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  1. Story Mode Help
  2. Can be fun but suffers from a decent amount of issues
  3. Automatic, Unstoppable Arrow Key
  4. My experience with this game
  5. Upgraded to Wild Run - Not new Cities and no improvement on Graphics (PS4)
  6. Crash On Startup
  7. Can't get my 1297 cars to 1299 - all 50 platinum parts
  8. Final Summit in 170 Days?
  9. What to do with the Starter Kits?
  10. Faction Rep and daily payout
  11. Can you race against NPCs?
  12. Cars that were teased but never made it? (my opinion and comments)
  13. How to get Vehicles Completion 100%?
  14. A question about Long Jump Skills
  15. Some cars have insane grip? exploit and strange behavior
  16. Looking To Improve My Times
  17. Black out gauges
  18. Please fix this major problem in the crew.
  19. Dirt vs Raid, Off-road explained
  20. offenses
  21. bonus missions
  22. Why ubi not fix the ''extra miles'' bug on trophy and award??
  23. The Crew performance problem
  24. Video : What do you think about that?
  25. [XBOX ONE] reputation reset
  26. Please fix the gauges!
  27. FreeDrive Life Event Video
  28. The Crew Drive a Lap around less some minits (VIDEO)
  29. ALL Mission for Gateway (VIDEO)
  30. Fix the DRIFT driving model
  31. quick question,anyone else suddenly missing CC-s??
  32. The crew wild run pvp perf spec !!
  33. The Crew -Take Down All Mission (Video)
  34. Riding on the steering wheel needs help
  35. Landmark Challenge (Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8)
  36. Police
  37. My dissappointmend.
  38. The Crew XBox ONE - Players Cannot join my Crew
  39. Can't play crew skills
  40. Ripetizioni di drift da un vero DK
  41. I'm so done.
  42. REQUEST: Say, can we get ramp markers for bike stunt races please?
  43. Hill Climb smart loot busted?
  44. How to Drive UNDERWATER ANYWHERE Easily!
  45. Game experience? Another...
  46. What is a Single Combo?
  47. Summit... is that it?
  48. We need IMPROVEMENTS to PVP MODE in the new dlc call units
  49. The Crew-Frequent Flyer
  50. Great game experience!
  51. Friends:How to Get Money of Faction (VIDEO)
  52. Fast travel-Tickets Pleace (VIDEO)
  53. Graphics Update
  54. The Crew.exe not working!!!!!!!!
  55. My weird experience with The Crew
  56. Some cars need fix, some need nerf. 2.0
  57. Frequent Flyer
  58. Choosing another car for Faction missions
  59. apparently,i suck.
  60. Ability to create races with laps for 'Freedrive Challenges'
  61. PvP and missions for factions.
  62. Problem.... bad experience
  63. Bad user experience
  64. Need help for "The Summit"
  65. The Crew crashing on windows 10
  66. Car Camera Looks To The Side Every Seccond:(
  67. The game can't detect my keyboard
  68. The Crew Game World Map
  69. Driving and other moronic players - especially during Test-Events
  70. The computer is cheating
  71. Multi player is a ****ing joke
  72. Can't open the game.
  73. Low FPS
  74. Game crushing for no reason.
  75. Can't Install Game on Windows 10?
  76. *Suggestion for future game updates* Sell vehicles.
  77. What is this
  78. Issue with mileage and payments for FD challenges
  79. Multiplayer mini lags pvp missions
  80. Worst new player experience in years
  81. Manual gear shifting locked
  82. Dashboard lightning bugs?
  83. I can't play,game don`t connect/no puedo jugar, el juego no conecta
  84. Suprised
  85. The crew freeze.
  86. Randomly generated vehicles in time trial missions
  87. The biggest flaws so far I've discovered in this game - lowering game experience
  88. Alternative car for Pagani, Skyline and Ferrari 458 (car list)- try this.
  89. Jogo the crew nÃo inicia fica parado in instalando 1/2 ajuda ??
  90. I Hate Rain
  91. Fear of the dark
  92. What does the season pass exactly include ?
  93. Worst game in history
  94. long faction missions problem and it needs fixing
  95. About PVP Events and AI during those Events
  96. New free player experience...
  97. Entered the photograph competition, here's my 'b-roll' of photos :)
  98. Zoe Talking
  99. "PASSENGEG AIR BAG" Nice typo… o_O?
  100. SUGGESTION: Allow FD Challenges and FD Stunts to non-Wild-Run players
  101. Free camera movement (mouse)
  102. Most Complete Skills List [Spreadsheet]
  103. O jogo nÃo pega !!!
  104. Screw physics, use railings!
  105. Cheating piece of **** this game is!
  106. its almost 2017 and still that FPS of death exists.
  107. The Alfa 8cs inconsistent handling in circuit mode
  108. I've been refining my photography skills, here's a new set of images! RX-7 and RUF 35
  109. Question regarding grip level on all my cars
  110. Bonus Mission Grievance
  111. Sounds cars.
  112. PVP Lobby - what do you mean, 'penalised'...?
  113. I love this game!
  114. A car everyone needs in the game
  115. Sumit scoring
  116. New player feedback experience.
  117. Intentionally flawed Automatic Transmission?
  118. Need urgent help
  119. Good Budget Wheel?
  120. PVP Balance
  121. Hacker
  122. Как на саммите где предоставляется авто &#
  123. SUGGESTION: List of vehicles, especially in PVP
  124. pve fronter race buged and none completable thanks to ai cheating to finishline
  125. Keep getting Connectivity issues in races(or Host changes)
  126. Mouse control steering
  127. practicing PvP maps in Singleplayer missions
  128. bad balance of cars
  129. When I going to the dealership...
  130. Alt+Tab during pvp
  131. Banned from playing the crew
  132. Frustrating!
  133. Empty world after restarting application, one minded highway traffic and glitching
  134. Ideas demands to detail for the CREW
  135. Features on my Wishlist
  136. LAG/Delay in driving BAD EXPERIANCE
  137. False cheats/hacks reports
  138. McLaren F1 full-stock faster than perf spec ?
  139. The Crew- Impressions and alternative playing method
  140. Please turn on dashboard lights permanently please.
  141. Detailed PVP Track Layouts w/ Cuts
  142. Can't find any heist mission plz help
  143. Driving physics
  144. Only one request...
  145. Summit
  146. the crew geht nicht
  147. Questions about the huracan.
  148. How many cars do you own?
  149. Allrounder Sterring Settings for xbox 360 (PC) Gamepad ?
  150. Reporting hacker ruining the world records
  151. PS4 Thrustmaster t300rs settings
  152. great game. thank you to the devs
  153. they need an in game report feture
  154. Map does not render
  155. Jump skill 11
  156. My experiences with the game and a few things I would like to see fixed.
  157. PvP loby
  158. There is not enough EU cars to choose from + headlights problem
  159. summit
  160. Game
  161. So far for the new level cap
  162. Will crates reset?
  163. Calling all Units: first impression and dissapointment
  164. Hidden Level 99 bronze parts?
  165. free wild run
  166. Level 60
  167. Congrats to Ubisoft
  168. Congratulations
  169. SELLING/DELETING car and car mods
  170. ZOE is a liar or just tells the half truth
  171. Call all units after grabbing the box I get a kick
  172. VoIP in chases, please make it stop
  173. summit vehicles early. is this a bug?
  174. Connection losses when finishing Crate Transporting Races
  175. [PS4] Problem with 1.17 update
  176. нервы одни нервы и за что мы платим
  177. FPS drop without reasons during the game : help !
  178. My current Gaming-Experience in "The Crew"
  179. crate missions (cops)
  180. [Mini Rant] - Game completely unplayable after the new expansion.
  181. Monster truck ARE YOU SERIOUS ?
  182. Driving Lights?
  183. Fron transporter to protector...
  184. Just asking about the police vs racers crate missions
  185. Voice Chat during Offense Events
  186. More specs
  187. I can´t play in crew in The Crew .. XONE
  188. Suggestion: A bunch of improvements to chases
  189. PVP rating is inaccurate
  190. Too easy / fast gameplay
  191. This game becoming less fun
  192. 99 Level cap coming??
  193. Sometimes winning nothing at all after completing transporter races
  194. Suggestion: give us a "No Ghost Car" option
  195. calling all unit
  196. The new Storymissions are just a bad joke IMHO
  197. Faction spoils (today)
  198. Police Coop?!?! How-to?!?
  199. ability to favorite cars/bikes
  200. Kick Feature
  201. never drive alone?
  202. Please stop the rain
  203. Suggestions for you devs
  204. Calling all units
  205. Custom Radio/Music/Soundtrack
  206. Recent bugs/glitches
  207. "Asphalt" ... okay
  208. Un-realistic cop cars
  209. No more cars/bikes from crates?
  210. I got the crew today through ubi30, but it doesn't launch
  211. I am convinced. 110%.
  212. Can't get out of Detroit
  213. 1 Buck short of 10M
  214. Why Is This Game So Bad
  215. Cars seem to underperform in police chases and even in some races
  216. can't buy police car in police shop in Detroit
  217. Old players unfairly treated
  218. Speeds slows down when u are at your top gear
  219. From Underboss to Thug in one relog?
  220. Miss Daisy walking
  221. From the first to the fifth gear -->
  222. My experience with Golden crates
  223. #1 séries bugs / dec 2016
  224. worst cop AI
  225. Help for beginners and potatoes ;)
  226. FFS Ubisoft
  227. Ubi listen
  228. #2 séries bugs / Janvier 2017
  229. Dear Ubisoft/ Ivory Tower...
  230. Suggestions how to gain last two trophies in a fun way
  231. The Crew Turkey Team
  232. The Crew Turkey Team Videos
  233. Night time
  234. Faction missions
  235. Never Drive Alone, they said.
  236. Calling All Units abort?
  237. When to spend CC on Perks ?
  238. So we REALLY need this obstructing our view?
  239. Crash and being placed back on the road
  240. Never playing again
  241. Played my first Crate Mission.....
  242. I think I found a way to permanently disable voice chat
  243. Question about visual parts from smartloot
  244. The crewas a name of the game is an oxymoron
  245. Crate run helpers using BOT to avoid police ability attacks effects...
  246. Lars makes ads for TC:CAU #2 - just as exciting as the actual gameplay!
  247. Precision Skills 30
  248. Fan Community Weekly Challenges
  249. Share your experiences? More like share your misery and disappointment.
  250. Hard Knock sideways