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  1. Is my idea or ?
  2. Lab Technician Achievement
  3. The removal of triggered "chases" has seriously dumbed down the game for me.
  4. What is up with AC4 Multiplayer? Cannot get in game/ Getin DC particularly deathmatch
  5. Preferred Mode Not Found
  6. New Master Perks
  7. Any interest
  8. Looking to add friends
  9. [FR] Le clan [VLF] recrute!
  10. Champion costumes
  11. Weird ability - opponent sends a shield around my whole team
  12. Assassins's Creed Black Flag
  13. Stun after Poison
  14. AC Elites MH Season - Week 4 pictures thread
  15. Your Top 10 AC MP Characters of ALL 4 Multiplayers
  16. !!! Return to AC3 Duos DUEL Tournament Xbox 360 !!!
  17. Looking for help onblack flag PS4 mulyplayer
  18. [XBox 360] Question to Developers of AC4 Multiplayer and Admins!!!!
  19. VGA for PS4 is now recruiting! :)
  20. Infinite abilities.
  21. AC 3 (PS3) & AC 4 (PS4) MP profile issue
  22. ACB Official Manhunt League
  23. AC4 Multiplayer black face texture bug
  24. Will Mont Saint-Michel multiplayer map make it's return in Unity?
  25. How many of us have gone back to previous games instead of playing AC4 MP?
  26. Champion Packs / Points on PC
  27. Lag issues
  28. Some general noob questions
  29. Assassins Creed Brotherhood??
  30. Public Game Lab needs to change
  31. Assassin's Creed III Abstergo Store
  32. [PC] Even more bugs...
  33. Abstergo "Membership"
  34. Multiplayer messed up
  35. Artifact Assault Accolades
  36. Issue with MP Loyalty outfit
  37. Abstergo Store keeps reloading same page
  38. AC Elites MH Season - Week 5 pictures thread
  39. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer trophies
  40. Is ACU Co-op going to be ruined by reckless noobs?
  41. Does AC Unity have Adversarial Multiplayer??
  42. AC:U Console Multiplayer
  43. Offline after changing username
  44. World Series 2014: World Cup 2014 in the Animus
  45. Does Multiplayer In ACR Still Work?
  46. World cup 2014 starting in two weeks! Xbox360 only grand prize of 500 dollars
  47. Just a suggestion.
  48. AC: Brotherhood - Ubisoft server unavailable
  49. Assassins Creed III need clan recruitments :)
  50. No competitive multi in ACU = dedicated multiplayer game? (hopeful speculation)
  51. AC Elites MH Season ( All-Stars voting )
  52. Stuck In Hidden Position!
  53. [PC]Can't install patch 1.07 multiplayer
  54. Adversarial/PvP/Comptetitive Multiplayer in Assassin's Creed Unity
  55. Assassinate Leage for XBOX 360
  56. Connection Issues - All AC MP
  57. Issue with MP Loyalty outfit
  58. Bugs, bugs everywhere
  59. No Multiplayer In Unity…. Why Coop?
  60. Poll: For or Against (Competitive) multiplayer
  61. The future of AC MP
  62. When will we get our night maps for Wolfpack and voices for GoR characters?
  63. Not Recieving Purchased Erudito or MP Characters, FIX NOW.
  64. Ubi Please Fix AC4MP (Questions for Mod's Included)
  65. AC4 Multiplayer BUG
  66. AC Unity system req
  67. AC Unity - Pre-Order Program / ​​brothe and sist you are looking for TheBrotherhoodAC
  68. Anyone else think that time phase is broken? (PS4)
  69. Long shot I know, but it's a good idea....
  70. Assassins Creed Online
  71. XenoBrotherhood
  72. Someone just joined my Unite Pre-Order Program Team, name Eli. How can I contact him?
  73. Assassins Creed 3 Tyranny of King Washington, game breaking bug, surviving the ambush
  74. Ubisoft
  75. Looking for Players to play with for streaming and general fun
  76. Who's going to buy Unity? I'm not.
  77. Hey Mods!!!
  78. Official AC4 MP Tournament?
  79. Assaain's Creed Brotherhood server is not available at this time. Please try later
  80. Limited mode
  81. I loved the game, I want to buy it
  82. Need people to do the trophies for the "Blackbeard's wrath" DLC
  83. Usual multiplayer versus deatchmatch type mode in Unity?
  84. Players' Choice Sale - Let us know!
  85. Players' Choice Sale - Let us know!
  86. Can this gamelab fix the multiplayer? I bet yes!
  87. There are enough people playing ACIV? Should I buy it?
  88. Multiplayer ACIV Bug
  89. Assassinate Tournament on PC
  90. Idea for new ac
  91. Playstation 4 (SAS) Stealth Adapt Survive Manhunt Tournament AC4 Black Flag
  92. Price of item in Erudito Credits
  93. Start making films for all the games of Assassin's Creed
  94. Not getting "The Renegade Pack" reward even after unlocking it.
  95. Assassin Enterprise recruiment in AC4
  96. Time To Dust Off Your Old Copies Of Assassin's Creed [Play ACB and ACR]
  97. Sacred Land Achievement Help
  98. AC IV Black flag camera sawy bug
  99. AC4 Clan!
  100. (HELP!)NAT RED in Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Multiplayer(PS4)
  101. One more person for 'Lab Tech' and 'Sacred Land'
  102. Assassin's Creed Unity Pre-Order Program new team
  103. Sacred Land Trophy / Jaguar
  104. Members for my Brotherhood.
  105. AC III MP servers
  106. Asassin's Creed Unity Preorder Program, Robustesse
  107. The First Annual AC4 - PS4 - Artifact Assault Tournament - Hosted by, [VIS] Clan
  108. How do I connect to this website to get Ratonhnhake:ton outfit?
  109. Fraud? Refund missing Erudito Credits
  110. Steven Spielberg son works on Unity?
  111. Anybody got a Uplay passport code for ACR multiplayer?
  112. Customize Assassin
  113. Help Understanding
  114. I didn't buy a season pass when I got AC4, but I am getting charged $20.00.
  115. AC: Brotherhood problem with the code
  116. AC4 PS4 Trophy, Lab Technician
  117. AC4 Multiplayer - can't connect to Ubisoft Servers + why no text chat
  118. Looking for a PS3 clan
  119. Need people for my clan Euro GMT+1 time zone
  120. AC4 Multiplayer Achievements
  121. Hey all I'm looking for players to join my clan and play with me I play daily AC4MP
  122. Assassin's Creed Manhunt Royal Clan Tournament Hosted By ACNews (Xbox 360)
  123. Hey all I'm looking for players to join my clan and play with me I play daily AC4MP
  124. Stowaway/ Shaman Invisible main weapons
  125. Eqaa vs msaa
  126. Assassin's Creed: Black Flag PC update on Uplay
  127. Kenway's Fleet
  128. Special Offers
  129. Lost my AC IV save
  130. AC Brotherhood Ubisoft server unavailable
  131. Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag Multiplayer problem, please help/advice
  132. Manual Camera Not Working On PC (with usb xbox controller and mouse)
  133. No people in multiplayer-AC III and AC IV
  134. Animus Hack needs a buff
  135. Locked costume
  136. Is this available for US gamers?
  137. Any ideas who's that lady who does the background commentary in ACMP??
  138. Looking for people for Brotherhood Multiplayer.
  139. Why was taunting after the timer ends removed?
  140. The Abstergo AC4 Artifact Assault Tournament
  141. PC - Sacred Land Achievement
  142. Multiplayer me weird or temporary weird?
  143. What do you think of this idea for AC: Unity & Comet?
  144. AC III MP Invisible Characters
  145. ACIV: Black Flag, Community Challenges
  146. Unique experiment with Assassin's Creed: Revelations Multiplayer
  147. Return to AC3 Duos - Live stream coverage page (channels links)
  148. RogueBlades recruiting
  149. XBOX 360 Offseason Artifact Assault Tournament! Hosted by Sith Tank~
  150. Let's Play Murder, not Dress Up
  151. Assassins Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer issue
  152. AC Brotherhood Multiplayer
  153. About Loyalty costumes
  154. My PS4 Tells Me That There Is a Double XP Weekend On AC4
  155. Favorite Assassins Creed game and why???
  156. R.I.P Multiplayer [Unity]....
  157. Assassin's Creed multiplayer modes
  158. AC4 Multiplayer bug
  159. Is daze equivalent to AC3 knives?
  160. Join TheACreed or recruit me
  161. Looking for a clan
  162. Will Multiplayer Return In AC Comet?
  163. Looking for Aussie AC Unity Preorder Team
  164. Most Valuable Players Tournament - PS3 Assassin's Creed 3, hosted by HK and Ober
  165. Pre-order unlock clan
  166. Network is red strict
  167. Need Help With Knife Stuns
  168. AC Unity Pre Order Bonuses
  169. Zoek nog NL'ers voor het Unite pre-order program - team = Wapenbroeders
  170. Assassin's Creed Unity UNITE, I need a team to join
  171. The Order of Creed [A_O] Clan recruiting
  172. Looking for Brit/Eu ACU Clan to do multiplayer coop with on game launch and after
  173. Assassins Creed Comet [Leaked]
  174. McAwesome is looking for Brothers United!
  175. How to remove somebody from UNITE clan
  176. The Green Hoods looking for members to join its brotherhood
  177. Assassins Creed eSports!
  178. Canadian ACU crew
  179. PrB Clan Looking for new members :)
  180. Disable grouping for team modes
  181. Scotland's Creed - Looking for Scottish Assassin's on PC
  182. Chainbreakers are looking for 2 more members!
  183. AC Unity clan recruitment Xbox One
  184. Poll for the 1v1 Artifact Assault Tournament
  185. FatalAssassins Clan looking for members !
  186. BloodWatch Recruitment
  187. Assassin Brothrhood looking for members on Black Flag
  188. PS4 players - could you advise on number of bugs?
  189. North American Creed. Join us at launch! (CST, EST, AST)
  190. Need an advice!
  191. Random host disconnection caused massive abstergo score loss
  192. Assassin's Creed: Unity PC
  193. I dont get any Uplay points for doing actions in Assassin's Creed II?
  194. AC inspired parkour IRL
  195. SubRosa Looking for European members
  196. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag bug
  197. Calbitos' AC4 Deathmatch Tournament [PS4]
  198. Assassin's Creed III Wolfpack
  199. The logic of issuing rating!
  200. The logic of issuing rating!
  201. AC4 multiplayer
  202. UNITE program
  203. [Unity Pre-order program] Belgian (Flemish) team looking for 2 players
  204. Anyone come across this Black Flag glitch?
  205. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Lab Technician Achievement
  206. Cannot connect to a particular friend.
  207. "The Walrus"
  208. 1v1 Artifact Assault Tournament and The NBY AC3 Artifact Assault Tournament
  209. [PC] ACB - "We did it for the glory" (Assassinate)
  210. *** Clan Recruitment *** Le Royal Ducks [DUKZ]
  211. *** Clan Recruitment *** Le Royal Ducks [DUKZ]
  212. How can I play Assassin's Creed: Revelations online??
  213. Two BUGS Story mode
  214. (Xbox360) Back To AC3 Artifact Assault Tournament Hosted by Xenthous
  215. PC | Need help with Wolfpack Ability Sets (AC4)
  216. Looking for fellow PC players to play with me
  217. Clan recruitment 4th member required
  218. CIVIC Looking for a few players on PC - AC Unity!
  219. Looking for friends to play the ACU coop with.
  220. I need pro Assassins
  221. New clan recruiting (Xbox360)
  222. AC3 Multiplayer stats bug (PLEASE HELP)
  223. Uplay name share Assassin's Creed BF
  224. Wolfpack (Xbox360)
  225. Looking For Mature Aussie's (AC Unity Pre Order Program) To Join **ITSASSASSINTIME**
  226. Multiplayer
  227. AC World Cup 2014 Artifact Assault - Brackets & Match Postings Thread!
  228. AC3 Singleplayer wont work
  229. Xbox one Assassin's creed: Unity clan recruitment!?
  230. Assassin's Creed: Revelations Rekindled Artifact Assault Week 1
  231. Disruption as a weapon of trolling mayhem
  232. Disruption as a weapon of trolling mayhem
  233. ACIV:BF Achievements not unlocking
  234. Help WANTED: PlayStation 3 AC4 Tournament
  235. AC4 | PS4 | AA | "Road to Unity" Duos Tournament
  236. Pre-order Rewards
  237. How long will AC3 and AC4 Server be available?
  238. Assassin Creed Rogue will have NO MULTIPLAYER!!!!!
  239. How
  240. The Duke and Diva Revolution
  241. AC Initiates
  242. Player - Character/Persona Stereotypes
  243. XBOX 360 Killers Roulette ACIV AA Tournament hosted by Ia Lavinia
  244. Please fix your Multiplayer and ban cheaters
  245. PainCreed <--- Join this clan
  246. Assassin's Creed: Unity Co-op
  247. One man army looking to expand
  248. UNITE pre-order team recruitment centre.
  249. UNITE - Team Member Wanted - We Just Need 1 More!
  250. I'm looking for a clan to join. AC4Blackflag