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  1. Heads up play I just made
  2. Can't find a game in multiplayer
  3. More info about "stun-locking"
  4. Why dont we have this option?
  5. "The Mole" & "The Sneaker" Accolades
  6. Lets form a AC3 WiiU multiplayer community here!
  7. Liberation multiplayer; How the F*ck does it work?
  8. Haybale and monkey stuns?
  9. Searching clan members PS3! (headset required)
  10. What is going on with Assassination???
  11. Is It Just Me Or...
  12. i just want to play wanted.
  13. Most Popular Multiplayer Character
  14. AC 3 Has Massive Lags
  15. Buying skins with erudito credits
  16. Insane reach
  17. Why is there no Difficult or Hardcore open Wolfback??
  18. Adjust Extreme Variety Bonus'
  19. Where is the awesome costume that hides the hunters face?
  20. Abstergo Ladder
  21. Why was Naval Combat not in Multiplayer?
  22. Alliance, is it ever gonna be brought back?
  23. More problems with limited mode PC AC3
  24. "You Have Killed Your Pursuer"
  25. Dropstuns?
  26. Should drop stuns be in the AC3 Multiplayer?
  27. How to get abstergo relic
  28. Looking for a clan, preferably one for wolfpack, but for team games as well.
  29. Prestige 5 Looking for Team
  30. Interesting Lag Moment
  31. Please fix! This!
  32. The AC3 Dev Tracker Thread (Updated August 1st)
  33. Should the Champion packs cost less?
  34. "Leave No Witnesses"
  35. Is there a cap on Abstergo Score?
  36. Need Good People
  37. The Independent White Costume with a Hood?
  38. Anyone else have framerate issues in multiplayer?
  39. Problems with Ubisoft Severs
  40. Best game I ever played but one game killing factor for multiplayer.
  41. Why Am I Losing Abstergo Score?
  42. Difference between cracked version and paid version
  43. Make some bigger maps please!!!!
  44. Smoke Bombs?
  45. Assassins Creed 3 multiplayer limited ((
  46. Low framerate on MP (PC)
  47. Ubisoft please read this.
  48. Hoping this can be answered in Dev Tracker thread!
  49. "press RS to search group"
  50. Won't connect to any game [pc]
  51. Patch the Patch ?
  52. Multiplayer Uplay Issue limited mode
  53. UBI can't master the art of match making?
  54. The problem with limited mode.
  55. AC3MP stop running when I enter the tutorials mode
  56. Wolfpack Honor
  57. Advanced Playground
  58. OK Ubisoft, time for answers.
  59. Whats this? New event wil start soon (PC)
  60. Ladders explained
  61. Thinking about filing a credit fraud report with Visa.
  62. Join the Abstergo Shadow Squad and Help usher in the new era. (Assassins Creed 3/360)
  63. The 4 Things Every Assassin's Creed 3 player has to stop whining about
  64. player on steam
  65. Please help . AC3 PC Multiplayer says server unavailable
  66. Clans
  67. Afraid to complain
  68. How do I get "The Mole" accolade?
  69. How's the multiplayer on PS3? Might scrap this PC crap...
  70. Thanksgiving Patch Now Available!
  71. How are players killing *my* Targets?
  72. Help with AC3 Multiplayer Connection
  73. We have three assassin creed titlesthat have multiplayer and none work for sh1t.
  74. Patch Worked in Turkey (Now People Can Play Multiplayer With UPlay Serial)
  75. limited mode ps3 ac3 mp
  76. Please dont steal the torrent of our game, buy the sh1tty one that doesnt work (PC)
  77. Wipe: The Quick Thinker Challenge: How do you "Counter" Ranged, Bomb, and Teleport?
  78. Assassin's Creed 3 NAT Question[PC]
  79. newbie
  80. PC: Limited Mode and lost purchases [abilities, customization etc]
  81. [RATH] Rise Above Hate [Recruitin xbl]
  82. Question about Assassins Creed multiplayer.
  83. Multiplayer issues still not fixed??
  84. Multiplayer Errors...
  85. Anyone else losing crafting plus the spent credits?
  86. [PC] Multiplayer matchmaking opinion
  87. No Deathmatch map for New York Brewery?
  88. Your game nicks for multiplayer games as friends.
  89. Smoke bombs & aggressive stunners
  90. Abstergo Points
  91. Need wolfpack team! (xbox 360)
  92. MP character avatars for PSN?
  93. Loyalty of Multiplayer Characters?
  94. The complete PC-Community is UNABLE to play multiplayer.
  95. Limited Mode?
  96. Figured out why Multiplayer doesn't work on PC.
  97. [PC] AC3 - Can't invite friends
  98. PC's ACB-MP, ACR-MP as well as AC3-MP down. Why are teh first two affected at all UBI
  99. Quick question
  100. AC 3 Problem: Limited mode MP
  101. Changing username
  102. November 30th?
  103. PC Multiplayer problem
  104. Give PC gamers their own multplayer forum.
  105. AC3 abstergo ranking ladder
  106. Is ACR still active? (PS3)
  107. Hey Ubisoft, you busy counting our money?
  108. Assassin's Creed Revelations Multiplayer -Session not found-
  109. Lock to stun bodyguard or at the least a non-prompted dedicated stun button
  110. I can't find a match
  111. Is the ability Morph working for you?
  112. The Gun and It's Bonuses
  113. Attention Deathmatch players!
  114. Tip for finding games.
  115. Asterisks.
  116. Costumes resetting
  117. Please!! Make Multiplayer Ship Battles
  118. Knife throwing noobs
  119. Free For All Problems
  120. Eject button
  121. Competitive Assassinate with or without smoke?
  122. How to stun?
  123. My MP fixed.....uninstall all steam related Uplay games and Uplay itself then.......
  124. post here or add me if you wanna play multiplayer
  125. Got my money refunded.
  126. Assassins creed 3 multiplayer bug
  127. Just a quick question.
  128. Why nobody considers my questions?
  129. Why aren't the Board games in multiplayer?
  130. Are you aware there is a contest going on to win a free season pass?
  131. Assasins creed 3 nobody online !?!?!??
  132. Voice component to taunts
  133. You have been disconnected from the host
  134. помогите чуваки!!!
  135. Possible Port's missing in Port forwarding
  136. Repeat after me:
  137. Looking for explanations.
  138. Someone is playing right now??
  139. Smoke bomb delay?
  140. Patch not working
  141. Seriously Ubisoft
  142. AC3MP.exe Stopped Working..
  143. Stun and kill on the same button..
  144. Tip: Almost every strategy you hate is countered by social stealth
  145. I'm so disappointed...
  146. Ubisoft should stick to consoles and mobile devices.
  147. The caracters!
  148. Anyone going back to Revelations?
  149. Can't reack multiplayer seasons
  150. Assasins Creed 3 Players online
  151. AC3: Creating a game as a group kicks all players
  152. AC3 Abstergo Score Problem
  153. Ubisoft support seems clueless
  154. When the hell is multiplayer going to get fixed ?!
  155. Brotherhood's Kill Animations
  156. Looking for clan, and people to play with!!!!
  157. The visionary accolade
  158. Black Sceen that forces PS3 restart
  159. Clan listing?
  160. Tell me about the Throwing Knives ability
  161. characters
  162. A few complaints / suggestions
  163. PC Users - The network seems a lot better now. Give it a try
  164. Full perks, kill streaks, and loss bonus guide
  165. Will Not Play
  166. Ubisoft: stop patching things on your own ideas.
  167. Offensive manhunt round - firecrackers or wipe?
  168. Crash PC bevause of multiplayer
  169. Is anything being done to make the online experience better?
  170. Are Bodyguard/Decoy obsolete because of the "Activation Sound"?
  171. champion pack
  172. AC3,why it's just an upgraded ACR
  173. Champion packs on PC?
  174. 11/26 Champions Pics
  175. Do not buy champion pach this week
  176. What exactly does sixth sense?
  177. Do knife stunning have been removed?
  178. How to change Multiplayer Language?
  179. New DLC Personas
  180. Things i find stupid/frustrating in AC3 MP
  181. Hay guys i found this guy online check his multiplayer videos :)
  182. Looking for Multiplayer Teamates
  183. The Only Thing That Upsets Me About AC Multiplayer
  184. does multiplayer work now?
  185. Abstergo Elite Recruitment Thread (PS3)
  186. Code Not Working - What should I do?
  187. Lock System Frustration
  188. I can't get rid of my red NAT status, please help!
  189. Domination Major Bug
  190. AC3 Multiplayer Servers Never Working?
  191. Assassins creed revelations: No servers?
  192. New York Brewery glitch
  193. Ladder rankings and team modes
  194. Champions of the week (11/26 to 12/02)
  195. AC Revelations PC Multiplayer Blues
  196. Returning maps and characters for AC:3
  197. Are champion packs included in the season pass?
  198. Does bodyguard count as a stun?
  199. quick questions about the player profile in multiplayer.
  200. Stun problem
  201. More Incentive
  202. Can't play multiplayer
  203. Developers Questions and Answers #1
  204. Cant find your games after uplay uppdate? RE-LOG
  205. Death match - line of sight - find the right target
  206. Fix Matchmaking For AC3?
  207. Abstergo Loyalty Gifts Problem
  208. its just too much
  209. multiplayer green horn looking for a clan
  210. Delayed kill bug.
  211. connection problems MP
  212. Alliance
  213. 31 levels of Abstergo credits GONE, bought abilities gone yet game remembers my rank
  214. Sharpshooter for PC
  215. Friend dc
  216. Sharpshooter
  217. BEWARE: You can buy items in the Abstergo Store, that you can`t use
  218. dont leave games or UBI will stick you in a neverevending cycle of games that include
  219. Define OSB
  220. Fix disguise already. Sheesh.
  221. Getting killed immediately.
  222. Does each character get only one Champion pack costume?
  223. Problema con mutltiplayer/ Problem whit multiplayer
  224. Do you want your characters to stop wobbling in morph giving you away?
  225. yo pros
  226. PC: You have veen disconected from the host
  227. Clans?
  228. POISON...useless so take it out as nobody sees the symbol or increase score for it pl
  229. Cheats already out :( (pc)
  230. PC controllers not usable in AC3?
  231. Losing points for leaving
  232. Searching for clan on PS3 (AC3)
  233. ability sets help
  234. Costumes and Customization
  235. Second Multiplayer Event: Reinforcement
  236. Is the Abstergo rank busted or what?
  237. XB360 Assassins of Fortitude Clan (Recruitment now open for PS3 AND Xbox!)
  238. Changing psn account
  239. Xbox able to choose map when creating a group, PC cant?
  240. Assassin Acquaintance Thread, Randomness Required
  241. Wanted: How Do You Take 1st By 2300pts Every Game?
  242. Single Player Disc Co-Op?
  243. Assassin's Creed's Revolution ps3 recuiting
  244. For anyone just dying to have some sort of free roam multiplayer I have your answer
  245. ATTENTION assassin's creed 3 multiplayer-how do abstergo points, score work.problems.
  246. Remove stuns from counting toward streak or perhaps create a streak dedicated to stun
  247. [pc] multiplayer fixes that are really needed!!!! [pc]
  248. Insane FFA tournament: Grand Finals results (ASN/DM/WA)
  249. Bring Back more Varied weapons?!
  250. abstergo points