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  1. Problem with Loading other people's avatars on PS4
  2. Friends list
  3. Chevrolet IMPALA Graphical Bug...
  4. the crown... sigh
  5. Current status of the Crew?
  6. This is rubberband
  7. Coast to Coast Crew Member Wanted on PS4??
  8. Huge disappointment
  9. Kids wrecking it
  10. Good but can be better
  11. LaFerrari
  12. somethings to make cars balanced in pvp plus options to make overall gameplay better
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  15. 신정환바카라 ネ hww969。COMニ 바다이야기주소
  16. Hardcore and sports mode
  17. UI Distortion
  18. So after 3 and a half hours of doing the same jump I finally...
  19. For your next update against non-fairplay players
  20. A couple of ideas for the "Wild Run" update.
  21. Betting
  22. add more animal stickers??
  23. Over Powered Cars
  24. More resolutions
  25. Leave crew when close game
  26. No Reno?
  27. [Xbox One] skill world records.
  28. Need bugs!
  29. Disable controls list in HQ?
  30. Pedestrians
  31. Freezing and not loading
  32. The Crew - A General Fun Overhaul
  33. Freedrive and other players
  34. [xbox 360]Graphics problems
  35. Xbox 360 wild run please
  36. Game suggestions
  37. Unfair
  38. All my cars are really slow
  39. Possibility of rejecting one of the modes (or spec) before joining a PVP
  40. Clan System suggestions thread
  41. 3 days into playing...
  42. In This Together award nerf maybe?
  43. Hot Lap Events
  44. Formula Ex driving wheel [NO SUPPORT?!]
  45. 스마트폰놀이터ちのひ스마트폰놀이터《♣※♣》SbS98,cOm(까똑: XaZa
  46. 한야토토 《♣※♣》SbS98,cOm(까똑: XaZa)《♣※♣》 야구토토사이트 
  47. Wild Run, Speedometer design
  48. skill events, should be car class specific
  49. Doomed from the beginning...
  50. Accept a DriveHub Challenge
  51. Grass maintenance
  52. Track US Radials (Tires)-Photoshop
  53. Disbale text chat?
  54. Top 5 Reasons for Car Lovers to hate The Crew.
  55. Clan System suggestions thread (With a Poll!)
  56. 토토사이트 》》SbS98땄cOM (카톡: XazA) 】】토토사이트 토토사이트
  57. 스포츠토토추천 》》SbS98땄cOM (카톡: XazA) 】】배당률높은곳 실시Ƹ
  58. ***top secret!***
  59. Under water
  60. Out of the total 58 cars in the game, only 11 of them are fully upgradable ...
  61. Sluggish Steering - Gamepad Settings
  62. Vehicle Interaction and Navigation systems
  63. Blocking the race deliberately
  64. Returning Experience
  65. Game Experience
  66. About some of these plats...
  67. introducing the "Bronze Parts Racing Club"
  68. Wrong car specs on site and in game?
  69. 토토사이트 토토사이트 ジジ aTM35쩜CoM (카톡: XazA) ◁◁ 토토사이ᔒ
  70. 일본리그순위 ジジ aTM35쩜CoM (카톡: XazA) ◁◁ 일본리그일정 J리그ǰ
  71. 토토분석사이트 ジジ aTM35쩜CoM (카톡: XazA) ◁◁ 토토사이트
  72. K리그배당 ジジ aTM35쩜CoM (카톡: XazA) ◁◁ K리그클래식 K리그경기일
  73. WKOVO프로토배당 ジジ aTM35쩜CoM (카톡: XazA) ◁◁ 메이저리그 메이저리&
  74. 토토사이트 ジジ aTM35쩜CoM (카톡: XazA) ◁◁ 토토사이트 토토사이ᔒ
  75. 토토사이트 토토사이트 ジジ aTM35쩜CoM (카톡: XazA) ◁◁ 토토사이ᔒ
  76. WKOVO하이로우 ジジ aTM35쩜CoM (카톡: XazA) ◁◁ WKOVO승무패 WKOVO무료분석
  77. KOVO안전놀이터 ジジ aTM35쩜CoM (카톡: XazA) ◁◁ kovo컵대회 KOVO안전놀이터&#
  78. I thought this was fixed...
  79. Manual Shifting in The Crew is so annoying!
  80. New gamers experience.
  81. Cannot see any of the bonus missions
  82. Car drive slow!!! HELP
  83. Free Drive = Solitude
  84. Photo Mode in The Crew
  85. Always[4 out of 5] can't find friends in game
  86. Highway 191 Utah
  87. Aerodynamic stream
  88. New Update removed Viper SRT from garage
  89. Drafting being on this game is cheap
  90. Fix your glitches! [Read This]
  91. Engine Rev & Car Shaking?
  92. semi automatic gearbox and money truck heists
  93. money rewards for the faction missions
  94. Ford GT (Circuit)
  95. Ingame chat - Useless
  96. A boring subject.
  97. Why is my LaFerrari not level 1299?
  98. The list of cars in which changes are required
  99. GAME SUGGESTIONS (Please read this game developers)
  100. Why not damage bar like in Driver 1?????
  101. Stupid kids blocking the race...
  102. Automatic Braking at 30km/h
  103. It's fixed!
  104. Ban for driving "noob cars" ?
  105. When team nerf LaFerrari and Alfa Noobeo (vel Romeo) 8C (circut) ?
  106. Hanlding of Circuit Cars - The Power of Aerodynamics + Rant
  107. "Toxic"
  108. P2P Horror
  109. Xbone: Escape 100 police chases Acheivement
  110. Remember butt-heads of Ubisoft, A challenging game is different from frustrating.
  111. Xbone Stability Issues when accessing console dashboard
  112. LAFERRARI downforce issues?
  113. Back on track not working in faction mission
  114. Game Feels Lonely A Ghost Town
  115. Drive/Race in more than one country!
  116. Follow the target
  117. Some cars are overpowered :-(
  118. Award - Get fined 75K Bucks in Raid spec
  119. Misc. Ideas and Suggestions from a vet.
  120. Cannot Drag Race with Xbox Controller
  121. dont think i can go back and play normal crew
  122. 【performance】Wild run Fps is low... hope can be more optimized !
  123. Crashing Issues
  124. Major loading issue in the BETA
  125. WIld Run PC BETA inGame Experience Pro vs Owns
  126. Please Add a Passive Mode to Freedrive
  127. Almost game breaking bug/crash
  128. So How Does This Summit Ranking System Work?
  129. Location indicator
  130. Wild Run 1st day experiences and thoughts.
  131. Gros bug sur le jeux the crew wild run
  132. WildRun Drift experience ● VIDEO ●
  133. Gamepads and manual shifting
  134. Wild Run sport vs hardcore
  135. Original Crew Physics Change ?
  136. Disable Crash Cam
  137. My game doesn't open !
  138. About time to solve this?
  139. Please patch the LaFerrari
  140. Wybrem's list of issues from 2014, still not fixed.
  141. Raid Spec: Ford Raptor
  142. Loosy Rear Gearin
  143. police pursuit mysteriuos ghost slam on Halloween
  144. Requesting driving tips
  145. Unnecessarily grindy awards that could use some adjustments.
  146. What's your all time favorite vehicle in The Crew and why?
  147. Free 50 part..
  148. Oh pvp,the elephant in the room.
  149. Wheel support on the consoles
  150. Lamborghini Aventador Cockpit
  151. Headlights still too weak at night
  152. dirt spec cars tire bug
  153. Cannot rebind conrols for gearing up and down
  154. How are the motorcycles control and feel?
  155. The new loot system sucks
  156. The Nighttime is awful :/
  157. Freedrive functions replaced ability to change view and look around. FIX THIS NOW
  158. Drift spec
  159. really wild run?
  160. Major testing on SMART LOOT System
  161. Ford Raptor bug?
  162. Gameplay of Every Motorcycle in the game
  163. Wild run "update"...they did not update gamebreaking 3rd person cameras..
  164. Old muscle car still not useful
  165. Wild Run: Feedback + Uninstall option
  166. Wild Run: Online petition for a more fair/balanced reward system
  167. :( Rain is making a bit of lag (BAD during PVP)
  168. Mine must not have updated right...where are the waterskis???
  169. Handling & Physics
  170. Temporary fix to keymapping. Edit binding(_PAD).xml to bind keys.
  171. Monster HUMMER was in beta, not in release version
  172. Extreme spec interiors
  173. Why with the smart loots???
  174. Why is highway child now so difficult?
  175. #NeverDriveAtNight
  176. Question about The Summit rewards!
  177. Offroad Beasts
  178. Advice on Drag Race technique ???
  179. OP bikes are killing PVP
  180. The Crew - PC (Big Thank You to the Ivory Tower & Ubi)
  181. Stick people!?!?!?
  182. First Impression: Cheap
  183. Night + Headlights
  184. Skills rewards
  185. Mount Rushmore Qualifiyer - getting loanded car although I own that exact car
  186. Graphics Update?
  187. C'est quoi ce patch moisi?
  188. Help on Zone Award Completion
  189. Drag cars - the higher level they get, the lower their performances?
  190. Windscreen wipers anoying
  191. ? for those who like how dark the night is since update..
  192. Bmw x6m
  193. Nice balance
  194. Engine volumn of other cars still not fixed!
  195. Loose and numb force feedback on Perf spec '67 GT500
  196. Street Subaru
  197. OK, I think I'm happy, night time and all..
  198. On Cockpit View, License Plates & Misc.
  199. Performance issues?
  200. DEVS! ~ Some visual bugs that need to be fixed.
  201. The Crew new handling and physics
  202. 바카라사이트주소\\シ 〔shs282。COM〕シ\\카지노동호회
  203. Can't play the crew anymore after this, wild run update. Does ubisoft care?
  204. Aston Martin Vanquish
  205. Bikes Grinding Skills
  206. Will Fanatec csw v2 with xbox one hub work on the xbox one?
  207. Drift 5 Million Points !
  208. The Crew Wild Run
  209. Mercedes 300 SLR
  210. Problems with The Crew
  211. Settings Problems after Wild Run Update
  212. Game crashes and highway stop loading the road
  213. What's with the BRZ's out of control handling??
  214. Faction Missions gone on steroids
  215. Opinions on the smart loot system?
  216. Interrupting long faction races!
  217. Suggestions
  218. REALLY Ivory Tower!!!
  219. Parts Won Should be Able to be Installed
  220. Dragsters: Best, worst, bugged
  221. bought the wild run expansion for a nice black friday price today ^^)
  222. Weird cockpit lighting bug
  223. My last 2 Scrambles
  224. Overall Summit Ranking doesn't make sense
  225. I have world records that I do NOT deserve please fix skill challenges
  226. My experience with Wild Run is...
  227. Impossible Drift scores have been removed
  228. Wildrun - 2010 SRT-10 Viper? (UPLAY Reward)
  229. Oversteering or "Loose" Cars?
  230. Please please fix skill challenges.
  231. Why the game show me "input signal out of range, change setting to 1920*1080-60Hz"
  232. Auction house
  233. Long Jump
  235. super car grip downgraded wayyy too much
  236. 4 Player Crew Summit PVP - Ridiculous, read to find out why...
  237. PvP league points
  238. Bonus Faction Missions Just Disappeared?
  239. Why i can't use my owned cars in summit races?
  240. Drafting in Summit Challenge
  241. Lotus Evora GTE (Summit's Reward, November 2015)
  242. Spawn bugged out
  243. Summit leader board rankings are inaccurate
  244. Npc ai and difficulty changes are ridiculus
  245. Please remove Free Drive Challenge requirement from Summits
  246. Daily reward reset? I'm back to lowest rep grade...... bug or devs decision?
  247. what i like and dislike at the summits
  248. customising your car help
  249. Four things "The Crew" can learn from "NFS 2015"
  250. Dynamic brightness in sunny conditions