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  1. AC4 Nat Resctricted
  2. (PS4) Main Menu Friends list glitching
  3. is ac4 able to connect between consoles?
  4. Mayan Outfit Question
  5. Friends Not Working. Impossible to Invite and Compare
  6. Wolfpack Extra Objectives are broken.
  7. Multiplayer issues
  8. Anyone else get (0)(0) for Abstergo Score
  9. Recruiting New Clan Members For 360
  10. New perk idea : prevent target from hearing whispers (lightfoot)
  11. 4th Multiplayer Event - "Miserly Shadows"
  12. stuck ingame
  13. Veteran player looking for clan
  14. How to turn off voice chat?
  15. How does the Fast Recovery Perk work?
  16. AC4 MP session freeze
  17. Christmas noobs
  18. New update caused instant crash
  19. Matchmaking problem on the ps3?
  20. New clan for XBOX ONE Recruiting for people to play and compete together [SKE]
  21. some minor bugs.
  22. Where to find Basic Beginner information on MP?
  23. can i play used game in online mode?
  24. How does Daze work?
  25. didn't unlock the loyalty pack in ac4
  26. Can't connect to any sessions- Get kicked into limited mode.
  27. Animus lady is trippin
  28. Taking away parts of my interface without permission !
  29. Sacred Land Boosting
  30. Unable to join multiplayer sessions
  31. Cannot Play with Friends Online
  32. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Limited Mode
  33. Cant join any game session
  34. Clan and Uplay friends needed
  35. Elevator to the Gallows Trophy on PS4 - Request for boost
  36. Multiplayer problems
  37. 4th event is ruining the multiplayer.
  38. Does Ubisoft plan on addressing these issues?
  39. Multiplayer Challenges Reset?
  40. Veteran Player - Looking for Deathmatch and Manhunt based clan
  41. cant find any game sessions on xbox 360
  42. Looking for xbox 360 clan black flag
  43. Will I lose my AC4 saved games on Steam when reinstalling windows
  44. Freeze at lauch of the game !
  45. I'm out of patience for the following things.
  46. Anyone else not getting the Extra Objectives in Wolfpack mode?
  47. AC4: BF - MP mode: always disconnected from the host
  48. Holiday Happy Hour - Get +50% Bonus Erudito Credits!
  49. Looking for people to play with (PS4)
  50. Constant saving and kicking out of sessions
  51. cannot connect to ubisoft servers
  52. Why is it ho hard to find matches- PC
  53. Lag Issues when playing against party
  54. Does Ubi Actually care about the bugs?
  55. Wait time to start game session too long
  56. i figured out ubisoft multiplayer problem
  57. Xbox: One grouping...?
  58. Awkward abstergo points problem
  59. Is it just me or loading screens are taking forever now?
  60. What are some of the little-known facts about AC4 MP that you know of?
  61. When do abstergo reserve points get used??
  62. Can't play singleplayer
  63. Extreme Lag and Match Dropping - Holiday Issues?
  64. Multiplayer Crashes on PS4 "Profile Corruption"
  65. Assassins Creed player looking for good clan
  66. PS3 User looking for clan in AC4
  67. Multiplayer on PC has been a nightmare
  68. TDA recruiting
  69. Assassin's Creed III Multiplayer DLC Achievement Boosting + Initiates Missions (Xbox)
  70. Limited mode!!!!!!
  71. PS4 inc. || Professional Grade; Looking for a Competitive Clan (PS3)
  72. The Abstergo store is currently unavailable. Please try again later.
  73. limited mode
  74. Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag: Character Configurations
  75. Nothing i can do... Help?
  76. Multiplayer between ps3 and ps4?
  77. So can anybody tell me...
  78. State of the Servers (Xbox One)
  79. State of the Servers (Xbox One)
  80. Looking for a clan
  81. Fix This Garbage
  82. Happy New Year to this fantastic community :)
  83. I cant get out from limited mode
  84. Limited Mode Problem?
  85. Flotta
  86. Assassinate strategies and lock breaking abilities
  87. Multiplayer dissconect host
  88. Wipe vs Animus Shield+Teleport question
  89. Has the game been out long enough that people realize determined is balanced?
  90. My wish for Newyear
  91. Saving icon won't disappear when I'm in the Animus and keeps showing while in session
  92. Limited mode issues
  93. Can you include a Join Friend Game option?
  94. 8 way tie! The best match I have ever participated in!
  95. Synchronize Bug
  96. No trophy unlock
  97. Social Events Help!
  98. Kill Range in AC4!
  99. The 44000 absterdo experience pack just dissapeared!
  100. Champion Packs (AC4)
  101. [Bug Report] Multiplayer Character Models not Loading Properly
  102. Can't play multi at all (I tried everything, please help)
  103. Limited mode in assassins creed black flag
  104. ACB MP... What's Happened to the Servers?
  105. Ubisoft servers down
  106. Less is more; changes to social stealth
  107. Do the silent weapons have unique animations?
  108. Limited mode out of hand
  109. BullS**t multiplayer modes instead of a Online free-roam Co-op!
  110. Abstergo credits not adding after matches
  111. Finishing a match and then getting kicked into limited mode and losing everything
  112. благодарность
  113. Random thought about deathmatch
  114. Looking for online players (xbox) for manhunt.
  115. Confused about Contesting kills
  116. Multiple Players throw from the game ı can't multiplayer
  117. The menu
  118. Fastest way to level 55
  119. Booby trap questions / elevator to the gallows achievement
  120. AC4BFMP.exe crashing
  121. Are you LIMITED? Please Vote
  122. Bodygaurd is getting Rediculous
  123. Night maps in wolfpack?
  124. AC MP freeze middle of session
  125. Whats your favorite mp character / costume and why?
  126. Ps3 multiplayer, just lost 8 minutes, 2 accolade advancements and who knows what to
  127. Abstergo Store (in-game)
  128. Anyone like hate mail? Explain this one to me.
  129. Will you please update the community events
  130. [WOC] WaV3s of Cha0z
  131. Looking for people to play team modes. Online most of todday
  132. Accessing AC4 on my account on a different computer
  133. PS3: Assassin's Creed Botherhood MP ?
  134. [PC] Black Flag Multiplayer Disconnected from host error
  135. Ubisoft seriously??
  136. What are Your Game Statistics?
  137. Looking For Ps3 Clan AC4
  138. [PS3]: Anyone want to play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer?
  139. Poll: Your favourite Assassin's Creed Multiplayer character of all time?!
  140. I'm seeing prestige players using pistol.
  141. AC4BF MP Loyalty Costumes & Relicts
  142. I can't sneek by the guards to meet up with Kidd.
  143. PS4 double exp not working
  144. Nothing is True 14% cannot progress further
  145. Lag = Kick or what?
  146. ALL PLATFORMS || ThePlumecraft want YOU!
  147. Ps3. Freeze for few secs dc issue (with video)
  148. A brief history (and demise) of AC
  149. XBOX ONE - Wolfpack
  150. Focus stuns?
  151. cannot open multiplayer
  152. Option to matchmake without prestige.
  153. Odd multiplayer bug - character did not respawn after death.
  154. Created clan,need friends.
  155. WANTED - Regular online friends!
  156. Can anyone REPAIR THIS STUPID GAME, REALLY? anyone reads this forum!!! GAME IS FAIL!
  157. Using disruption to drain the approach metre
  158. AAB (All About Business) recruitment is open!
  159. AC4 Xbox 360 Clan
  160. Simple Deathmatch Clan
  161. looking for xbox 360 clan for AC4 Black FLag
  162. Server down? 1/4/2014
  163. Limited Mode All PS platforms/AC games
  164. Anyone else having UPlay not log on for AC 4?
  165. I'm looking for an xbox360 ma and/or aa clan
  166. ddos attack cant log in to ubisoft
  167. Constant Trouble Launching Multiplayer
  168. Running in Manhunt?
  169. Crashing back to home screen when playing multiplayer
  170. So,actually.. ( Multiplayer Question )
  171. AC4 Domination Tournament
  172. Caut jucatori RO/Looking for players to play with
  173. white tab on assasins creed
  174. Simple Deathmatch, New Year, New Luck
  175. (X360) Brazilian AA Trios Tournament, Starting on Jan 15-20 2014
  176. Challenges Reset AC Black Flag
  177. Multipayer crash AC BF
  178. An idea for an AC contest that would benefit the developers
  179. Challenges reset AGAIN
  180. stun
  181. Is there a way to view your challenge progress outside the game (from the internet)?
  182. Ubisoft won t bring simple deathmatch back, sad, sad
  183. Ship battles in multiplayer
  184. (PC) Forced walk when exiting haybale/bench
  185. [TBA.] The Bloody Assassin's ARE RECRUITING!!
  186. The fastest way to earn Abstergo credits...
  187. Hmmm? no more money to ubisoft for me...
  188. Server Stability?
  189. Title Update 3?
  190. PC MP Not working/broken
  191. Domination/Poison Dart Exploit?
  192. multiplayer progress all LOST
  193. New ac4 patch on ps4 resets your account!
  194. Patch erased my progress
  195. All of my work gone!!!!
  196. {PS4} Multiplayer completely deleted
  197. PS4 update patch 1.03 wiped out my multiplayer progress
  198. Freedom Cry Freezes
  199. Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag, Ports to be opened.
  200. Are players getting overly competitive these days?
  201. Assassin's Creed 3 & 4: RAR and CAC Artifact Assault Tournament!
  202. Assassin's Creed 3 & 4: RAR and CAC Artifact Assault Tournament! (Xbox 360)
  203. MULTI New look champion pack ?
  204. Should the approach meter reward points on a progressive gradient?
  205. Try out my gamelab mode? All Out Deathmatch.
  206. At least let us *DO* something while in Limited Mode
  207. DKA Dark Knight Assassins
  208. Any word on challenges being reset? (PS4)
  209. Return to Revelations Artifact Assault Tournament, Saturday March 1st '14 3pm CT
  210. More details on obtaining specific MP costumes
  211. The Syndicate Gaming Network
  212. Putting together a 20-part AC4 multiplayer strategy guide would love feedback!
  213. Multiplayer Constantly Saving
  214. Ps4 AC4 limited mode issue
  215. The high profile autolock prompt
  216. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag multiplayer stun tactics and trick moves
  217. Saved Games
  218. learn how to get running bench kills for 1350! not sitting on the bench!!
  219. Interface at start of session, no compass. Why?
  220. using your death streak x2 to an amazing advantage!
  221. the perfect way to set up your abilitys!! big advantage!!
  222. Illustrious Pirates DLC - not on PC yet
  223. Looking for an active Assassins Creed Group i can play with!
  224. PS3 AC4 Duos Tournament (Just-For-Fun xP)
  225. [PC] Illustrious pirates pack : Multiplayer content
  226. Illustrious pirates pack : Multiplayer content
  227. Champion packs Dissapeared? and Interface Glitch
  228. PC Multiplayer friends list issue (PS4 Reportedly affected too)
  229. Assassin's Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Sign Out Glitch? {Xbox 360}
  230. unstoppable issues
  231. Two Faced Scalywags on 360 is open for tournaments.
  232. How do you send an idea for the next Assassin's Creed game?
  233. Catch up event for PS4 (1/10-13) - Takeover
  234. [PC] 'Leaving Game Session' error prompt won't let me play.
  235. Ac4 mulityplay server
  236. Challenges reset on their own.
  237. PS4 Assassin's Creed glitch, cannot get the game in progress! help!
  238. This is getting worse.
  239. Hidden Blade mechanism
  240. Abtergo points bug
  241. A very fun down to the last second AA match (ACR)
  242. Pop in on ps4!!??
  243. Looking for a Little Advice
  244. The Illustrious Pirates DLC Pack
  245. Ummmm...This doesn't seem right...
  246. XbOne players looking for a team/clan? Post here!
  247. Elite Fire Barrel Storage Treasure Map
  248. Unusually Restricted NAT
  249. Double XP NOT working (Again)
  250. AC4BF - Multiplayer - Characters customization