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  1. Accusing the wrong people!
  2. Couple of new elements I think I've noticed
  3. THE CREW Map Discover - The Great Lakes
  4. Road bug
  5. Wercked Parts
  6. THe Point of No return Faction mission bug - BCX completly stop 500 meters from goal
  7. The Branchu Loop
  8. 1270
  9. Grand Ambitions FreeDrive Racing.
  10. free roam police too stupid
  11. PvP Lobby!so wrong!
  12. Mini Cooper Street (lower handling)
  13. Par times for Faction Missions
  14. City Races!
  15. The police need work.
  16. something the game needs desperately
  17. Noticed something about the AI
  18. AI cars spit flames when shifting gears
  19. Free Crew Credits [XB1]
  20. FreeDrive Racing
  21. Pvp collision
  22. Where is this place?
  23. Race with the top cheater of The Crew
  24. Mercedes SLS stock spoiler.
  25. Headquarters-car collection-blue star with numbers
  26. BUFF THE HOTRODS/cars from wreck-exploration
  27. With the new patch PVP would be fixed they said........ The failed again I say.....
  28. Award - Complete mission while others crew members are out of action!
  29. My Experience after 3 Months
  30. how to improve pvp
  31. 5-10 mission
  32. Faction Related?
  33. The Crew PvP and the bad Cheater *facepalm*
  34. West Coast Crash!
  35. lvl 50 platinum
  36. cheater SchlitzerHZ and incompetence ubisoft
  37. HUD improvement
  38. Something needs to be done about all griefers
  39. Wolves WIN again... sigh.
  40. driving solo
  41. What a hell they want?
  42. Realy anoying. Connectivity issue
  43. Why cant i jump down there?
  44. 36k salary March
  45. image verification
  46. steam vs uplay
  47. Cars for different races.
  48. Game tutorial
  49. Some Suggestions for PVP
  50. elitist HC mofos...
  51. Car handeling
  52. im so happy with the network
  53. Public Coop
  54. My list of what game need to do to be better (From Top Player)
  55. New Faction event
  56. Motorbike Pack DLC!
  57. Got my refund today
  58. Finally at last
  59. Things that need to be fixed!
  60. Hour-long Raid (or Dirt) race in the NorthEast? Where'd it go?
  61. Landmark Tour
  62. G27 Master Settings
  63. PVP Events Video
  64. Too Few Wheel Selection for 3400K
  65. Unable to beat TKO mission with perfect run
  66. Ideas for Faction Missions
  67. Skills, high scores, ghosts and cheaters
  68. finish race first but says come second?
  69. [PC] Multiplayer problems
  70. On the back of a beast...
  71. Sick of seeing wall riding
  72. New Layout for Mobile Garage needed pls
  73. Mobile Tuner Suggestion - See what parts you have equipped.
  74. Still cant understand if this is a online game or Single Player
  75. Broken Whiteout Race
  76. fast
  77. This game infuriates me.
  78. Stunt Trophies no longer attainable after Jan 15 Update
  79. Ironclad Dash Bug?
  80. Dlc not working-money stolen?
  81. do golds medals count up if u get platinum
  82. This game is annoyingly frustrating - Communication and Information spring to mind!!
  83. The police AI is still a train wreck.
  84. After Patch experience v3 (March Patch)
  85. just give me an answer
  86. Problem with the queue after the update
  87. The New Camera...
  88. The best glitch/bug that happened to The Crew
  89. Lighting/Palette Since March Update
  90. Fix the car sounds in the game!
  91. My personal experience summary of Ubisoft and the Crew so far (not looking good)
  92. Circuit Car Balance Review after March Update
  93. The New Chase camera sucks!!!!
  94. How do I use the Zoom tool in Demo mode?
  95. [Youtube] Engine Soundcheck, TDU2 versus The Crew -The rundown !
  96. Traian's Videos
  97. Thank you for making this game totally unplayable..
  98. So is XB360 getting anything or are we forgotten?
  99. a feedback to THE CREW
  100. Airport Challenge (Multi-spec)....Just for fun
  101. Anyone else experience this glitch?
  102. Car position lag at high speeds
  103. Weird car pricing in game
  104. stupid spec-depending rewards
  105. The Crew Serious Updates Required
  106. They did the GTR R34 dirty
  107. informative notice!
  108. Landmark Tour
  109. Glitch in the middle of Observatory Dash
  110. 12K cash from pvp
  111. Why I hate the Crew
  112. The Crew Suggestions
  113. No way that "I need help driving" mode should lower the rank of a "Hardcore" driver!
  114. My faction reputation has reset itself???
  115. Cannot play online or sometimes even get into the game
  116. The Crew Aventador Launch Control
  117. You broke Faction completely now
  118. Is there a way I can get the story mission music to play in-game?
  119. [PC] Crew vs Crew PVP search times POLL
  120. Stuttering pictures, massive input lag
  121. Accountability of game companies when releasing unfinished games.
  122. This game looks as if made in the 90s
  123. BUG: Mini Cooper S: Speedometer (interior) shows 10 km/h MORE! Blue Cockpit
  124. Tem q melhorar essa porra de "jogabilidade", patch para refinamento de "condução" já.
  125. Un par de cosas que podrian añadir y arreglar
  126. Whole four minutes of a reckless wall riding
  127. Do not try this at home! :-D
  128. New to The Crew Just Grindin Gears
  129. fast and furious
  130. Track Editor - This game needs it!!!
  131. Will the crew get boring?
  132. The worst racing game EVER
  133. So few track for PVP in massive world?
  134. Slow and worst handling on PvPs
  135. maybe rain in The Crew?
  136. Red Rocks Amphitheater?
  137. Collateral Challenge Does NOT Work
  138. Can the crew include serious semi gamers too?
  139. Game designers what are you thinking?!?!?!?!?
  140. Nobody plays in Eastern Lobby?
  141. Amazing Hot Persuit!!!
  142. Everything wrong with The Crew
  143. Multiplayer...
  144. Race Ruining Glitch During 'The Way To Amarillo'
  145. please change narrow road texture
  146. Hey Random Number Generator. You're the greatest creation ever.
  147. So far so bad.... (my game expirience)
  148. P v E???
  149. pwnage and....a dev perhaps?
  150. ubisoft you ruin the ebrake on this game...
  151. Can you sell your cars??
  152. Increasing car sound.
  153. PVP messed up ?
  154. Scoring in crews (2-4) in skills/missions
  155. After Patch Experience v.3 (April Patch)
  156. COCKPIT: Digital digits are missing at most of the vehicles
  157. RP Limit?
  158. steering wheel with me arguing
  159. Funny stuff in the game directory
  160. April patch......can we steer properly yet??!!!
  161. PC Bug - Exit Freeze
  162. Tons of bucks but have to spend CC to obtain new cars?
  163. a quick thanks!
  164. los angeles night with VW Touareg
  165. Mirrors?
  166. Better online experience than before
  167. About cars
  168. Please more Point to Point faction missions
  169. Faction Mission Breakdown
  170. Landmarks Bug
  171. PVP Broken ?
  172. Dear devs... please do not kill the game!
  173. How To Play [[ #The Crew ]] ~ An Interesting Guide ~ Let The Race Begin
  174. Dear Devs...
  175. Headcam view problem [for devs]
  176. Overpowered Cars - Fix them please!
  177. The game is ruined. Bye bye The Crew
  178. Hey, guess what?
  179. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee add controller mapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  180. MrLag's Videos
  181. I present you, 'The Banana Boat'
  182. The Crew Performance 'Experimental' Drag Race without using NoS
  183. Sending Friends is not Available
  184. Cut Scene Lag on PC
  185. HELP Ironclad dash mission
  186. This game need a workshop
  187. trouble with crumble zone
  188. Suggestions to improve the game
  189. "An Overview and Suggestions of The Crew" - From a Day Zero Fan
  190. A Win Win Solution to Handling the PvP Feature of the Game
  191. [Video] Low Carlevel PvP
  192. I can't even get into the game
  193. What the hell? collection help
  194. Comparing TC with TDU2.
  195. I can not connect to the game
  196. That Magic Spark award
  197. Everything Wrong with PVP Events
  198. Alternatives to Skill Grinding
  199. New Chevrolet Stingray 2014
  200. We asked you to change the text chat colors back to their original READABLE colors...
  201. W.t.f did they do to camera
  202. Worst balancing I have ever seen in any game.
  203. Multiple Trophy Glitches Ps4
  204. Back On Track Feature
  205. You did it! Finally this game is completely broken!
  206. A better way to add JDM/tuner cars to the game
  207. Side view camera, why?
  208. So much potential, we need more story!
  209. Awards broken!!!!!
  210. Faction Wars 2.0 feedback
  211. question on multiplayer
  212. Can't see any players on map
  213. [BUG] Sometimes dosnt change gear
  214. Disable Distortion of interface? Any way?
  215. Whiteout Mission (HELP!!)
  216. Screen resolution scaling issue
  217. No races outside of story mode?
  218. [YouTube] Completing The Crew - co-op
  219. After Patch Experience v.4 (June Patch)
  220. PvP with friends
  221. One of the worst UIs of all times
  222. Faction Spoils --- How Does This Work Again?
  223. Additional game modes suggestions
  224. Where in the hell is Houston,TX!?
  225. Soundtrack
  226. Why no players? nearly empty sessions. Deceived by dishonest trailer?
  227. Camera bug (ghost mode)
  228. Can we get more weather effects in The Crew?
  229. Balance in PvP: the Ferrari 458 Speciale
  230. Needs help op PS4 with mission
  231. Stingray not appearing on Xbox 360 D:
  232. Some issues with some cars
  233. Help! I need it! And Bucks!
  234. PvP Unfair for lower level players!
  235. Smartphone hotkey, chat and the future
  236. The struggle for maxing out vehicles
  237. Freeride driving
  238. Need help getting money
  239. csi hidden objects bug
  240. Faction spoils
  241. PvP Challenge points?
  242. What we still need in The Crew?
  243. Bonus Faction Mission can't see it
  244. First thing that should to be tested on motorbikes!
  245. Error #0.1
  246. new PvP mode score.
  247. The last 2 "updates" broke The Crew
  248. The Big D *NEW* July 1st
  249. Ubisoft, Yu No pay attention to the Xbox 360!!??
  250. Winning Performance Parts