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  1. Leyends
  2. wich dual sword is the best?
  3. online matches
  4. game lagging bad
  5. unbelievable admin. please read
  6. **** up game server Admin help and yet still ask for real money
  7. not again
  8. Wanna play a xbox live match and win all the time?
  9. Will Spartacus be coming to Xbox one
  10. 2 v bad things
  11. Daily goal stuck on complete.
  12. This Hammer Class is out of control
  13. What is the most OP class? 4/7/2014 (PvP)
  14. What is wrong with people?!
  15. Contact Ubisoft Technical Support
  16. you've done it.
  17. Shroud of the Fallen III icon
  18. Ideas Where to find Shroud perks?
  19. Stat question
  20. double xp
  21. Shroud of the Fallen
  22. Your attack speed will vary
  23. menerva stuff
  24. What's Changed?
  25. Unarmed Style.
  26. Should I buy Gannicus Leggings?
  27. Shroud off the fallen
  28. Why aren't my kills counting?
  29. What am i doing wrong??
  30. I think I found a cheater!
  31. where are all the perks?
  32. How do I defeat Acteon the Aggressor?
  33. another tournament has ended
  34. best trident perks
  35. Stuck at Uploading Game Data??
  36. Hey guys, just started playing again and addicted lol
  37. please help me find legends
  38. How do I defeat Severus the Hunter?
  39. How do I defeat Baal?
  40. what determines which tournament bracket you're in?
  41. Perks and ability
  42. Buy yellow slaves with silver
  43. WTF Where The Hell???
  44. How i stop dashboarders dashboarding it works!!!
  45. Lvl 50
  46. A few bugs that need to be addressed
  47. New Tourment?
  48. ignore pain
  49. ignore pain ?apolo blesing? or?
  50. Help whit perks!
  51. Spartacus future games?
  52. Spartacus Game modes
  53. Spartacus Game events
  54. any worth when new tournament will start again been a while sinds the last 1
  55. online fights
  56. Macthmaking destroying the game
  57. dual sword square down spam.
  58. Are the achilles perks and agrons rage available or a tourny reward or what?
  59. Are servers down?
  60. MOA perk
  61. New Cheat ?
  62. Perks not working
  63. Is there any way to reset the fights?
  64. multiplayer
  65. Need some help!!
  66. Mask Of The Widower Helmet?
  67. Agron's Rage rant
  68. The Ledgend Returns!!!
  69. Only noobs....
  70. How to Parry. Technical adivice needed.
  71. Ashur and Gannicus are way too overpowered when fighting online.
  72. Lag/Online kills
  73. New Armor Set Request. Boost the Unarmed to the LIMIT!!!
  74. The Game is a SCAM
  75. Shroud, Achilles, and Agron's Perk Location and Retrieval Help
  76. question
  77. replace the back taunt to a bow
  78. Community Boss Fight Completion (Xbox 360) (PS3)
  79. anybody want to play for some silver coins?
  80. Emblems?
  81. new idea4legends
  82. Players turning off the game because they are too scared to play the game!!!
  83. Legends tab in the Ludus?
  84. Beat b4u start
  85. Location of Fearless Fist perk
  86. Perks op
  87. Jupiter's Luck
  88. Ignore pain
  89. player with 2 MOA 3 perks on same gladiator
  90. Purchasing Gladiators Question
  91. Shoulder of Dolo PS3
  92. Is Spartacus Legends coming to xbox 1?
  93. Help my build
  94. Yellow Gladiators?
  95. Gladiator Names...
  96. righting the wrongs in this game. "the cause"
  97. Crassus and Ceasar
  98. Spartacus Legends 2 | A Purchasable Game
  99. Perks?
  100. Something for everyone...
  101. Bite of Cerberus
  102. Complete Spartacus Game
  103. Two Handed Sword Build
  104. Im done with this game
  105. Community Boss/Tournament Updates
  106. MOA III Dropping for anyone?
  107. Purchase Gladiator Glitch
  108. Shoulder of dolo
  109. So I Was Wondering
  110. No tournament items again
  111. Disparency between competitors in tournament.
  112. A plea to L50's everywhere
  113. moa and other "rare" drops
  114. How much have you spent, or are preparing to spend on this game?
  115. missing perk
  116. A list of self-regulating rules
  117. ??? What!!!???
  118. Spamming and MOA
  119. Looking for friends(ps3)
  120. Community Boss Fight!
  121. Gold in goal rewards
  122. New Tournaments
  123. When are we going to see theokoles?
  124. Does any of you lanista's know about this one?
  125. New tournament
  126. How much does this game make and why isn't put back into the game?
  127. Dual Dagger Advice
  128. what would you like to see in an update?
  129. Oscan Capua mystery opponent overpowered
  130. silver farming (for tournament) tips?
  131. can something be done about?
  132. Tournament dashers
  133. why isn't naming and shaming allowed?
  134. A certain lvl 50 noob dashing to save his win ratio
  135. Spartacus Legends | PS4, Xbox One?
  136. Waiting Spartacus Legends on PC
  137. If we are all together, we may handle it.
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