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  2. First impressions
  3. so...
  4. Too many issues
  5. So what you think of the gameplay?
  6. Second failure
  7. Connection Error
  8. Great game so far! Can't wait until Xbox servers are back.
  9. Xbox360 East Coast servers
  10. New Gladiators and perk replacing update
  11. God Thanks EA!
  12. Anyone else having this issue
  13. no ubi rewards
  14. 200 bux for 3000 gold
  15. DONT PLAY ONLINE YET. Any connection problems, you risk losing a fighter for nothing
  16. I'd pay $10 bucks but...
  17. Game server unavailable!?
  18. Local Multiplayer / Playing with Friends
  19. Legendary Gladiator... missing!
  20. Why are the trigger buttons not used ..
  21. Multi player option
  22. Beat Legendary Sword and Shield Gladiator....
  23. favorite fighter type?
  24. Loading is getting annoying...
  25. Fix the Rage quitting issue!
  26. Trying so hard...
  27. How could this have thrown Ubisoft off this badly?
  28. Anyone Fought Top Player Yet? I am calling you out xX Titophen Xx!!!
  29. PSN Europe
  30. uplay rewards
  31. game locked up..gladiator left fight
  32. Lost 2 gladiators gold and game currency i bought them with help!
  33. BullS***! fix servers! Keep freezing after winning boss fights.
  34. Tip to save your gladiators
  35. Legends in Multiplayer
  36. Uplay Rewards
  37. Best Fighting Style
  38. International Lag
  39. Legendary Fighters Stats
  40. Question for Devs/Admins
  41. spartacus wont stay dead
  42. Tips for beating Baal?
  43. Any tips on beating Ixion?
  44. Buying Spartacus
  45. Gladiators Losing matches when I dont play them?
  46. 50 Gold Coin Voucher
  47. got a question for high fame players 21+ level
  48. PS3 Broken Version..? Help!
  49. Crappy game save process!!
  50. Game Ruining Strategy - Easy way to beat every boss.
  51. Colored Perks
  52. End of Fight Comparisons Are Worthless
  53. Comb Question
  54. Best Combos for Each Style
  55. Every aponent standing still and ends up disconnectd from servers
  56. My Review ( Put your reviews here)
  57. Help
  58. Arena Matches -- Use Tier 1 Only
  59. 2h sword gladiators = Cheap as hell
  60. Where is Uplay on Xbox 360 version of spartacus legend?
  61. Quitting
  62. How much did you guys spend on the game?
  63. A few questions
  64. Sandiful the Insane -- Round 2 WTF?????
  65. Spartacus Legends: Game+ Issues -- Please place here
  66. Online match stats roll back?
  67. Question on perk bonus
  68. Perfectus - winning a fight with no damage taken
  69. double fame??
  70. Serverus the Hunter
  71. Gladiator with the best record?
  72. Recruiting gladiators that you've beaten before - impossible to have flawless record
  73. Can you re-recruit legends if you sell them back to the mines or they die?
  74. How much silver have you collected?
  75. 2 handed sword more reach then spear and sheild?
  76. Convert Silver into Gold
  77. Custom music playing on PS3.
  78. Xbox live fight record stuck at 100?
  79. Patch up date?
  80. Re-recruiting legends after 2nd round of primus fights with higher rating?
  81. Purple Perks?
  82. black and white?
  83. So, how's everyone doing tonight?
  84. Try again ubisoft
  85. 1X Use Perks Not Working on Xbox 360?
  86. Service is not available
  87. Quick question about bare handed gladiators...
  88. never buy gold
  89. To xMiiSTY or other Furom managers.
  90. 3rd playthrough...
  91. DO NOT waste your ****ing time on this game
  92. ETA On New Patch? Ps3
  93. I apologize.
  94. npc extra perk issue
  95. Ideas for More Fighting Styles
  96. Servers down?
  97. Can't beat Oenomaus
  98. Losing Characters Because Others Quit!
  99. Fearless Fists
  100. Spartacus Legends on EU playstore???
  101. DLC Ideas: New Legends, New Fighting Styles, New matches, etc..
  102. Ubisoft Please Respond
  103. Fix the game!
  104. Please add uplay
  105. Update?
  106. Match making needs more work.
  107. More than one grab move?
  108. Why is everyone afraid to die?
  109. IDEA for xMiiSTY and DEV team!
  110. Tired of quiters
  111. Offline Multiplayer? Why all the lies?
  112. Perks. Why so terrible?
  113. Next update?
  114. Which style fighter is your favorite?
  115. Having issues with Seighart
  116. Training mode ?
  117. Is this the end?
  118. Looking for Challengers!
  119. Frustration with cheap players....
  120. New cheat?
  121. Do gladiators stop costing gold??
  122. Just found game breaker
  123. Legendary gladiators not doing executions
  124. Pankration and Grabbing, is it just me?
  125. max number of gladiators in a ludus
  126. NPC's ridiculous after you beat Spartacus...
  127. Kinect based Spartacus or gladiator game for Xbox one please!
  128. Gladiator accruing phantom losses???
  129. An idea for the game layout
  130. Rank system.
  131. Who Was ACOLYTUS in the actual show?
  132. Problem big time! Please read!
  133. REQUEST: Reset my account - level, silver, gold, campaing, etc
  134. Hey ubisoft
  135. Addictive, but NOT without flaws
  136. How to cope with quitters 101101
  137. Oenomaus sword and shield stats
  138. Lanista Mode
  139. how u get a man that fights with his fists
  140. Execute or Mercy option while playing online
  141. glitch
  142. Perk glitch?
  143. Getting Real sick of getting my Character Deleted.
  144. Fame Weekends
  145. ERRORES del Juego. Perdida de tiempo y Logros quitado por UBISOFT
  146. First, Play the Game, Then Quit, Then Reload and TADAAAAA no more fighters.
  147. Gladiators deleted please help spent money
  148. Missing Gladiators
  149. Community Boss Fights
  150. requesting reset
  151. After the Update - Freeze screen
  152. Trouble with New Legendary Gladiators
  153. Resurrection cost increased
  154. Spartacus legends game review
  155. Legends (Mostly Crixus) are ruining online!
  156. Online trident users
  157. How to get Legendary fighters????
  158. i'm sick of tridents!
  159. hey is anyone else have new problems with this game?
  160. "Jupiter's luck" perk
  161. giving some titles to yours slaves have an effect or not have any
  162. It has to stop!
  163. Decent Unarmed Build?
  164. Events are truly rare!
  165. I have not any primus
  166. **
  167. Rage quitters/move spammers/ lower fame legend users/ known laggers
  168. Special Shield Aegis of the Gods
  169. Pointless to try in the tournament
  170. Will someone please tell me what move spamming is?
  171. I beg and plead to the admin and designers, GET RID OF THE LEADERBOARD!!!!!
  172. Please do something about the ones who give up during the match.
  173. legendary glads stats improve with fame level?
  174. A few questions, I'm new.
  175. Questions regarding perks.
  176. REALLY!? What is this, Tridents R Us?
  177. The worst thing about this game!
  178. the words of the prophet! read spartans! set an example for all of capua!
  179. I can't help but to post this...
  180. Lost my gold coins
  181. Dead topless women in Insulae District
  182. Cool down timer glitch
  183. Tournament Question.
  184. Spam question
  185. Slaves confidence trolololo!
  186. skull emblem
  187. blade hunter / dull edge perks
  188. Insolence players
  189. Rewards won't grow
  190. Help beating Crixus & Spartacus second time through?
  191. Shroud of the Fallen - Overpowered
  192. Aegis of the Gods Shield
  193. Rating went up 60 Points. Feb-14
  194. Spartuscus Legends what other Perks bring up your Health beside these ones
  195. Perk Questions
  196. Community Boss I Beat him Now What it tells me I have to face him 3 times
  197. All of the Shroud of the Fallen perks on the 2/15/2014 weekend.
  198. thoughts on how to improve Spartacus.
  199. Shroud of the Fallen perks 1,2,3 playing did not recieve perks after winning why
  200. Playing Xbox live matches the outcome this is what needs to be fixed
  201. I really need a connection quality bar!
  202. Level cap raise?
  203. Spartacus Legends Can you make a update to purchase silver coins
  204. Shroud of the Fallen perks
  205. Game reset?
  206. game drastically changed
  207. Something has to be done about this.
  208. This is unbelievable
  209. Something has to be done about disconnecting / dashboarding - Legend Abuse in tournys
  210. How to Beat Double Swords light attack spam
  211. name of spammers HERE!
  212. reset bug still present?
  213. CPU rating
  214. Question about 'name of spammers HERE!' thread
  215. All speed perks ignored along with +speed from gear
  216. ashur bug
  217. No Missio vs. Beneath Your Feet
  218. new community boss abrax
  219. 3rd playthrough
  220. Gladiators Slots
  221. Fame vs Gold
  222. Hacked character??
  223. Ninja Nerf (Armor and Weapons)
  224. Advanced controls / charged attacks
  225. tourny glitch
  226. 4 hours and no Shroud of Fallen Perk
  227. DNT PLAY AGAINST <name removed> ON PS3
  228. gladiator titles
  229. Banner
  230. whats the problem with unarmed
  231. loss for words
  232. Gannicus glitched?
  233. PM Asking Me To Lose And Give Perfectus
  234. How to level up/be better?
  235. Anyone Found Shroud Perks This Weekend?
  236. where do i report spammer/hackers/ people quiting on me?
  237. just wasted 20 gold!
  238. Noob help
  239. Did you found any shroud of the fallen perk last weekend?
  240. hey misty/mr.shade,please read!!!
  241. Beatting game for 5th time
  242. Please have a sound option to turn off the announcer.
  243. Cpu e,i spams on me!
  244. Beatting game for 7th or 8th time
  245. Perk stacking?
  246. Can't do online matches
  247. Server
  248. Tournament question
  249. How Often Are Comm. Boss fights?
  250. A suggestion for spamming problems.