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  2. The Crew - Car Discussion Thread
  3. Any car in any race?
  4. is going to be cockpit view on the Crew?
  5. What other manf cars will there be?
  6. Idea For a car list !
  7. The Crew Cars and Tuning Kits - MMO Weekly NEW SHOW ALL ABOUT HE CREW
  8. Trading, Selling, Buying Cars
  9. Driving Police Cars?
  10. About the car list of the game. [Little message to UbiMush and other mods]
  11. Suggestions about the car diversity and culture of the game.
  12. Suggestion towards Car Radio
  13. Handling and View Field Customization
  14. How many cars can you have?
  15. How many car models?!!!
  16. Lock and burn
  17. The Crew - Car Wish List
  18. Could you please make the 3SGTE REV3 TURBO Toyota MR2 MK2
  19. Cars in The Crew
  20. Car Request:1970 Chevrolet Chevelle LS6 or LS5
  21. View inside the car (driver)
  22. trucks/bigger vehicles
  23. rear view mirrors
  24. Car damage
  25. Check out our new cars & tuning kits!
  26. Cars feel like floating Pls fix
  27. Check out The Crew videos from Team VVV!
  28. Cars I want in this game!!!!!!
  29. Am i the only one excited for baby!
  30. List of good cars to add to the game. (A large group of friends and I made the list.)
  31. Delorean needed in this game!
  32. Nissan GTR
  33. Arrinera Hussarya
  34. AE86 in The Crew?
  35. If you added this car I would play this game forever
  36. The MURICA thread
  37. No NOS recharging
  38. Most expected exotic cars
  39. Most expected exotic cars (Part 2)
  40. Physics
  41. Classic cars in the game!
  42. Lamborghini Aventador Problem
  43. German Cars Poll for The Crew
  44. The Crew Cars and Tuning Kits - MMO Weekly GUIDE
  45. Car-Request The 1970 Chevelle SS
  46. THE BEST CAR LIST for this game to ROCK !!!
  47. Rat rod or hot rod
  48. DLC cars?
  49. Confirmed cars
  50. Volvo... maybe?
  51. How about French manufacturers?
  52. Nissan Patrol. a great edition to the game. Aussie's and many others would love it.
  53. What I really want to see!
  54. Duellies like Ram 3500, F-450, Chevy HD3500?
  55. REALISTIC N20 Mechanics
  56. More SUV and Pickup
  57. car list
  58. Should they be Dullies in The Crew? VOTE!
  59. Option to disable certain cars in a multiplayer race
  60. Hot Rods and Cars Brazilians!
  61. Starter cars
  62. Add some "silly" cars?
  63. Should they include the new Peugeot 2008 DKR?
  64. A car I'd love to see
  65. hot rod or rat rod
  66. What car will you drive the most?
  67. car list
  68. Semis?
  69. ferrari
  70. How many will it be?
  71. Insane new footage! Unreal car sounds!
  72. Chevy Corvette StingRay?
  73. Nissan GTR Black Edition in The Crew?
  74. Unlocking cars
  75. Any chance of a jeep in the crew?
  76. Lamborghini Aventador
  77. race cars
  78. two really cool cars
  79. Cars on website
  80. Imports or Muscle cars?
  81. New Cars Replacing Prev. Gen.
  82. Equss Bass 770
  83. wreck cars/barn finds
  84. 2 wheel race driving
  85. Michael Schumacher 'Clinically Awake': F1 Star is Out of Coma
  86. Movie cars (DLC)
  87. To anyone that wants a Bugatti Veyron in The Crew
  88. Supra&ft-1
  89. Car wish list
  90. Drag racing anyone?
  91. Maybe something like this...
  92. Volkswagen Beetle?
  93. more ferraris
  94. Must have
  95. TVR- true or not?
  96. Alright we need some Plymouth's.
  97. Crew Starting car??
  98. Most wanted cars
  99. [Updated] The Crew: Beta- please do not post feedback or issues here
  100. Most wanted car
  101. I demand cool Toyotas!
  102. Creative Car Wishlist
  103. Old cars - yes or no?
  104. kit car
  105. Rumour has it that there only will be between 40-50 cars
  106. Will there be Updates including new cars, free of charge?
  107. Settings bound to the specific car you're using
  108. The transmission for the Ford GT
  109. Maserati 222 SE - A must have car
  110. jdm cars?
  111. What is about Audi as a manufacturer ?
  112. Car sounds
  113. The Crew needs to have a 240SX S13
  114. Happy 8/6! [AE86]
  115. The Crew needs some more 'normal' fast cars
  116. Fast offroad cars to track criminals!
  117. The crew muscle edition
  118. Should they add the Lamborghini Urus?
  119. chevrolet cavalier
  120. more cars!!!
  121. Play Ground UK Trailer Vehicles
  122. Bugatti veyron super sport
  123. Chevy Stingray
  124. 2012 boss 302 laguna seca?
  125. Drifting
  126. Car List Update
  127. Aston martin v8 vantage s faster than Ferrari laferrari?!
  128. Car List???
  129. Asian Cars in The Crew
  130. Pre Purchase Car Packs
  131. 1967 Chevy Impala
  132. LHD r34?
  133. Definitive wish car list
  134. Wish List
  135. The Crew with the Oculus Rift
  136. [Me Want] Toyota Supra
  137. Buggy Buggy? Kit car
  138. Which Subarus
  139. List
  140. MOAR classic cars, Ubi!
  141. Kias and Hyundais.
  142. Cars & the Crew in general
  143. Chevy Impala SS wrong abbreviation
  144. Please add these cars.
  145. Please a Wolkswagen Beetle in THE CREW.
  146. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
  147. Nissan Skyline GTR Topspeed 333 Kmh (206 Mph)
  148. Tran Am kit for 2014 Camaro
  149. Cars
  150. 1970 Dodge Challenger
  151. Will the Ford mustang 2015 be available for ingame purchase?
  152. Old Vee-Dubs
  153. Toyota Supra and Skyline r35, Would pay 100's to see this happen
  154. So is the Audi R8 going to be in this game?
  155. 2011 Ford Fiesta ST
  156. How many Cars will there be?
  157. Mercury
  158. Possible cars
  159. Future update/DLC classic car pack
  160. More cars in the game
  161. Possible future Car DLC car pack idea
  162. R34 Skyline Rarity
  163. Some cars I would like to see
  164. will there be over 125 cars
  165. DLC...2003-2004 COBRA. Perfect game for this car!
  166. would you be able to have two of the same car with different specs?
  167. Exotic DLC
  168. Movie Car DLC (based on location)
  169. T-Rex
  170. dodge charger/challenger hellcat
  171. Cars they really need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  172. Hennessey 2015 Mustang HP700
  173. Amount of Cars
  174. The crew needs more cars for the full game
  175. A few more Off-Road vehicles
  176. Car driving/handling tweaks
  177. Chevrolet Reaper
  178. Car behaviour - Crashes
  179. Corvette C7 ''Stingray'', Please Add
  180. Guest cars
  181. Car confirmation
  182. Where is the classy Mercedes?
  183. Will there be SUV's
  184. C7 z06 dlc!!
  185. A Hot Wheels Idea
  186. License Plates?
  187. Questions about the tuning
  188. Car list so far (Confirmed)
  189. Paint Schemes/Colours
  190. Cars For Fans
  191. Diesel Trucks
  192. 2013 Shelby's 0-62mph is 5.1??
  193. Trailblazer SS or Silverado SS
  194. Car Suggestions Please
  195. Any word on semi trucks?
  196. Starter Cars
  197. A Little Confused
  198. Honda's and other 90's jdm cars?
  199. Honda's and other 90's jdm cars?
  200. V Engine on a Skyline R34!!
  201. American Muscle Car Poll
  202. Wait... so the cars won't auto repair in the final release?
  203. [SUGGESTION] Car progression
  204. The Clock in Chrysler 300
  205. Could I just have the one car?
  206. New cars to be added (confirmned)
  207. 2 cars i want to added in the game before launch or in a dlc or something like that.
  208. VW scirocco, VW phaeton W12
  209. Final Car List
  210. Where are the tuner cars!?!?!?!?
  211. Chevrolet C10
  212. The Crew season pass cars
  213. Honda? Mazda? Toyota? Suburu?
  214. AUDI Cars!
  215. So ... can we get this car ingame? :)
  216. Shelby GT 350!!!DLC
  217. 2016 Shelby GT 350!!!
  218. New cars leaked!
  219. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo inGame?????
  220. Subaru Impreza from 2000-2005 Must have in the game!!
  221. Car list update on the crew website???
  222. 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche
  223. Car Suggestions -
  224. A little advice to the devs
  225. Season pass Question
  226. More Cars
  227. Audi, Bmw, Mercedes?????
  228. Which car will you drive the most in The Crew?
  229. How many cars have seven gears?
  230. What car do you drive IRL [pics]
  231. POLL : What will be your very first car?
  232. wheres the love for tuners?
  233. Dissapointed of the lack of cars. How will each driver be unique with such few cars ?
  234. skyline drivetrain
  235. Cars from Steam Preorder are exclusive?
  236. Can we have these cars as a potential DLC in the future?
  237. R34 Dashboard
  238. what is the Very first car before we get to choose from the 4 in the garage?
  239. JDM where are the Japanese cars! total of 3 so far in the game. disgusted!
  240. JDM where are the Japanese cars! total of 3 so far in the game. disgusted!
  241. JDM where are the Japanese cars! total of 3 so far in the game. disgusted!
  242. JDM where are the Japanese cars! total of 3 so far in the game. disgusted!
  243. Not all cars?
  244. How Could The Crew Not Have Playable Crown Victoria?
  245. Police cars
  246. Police cars...
  247. Car specs?!
  248. Car customization as well as choices (solved).
  249. missing specs?
  250. The car list