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  1. No More Stunts?
  2. Story Mission Part 1
  3. spec Parts vs Frustration!!
  4. The Crew - Always Drive Alone
  5. Limited Edition cars
  6. Fix the ******* ai
  7. Lag spikes
  8. Attacked by a possessed Snowmobile / Sleigh
  9. My improvements wish list
  10. faction missions not really rewarding
  11. Secret Awards - Anyone know these?
  12. PvP Not finding players (PC)
  13. So... GPS... where you want me to go???
  14. This location?
  15. Medal scoring in story missions...
  16. still no challenges ps4
  17. [Spoilers] Story Mission Part 2
  18. [PC] Probably a silly question about those "orange achievements"
  19. [PC] Two cheaters (or major bugs) in one game session
  20. Pvp lobby.
  21. Quick way to earn RP. Faction mission 40 sec ish! 15-17k (rp) + 500-700Kbucks an hour
  22. Police Difficulty
  23. Fast cars and no skills
  24. Animals in The Crew
  25. After Patch experience
  26. Where do I report abuse??
  27. never play on patch day...
  28. 99 bubble buy my tuner shops
  29. AT/MT, PVP Starts and More Questions
  30. Good old Agera
  31. pvp 1 random room lobbie
  32. Shadows flickering
  33. I'll let the game sit for a while!
  34. The Tree Smack
  35. Bugged Awards
  36. Couple of probably stupid questions
  37. Bugged stats
  38. The Crew - Why I think Raid in PvP is pointless right now
  39. the crew shadows flickering
  40. Police
  41. Graphic Enhancement , Remove the orange fog , Darker Nights etc ,using Sweet FX
  42. Has anyone gotten to 100% completion?
  43. Graphics texture pack!
  44. So....how does one get into a pvp Lobby?
  45. PS4. Logitech G27.
  46. Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Clutch !
  47. World Record cheating?
  48. Impotent ******s that run pvp laps other way around to crash should be banned
  49. Please Read & Fix, Broken Co-op Mission's
  50. A gamers confession: The Crew
  51. Is it just me or is Raid Spec completely worthless offroad?
  52. PvP Lobbies my view of the game
  53. Games not Delivering on Promises | The Crew Gameplay
  54. Escape/Getaway Missions
  55. The Chauffeur mission, clean driving not possible?
  56. wanted to apologize to the devlopers
  57. Award for visitng 5 racetrack cities questions
  58. No collision = no vision, please change!
  59. disconnect switching dc should =DC Period!
  60. No faction spoils.
  61. 'BAck on the Track' is ****
  62. 'BAck on the Track' is ****
  63. F*** this Auto lane guide bull****
  64. Connecticut plate
  65. muscle car wheelies?
  66. Devs - Faction WAR???
  67. Too many players in the Wolves faction
  68. PvP Lobby
  69. A Few Bad Apples...
  70. I know I'm beating a dead horse, but this grinding is insane.
  71. Question about Perk and Crew Credits
  72. PvP got ninja patched? O_o
  73. landmark tour faction mission
  74. The Crew Soundtrack: Kids by Sleigh Bells at Youtube
  75. bug or not ?
  76. Synchronized spinning
  77. Just unlocked the new DLC cars
  78. The Crew (Xbox 360) game crashes.
  79. Killingsnails racing
  80. Challenges
  81. Racing Map
  82. new car pack
  83. 598% completion and 14000+ AP
  84. AI respawns, RIGHT IN THE FACE!
  85. Crash Physics
  86. Player Indicators
  87. Extreme Pack DLC (unboxing) HD, in HQ
  88. Hidden cars need help
  89. AI driver WANTED DEAD
  90. Factionmissions countdowntimer broken? [PC]
  91. Pain in the rear award to get...
  92. feeling of speed in this game
  93. How to get all the city awards (video guides)
  94. My first PVP match with the Fiat 500 Abarth
  95. The ramming in pvp
  96. Quick tuning question
  97. unresponsible cars
  98. Online part of this game is awful
  99. Help with Family matters mission please
  100. Subliminal Advertising
  101. Experimental Award Confusion
  102. didn't fix ai
  103. Finding missing Parts
  104. Fix joining friends online
  105. Is there anyway for me to play with my friend without port forwarding?!
  106. Fleeing The Country (The Fast Way)
  107. The Crew on Xbox360 has more specs?
  108. please stop complaining about ramming.
  109. Please stop complaining about complaining about ramming
  110. dlc
  111. 100B Collateral daily challenge.
  112. Anyone able to get me going?
  113. I bought the season pass on ps4 and still didnt get anything
  114. Car Ai = ****
  115. The Crew - Fun Glitches!
  116. Why Servers show people online in game, but they havent play for many hrs
  117. servers
  118. Close call!
  119. Max. Carlvl. 1251 after the last patch?
  120. A very good game for free roam driving but...
  121. Chinese license plate.
  122. To the Devs: Please improve the Sound of the SLS AMG and Aventador
  123. The Crew PVP Feedback
  124. Border Patrol award
  125. How is PvP still not fixed?
  126. Koenigsegg Agera T control ... Y UNO HAVE IT IN THIS GAME?
  127. <PICS> Minding my business when...
  128. mini cooper bug
  129. Medium challenge impossible
  130. People joining faction missions and quit ( Newcomers should read this also )
  131. Is this Midnight club usa???
  132. Friends doing faction races
  133. About most boring awards
  134. The Crew - Music Trailer
  135. "Join Session" button??
  136. Some lousy aspects of the game.
  137. Jesus whats the hold up with PVP? - PS4
  138. Hey
  139. Should I buy this game ?
  140. Intended or I am missing something? -Car crashes while doing faction races
  141. Devs & Ubisoft is this how u want your game to get played in PVP? Total kaos!!
  142. ~annoyed~ OMAR'S perk doesnt work for me.
  143. Trailers Trailers Intro Intros show how it should have been ???MMO??
  144. i am more then happy =)
  145. For Newcomers!
  146. Speed bug?
  147. My first world record using Hardcore driving mode
  148. I Am in So Much Awe over the Map
  149. Dropped Internet Connection during race
  150. Finally Finished with this game
  151. To the people that are crying about crew vs crew and then leaving in the race!
  152. Cheap play by racer
  153. Raid Spec Balancing
  154. PVP Idea
  155. Is this fast? :)
  156. Midwest Master (And other 100% Achievements)
  157. Cops and mirrors
  158. Add weather conditions in the game like rain , snow , thunder, storms, tornado's ..
  159. Platinum Metals on Hill Climb
  160. separate lobbies for hardcore and full assist mode or more options in lobbies
  161. PvP ranks
  162. Medium challenge objective not correct
  163. Some story mission Platinum medals
  164. boneheads @ UBISOFT IVORY TOWERS
  165. This Games Potential Is Unimaginable...
  166. Medium Challenge broken?
  167. PvP Medicine
  168. My experience
  169. the drifting at all ...
  170. Things id like to see in the Next update
  171. Free roaming help
  172. Will this work?
  173. Drifting on the road isn't great
  174. Freeroaming please help
  175. And you spy upon opponents?
  176. Dust and particles
  177. Why are Cops so Rare?
  178. feedback from a noob on level 50
  179. 30 Minute police chase (Short version)
  180. Not Earning Faction Rep?
  181. #neverdriveatall Anyone with corrupt save files.....please read!!!!
  182. The Crew, The Boss
  183. So what now
  184. What update/imporevements/new content would you like to see on The Crew the most?
  185. Other "Hidden Cars" in The Crew?
  186. Full set of Platinum parts for RAID spec
  187. a question about PVP and the level of your car
  188. no rep points in pvp?????????
  189. Timer issue with startup "mission"????
  190. RAID spec Faction Missions Best Times
  191. Random Platinum Rewards and cheated World Records
  192. "Never drive alone"??
  193. question about the platin-tuning-level
  194. Another Newb Question about multiplayer
  195. PvP FAIL 1 hour and 0 players
  196. AI Grip
  197. bots
  198. A Question About Parts
  199. The Crew - Add me - Need Crew - my review
  200. The final straw
  201. Help!!
  202. please, more tracks,developers :-)
  203. complete 3 unique PvE Getaway missions
  204. Suggestion: Reduce minimum players to start faction PvP
  205. Do you want maps of the PvP tracks?
  206. Car levels have dropped?
  207. AWARDS: Spec/250 skill's in row
  208. What're your favourite cruisin' cars?
  209. Praise for Award system, plus mention of a bug
  210. One of the Experiences you can only have in The Crew
  211. Extreme car pack
  212. Find 8 Wrecks- Monthly challenge that can not be completed for early adopters
  213. Anyone else feel misled in trailers?
  214. do car levels even matter?
  215. Level 50 Platinum parts
  216. how do i paint a car 2 colors?
  217. If you think you have seen it all wait till you see this x'D
  218. 30% Faction Bonus / 15000+ AP
  219. Complete feedback/report/suggestion/review thread by mcwaller123 [Updated since Beta]
  220. I did not buy a demo, it it seems like it (PS4)
  221. Why does my FF have its rear wheels spinning at the beginning of the race?
  222. What did you do to my Ferrari, Mr Tuner?
  223. the tests are ...
  224. Enough is enough
  225. Did more stuff break?
  226. unnecessary disconnect
  227. What experiences can you only have in The Crew?
  228. Stunts not earning any bucks ?
  229. Smarten Up Ubisoft
  230. Alpha romeo 4C problem!
  231. AfterPatch loading time!
  232. Z4/Skyline Circuit bug
  233. PC - The Point of No Return - AI really bonkers now
  234. After Patch experience v2 (February Patch)
  235. did the update break more than it fixed?
  236. what have you found to be the fastest way to earn bucks?
  237. Suicidal traffic
  238. Frontier Tour
  239. faction vs faction
  240. Why is don't we have the ability to create crews(similar to clans in other games)?
  241. faction mission leaderboard?
  242. on thin ice
  243. [need help] can't figureout "movie" achievement
  244. PVP lobbys EMPTY??!?!!
  245. prologue issue
  246. don't understand the game logic
  247. blue lines
  248. This game is so rigged
  249. So complete 50 Scrambles in Raid Car is broke.
  250. After playing since launch