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  1. Toyota Trueno/Levin
  2. X360 wishlist
  3. Any chance for wheeless interior view?
  4. Ford Mustang 2015 on PC??
  5. Dodge Viper costs uplay points..
  6. Why repair cars?
  7. Change car but how?
  8. Pre Order Vehicles?????
  9. Tunning a Ferrari, Lamborgini, pagani?
  10. Pre order and season pass cars
  11. LaFerrari FXX K (circuit spec?)
  12. Fastest car in the game?
  13. Can Vehicles be sold?
  14. car ratings already in the 900+
  15. Car Rating between different cars question.
  16. Error message when completing St. Louis setup faction mission
  17. Best Starter Car?
  18. Car bad or do i have an issue??
  19. [Bug] Koenigsegg Agera Performance
  20. Made in Japan
  21. [Suggestion] Classic car pack
  22. Your favourite car so far?
  23. hot rod worth it?
  24. 4 german titans - info cars
  25. Can all cars get all tunes?
  26. 1969 Raid Camero personal?
  27. Raid Vehicles
  28. Don't buy the Koenigsegg for the top speed, you won't get near it.
  29. How do I collect my cars from codes?
  30. SVT Raptor Circuit Spec?
  31. Performance spec turns cars from wow into meh.
  32. Where are my cars in the collection !
  33. Possible cars to add in the future?
  34. Nissan Skyline GTR (R34)
  35. Front and Rear Fenders
  36. 6 speed race cars
  37. Trucking mode - Read more
  38. Where do I find Audi TT
  39. Corvette ZR1
  40. A.I.s driving cars that are unavailable to players?
  41. Trucks and SUVs
  42. Specs, Cars And You.
  43. Is another Mini Cooper available to be bought?
  44. How is the Lamborgini Miura SV good?
  45. Which car should I get?
  46. Game Mode's - Read More
  47. Agera Car needs serious buffing and Cruise mode
  48. Which car to buy?
  49. Circuit cars won't grip
  50. Nissan Skyline going 260-280mph?
  51. How to unlock different license plates in The Crew?
  52. mini Johns cooper S maxed out at 1234???? How
  53. Why Are Vehicles We Know to Be Raid/Circuit Spec Able Lacking These Specs?
  54. Koenigsegg 420 kmh statistics are fake
  55. Can I sell my cars?
  56. What the hell happened to these cars/specs?
  57. Toyota Supra
  58. Nerf the Nissan Skyline
  59. Maxing out cars is way too easy
  60. The Crew should put some of the 90s and early 2000s cars
  61. Raid cars
  62. New Car
  63. Imports...
  64. auto upgrade to level
  65. Car classes that can't be built?
  66. All cars are equal?
  67. Favorite cars and hotkeys
  68. PERF spec car doesnt work on snow races
  69. which car is this ?
  70. Raid Cars pictures ... ?
  71. COPS and CITIZENS CARS are Annoying !!!
  72. Anyone used Laferrari ?
  73. Please recommend me what car to buy.
  74. LeFerrari. Worth it?
  75. Agera One, or LaFerrari?
  76. Agera R (what is wrong with this car?)
  77. Q about car damage and upgrades.
  78. Z4 cost
  79. Mercedes-Benz SLS
  80. My BMW lights won't turn on????
  81. Can someone explain to me how car levels work?
  82. Mclaren only as DLC
  83. Your opinions on the P Hotrod HuP ONE
  84. Earning most wanted stars
  85. How to get Aston Martin?
  86. Engine visuals and sounds
  87. Slow koenigsegg
  88. Hyper cars SUCK
  89. Question about car specs
  90. Car Reviews/Buyers Guide
  91. Where the car modification?
  92. RUF CTR3 Appreciation Thread
  93. Mini Cooper S. FWD or RWD
  94. Huge Koenigsegg & Laferrari issues.
  95. Can you pick a car?
  96. Motorcycles?
  97. Where's the selection of Cars??
  98. Koenigsegg Agera STOCK/PERFORMACE TOP SPPED ?????
  99. full stock is the most realistic of the cars
  100. Chrome Paint?
  101. The cars are fake! (just kidding! ...)
  102. Viper or Murcielago for Circuit spec?
  103. Best car per spec !?
  104. Where can you find... ?
  105. Fastest and best cars? top speed limit?
  106. Missions and Car Selection
  107. Which car to use for speed and maneuvering?
  108. Must read
  109. Raid spec cars
  110. No circuit spec Skyline, but I can make this...
  111. car level
  112. 1.000.000$ to spend. What to buy?
  113. TOP SPEED 614Km/h (307mph)
  114. Car List......Possible Cars To Come Every Month!!!
  115. Add new car
  116. Find me a good Performance Spec car please?
  117. Best car for Raid spec
  118. Show Your Favourite Car So Far
  119. BMW Z4 S-drive
  120. I buy your Mini!
  121. Problem after buying a new car.
  122. Top speed, nitrous, and other problems. "PS4"
  123. Focus RS - OP or Not?
  124. Expensive Sports cars worse than cheaper cars?
  125. Omg! I want that Ferrari...wait I need spend 25 Dollars to get it :(
  126. question about parts
  127. best offroad car?
  128. You can improve the car handling dramatically
  129. Which car do you think is most overlooked; which overhyped?
  130. What car should I get
  131. Post your favorite car to use in The Crew!
  132. Different specs for cars.
  133. The Reason Mirrors Do Not Work
  134. lvl 50 car parts - no unlock mechanism
  135. We really need more classics.
  136. The Mountain States Mystery Car - Buggy - Xbox One
  137. Specific car colors
  138. tired of this car level thing
  139. Gallardo Supertrofeo?
  140. The Fuzz
  141. Drifting performance and circuit
  142. The Skyline
  143. How specs SHOULD have been.
  144. Performance Spec speed tests (that Focus is faster than your Lambo)
  145. 7th gear solution?
  146. A Car That I Feel Needs To Be In The Game
  147. koenigsegg sucks?
  148. [PC] LOL texture bugs. submit them
  149. They don't match up.
  150. Wheel Spin
  151. Creepy Car Repair!
  152. A Few Things (Cars)
  153. Do you feel like high level parts are harder to get? HERE'S WHY!
  154. Selling a car
  155. Disappointed
  156. Classic cars I would love to see ingame. *Warning, lots of beautiful pics*
  157. Where are the normal stock mini cooper in the car store
  158. Any way for europeans to get the Xfinity car?
  159. Koenigsegg stock is faster than perf!?!?
  160. What car has suprised you the most.
  161. Super/Normal cars grip.
  162. How to make a turn without the car losing speed?
  163. What car should I buy?
  164. Kdenisegg Agera R......
  165. Best car for each spec (class)
  166. Repair all Vehicles at same time
  167. Koenigsegg Agera R Perf spec bugged
  168. Review of the Koenigsegg Agera R & LaFerrari
  169. Hummer needs nerfing
  170. Which Lambo?
  171. Free cars in updates?
  172. Car Show
  173. Dodge Viper vanished????
  174. Where are all the propper German cars.?? (BMW, Mercedes, Audi)
  175. Thank you ivory for totally ****ing up my curciut spec lambo -.-
  176. Problems with maximum car level
  177. What "fun" car shall i choose?
  178. La Ferrari Performance, how is it?
  179. Why MB AMG 63 have limited top speed and M5 does not?
  180. will be more cars?
  181. Max car level
  182. Ford Focus RS problems anyone?
  183. Lack of imports?
  184. How do i level up my cars to higher levels?
  185. Best P class car?
  186. Alfa Romeo 4C wiki
  187. Skyline GT-R, Left Hand Drive? Uh, no.
  188. 40min speed run from west to east coast
  189. Just broke another world record using the Koenigsegg Agera R
  190. What Tuning Does ?
  191. Is Koenigsegg fixed?
  192. [REQUEST] Add a Favourite Option for your Cars!
  193. 372 mph
  194. There's only 4 cars with all specs
  195. Can anyone anywhere beat these car stats??
  196. This is my: Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
  197. MP4-12C Photoshoot
  198. Toyota Supra MKIV
  199. Aston Martin V8 Vantage. .
  200. Aventador Photoshoot
  201. my 2 fav cars i own
  202. Just got my first Dirt world record with the Ford Focus
  203. Skyline Photoshoot
  204. top speed runs
  205. Koenigsegg Agera R
  206. Agera or LaFerrari
  207. Offroad Semi's (Raid Tuner)
  208. Hummer H1 Photoshoot
  209. Cars are balanced, but wheelspin needs a fix.
  210. Bullitt Remake - ReCrewAtions on YouTube
  211. Wheelspin needs a serious fix, it's really really broken.
  212. buggy photoshoot
  213. Muscle Cars vs Other Cars.
  214. Hidden cars photos
  215. I need a new circuit car
  216. Vehicle Sounds
  217. why ubi....
  218. why hummer h1 alpha is too expensive??????????????????
  219. 0-60 times
  220. Slow car
  221. Car Spec problems
  222. Relax drifting
  223. Cars with bugs
  224. Hummer Drifting
  225. Shelby GT 500 2013
  226. No Hiding Facts: Bugatti Veyron
  227. I see a raid R34 and a raid Focus RS
  228. More Hidden Cars coming?
  229. The Crew DLC: Super Pack
  230. Full stock better then performence spec????
  231. Why isn't there 18 wheelers wtf?
  232. Super Important! Devs please read!
  233. Jump Skill 16
  234. Can anyone confirm if this is true?
  235. need help
  236. Every spec for every car?
  237. Ferrari FXX K
  238. Stock cars are better than perf spec?
  239. Pre Order SRT-10 no raid option
  240. Damn the Aventador looks nice
  241. What are those 4 additional pack in season pass?
  242. Trade Mini Cooper S DLC PC-Code for PS4-Code
  243. The Crew Drift Compilation movie (60FPS)
  244. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2010 Dirt Kit
  245. Ferrari 458 Photoshoot
  246. <> Can you guess this location?
  247. Hotrod Circuit spec
  248. Favorite road in action... with silver aventador
  249. Need some cars in the game
  250. 2 perf spec cars