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  1. Please would you be able to add support for re-binding the right analogue stick
  2. Why so many server shutdowns
  3. Why am I getting connection errors?
  4. Kidding with people!!!
  5. Error code #0_34 [The Crew PC]
  6. 04/12/14 maintenance
  7. Error Code #4_5eaa9404_1
  8. Xbox controller calibration problem
  9. bag with driver help setting
  10. The Crew is not opening
  11. landmarks are missing
  12. need help please URGENTLY :)
  13. pre order content and season pass
  14. Stuck at prolouge
  15. Lost my patience.
  16. Kicked 16 minutes into a race? - Ubisoft respond please
  17. [PC] No controller preset for xbox controller
  18. xbox 360 - uplay ..and crew
  19. Same network multiplayer issues
  20. harrys mission...WILL NOT LOAD
  21. Where Do I Find My DLC From The Gold Edition?
  22. Second profile (2 Different Game Saves)
  23. Problème en rapport a la connexion je pensse
  24. Random crashes [PC, Steam]
  25. [PC] Lost ability to bind keys
  26. Nvidia Kernel Mode Driver Crash
  27. Appcrash
  28. Appcrash
  29. Cannot buy credit in region 3 the crew blue ray
  30. Ok I by pass first issue, but I am with a new one and this will be going for more
  31. Game Crash
  32. Glitched in a loop?
  33. Where is my Mini Cooper from the Limited Edition (PS4)?
  34. Workaround for crewinvites for friends and players
  35. Visual disorder ?
  36. Can't play with friends
  37. Blank wing and rear view mirrors in cockpit camera
  38. Were is my Mini Cooper and 10000 CC!?
  39. The Crew Error #4_7c044567_1
  40. my cars are 1200 and they dont show the power they got
  41. Nvidia shield controller support
  42. ETA on a fix
  43. Why do I have no more maps?
  44. Respawn bug
  45. "File corrupted. This program has been manipulated..."
  46. How to leave a crew group in the game?
  47. Players randomly appear / dissapear or don't show at all
  48. [COMPLETED] [05/12] Maintenance- All Platforms - 2AM to 2:15AM GMT
  49. [PC] Infinity Loading Screen
  50. PVPs not working
  51. HELP! my cars are very slow i cant finish races in time , and car ghosts are bugged
  52. Ferrari 458 & Mclaren 12C not showing up?
  53. Stuck on loading screen (PS4)
  54. Opening PS4 ports as a last resort
  55. Didnt get the "Actions"
  56. downloaded the game on my laptop and i am now trying to transfer over to my desktop
  57. Can't get Hidden Cars!!! Help
  58. some installation issues, cant start the game
  59. Enyone else having lag in coop races?
  60. Game Crash and Other stuff that Bothers me.
  61. Can't Access UPLAY on 360
  62. A short Bug Report
  63. Bug wih Textures
  64. The crew doesn't launch
  65. Ironclad Dadh mission time issues
  66. Acceleration Problems
  67. The Crew ( PC ) does not start
  68. Driving wheel problems.
  69. Wont save controller keybindings
  70. Game loosing connection right after a race is done
  71. [PC] crew FPS problems on a decent computer
  72. Feature request - Add BRIEF to menu
  73. PC and PS4 accounts
  74. ubilairs
  75. Visual customization options disappeared...
  76. The Crew region-play locked or only region-buy locked?
  77. Ubisoft, what is going on with this. . . Multiple issues.
  78. restart the crew
  79. Waste of a birthday present="The Crew"
  80. PVP Issues in the game, anyone else? known issue or no?
  81. Serious problems with crew
  82. [PC] Horrible Frame Judder in Family Matters (D Vs P Race)
  83. [UBI MUST FREAKING READ] About the driving system (physics, response, etc)
  84. Golden Plates - I'M GOING ANGRY!
  85. Error #0_27
  86. I want my money back.
  87. Guess what xbox 360 the crew is still frozen !!!!!
  88. Dont buy the crew on xbox 360 they wont fix any problems
  89. Preorder, Season pass cars missing - PC steam/uplay
  90. Missing cars?
  91. [PC] Never Received Preorder Bonus Code - purchased nov 11
  92. Lost ALL my progress??
  93. all cars gone from my inventory.
  94. stuck at loading screen(game worked before todays 9pm EST patch)
  95. why the chat button dont work?how to check who in server with me? & one more question
  96. Fix your car for free??!??! just park for a lil bit
  97. [PC] Laggs and huge FPS rops in Cities
  98. DAY 3 and still no play
  99. Bigger glitch
  100. Car Missing
  101. What the hell Ubisoft, all my cars just disappeared, this isnt funny.
  102. Can't join with friends.
  103. Will there be any fullstock car race?
  104. [XBOX ONE] Crash the Game on Loading and Corrupt Savegame Data.
  105. [PC] Pre-Order content is gone !
  106. PC and PS4 accounts - The Crew
  107. PC DLC/Season pass broken!
  108. Refunding crew points?
  109. Crashing in car collection
  110. Still having issues with joining friends
  111. Nonstop hand twitching in cockpit view when driving straight
  112. Randomly just lost my Mclaren and Leferrari
  113. Microsoft Wireless Wheel
  114. [05/12] Maintenance? is is completed or not?
  115. 50 Level max? Really?
  116. Patch is out ?
  117. RP not adding up on the 360
  118. Problem witch content(Russian language)
  119. Driver randomly turning the steering wheel
  120. lost all cars Gold Edition
  121. The Crew crashes randomly.
  122. Lost cars + addons
  123. DFGT force feedback randomly stops functioning
  124. Driving Force GT Problem
  125. Free Drive prblm
  126. Where are my cars? What's the policy?
  127. Eh... all the pre-order and season pass car are missing?
  128. The Crew is shutting down my PC
  129. [PC] Steam Overlay not working with The Crew
  130. I believe that i haven't gotten my pre order cars the mini cooper and bmw
  131. Lots of problems & Lost cars
  132. Achievements there but not there
  133. Maintenance announcement spamming
  134. lvl 1299 car GONE
  135. Can't find my McLaren 12C and Ferrari 458 Speciale
  136. Error code 0_#24
  137. The Crew is shutting down my PC
  138. Missing two bonus cars
  139. FOV scale factor
  140. lost paint, stickers, etc
  141. Can Someone answer my question already?
  142. Help with ports please
  143. Selling Vehicle Parts / Tunings ?
  144. Game doesn't keep progress. Bug?
  145. how i get a friend in my session? or vica versa
  146. Supported Wheels...?
  147. Session empty of players
  148. Staying logged in?
  149. Logitech G27 wheel support at The Crew on PS4 ?
  150. force feedback issues
  151. Somehow got instant level 50 and $9,999,999 bucks
  152. Where the **** is my mini
  153. they don't want to admit! (Ubisoft)
  154. The Crew G27 Help
  155. Too many bugs to list
  156. Visited landmarks not saving?
  157. Problems with saving 360 Controller settings on PC
  158. Ошибка #0_2
  159. More Connection Issues - And yes, I have Port Forwarded
  160. 360 Controller and Collection screen crash (PC)
  161. Spotted an error with Dirt tune once hit level 10
  162. Is statistics lost problem fixed yet?
  163. игра с одного ip
  164. "Challenges offline"
  165. PS4 - preordered gold edition
  166. Connection problem?
  167. BUG List
  168. Microphone muting while starting up the crew
  169. A weird bug I've just experienced
  170. game lag pc issues
  171. SOUND BUG: Ford Mustang - Garage
  172. It cant play
  173. HElp are the servers down it 7 am pst , never had this problem before
  174. Error while runnung the game
  175. The Crew won't start
  176. Wheel vs keyboard speed
  177. Lag Problem
  178. Game hitching with new RAM
  179. A simple report-- help me to make this post (bugs,errors,problems)
  180. PvP - Stuck on loading screen
  181. Game constantly freezing [PC]
  182. logitech dual action gamepad
  183. the crew sesson pass
  184. I Finish Actions and i dont get the uplay points rewadr
  185. Suggestion
  186. Can't download the game Uplay, why????
  187. all my high level stats and performance cars are slower than my friends first standar
  188. Lambroghini Aventador bug. . .
  189. Can't connect
  190. Collision Glitch
  191. Can't play with my friend
  192. Crew in The Crew
  193. Enginesound stuttering
  194. Bug D'accélération
  195. what a ...?!
  196. So today i was just earning some RP and this happened
  197. Can't read half the font on the 360
  198. Season Pass
  199. Force FeedBack Logitech G27
  200. Install download?
  201. [PC] Driving Force GT User Needs help
  202. [PC] Crash while browsing collection in HQ or garage
  203. Running the Crew with multiple inputs, not working.
  204. [PC] mirrors not working cockpit view
  205. The Crew Stopped Working at Press Any Key Screen .Help Plz
  206. Server maint news should be 2 hrs in advance and in game...
  207. No players in session
  208. HELP I cant play !!!
  209. Problems in the crew
  210. Error Code #02_12
  211. Game crashes at the intro after the escape from the Police!
  212. Why is the online now playing up cant load in.
  213. lost progress after disconnection + small bugs/some small tweaks
  214. [PS4] Events take forever to start
  215. Option to set the screen size!
  216. Problem with steering wheel (trust gxt 27)
  217. Inviting issues.
  218. Jump skill 18
  219. Ilija-Reason?
  220. Mini Cooper Limited Edition
  221. Застрял в игре.
  222. Bought a car, can´t use it...
  223. Screen down on the crew
  224. Car colors dissapearing?
  225. How To: Join A Specific Player
  226. Fix this damn game!!!
  227. Game is freezing randomly on PC.
  228. PC: Separate / USB Pedals not recognized
  229. Controller didn't work with uplay anyone know why
  230. Controller didn't work with uplay anyone know why
  231. lots of bugs!and pedestrian cars not moving and and and!We need a sorry gift from ubi
  232. The game closes for no reason, and notifications.
  233. Can't Play With Friends + Other Misc Issues
  234. Takedown missions
  235. The Eternal PvP Queue
  236. Game keeps crashing after 0-20 seconds of drivings.
  237. No Way to Paint Car a New Color?
  238. Manual Control (H-Shift) using Gears 1,2,3,4,5,6 keybinds for Keyboard
  239. Teamspeak and in game sounds
  240. What the hell is wrong with this game
  241. Fast Travel is Ruining the Game!!!!!!!!
  242. Online features are BROKEN [PS4]
  243. Problem in start up the game
  244. pre order items
  245. save game is corrupted
  246. How to view current FPS??
  247. Screensaver turning on mid-game / playing with G27 / game not "active"
  248. Ford Raptor specs
  249. Issues with the game that were not fixed in beta. etc.
  250. having trouble with The Crew Themes