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  1. looking for people to join DRK on AC unity
  2. Looking for Club/Members. Around GMT (p/m 2).
  3. Looking for a fun club to join!
  4. AC Unity Pisces enigma
  5. Need people for PS4 Coop
  6. Untiy team of 4? Do anybody'love to join my team?
  7. painting outfits
  8. [PC]Any AZ / West Coast players looking to do Co-Op or join club DieuxDeLaMort [G0D]?
  9. Unity has easter eggs?
  10. [11nc] - 11InchesUnbuffed looking for casual members! - PC
  11. Assassin's Creed Unity cannot progress
  12. Club Narcisse recherche joueurs Français!
  13. Most Popular Multiplayer?
  14. Hi I'm new here and have a questions about the CO-OP feature
  15. Haven't received my Guillotine Collector's Case
  16. Anthology Creed
  17. ACU Notre Dame lag
  18. ACU [Co-op] Can't join a friend
  19. Australian Clan Recruitment - Axiom
  20. Pc europe, looking for assassins
  21. HolyGranadeCrusaders is recruting now!
  22. ACU: Error [0x60000001] (no online functions)
  23. New clan looking for members!
  24. Looking for a club to join | Australia
  25. kleiner Club sucht aktive Mitglieder
  26. SUGGESTION: Assassins Creed: Philippines?
  27. Win an incredible Assassin’s Creed Unity Art book
  28. Bellec Boss Fight
  29. Looking for new Members to Join our Clan
  30. When I go online my game crashes
  31. Recruiting for club OnePerspective
  32. ACIII Multiplayer Assassinate Scoring System Flawed?
  33. AC initiates I'm having problems with my lvl
  34. I wanna join a Clan/Club for unity
  35. Anyone want to join my club in Assassin's creed unity on Ps4?
  36. Assassins rank looking to join a club
  37. XBOne Player looking for competitive clan
  38. JOIN the league of shadows ps4
  39. PS4 Clan Recruiting for (ATN) AssassinsTrueNorth
  40. cross platform initiates link up
  41. Why can't I switch and see my original equipment after beating the main story?
  42. Technical Support Forum
  43. PS4 looking for 1-3 players with mics right now, for all objectives, trophies, ect.
  44. xbox one social club, active members
  45. Where is the Season Pass content?
  46. (AACO) Australian Assassins Creed Order recruiting Assassins
  47. [POC] People Of The Country|Clan/Club- We need you
  48. [ACX1] ACForce European Club.
  49. Rogan fan? Stanhope? Duncan Trussell? Join the Deathsquad (DETH) on PC
  50. Searching clan
  51. Clan members needed!
  52. Cannot Open unlocked nomad chests and missions dont show
  53. xbox one, advanced officer looking looking for social club members
  54. Unity: how do i talk in co op?
  55. AC Black Flag: GoR DLC characters STILL have no voices or latest ground finishes.
  56. SUGGESTION: Downloadable Competetive Multiplayer Game
  57. Brotherhood Recuiting for Co-op and Club Comp
  58. PC Looking for Clan, Philippines, Ranged Stealth Assassin
  59. Clubs that are very active ONLY
  60. Assassins Creed Survey for School Project: Findings and Results
  61. UBI READ PLEASE -> Initiates FAIL Season Pass more FAIL ACU FAIL again
  62. AC4 multiplayer is seriously laggy (PS3)
  63. United Styles Crew is open for Club membership on PC & will be on Twitch stream
  64. Multiplayer friends for Assassin's creed revelations!
  65. PC Looking for a group
  66. Still can't play co-op on PS4
  67. Problem in rank after coop mission!
  68. Assassins Creed Complete Game-Breaking Bug Please Reply If you have info on the prob
  69. PC - Epitome [Epi] Recruiting!
  70. AC Initiates made me level 5?
  71. Need recruitment guild br
  72. Recruitment for Napoleons Army [NPAR]
  73. My game froze and i cant get it to unfreeze
  74. (RVTN) Ravens Talons looking For Members (AC:U United States)
  75. In-game voice-chat in AC Unity
  76. Please Wait... How long?
  77. Fix the problems already
  78. Seeking
  79. Ubisoft do not ignore me
  80. Will Join For food !?! ElperegrinoGRIS
  81. Deleted outfits.
  82. Altair8Assassins club on PS4 for Unity
  83. Uplay Shop is down
  84. looking for club or players
  85. Throwing my hat in the ring. (Recruiting)
  86. (Unity) Recruiting members for Co-Op Missions, Heists and Fun in general!
  87. ACU multiplayer needs a hardcore mode.
  88. PC looking for a clan
  89. Looking for a club/clan
  90. Looking for a very active club
  91. Nostradamus Enigma Glitch
  92. AC ROGUE - Frustrating Players with legendary impossible mission
  93. Let's join "ClubduLuxembourg"
  94. Join TheHellFireClub
  95. Xbox One Clan RECRUITMENT!! Inner Sanctum!
  96. Ozunu: The Black Sand Clan [RECRUITING]
  97. Looking for an active PC club
  98. Lost money problem
  99. xbox one, ps3, and pc games not linking together to AC Initiates
  100. XB1 - lost assassins on the unity companion app
  101. [Unity/ all AC NA/EU] Hardcore competitive club going for Assassin glory
  102. Screen completely freezes, but the game, UI, HUD and minimap carry on as normal[BF]
  103. Lf pc clan!
  104. Very serious club/post gt
  105. Two Assassin's Looking for Serious Clan
  106. Ps4 clan Recruitment cynical mercenaries.
  107. Unity- Things I love and hate (and things I want to see in the next game)
  108. crash software always gaming online
  109. assassins-creed-unity --- connection failed
  110. Assassin Creed Unity Bugs & Glitches that needs to be fixed very soon.
  111. [PS3][AC:B] Anybody up for some Brotherhood MP?
  112. ArnoAnonymous
  113. Need an awesome club
  114. Vociferous Unity [VocU] is back!
  115. Lost savegame
  116. Lost Shay Templar Outfit
  117. Assassin's Creed: Rogue: How do you sync your game to AC Initiates?
  118. Looking for an active clan ps4
  119. Fighting Style: %1$s - What does it mean?
  120. I'm Looking for a Clan and some co-op game time.
  121. 0x80000011 Error connection failed
  122. Crashing during loading
  123. Dead_Men_Walking (DMW) UK PC Club Recruiting
  124. Looking for Competitive Clan
  125. Polaczki.. polaczki zgromadźmy się! // Poles.. poles, let's gather round!
  126. AC Rogue Abstergo Warrior Challenge "Use every type of weapon to kill enemies"
  127. [PS4] [0x600000001] will this ever be fixed???
  128. Assassin's Creed Unity: Current rank?
  129. AC3 updates the same update
  130. Clan bug and my message to Ubisoft
  131. Companion app Maps
  132. Join Club
  133. Anybody Missing Multiplayer yet?
  134. mini stories while game was installing
  135. XBOne Active Player looking for a Clan
  136. XBOne Active player looking for a clan
  137. Loading forever
  138. Looking for players
  139. BR0Force clan now recruiting
  140. [SaDr] TheCrusaderOrder Xbox One Clan/Club is Looking for Members
  141. PC - Looking to join an active club in the U.S.
  142. AC:Unity Shadow Raiders want you!
  143. DutchForEver [DFE] looking for players
  144. Patch3 PS4 Co-op sort of working
  145. Downloaded the game and have an issue
  146. AC UNITY - Bug after finishing the Story
  147. Medieval armor is sooooo bad
  148. CE-34878-0 Error Code(plus Initiates)
  149. Fever Clan is recruiting!
  150. How many unique co-op missions are there in AC:Unity?
  151. Buscando Clan
  152. Gods of Eternal Darkness wants YOU!!
  153. Looking for a CO OP players
  154. Box in the level
  155. Is co-op mode cross-platform ?
  156. Club Competition?
  157. Assassin's Creed Unity no water/river bug
  158. Ultimate force, New club looking for Members!
  159. Não inicia e só retorna a tela inicial do Xbox One
  160. Co op still broken
  161. Playing with PS4 friends only?
  162. DrumSquad
  163. Need a clan where there main goal is 100% completion.
  164. need an active clan Im 24 yrs old!!!! [XBOXONE]
  165. PC looking for members to join my club[EDEX]
  166. Companion App Progress Completely Lost
  167. Can't Join My Friend in Coop.
  168. Bug Report King's Correspondence
  169. DarknessVeil (Waya) recruiting for 100% Completion, Heists, Assassinations, All of it
  170. [PS4] Rookie at co-op looking for 1-3 co-op partners with mics.
  171. XBox1 Unity Recruiting.
  172. starting up AC:U
  173. {EST Time} looking for a select few members for our stealth club {DRKA} Dark Avengers
  174. Dat FPS...
  175. Initiates? Bugged.
  176. Pre-Order Programme
  177. PS4 Assassin's creed unity co-op take ages to load
  178. Initiates Fixed But, Still Bugged?
  179. ACU Co-Op says I have Type 3 NAT when I don't
  180. Gear bug equipment problems
  181. [ACaq] AC Unity Losers Club only Turkish
  182. game crash at server bridge
  183. Assassin's Creed Initiates does not load profile data
  184. How to fix these problems is assassin creed unity after installing PATCH 3???
  185. How to fix these problems is assassin creed unity after installing PATCH 3???
  186. Assassin´s Creed 3 Multiplayer Crash
  187. FirenzeAssassins [vFAv] Open Recruitment.
  188. Sequence 11 3 memory bridge server cant conrinue
  189. Looking for club to run with, have mic(gmt-8)
  190. Looking for a Clan to Join!
  191. Xbox 360: Ac3 - single elimination
  192. Can' redeem codes
  193. mature clan recruitment (LadyLuck)(LuKs)
  194. AC:IV- No ladder update
  195. U.G.E.C clan looking for members
  196. just picked up unity for Xbox one
  197. Assassin's Creed Unity PS4 Recruitment!
  198. Rift Artifacts
  199. Anyone still play AC3 Multiplayer?
  200. [PC] Assassins Creed Unity Clan MasterAssassinsClub
  201. TAG: 5A6E, clan recruitment anyone who is keen to reach objectives
  202. error (0X80000011) on ps4
  203. Middle east players, UNITE !
  204. recruitment for TheWolvesOfTime
  205. Looking for people to play co-op with on Xbox One
  206. Character Customization & Detection system bugs
  207. "Checking For Additional Content" NEVER Ends
  208. Clan Recruitment: Clan OGC [L45]
  209. looking for clan members PC
  210. German Clan sucht Mitglieder/ Search Members for Clan Fight4Right
  211. Casual_Assassins recruiting
  212. Assassins Creed Unity, I purchase any weapon e.g. "solid long gun" and...
  213. Connection issues 2 consoles same house playing co-op
  214. Phantom-Program Recruitment Center
  215. Join ThePeakyBlinderzz [TBPZ]
  216. Does anyone know how to play Assassin's Creed Unity?
  217. apology for season pass holders games? ACU
  218. The concept of Companion and Initiates sucks
  219. PC Looking for guys to play with
  220. No interaction icon on riddle
  221. Region Specific DLC Key Activation
  222. Are you looking for a Club to Join for Co-op missions
  223. How to become a voice actor?
  224. Initiates not linking to my saved games
  225. Looking for fun active clan for unity
  226. Looking For Friends to rock with
  227. Voice communication on Assassin's Creed Unity co-op
  228. looking for PS4 expat club in Hong Kong
  229. Recruiting Assassins for my Club!
  230. [AC ROGUE] Recent upgrades in the Morrigan do not work.
  231. Assassin's Creed Multiplayer WILL RETURN! CONFIRMATION!!!
  232. ACU Looking for a Club to join and play together
  233. Recruiting for Competitive AC: Unity Club
  234. The Servitores need more brothers.
  235. pc turn off when i try to play ac unity
  236. online connection issues
  237. Dead kings DLC will not work.
  238. Stillol haven't got my money's worth
  239. where are all my female gamers
  240. Newly Formed Clan: MagicMoonBus.
  241. Basic stuff in Unity and Initiates that's still bugged
  242. [GttR] Gutter Phenomenon
  243. **BEWARE** Lost Save Game issue
  244. ACU sequence 7 memory 4 - resistance server bridge
  245. Necht Oven Reviews
  246. Now I can play coop, but I cannot invite or be invited...
  247. Looking For Friends
  248. Game crash (CE-34878-0) every time I load the game
  249. Looking for PS4 clan
  250. [LL.] La Legion recruiting and thread