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  1. Forum Rules
  2. Tuning / Customization
  3. Custom License Plates & Changing Your Car On The Fly
  4. Clarification on Customization
  5. Licence Plates
  6. Dyno/tuning place
  7. Will there be Car speakers
  8. Engine Swaps
  9. Gamescom Walkthrough Trailer showing car customization and various races
  10. Caravans yeah!!
  11. Drifting
  12. Skin a Car Contest- win the chance to see it featured ingame!
  13. Customize a mini cooper stm with ubisoft’s the crewtm “skin a car” contest
  14. Vinyls editior
  15. Vehicle roster wishes
  16. Hydraulics
  17. drivetrain conversion?
  18. Exterior customization wish
  19. HandMade Vinyls/stickers
  20. Possibility for each player to be able to make own very unique looking car
  21. Possibility for Pursuit Tech
  22. Vinyl sharing?
  23. "Convertible" your car.
  24. Window Tint
  25. Tuning clarification :)
  26. Can this game have a car show/Cruise Mode
  27. Ideas
  28. The crew website copycat
  29. Sleepers?
  30. Customizing Paint color
  31. Donk / Lowrider / Stance styling?
  32. Neons...
  33. Aftermarket and Fully Customizable Body Kit
  34. Can you change your car's height and wheel size?
  35. Settings
  36. Calipers - DiscBrakes - Suspension - Traction Control - Car Weight/Height
  37. Car Parts that needs LICENSE
  38. Wheels & HorsePower/KW
  39. Offroad Wheels?
  40. Some of my ideas on customization
  41. lambos and raid kits
  42. What raid cars can look like
  43. Personalized customization
  44. Supra AB Flug S900 kit
  45. Stance Comunity - All about Stance (Static or Bagged)
  46. will there be manual
  47. the game everyone wants
  48. interior :)
  49. Classics and imports...
  50. Custom State Licence Plates
  51. Mitsubishi Lancer evo x
  52. JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars
  53. Something like this...
  54. Development Kit
  55. Great customization
  56. [Updated] The Crew: Beta- please do not post feedback or issues here
  57. key remapping for a wired xbox 360 controller
  58. change the rim size/color + decal/sticker editor?
  59. Suspension/Lowering Kit + Ideas
  60. 1993 Nissan 300zx
  61. Possibly the BMW e30 in the game?
  62. If the Mazda RX-7 was in.
  63. Change Skyline(R34) to Right Hand Drive?
  64. The Crew is fantastic but is in need of more customization options
  65. Swapping between different car kits without returning the garage
  66. Music customization
  67. Side Exhausts?
  68. Please FIX the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Taillights
  69. Audi
  70. Ford Escort MK2 idea
  71. Cars, Kits, Stickers Ideas
  72. Nissan GT-R
  73. Subaru and tuning ideas
  74. license plates
  75. 2015 Mustang specs
  76. To make the car truly his.
  77. Audi or VW?
  78. Hot Rod exhaust problem
  79. Customizaton: To Buy or not to Buy!
  80. Visual Customizations
  81. Diesel Trucks
  82. Right Hand Drive Customization and Manual or Automatic in Settings
  83. Limited visual customization.
  84. Individually colored parts | Sticker layers/adjustment/colors | Neons
  85. Where can i change my car's colour as if in spray
  86. Purchasing a Police car
  87. Hyundia Genesis Coupe !
  88. RIM Sizes/bodykits
  89. Diesel smoke idea
  90. exhaust sounds
  91. Unlocking car parts and customizations in terms of different cars and specs
  92. Matt colors for cars.
  93. Stock body kits on spec'ed cars
  94. Customization wish list
  95. Electric cars
  96. Platinum Parts
  97. Color decals
  98. Тюнинг
  99. we need hot rods/ rat rods
  100. Rat rod
  101. Hydraulics
  102. The Crew should include this front bumper for Chrysler 300 SRT8
  103. HOT ROD/Kit car customization
  104. Will there be S,D,R,P,C for every car?
  105. NBA MVP Camaro
  106. Vinyls on carbon fiber.
  107. Awd 2 rwd ?
  108. Rims and pant job
  109. Shelby Side Logo Color
  110. Stickers and fenders
  111. Carbon and other options
  112. painting and more
  113. Get your ideas from this game Evolution.
  114. Stickers/Vinyls
  115. Special versions of the cars for the donute. <<<
  116. Customization Request
  117. Lift Kits
  118. simple Character customization
  119. The Crew - On the Road - Customization Nation video
  120. identity
  121. Numbers on cars
  122. Lamborghini Aventador Roadster
  123. Able to customize cars but on our own taste?
  124. NASCAR-based body parts
  125. Something I don't understand?
  126. The Crew Customization
  127. Rim size
  128. Returning cars to 'Fullstock' or selling cars
  129. Some things I think need to be added.
  130. Need to add. License plates.
  131. RIMS / tyre cross-section
  132. Drag Spec
  133. Engine Sounds
  134. Improvements on Customization
  135. Custom car numberplate comfirmed?
  136. Drift Spec
  137. Question/Note to Mods/Devs about skins??
  138. Specs and Bodykits
  139. What tuning can I do for each car? [PICTURE]
  140. Tire/Rim Profile and Height
  141. Exotic Cars Customization
  142. [SUGGESTION] Purchasing Visual Parts
  143. Painting Rims
  144. [SUGGESTION] Clear Hood/Bonnet
  145. Tyres
  146. Mini Cooper Dirt Spec
  147. Missing Specs?
  148. Remove spoiler from classic muscle cars
  149. Mini Cooper S is a FWD car
  150. Missing Car Customization
  151. Cars from the ps4 codes
  152. Customization and specs are terrible.
  153. Custom Music In Game
  154. Car Customization Pros, Cons, and Suggestions for the Future (MODS/DEVS READ THIS)
  155. Car tuning help!!!!!
  156. Suggestion: Ability to remove spoiler from any car
  157. So applying a performance spec downgrades your stock car......
  158. Best bonus for specific car.
  159. spec buy level
  160. F150 and Ram SRT-10 need Raid Spec
  161. How do I change the text of my License Plate?
  162. Visual customisation isn't satisfying. Here's some suggestions.
  163. Just wanted to know.
  164. Silverado RAID Spec is missing something
  165. Unfinished racing games are the new norm
  166. wtf is up with performance parts?
  167. No Colors or Accessories
  168. do you unlock more customization parts?
  169. some things i wanna know ... :D
  170. Car Level Max?
  171. Perf spec huayra bugged?
  172. How to buy advanced spec kits??? [IMPORTANT]
  173. Why Aventador has lower top speed than Aventador???
  174. aventador-perfomance
  175. The Viper.
  176. Sandbox Mode — to Better Appreciate the Game
  177. Repaint Full Stock Vehicles
  178. Perf RS Ford Focus - custom bumpers too small
  179. Please let us customize torque and shifting values!
  180. So uh... about that customization...
  181. On what car can I change the fenders?
  182. Performance Only Spec Cars Comparison Analysis - The Stig
  183. Performance Only Spec Cars Comparison Analysis - The Stig
  184. Please read before buying maserati!
  185. List of cars in performance spec without enormous wing and ridiculous hood
  186. Upgrading packages on existing cars?
  187. Tuning
  188. Few things about tuning and custom parts
  189. The show off your car thread.
  190. Customization options? pro and con's
  191. Does the Dodge Ram have access to all the tunes?
  192. Koenigsegg Agera R(Ubisoft fix it,please!!!!
  193. Best Aventador bonus parts
  194. 1967 gt500 circuit spec
  195. One question about perf spec
  196. Question(s) about hummer
  197. What tuning kits you want for your car
  198. Question about spec starter kits
  199. Is the game balanced by tune level?
  200. How to obtain level 1299 car?
  201. 10+ cars cut from promotional screenshots?
  202. Do not tune a new car before reaching level 50
  203. Dirt Spec - Most Difficult Spec?
  204. Circuit spec-Murcielago or Viper?
  205. Another disappointment
  206. Dedicated Car Planner
  207. Tunning kits
  208. R34 Raid and Circuit Specs??????
  209. Matte paintjobs plz
  210. Changing the body of a car?
  211. Can I switch parts between cars?
  212. Yet another spoiler/body kit thread. HI DEVS READ ME.
  213. PVP cars
  214. AGERA R - Worth it or not?
  215. Things i would like to see done
  216. HEY IVORY TOWER, Belgium is not Germany!
  217. The Crew wiki
  218. Go Home Muscle Car Guys, Nothing To See Here
  219. I Know You Want to Reward Beta Players, But...
  220. Disappointed with customisation
  221. Car costumization
  222. So what happened to the Specs?
  223. Chrome Color?
  224. Side Exhausts?
  225. Is There Something I'm Missing?
  226. Panel wireframes for texture modding? (PC Version)
  227. [PERF SPEC] Spoilers cannot be taken of
  228. Tuning - What Parts Really Matter?
  229. Tired of this game and this level thing
  230. How to get bigger Street/Perf etc Packs?
  231. Platinum parts on RAID
  232. Why every car MUST have a spoiler?
  233. Circuit body kit
  234. custom car skins/modding
  235. The Crew 69 dodge charger general lee sticker
  236. Invisible car at tuning
  237. Car tuning Kits
  238. Issues with the P-Spec Focus RS Bodykit
  239. Hummers acceleration after kitting it out.
  240. Tuning, Specs, and Bears ... Oh My!
  241. How to uprade your car parts at tuner walk thru
  242. Option to remove spoilers
  243. Too much carbon fiber!!!
  244. Something you may not have noticed about painting your car
  245. Доп. оснащение
  246. Nissan Skyline GT-R/34 DRIFTING
  247. Missing Kits to some cars.
  248. Ferrari 458 Italia Black Edition
  249. No visual customization for cars
  250. PETITION tremove platinum parts randomiser