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  1. Can't Invite friend
  2. Game just wiped my progression!! (PS4)
  3. Thanks for playing. Does not start game
  4. No other players?
  5. How do you delete your save data
  6. Pre Order Bonus
  7. Car engine volume is very low
  8. Engine revving when changing gears, even when using manual clutch
  9. errors and errors
  10. Bad upload speed = Not playable with friends
  11. Always drive alone-Ubi please fix the game
  12. Game doesn't start. errorcode #4 f76b6ff1 1
  13. the CREW/PS4/THRUSTMASTER T300rs FROM ( every ) BETA TO LAUNCH ( mods...please read )
  14. Where is my Pre-Order??
  15. Dolby / DTS Surround Sound loses voice channel in cutscenes on PC.
  16. Connectivity Error for PC Error #0_13
  17. Gamepad doesn't work but works on UPLAY UI
  18. 2 Copies of The Crew on uPlay need to remove one
  19. Can only be two in a crew.. third player can't join.
  20. PS4 Codes that come with the game dont work
  21. PS4 Redeem codes not working.
  22. Possibility to delete a crew or form a new one ?
  23. Can't buy it online
  24. Compilation of the errors I received
  25. Bucks and Crew Credits wont add up
  26. Gold Plate - Uplay Points
  27. Xbox one controller support
  28. missing cars , cash codes accepted but not in game help
  29. Разрывается соединения после выполнени&#
  30. Pre Order code issue (PSN User)
  31. Flickering screen in PC version / end of ubisoft for me
  32. Hurricane wheel
  33. Steering patched?
  34. I can't activate my The Crew PC Multi Packs ULC code !!
  35. [HELP] [FR] [PC] File corrupted etc..
  36. Why can't i play or see other players!!!
  37. Overall progress not showing correctly
  38. Crash when approaching St. Louis
  39. Error the crew #3_224f4ec9_11
  40. The Crew doesn't show up in uPlay..
  41. Audio out of Sync in cutscenes.
  42. The crew Rus
  43. Latency Issues
  44. Game says it is expiret in Uplay library
  45. Stuck keys, cant play!
  46. Can anyone tell me how to unlock the 458 Italia?
  47. Error #4_13_1
  48. Microphone Issue, & Server issues
  49. Golden Plates
  50. where to enter golden plate codes ?
  51. can't access shop.uplay.com to buy the game?
  52. Game crashes when I try to enter the New York Dealership
  53. Fanatec Gt2 Xbox 360 problems
  54. Pre order & Season pass content
  55. Microfone crash
  56. Server down "we working on it"
  57. Server is down
  58. Server keeps crashing?!
  59. Loading saved data
  60. Savegame location ?
  61. driving sound
  62. my trust gxt27 (steering wheel) don't work
  63. Police cars...
  64. You can get stuck in the Game during play while downloading.
  65. Frozen on main screen
  66. Infinite Loading Screens and Stationary NPCs
  67. when will the server be up again?????
  68. Error #4.13.1
  69. Beta Player rewards
  70. lack of season pass rewards
  71. Force Feedback Issues
  72. Game freezing
  73. PC Server stability issues
  74. ''Loading Save Data'' on Playstation 4
  75. DVD in drive?
  76. Game freeze lags once every minute or so
  77. Waiting for "loading saved file" (PC)
  78. The Crew PS4 Servers down
  79. The solution for my "stopped working problem"
  80. logitech dfgt wheel settings
  81. can't switch from rus to en?
  82. ClubSport Pedals V2 not working
  83. I keep having Error code #0_2
  84. Speedlink Drift OZ wheel is not recognized
  85. Mission "the fix" won't load and a lot of game crashes.
  86. digital pre-order golden edition without the cars and stuff
  87. Game is unplayable (Crashes)
  88. Why can't I join a session together with my friend ?
  89. PC Preorder content (Yes PS4 is broken so dont post)
  90. cant play game
  91. 5760x1080
  92. Pre-order the crew gold edition on the ps4 did not receive my CC or cars
  93. Can I transfer from PC disc to steam?
  94. Microphone Issues Outside of game.
  95. The Crew wont update! Please help!
  96. Port forwading help
  97. My acceleration speed is slower than other players (PC)
  98. Preorder bonus never received (ps4)
  99. Losing levels after race: Dirt
  100. Game Freezes
  101. Can't buy game, access (the shop)
  102. Season pass bought on PSN
  103. Lack of Customizations and Cars
  104. Game disconnected/crashed and now I lost all saved progress.
  105. Logitech G27 Windows 7 Help?!?!
  106. Sound and Map Issues
  107. Xbox 360 issues
  108. Golden Plates
  109. Disc 2 crashes after installing content xbox 360
  110. "The crew has stopped working"
  111. [BUG] Odo-meter still bugged
  112. Bridge too high between North Woods and White Mountains in East Coast
  113. Ps4 pre-order dlc's don't work
  114. Wheel Controls
  115. File corupted! The Crew
  116. crew points have disappeared and not spent them
  117. both disc installed but cant play game
  118. where to find gold plate reward content?
  119. [PC] Unable to launch Game
  120. Uplay says The Crew is still running, while it's not.
  121. Is there anyway to delete a game
  122. How to start a new game?
  123. Pc- The crew Crashes everytime i start a particular mission
  124. Force Feedback STOPS WORKING CONSTANTLY - Temp Solutions & Causes (PS4?)
  125. Game Not available (PC)
  126. why i can't lunch the crew beta on ps4
  127. No Limited Edition Content - Driving Alone All The Time
  128. Poursuit Mission sucked
  129. Won't let me past the Showroom Mission
  130. Seasons Pass not registering?
  131. Error Codes
  132. Game is Paid For, Can't Play ~ Please Fix [PC]
  133. Camera Changing When I Turn
  134. connectivity issues!
  135. Game crashing in any tuners
  136. xbox one not updating
  137. unable to turn clutch option on for t500rs ps4
  138. Freeze....
  139. Golden plate codes are invalid on PSN.
  140. Reset processes in missions
  141. Pre-ordered Muscle Edition - No cars or Crew Credits
  142. the crew for xbox 360 cockpit view??
  143. Cant start the Game correct. Also get a Failurecode in the Main Menu
  144. Is there any way to see subtile slowly?
  145. PS4 Crashing
  146. PC version crashes without an error
  147. Game crashes while loading
  148. Gold Edition/Season Pass Cars
  149. Mirrors working with outside camera... but not with interior camera...
  150. GFSDK_SSAO.win32.dll ERROR. Help please.
  151. Why the F*&k has every location I've visited saying I have not discovered yet!!!
  152. PC version freezes during tutorial...
  153. Game makes me watch the credits whenever I look at the map
  154. Alt Tab issues.
  155. Xbox 360 : Crashes at initial loading. Help?
  156. Missing, Cash. CC. Landmark progression!
  157. Reset the game?
  158. Map error. Empty map.
  159. Level was reset from 6 to 1
  160. Lost connection
  161. Cars are not moving.
  162. Game still hogs a ton of bandwidth!
  163. Error #0_2
  164. How to start a new game?
  165. need answer ??!
  166. Вопрос по игре The Crew
  167. HELP PLEASE! Not Optimum mode
  168. PSN codes not working, wrong region
  169. Random Crashing
  170. List of known issues [PC]
  171. Other peoples profiles?
  172. IRONCLAD and missing extras
  173. Trouble with 1-st person camera
  174. Mission Disconnect Issues
  175. MOTION RIG GUIDE - Telemetry Ouput for PC VERSION
  176. pc| i cant do coop with other players..
  177. crashing whenever I try to enter Las Vegas
  178. Not responding
  179. Can't Fast Travel
  180. Stats resetting bug..
  181. Ps4 console thurstmaster wheel setup
  182. Crash every time on my PC
  184. Game Crash while i try to drive to St Louis
  185. Can't see you car in garage or tune your car.
  186. Throttle power cuts out suddenly
  187. Skype and the crew
  188. All lights in the game jut out in an ugly unrealistic way
  189. Server Down in PC
  190. Landmarks counting ERROR...
  191. no multiplayer stats
  192. PvP lobby's are unplayable
  193. the crew ps4 pre-order
  194. Season Pass?
  195. The Crew stopped responding
  196. Microphone Volume level - Game changes it
  197. 21:9 ratio support?
  198. Game Won't Shut Down
  199. The Crew disables my mic on teamspeak.
  200. Game Statistics lost
  201. Logitech F710 not working
  202. No answers for game constant crashing
  203. PS4 Preorder and Season Pass content
  204. Game crash during Xfinity race
  205. The Crew fps issues! (high-end PC)
  206. Game won't start: error 0xc000007b
  207. Option to turn off player icons please?
  208. Trial version
  209. Map discover reset
  210. Recommended Comm?
  211. XBox Controller (Cable) - first four buttons deleted constantly
  212. Corsair RGB Keyboard Conflict with The Crew
  213. i did not get the crew credits i payed for
  214. Koenigsegg Agera R, FIX IT UBISOFT
  215. TheCrew.exe has stopped working ?
  216. Many of us are having sound problem in game (frustrating)
  217. Crash Issues
  218. PLEASE patch button mapping or options on xbox 1
  219. WHEEL GUIDE - Force FeedBack Extra Tuning PC Version
  220. BUG: Collection Screen Causing Freeze
  221. Game stuck on "Loading..."
  222. The Crew (PC) changes my G27 wheel angle from 900 to 200 degrees
  223. BUG: In-game statistics are not being tracked correctly.
  224. Uncontrollable after missions/side missions
  225. Game not launch after update!!
  226. Logitech G27 Force Feedback randomly turning off.
  227. Problem with multiplayer
  228. Thrustmaster: TX Racing Wheel - Ferrari 458 Italia settings please!!
  229. The Crew will not shut down properly!
  230. audio sucks!!
  231. PS4 Golden Plates Codes not working!!!
  232. Double Down perk non-functional?
  233. UPlay-Canīt download
  234. The Crew Microphone and Sound Issues
  235. GAMEBREAKING: PVP Rank bug - very frustrating
  236. How I Enable AA? The Crew PC
  237. Can't find my cars? (gold edition)
  238. Cars Very Slow compared to others players
  239. Appcrash
  240. Missing dlc/no crew credits australia!!??
  241. Game keeps crashing
  242. Video settings always resets itself
  243. Stopped Working
  244. Game don't start!
  245. The Crew FPS drop - PLS HELP MEE!
  246. No players in freeride
  247. Cannot use clutch on pc xbox 360 controler
  248. PS4 2 big problems
  249. xbox 360 the crew
  250. All pre order content just went missing...