33. looking for uk clan to join OmegaExodus 4 star elite enforcer
  34. im looking to join a clan for heists psn: OmegaExodus uk based
  35. ps4 player looking for uk clan psn OmegaExodus for hiests and club competition
  36. [FR] Recruitment de Personnes pour notre club NxT (1ER pour le moment !!!!)
  37. Clan members wanted!
  38. xLSAUCYHOTDOGS [xLsh] new clan looking for chill members 16+
  39. Ps4 unity club uk members needed
  40. Voluntary AC Unity Club Competition Leaderboard
  41. Looking for Competition Club
  42. Looking for nice people to have fun playing the game
  43. CNBK Recruiting
  44. Recruiting for my club !
  45. Looking for members for club in ac unity
  46. [INVX] KingsInvictus. Looking for some wolves.. New brotherhood recruiting! Xbox One
  47. Dark Blade Assassins looking for new members!
  48. RuckazCrew [OhP8] seeks serious Armchair Assassins for Club
  49. Hitmans Inc is Recruting
  50. AC3 Multiplayer has a lot of connection issues
  51. Unlocking Equipment and Weapons without Co-Op
  52. Xbox one clan recruitment SYUK
  53. What will be the next Assassin Creed game that we are expecting to be released ?
  54. Impossible Play With 3 Friends Online [AC UNITY]
  55. Clan Recruitment - Newbie
  56. Need casual players for fun no pressure coop and heist.
  57. PS4 club recruitment
  58. Can't play Assassin's Creed: Unity with friend?
  59. Assassins creed Unity Ranking system
  60. [IBAT]ImBatman Clan Recruitment, join now for competition prize
  61. Weapons buy they not stay bought
  62. looking for clan members (currently 3) join YODAMAN
  63. [Inue]DarkScience clan recruiting for members
  64. ACU Co-op Issue
  65. Hong Kong based club, for fun =D
  66. The Violent Gentlemens Club
  67. Clan - Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad - we are recruting
  68. Recruiting
  69. Club competition for me is broken? Anyone else have this problem??
  70. PS4 - Searching for more clan members
  71. LupusRex members wanted
  72. oSYNDICATEo recruiting few spaces left !
  73. AC4: Not gaining Abstero credits in Multiplayer
  74. [Pandaco] Clan Recruitment - OPEN, Unity.
  75. Unity Clan... Now Recruiting 3 Assassins
  76. New Co-op Heists and Missions?
  77. XBOne Looking for clan
  78. "TheZincGaming" Recruiting Assassins (YouTube Team) - JOIN TODAY
  79. Club Z3ro looking for more assassins, won 2 competitions so far
  80. [HRLM] Seeking Assassins to Gather Legendary Club Items on XBOX ONE!
  81. Looking to join a clan
  82. Need people to play missions with: Xbox one
  83. MOOB club looking to recruit new members
  84. Can't play coop but I can connect to Uplay
  85. Join if you want extra creed points!
  86. Looking for new members (Currently 4) join YODAMAN
  87. Club Competitions Questions?? and Invites!
  88. Someone joined my game world without me inviting them...wtf?
  89. Club Recruitment - Completing Club Objectives
  90. Issues with the club interface!!!! (Clubs basically don't work)
  91. Co-op mybe
  92. Disappointed in Ubisoft and their support
  93. News Alert: TYATM set to advance to Gold division and looking to expand.
  94. ACU Can't connest to server Error 80000025
  95. The creed is God Recruiting. Won last two comps by a long shot. 21 spots open
  96. Looking for new members to join us to win more club competitions!
  97. [TZnG] "TheZincGaming" NEW CLUB - Recruiting All Assassins (Accepting all members)
  98. how historically accurate are the muskets in unity?
  99. Join [IBAT]ImBatman Club, we're going for the hat-trick
  100. AC Unity Club Competitions Are Broken
  101. List of AC Unity bugs encountered in 1.4
  102. Can't play between 2 PS4s in same room on Assassin's Creed: Unity
  103. [TZnG] "TheZincGaming" NEW CLUB - Accepting all members!!!
  104. Recruitment for my clan Interfector
  105. D3SU Now Recruiting All Assassins!
  106. Game won't launch
  107. Join Illuminutty! XB1
  108. [XB1] NCOGNITO | New Club Recruiting | 21+
  109. Xbox one unity club recuitment
  110. Open Brotherhood Recruiting: Croatoan
  111. [PSNA] Playstation network Assassins RECRUITING!!!!
  112. Altair outfit won't unlock after collecting rift artifacts??
  113. co-op and heist
  114. AC Unity Problem on PC for Resolution
  115. Crimson Chevaliers looking to recruit!
  116. [UWOT] AyyLmao. We are looking for active members. Currently undefeated.
  117. Acu shop
  118. Dlcs
  119. DrunkenBloody currently accepting applications
  121. USMC1775 looking for members
  122. [MOXY] Club Still Recruiting!
  123. New Clan recruiting
  124. XBOX ONE: [TZnG] Zinc Gaming is Recruiting. (NEW CLUB)
  125. New Club Looking for Recuits
  126. Noble Mufasa looking for a few more
  127. Assassins Creed: Unity 2:0 Winning Club Recruiting
  128. Altair outfit no unlocking even after finishing companion app missions
  129. LegionofSevenShadows looking for fellow active AC obsessed players.
  130. Looking for Very Active Players [NOXX]
  131. [OUC] TheUnityClan is now recruiting!
  132. Quality over Quantity
  133. Looking for a club to join
  134. Looking for an EU Club.
  135. Diamonds above name problem (Bug/Glitch?)
  136. Uplay Game Statistics
  138. AC Unity Club searching for members
  140. AC UNITY Club searching for members!!!
  141. (ACU) Gear statue diamonds do not match
  142. Unable to finish "The hand of science" mission
  143. Accepting all - INVX - KingsInvictus! Completion, Competition, and Gear focused!
  144. [TZnG] Zinc Gaming - ACCEPTING ALL APPLICATIONS! (#1 Club)
  145. Clan Recruiting New Members - Welcome All!
  146. 1st PLACE Club looking for new memebers!
  147. Hashshashin silver division tier 2 clan recruiting
  148. Spots available in club Dindunuffin - DnDu
  149. * NEW CLUB Recruiting 4-5 Star Players * HigherThanYou
  150. Is This the DLC map or something?
  151. Club in first place recruiting new members
  152. Semi Decent Assassins Clan is now recruiting! Open to Dedicated!
  153. XBOX ONE Recruitment! Club Competition Rewards!
  154. Money pouch bug
  155. 4GDA is recruiting, we play very regurlary and we are looking for members. PS4
  156. [INVX] KingsInvictus is growing strong and recruiting all players. #1 in competition!
  157. Illuminutty[17AZ] is recruiting, limited time only!
  158. ClumsyNinjas Recruiting
  159. [IW9] Ironworkers Club Recruiting DEDICATED MEMBERS ONLY
  160. Looking for new members (Currently 5) join *YODAMAN*
  161. [NRGX] TheNoRemorseGaming is recruiting! [1st in bronze]
  162. Guild recruiting: COMX
  163. Blend Mode Glitch
  164. Error Code 0x600000001....
  165. [TZnG] Zinc Gaming - ACCEPTING ALL APPLICATIONS! (#1 Club)
  166. Gundam Club now recruiting!(Xbox One)
  167. Caldari Assassins Recruiting All
  168. Looking for a club
  169. Music Glitch AC Black Flag
  170. Poll: Do you think Assassin's creed Victory will return the beloved multiplayer?
  171. Hitmans Inc is recruiting (Limited Spots)
  172. [TZnG] Zinc Gaming - ACCEPTING ALL APPLICATIONS! (#1 Club)
  173. Multiplayer Headset not working...
  174. AC Unity Bastille Bug sequence 2 memory 1-imprisioned
  175. AC:IV BF Constant Disconnectios
  176. Assassin Creed Games
  177. Recruiting for [ZORG]TheTruePOGs
  178. Club in 1st place recruiting.
  179. HUD and Menu glitch
  180. Beginner to AC Series
  181. [TZnG] Zinc Gaming! Recruitment Video
  182. ACU DBUA Club is Recruiting Now!
  183. Can't find co op matches; Unity
  184. Join [2CY] CloakOfDarkness on PS4
  185. Difficult and Hardcore Wolfpack
  186. Cant join a game?
  187. unable to join any coop game since a couple of days
  188. Vanguard Gaming is recruiting, currently in 1st Place, leading by 200,000 points.
  189. Please don't ever develop co-op missions in a AC game.
  190. Recruitment For ACU :The Irish Liberators
  191. Xbox 360 - 2v2 "Alliance" Gamelab AA Tournament (300$ Prize)
  193. Ac unity co-op not working
  194. dead kings
  195. ACU devensean clan looking for recruits
  196. [TZnG] Zinc Gaming - ACCEPTING ALL APPLICATIONS! (YouTube Video)
  197. Hellspawn Unity Charter recruiting
  198. [LAEF] Leaf clan recruiting! Looking for more players to win us some club competition
  199. Looking to Expand
  200. [4ToC] Clan / Club Recruiting - TheOthersClubGaming
  201. dubbel Windows at Le marais, marais
  202. [UCuk] Saviours , looking for new members, everybody welcome, won 1, currently 1st
  203. New multiplayer maps?
  204. [UAuk] Saviours. On PC , looking for new members everybody welcome
  205. hotel the ville, ventje de paris, plato entering by window
  206. Complete lack of ability to connect to Ubisoft servers on AC Unity on Xbox One
  207. Recruiting For: [NINS] Ninjas In Suits Reply if intrested
  208. XB1 Looking to join clan and start ASAP.
  209. [BCDI] Bacardi Gaming is reqruiting!
  210. !!!!![KAPU] TheForbidden Looking for recruits!!!!!
  211. oSYNDICATEo looking for active club competition members !!!!
  212. Already collected all coackades, but the achievment doesn't pops up.
  213. ClumsyNinjas Recruiting
  214. Multiplayer club competition gear?
  215. A4J looking to RECRUIT on XB1
  216. [DRTH]SITH_ORDER club recruitment, learn a bit about us......
  217. Assassins Creed: Unity - a clan has hacked for victory!
  218. Looking for a clan to join
  219. [TZnG] Zinc Gaming - #1 Club on Xbox! (Accepting Applications NOW!)
  220. Recruiting for club competition
  221. [B]1st place Club RECRUITING [A4J] Silver Division I on XB1[/B]
  222. [EZVG] EnzioVigilante Club is recruiting for Club Objectives
  223. Defias Brotherhood
  224. Cafe theater and social clubs bonus income
  225. Dead Kings Suger's Legacy Help
  226. Cheat or Bug? Either way, it needs addressed. Club Competition.
  227. [iLL6] iLLuM1n4Ti is now recruiting
  228. 5 gold diamonds
  229. EPICzx Club recruiting for competition! Wining by over 500,000 points!
  230. PS4 Clan:The Army Of Assassins(AoA) Looking for RECRUITS.
  231. Can't fight in open conflict
  232. Last Rites Coop Mission Solo Walkthrough HARD - Assassins Creed Unity - Sword Reward
  233. LosInocentes recruiting. Looking for active members.
  234. Club open for recruitment
  235. I can"t play in pvp
  236. XB1 Player looking for a club
  237. Ransacking Versailles Achievement NOT showing up
  238. ps4 club competiton glitch needs fixing
  239. Who wants to help me get all the artifacts in the new dead kings dlc?
  240. Ubisoft pay attention. Lots of feedback for you here for upcoming AC games
  241. Can people tell me why I can't equip The Eagle when I have unlocked it?
  242. Assassins Creed unity: dead kings downgrading my level on xbox one
  243. XboxONE- ShadowArt New club recruitment
  244. Assassins Creed 3 Season Hack Gone?
  245. DK DLC bugs
  246. The Gaming Army Club Recruiting
  247. DLC weapons and outifts
  248. NoYT Club Brewmasters - 1,300,000 CC Lead
  249. Dead Kings Major Glitches
  250. Dead King's Guillotine Gun Removed My Golden Rank?