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  1. Clan Recruitment for Phantom-Program
  2. Looking for Clan members
  3. AC4: Black Flag - Wanted game mode never connects?
  4. PS4 ACU Club Members wanted!
  5. AVID ACU gamer needed!
  6. CSC Looking to Recruit
  8. Terrible matchmaking & connectivity issues in AC4MP since 11/29
  9. Assassin's Creed Rogue: Fleet bug?
  10. PS4 Unity Recruiting ShadowStalkers13, Currently 22/50
  11. Clan recruitment
  12. Abstergo Ladder Frozen (Black Flag)
  13. Linking other games to Assassin's Creed Initiates
  14. PS4 - Looking for people WITH MICS to play co-op with
  15. Boycott
  16. [C404] ClubNotFound Recruiting
  17. xbox one player looking for a clan!
  18. Black Flag legendary ship, HMS Prince, not as hell bent to sink you as the others?
  19. Join our club - 20 members, completion focused. Will target legendary gear when club
  20. Brand New Club, Fragile Allyance is recruiting.
  21. Question about promoting members, etc..
  22. Assassin's Creed Black Flag Glitch
  23. What was your Highest Score in ACB Wanted?
  24. Simply looking for some guys to play Co-Op missions with!
  25. French Clan : PourLaRepublique
  26. Can't start the game (AC unity) - xbox one
  27. Unplayable mulitplayer
  28. Unity - Altair outfit not unlocking after collecting rift artifacts??
  29. New Clan Need Members- Currently On
  30. AC: Unity (How to play Online)
  31. my name
  32. Shadowed Slayers Recruiting
  33. ACIII Cannot communicate with PnkBstrB.exe
  34. (UNITY) Most of my contacts and all of my club members appear as me!
  35. How To Abandon A Mission?
  36. Sync locations not available
  37. Artifacts & Helix Rifts
  38. Club "Night of the Creed" is recruiting!
  39. AC4Multiplayer
  40. Brotherhood multiplayer pc
  41. Should I ask for Assassin's Creed for Christmas? [PC]
  42. The Unknown Ones Brotherhood it's Recruiting ~
  43. Cant connect error on xbox one! 0x600000001 !
  44. AC-Unity co-op too easy
  45. Unity Recruits Needed! Join here!
  46. Looking for PS4 Clan to join that plays EU time.
  47. Left Club, Tag Still There?
  48. People for the preorder team (Unite)
  49. PvP and Co-Op NEED SEPERATE forum sections
  50. <Insidious Latin Name> recruiting
  51. Looking for NEW members for EAGLE EYES CREW
  52. Survey on Assassin's Creed series: Favourite games, characters, settings etc.
  53. What the hell have you done to this game
  54. Recruiting new members for Shadow Brothers!!!!
  55. AC Unity - missons not visible
  56. Creed is God is recruiting.
  57. Looking for a clan, Xbox One!
  58. Looking for ACTIVE brothers for SOA
  59. Giving up on this one.
  60. *****LoneRangers looking for new members!!*****
  61. Can my friend join Unity Co-Op with me, if he doesn't have the game?
  62. Recruiting For Xbox1 Club!
  63. PS4 enigma Cancer bug
  64. Let's Play Assassins Creed Unity Xbox One
  65. Shop bug
  66. Looking for fans of the franchise
  67. Crimson Kighted [RedK] looking for memders
  68. Members needed
  69. EternalMayhem [MYHM] Is Recruiting Currently 24 Members Strong
  70. Active player needs more clan members!!!!
  71. Unable to join online on ACU it freezes when will this be fixed ?
  72. PS3 died - Does Initiates save game data?
  73. AC Initiates BUG
  74. "Play Nomad Missions in AC Unity Companion App"
  75. Remote Play - Rear Pad works differently
  76. The Caped Crusaders *Recruiting Initiates*
  77. New Assassin looking for co op friends(mature UK)
  78. Why are my AC Games not Showing up?
  79. Building Club for upcoming Competitions (PS4)
  80. Multiplayer Bug Report
  81. Pause Menu/Map causing system to kick fan into overdrive.
  82. Initiates Date stuck in 15 dic
  83. Swedish-Club! Open for all, moose-loving, IKEA-lovers!
  84. AC IV BLACK FLAG: Only 1 session in mutiplayer
  85. animus lady repeats herself?
  86. cant get beige ghost to unlock
  87. Assassians Creed Rogue ominous music is annoying
  88. I purchase any weapon and It disappear after end game
  89. Szukam Chętnych do zaciągnięcia się w szeregi :cool::cool: CLAN RECRUITMENT
  90. Bugs everywhere
  91. XB1 [1189] ACOriginals Recruiting
  92. AC UNITY PC weapon bugs
  93. Season Pass Dosent show in store
  94. Suggestions for Improvement on Assassin's Creed !
  95. The biggest disappointment about Assassins Creed Unity: Maneuvering
  96. [0bvr] 0bservers
  97. AC4 Multi Limited Mode after searching for a match
  98. Murder mystery bugs
  99. looking for a team in the UNITE Program
  100. ac3 barley audioable
  101. Unfair Coop and Heists.
  102. An Opinion On The Core Plot
  103. LaggyGamerz | An Awesome Multi-Gaming Community | TeamSpeak Req.
  104. [AC3]Looking for good clan
  105. Looking for a club to join/ People to play with
  106. unable to start ACU on PC
  107. WTF is with multiplayer? seriously?
  108. Assassins Creed does not start.
  109. 2x Unity trophies still not unlocking
  110. Ladder not updating
  111. New small guild (db4m) death before mercy recruiting
  112. Where do i click to enter the multiplayer mod in AC:unity
  113. i cant find any co -op player to play any co op mission an it says my NAT type NAT3
  114. Meuchel Ninjas suchen Assassinen
  115. Looking for a strong clan for me and two friends!
  116. Shop broken!!
  117. Awesome club
  118. ACU.exe crashes trying to enter hallway to Assassin's council / Sequence 4 Mission 1
  119. Black Pearl Society looking for new members
  120. Looking for new co-op friends! XBOX ONE
  121. Change Username in Multiplayer
  122. Xbox One Clan "AssassinsRegime" Recruiting
  123. [LNX] Lynx - join if you want Club Competition prizes. We are 1st and way ahead!
  124. [HYGA]ThatsHowYouGetAnts , clan open to any one.
  125. Recruiting for "Professionals" Club
  126. Join Elascadorian for Club Competitions!
  127. [CUUB] BlueDragons recruiting members
  128. I guess Ubi has abandoned these forums as well as the game.
  129. PC - [GoIT] GuardiansofIT Recruiting
  130. Bring back black flag!!!!!
  131. Legend Rank looking for an active club.
  132. XB1 [B0NY] Bones - dedicated Assassins
  133. OriginsOfTheBlade (HOBL) Recruiting.
  134. [NAA] New Age Assassins RECRUITING!!!!
  135. player looking for large club.
  136. Issues after yesterday's surprise XBOne update
  137. Allied Assassins Creed Order (AACO)
  138. [PS4] LF 3 Players to 100% world!
  139. Club Recruiment
  140. Club Recruitment: FieryTyrants
  141. rocksmith 14
  142. [LIT] Laboratory_iT Club
  143. Want reset AC4 multiplayer lvl
  144. savegame lost in cloud
  145. Looking for club for club competitions
  146. Giving up on AC
  147. [ideas] fighting an assasin hunter
  148. lThe Watchersl Now Recruting For A Limited Time Only (1st in CC By 15k+)
  149. Looking for people to join Hombre De Bastiile! Focusing on clan comp for equip!
  150. What is this
  151. AC4 Black Flag Experiencing new kind of bug in Multiplayer
  152. "Crew of Legends" needs players
  153. need recruits
  154. join my f'n clan on xbox one
  155. Has AC QA Been Fired yet?
  156. Legend looking for club/clan
  157. Thinks it's a bug in the terrain
  158. Hard To Kill looking for new members!
  159. Illegalassassins looking for people to recruit will accept anyone
  160. civilian bug?
  161. TFFL Looking for new members!
  162. [MOXY] Club Competition: Single-handedly Approaching 1M Creed Points. Over 3x 2nd plc
  163. Love SNSD aka Girls' Generation? or Maybe APINK? (Come JOIN! :D)
  164. Lagging in game and menu
  165. Ubisoft, you messed up the whole Multiplayer of the Assassins Creed Series
  166. looking for a good group to do co-op with
  167. When multiplayer actually comes back
  168. Looking to join a clan, but have no mic
  169. Join the MonteriggioniBrother Club! #1 Ranked Club in AC:Unity
  170. Anybody up for some AC3 multiplayer?
  171. AC4: No Champion Packs for GoR Characters?
  172. Looking for PS4 club
  173. assassin's creed unity framerate
  174. Unable to launch ACU multi on PC
  175. Looking for Xbox One club
  176. Clan Recruiting [Nova Temple]
  177. Want a Club to join? - [LiT] Laboratory-iT
  178. Join the EliteLegedary (Assassins)
  179. Looking for a active clan to play coop/heists/roam with
  180. Assassin's Creed Black Flag Multiplayer NAT type
  181. Parkour system - getting stuck everywhere!
  182. Top Tier Per Division Clubs Recruit Here:
  183. Join Zombie Monkies Xbox One Club
  184. Looking for a xbox one club
  185. The elitelegedary (assassins) are 1st place! Join now!
  186. Ubisoft, if you dont know how make a game dont do it.
  187. Can't Load MultiPlayer Error Code Occurs how do i fix it
  188. Club members wanted
  189. native totems
  190. The elitelegedary (assassins) are 1st place! Join now!
  191. Assasins Creed Unity Keeps Crashing
  192. UPDATE for EliteLegedary [4e34] club recruitment
  193. AC4BFSP.exe has stopped
  194. 1st Club Competition disappeared
  195. Club RipperCrew (RipC) search PCmember (UTC -+2)
  196. Need someone who knows their Assassin's Creed characters
  197. assassins creed rogue and black flag
  198. Looking for a Club? Join [AFE]!!
  199. Co op - connect to random? connect with club members?
  200. So we won the competition, got a nice legendary armor but...
  201. Placed 2nd in AC:U Club Competition even though we had more points. (Pic to prove)
  202. A New Club Looking For 5 Star + members
  203. Legends looking for club members!
  204. Cerco persone che giocano con me in multiplayer a assasin's crede revelations su pc:
  205. Looking for new members or just people to do missions with!
  206. AC: Unity - How I talk to other players in game (voip, microphone)
  207. Looking to join an XB1 clan? Click here for more info.
  208. HELP!!! Join me to my club - Unirse a mi club
  209. Want to be in a clan?
  210. Looking for an Australian ACU club
  211. Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag settings don't change.
  212. JOIN EliteLegedary [4e34] 13 places LEFT!
  213. AC4 multiplayer is not working at all (XBOX ONE)
  214. I cant access sequence 11 memory 1!
  215. Furious Seven Clan Recruitment
  216. AC unity says i have a strict nat type even though I don't??
  217. PS4 looking for clan to join
  218. AC Unity Gold Chests Outfits Disappeared
  219. Is there a way to search clubs by name?
  220. AC 2 game breaking bug
  221. Five Gold Diamonds Legendary Assassin
  222. [ACU] looking for SINGAPORE clan
  223. AC4 Disquise isn't working
  224. Яequiem Ęternam ( NA/ EU ) Comeptive club
  225. Unable to log into Uplay from Companion App...still no response from Ubisoft ticket!
  226. AC Unity : ACU.EXE crashing !!!
  227. aesthetic homicide NOW RECRUITING 25/50 1 Club comp DOMINATED 200,000 points over.
  228. Sequence 2 Memory 1 Infinite Loading ! (FR)
  229. Looking For Mature players.
  230. Failed Connection/ Ubisoft Services Unreachable?
  231. The Greek Brotherhood needs new members. PS4
  232. SpookyScaryCREED [SSRY] Currently in the lead by 60,000 points.
  233. Bugged/Glitched Golden Chests in ACU
  234. Nightfall Assassin's Brotherhood
  235. Join the Masyaf_Knights [MsyK] club!
  236. Australian Club [OZFR] Fraternitatem_OZ
  237. missing wepons
  238. Join successful Xbox one Assassin Untiy Club!!
  239. Join Swank Assassins [SwXk]
  240. ShadowGear recruiting and Alliance application
  241. [PC][L4D1] Club Recruitment
  242. Xbox One: Looking for ADVANCED and DEDICATED players!
  243. [tyam] tyatm
  244. Looking for club, (preferred SEA,Aus / active club
  245. Recruiting clan members for Assassins_of_Lords [ASOL] (AC Unity, PC, Uplay)
  246. PerniX Gaming is Recruiting!
  247. How to leave a club/clan?
  248. LSAs -Lethal Shadow Assassin-- Recruiting
  249. Club Xiveres [XIVR] LF Members
  250. Looking for Clan members on PS4