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  1. [PC] My xbox one controller doesnt work.
  2. [General] Language / Russian
  3. [PC] The crew on steam, will not finish ''first time setup''
  4. [PS4] An utterly annoying bug.
  5. [PC] Screen goes black every few seconds? please help?
  6. [PC] Game Crashes as soon as it detects my Gamepad
  7. [PC] crew is crashing
  8. Hey what are you guys doing!!!!!
  9. [PC] help me
  10. [PC] Not luanching
  11. [PC] No se abre el juego
  12. [General] All Servers Must Be Shut Down
  13. [PC] Help me plz
  14. [PS4] I am here by giving ubisoft entertainment 24hrs to fix this issue or .....
  15. [PC] [PC] Game Screen becomes white sometimes
  16. [PC] Ключ активации / Активировать код: КЛЮЧА Н
  17. [PC] In-game overlay ubi store does not work
  18. Cant download/play Wild Run dlc for The Crew
  19. [PC] no picture just sound
  20. The Crew(Worldwide) [UBI30]
  21. [PC] Will there ever be a fix for Nvidia card users?
  22. [PC] Activation key / Activate code
  23. [PC] The Crew Account Reset
  24. [PC] Base-to-Ultimate Edition Upgrade question
  25. [General] Remove Hands and Steering Wheel in Cockpit View and Disable Camera Movement
  26. [PC] i need offlcial support!
  27. [PC] Game crashing on startup
  28. [PC] Help me! Omar mission freeze.
  29. [PS4] Infinite loading screen
  30. [PC] PLEASE HELP PLEASE README!! The Crew PC Has Stopped Working Appcrash
  31. [XboxOne] Races Won't Unlock?
  32. [PC] Хочу получить русскую версию игры.
  33. [PC] Restart Game!
  34. [PC] THE CREW keeps going back and forth to desktop!
  35. [PS4] G29 Ps4 (Steering wheel)
  36. [PC] Russian version the Crew
  37. [PC] The Crew ne fonctionne pas
  38. [General] The crew 2!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. [PC] Bugged fragment crate issue.
  40. [PC] Uplay lost the game
  41. [PC] Wont start rigth
  42. Bug....
  43. [PC] 1984 Kawasaki Ninja stock exhaust doesn't align with the NOS flame
  44. [PC] Launcher crash "Error" program not working
  45. [PC] Wild Run Demo download size?
  46. [PC] Season pass content is gone.
  47. [PC] Game Crash at startup
  48. [PS4] The Crew Ultimate Edition - Wild Run Activation?
  49. [PC] the crew crash on startup soulution
  50. [PC] game crashes on startup... HELP
  51. [PC] Infinite loading when entering missions
  52. [PC] In game online sessions severely broken.
  53. [PC] Help
  54. [PC] I have a weird porblem...
  55. [PC] I have extremely server problem
  56. [PC] Can't enter the circuit tuner
  57. [PS4] The Crew
  58. [XboxOne] not working
  59. [PC] what an odd bug i ran into today
  60. [PC] Can I turn off crates in free mode?
  61. [PC] The Crew Wild Run?
  62. [PC] Black Screen The Crew (STEAM) Windows 10 Creators
  63. [PC] My game has been crashing on launch for 2 weeks : Here is how I fixed it.
  64. [PC] Trial Version
  65. [PC] The Crew
  66. [PC] The Crew services unavailable more than 7 hours now
  67. [PC] The Crew running slow...
  68. [PC] Crash on load
  69. [PC] Pvp
  70. [PC] Camera auto changing
  71. [PC] руссифткацмя игры the crew!!
  72. [General] Somebody want steal my account
  73. [PC] the crew trava instalação em 5/6 ao iniciar game. THE CREW INSTALL HELPER
  74. [PS4] The Extra Mile trophy problem
  75. [PC] Game crash
  76. [PC] any game not downloading please help me
  77. [PC] Can't send friends in factions missionss
  78. [PC] Can't unlock FORD MUSTANG 2015 for THE CREW 2
  79. [PC] Twitch app + ubisoft
  80. [PC] Ridiculous Lag
  81. [PC] Prob DirectX problem. Game crashed.
  82. [PC] The Crew Ordner in Dokumenten leer!
  83. [PC] I can only get smart loot
  84. [PC] [Issue]The Crew CTD's on boot.
  85. [XboxOne] Unable to log into the game; No longer have season pass?
  86. [PS4] Versatile Showman Award Bugged
  87. [PC] the crew game not working
  88. [PC] The Game Doesn't Start
  89. [PC] The Crew doesn't install.
  90. [PC] The Crew game doesn't start
  91. [PC] Crash on Startup
  92. [PS4] Lost Save Data
  93. [PS4] Exploration Bug
  94. [PC] Game Crash on launch
  95. Summit score gone
  96. [PC] Have only the test version.
  97. [PC] I've bought the crew, but i've got trial version.
  98. [PC] Low In Game Sound Volume
  99. [PC] The Crew have lot of bugs making the game not so good as you can see
  100. [PC] The crew nÃo abre e para de funcionar
  101. [PC] I can not launch the crew on steam, it always crash for some reason.
  102. [XboxOne] diamonds on the crew lvl 50 and up platnium parts mean what?
  103. [PC] Stuck on Map Loading Screen
  104. controller on game start????
  105. [PC] G29 racing wheel throttle problem
  106. [PC] Looking for good settings for Thrustmaster T150
  107. [PC] My ps3 controller is having issues with controlling the cars
  108. [PC] Install Helper Bug
  109. [PC] Xfinity race stuck on the map (map dont load????)
  110. [PS4] GPS Disappears
  111. [PC] This game is using 100% cpu power of all my 8 4.0GHz cores
  112. [PC] The Crew crash on startup
  113. [PC] Lost save file, started a new one then suddenly old one overwritten the new one.
  114. [PC] The Crew Season Pass steam to Uplay Need Fast anwers!
  115. [PC] Crew not installing
  116. [PC] Enduring Spirit Achievement (or lack of)
  117. [PS4] Where is my DLC?
  118. [PS4] DLC not unlocking on sub account
  119. [PC] I got the Show Off Award but didn't unlock the bonus vehicle for The Crew 2
  120. [XboxOne] The Crew Error Codes #4_2_1, #4_396b37e_1
  121. [PC] Sometimes white screen during the delivery of the box
  122. [PS4] T500RS + TH8RS Shifter BUG
  123. [PC] The game does not give me more auto parts in the daily quests of the boxes
  124. [PC] The Crew Error Code #0_35
  125. [PC] Logitech Controller Profiling
  126. [PC] The Crew.exe has stopped working
  127. [PC] The Crew fechando sozinho
  128. [PC] Iinfinite/ endless loading screen It also happens when i change cars.
  129. [PC] Navigation bug
  130. [PC] locations Awards bug?
  131. [PC] How-To: Fix the microphone issue with The Crew
  132. [PS4] The Crew Rough Terrain Trophy
  133. [PC] Audio volume issue
  134. Game unplayable need help
  135. [PC] Installing all day long
  136. [General] Login Issues / Different Logins?
  137. [PC] The Crew Wild Run shows up trial version
  138. [PS4] Missing spec for Z4
  139. [PS4] Other players disappearing
  140. [Uplayshop] Can I activate Wild Run key now?
  141. [PC] Driving force gt
  142. [PC] Servers Down please wait?
  143. [PC] Police chase bugged
  144. [PC] Terrain not loading
  145. [PC] error
  146. [PC] Infinite loading in missions
  147. [PC] The Crew Summit ; why can't I use MY cars (drift, drag...) ?
  148. [PC] Thrustmaster t300 rs not recognised
  149. Xbox 360 controller doesn't connect with The Crew
  150. [PC] restart game
  151. [PC] The Crew launch problem
  152. [PC] Achievement not registered
  153. [PC] Black screen
  154. [PS4] Delete Account?
  155. [PC] Problem to drive in crew
  156. [PC] 3rd person camera issue
  157. [PC] the crew 2
  158. [PC] Game crash during or after a PVP session
  159. [General] Como son los controles del manejo no la puedo restaurar!
  160. [PC] The game won't launch !
  161. [PC] Help!
  162. [PC] Crash on launch
  163. [PC] the crew stops working on launch
  164. [PS4] The CREW 2 Reward Program - what about last rewards?
  165. [PC] Can the game please stop changing my microphone settings?
  166. [PC] Beta Access
  167. [PC] Leveling Up Missions in Driver Info
  168. [PC] i can't play this event
  169. [PC] Season Pass Cars unavailable, plz help
  170. [PC] Error #3_bb6835cf_4
  171. [PC] Error Code #5 f76b6ff1_1
  172. The Crew crash enter in game
  173. [PC] W.t.H. Strange message ?
  174. [PC] The game doesn't work
  175. [PC] The Crew is not working
  176. [XboxOne] Summit Rewards
  177. [PC] Total Played Hours reseted
  178. [PC] The game doesnt install Help me please!!!
  179. [PC] Racer Bounty Points not going up or down ?
  180. [General] Didnt get my crew credits...
  181. [PC] [PC] Error Code #3_f76b6ff1_1
  182. [XboxOne] Error code: #3_589f57fb_5
  183. [PC] [PC] Error Code - #3_7f0fbc84_142
  184. Getting a instabilities issue when trying to log on
  185. [PC] monitor not recognized when the crew is open and running.
  186. WEBSITE: The crew 2 Homepage is not working.
  187. [PC] Problem With launching The crew sice the new Uplay Update
  188. [PC] White screen after colision
  189. [PS4] Work The Body on Platinum
  190. [PC] russian version
  191. [PC] No Bucks for Race
  192. [PC] Rewards I never got my 50,000 Crew Credits.
  193. [PS4] I lost all of my DLC on an locked account
  194. [PC] pvp lobby issue/lag
  195. [PC] Supporter Abilities Fail To Work
  196. [PC] Nvidia 387.78 Colors/Shaders HUD Issue
  197. [PC] The Crew not launching
  198. [PC] Cannot invite friend to the crew
  199. [PC] The Crew, need help.
  200. [PS4] Save Game Region
  201. [PS4] The crew
  202. [PC] Crew not working
  203. [PC] Launching problem
  204. [PC] Bought all fullstock cars but says I'm still missing 23?
  205. [PC] Offense Crate Runs Lowering Volume Of Other Programs
  206. [PS4] Can't play The Crew
  207. [PC] What is wrong with your installer/game???
  208. [PC] Can't complete mission
  209. [PC] Cop crate has a car reward that I already own and I'm stuck.
  210. [PC] beugue a repetition
  211. [PS4] Says ubisoft server is down
  212. [PC] Error code #0_39
  213. [PC] #0_24
  214. [PC] Error #3_589f57fb_96
  215. [PC] Help Needed
  216. [PS4] ERROR:#3_396b37e_126
  217. [PC] Help
  218. [PC] I can't play The Crew anymore
  219. [PC] Game keeps giving me a black screen for like 5 seconds every 30 odd seconds
  220. [PC] Cars disappeared from my garage
  221. [PC] issues with update
  222. [PC] The Crew Minimalizing by clicking ENTER
  223. [PC] wrong dlc purchase
  224. [PC] The Crew has stopped working
  225. [PC] The Crew has stopped working (Debugged Access Violation)
  226. [PC] How to Setup G920 Wheel in game
  227. [PC] Stuck loading 1/1, 1/2, 5/6, Etc
  228. [PC] A SMS with The Crew Season Pass bought,but in the game it isn't a trace of DLC
  229. [PC] CREW UPLAY Installation Problem! Help!
  230. [PC] Just Pathetic - CREW Problems
  231. [PC] Trying to reinstall The Crew, each time it brings up my Steam Client "The Crew" page
  232. [PC] Authenticating ownership?
  233. [PC] My games is dose not work
  234. [PC] Help me!
  235. [PC] The crew - error cod #0_10
  236. [XboxOne] December Monthly Challenge 2017
  237. [PC] Problems with headphones
  238. [PC] the crew has stopped working
  239. [PC] Missed the mx-5 circuit but i want it halp
  240. [PC] Steering problems with logitech dfgt
  241. [PC] Game Progress
  242. [PS4] [PS4] The Crew Ultimate Editing disc is asking me to purchase Calling All Units
  243. [PC] Regarding The Crew 2 Rewards System
  244. [PC] The Summit requiring CAU
  245. [PC] New fanatic wheel not recognised
  246. [PC] The crew dont start
  247. [General] Problem with a redeemed promo code...(-20%)
  248. [PC] cant connect PC,
  249. [PC] "The Crew has stopped working"
  250. [PC] T300rs not working on the Crew