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  1. Please read before posting !
  2. Infernal Pit - Card History
  3. Why can't I put same card in different deck simultaneously? [Now you can]
  4. Wolf Captain is Imba, plz nerf!
  5. Player Report Button
  6. [Suggestion] New Packs
  7. Can anyone provide an indepth description on Jackpot tournaments and how they work?
  8. Stronghold needs help - some thoughts
  9. Infernal Pit Analyse
  10. SWISS Tournament break points problem!?
  11. Hero Action - Skills vs Draw Card
  12. LOL @ Sanctuary
  13. Kiren is OP
  14. Puppet Master
  15. Faction specific booster ?
  16. Hero Rebalancing
  17. Dark Magic Discussion
  18. OTK decks are stupid and makes games very uninteresting.
  19. Please add feature to stop players from quitting ranked matches
  20. Add best of 3 match features with sideboard options
  21. Spells are OP
  22. The issue of no decks ever going up to 6 might
  23. Feature to reward higher EXP and Gold for perfect game
  24. Suggestion: Infernal Pit Modification / New Feature
  25. [Suggestion] Achievement, Honor systems
  26. More features for playing with friends?
  27. New Feature Request: Jackpot Tournament Deck Listings
  28. [Suggestion] Solution to ELO dumping
  29. Some confusion about Fate Spinners and their forms.
  30. [Feature] How to defeat farming
  31. Creatures are OP
  32. pao is too op in nec build!!
  33. Frequently asked questions - Features and Game Development
  34. Spell Thief to strong?
  35. Varoius suggestions
  36. Thoughts/Suggestions
  37. Suggestion
  38. Mother Namtaru, Invoker of Death
  39. Time Jump - Perhaps Unique?
  40. Suggestions for Purge and Shadow Image for balancing
  41. Co-Op game play
  42. Dark Assassin and epics in general
  43. Let's talk about Power Creep
  44. Idea for tournaments
  45. Suggestion: New Tournament Types
  46. Who would support these changes to DA and Pao?
  47. Hotkeys !
  48. Big Issue of the game - ELO system
  49. Shadow Image
  50. Who would like Wolf Captain to go down to 4 life?
  51. [Suggestion] Ladder matches with timer.
  52. Any plan on adding reward to training?
  53. How child in the fog trying to solve problem of expensive creatures
  54. Add something to get common/uncommon cards because this is just boring....
  55. New achivement - First Blood !
  56. Spell Twister/ Halls of Amnesia / Maw of Chaos - Bug Report
  57. Done for now, mostly due to two absurdly broken spells
  58. Why cant i have jackpot tournament everyday?
  59. Arianna unbalanced vs stronghold?
  60. Localization for game
  61. One solution to solve them all
  62. Cosmic Realignment Too Strong, Suggested Change
  63. Make Crag Hack playable
  64. Vampire Assassin, anyone?
  65. Two minutes per turn is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long.
  66. The two minute turn timer is at least twice as long as it should be.
  67. Should all Factions have an disspell?
  68. Blizzard
  69. End turn sound effect
  70. Premiums in Infernal Pit
  71. As more expansions are released, Swiss Tournament Rewards Need to Change
  72. Infernal Pit Change Idea
  73. Whats in premium?
  74. Idea for filters in deck editor
  75. Turn order advantage?
  76. Idea of Pao and DA
  77. Regarding matchmaking
  78. Newish Player views
  79. card value suggestions
  80. Suggestion: Web version mmdoc.
  81. Necro
  82. Solid ideia about Trading System
  83. Some New card suggestions
  84. Card Trading idea
  85. Poison deck, no good..
  86. Crystal of Power with Altar of Destruction
  87. Request: Undo/confirmation for leveling hero abilities
  88. x2 gold day in infernal pit
  89. Deck builder is bugged
  90. Idea of getting a single card.
  91. Discussion about Healers.
  92. Balance power of Spells to bring Big Creatures back
  93. OP Ravager
  94. Puppet master and shadow image help
  95. Replay Saves
  96. Switcheroo
  97. Feature request: Low quality option
  98. About the costs of packs.
  99. Stats
  100. Siegfried's ability is useless now...
  101. How did Maws & Halls get nerfed?!?!?
  102. New Heros and Fireball.
  103. How do you guys come across these awesome cards?
  104. Seperate ELO's for the faction you play
  105. Resource
  106. Seria's and Kat's Last Orders
  107. This game would be great if...
  108. Should cards like Stoneshield/Altar of Shadows be restricted?
  109. Best of 3 Games ?! It's about time....
  110. Key improvement for High elo (1001+)
  111. balancing, so that it keeps fun playing other factions as well
  112. My review and rating of the spell schools post-HotV.
  113. Ice Splinters + Song of the Lost + Battle Trance
  114. *Fights Sharr with a poison starter deck* Anyone got Vaseline?
  115. OK, this is getting ridiculous: card distribution is APPALLING.
  116. Untamed Wraith vs Vengeful Spectre.
  117. Tower of the Oblivion and stone shiled
  118. Daily Rewards have Failed as a Feature
  119. Proposed fix to Insect swarm + Life drain issue
  120. Bug or intentional immobilize with Berserk?
  121. Arianna's passive needs a change
  122. Make the event discard pile visible
  123. Increase hp of tier 6-7 creatures
  124. Fear
  125. Incredible difference between kind of deck
  126. Fix Nergal
  127. Return spell twister back the way it was please
  128. MMDoN
  129. proposals to "fix necro" situation
  130. Necro with earth quake and insect swarm
  131. Does the card "Weakness" count as a counter with Ariana's Hero ability?
  132. Regarding balancing...
  133. Kaiko Ability cost maybe unfair
  134. infernal pit
  135. I've had it with friggin' Ariana decks.
  136. This Game is dead for me
  137. Opponent's card order in hand should be random
  138. Is Reinforcements in need of buff?
  139. Achievments - we need them more.
  140. Sanctuary WTF ????
  141. Any incoming balance patches?
  142. Altar of Asha change
  143. The Banshee need to be unique.
  144. Decay spitter
  145. So what's the deal here?
  146. Kill stall decks.
  147. There is no problem with necro !!!
  148. Counter against Dhamiria slow lame deck?
  149. Is it a joke ?
  150. Hero Rebalancing Part 2
  151. Kitten warrior needs a nerf!!!
  152. Changes to Infernal Pit
  153. Stall Deck Suggested Nerfs
  154. Sanctuary - How will we deal with Wild spirits nerf?
  155. Cycle of nerfs
  156. Native Events Suggestion aka Avoid Nerfing Sanctuary
  157. Poll: Wild Spirits Event - Nerf or Stay?
  158. Celestial, Suggestion to improve this card.
  159. Making Faster Games
  160. Prize structure for swiss
  161. Vampire lord 6 resources are u serious?
  162. So my Enemy played 7 Soulreaver in one Duel..
  163. Despair - too weak for an uncommon?
  164. New player here...Vs. Necro turns me off from the game.
  165. [Hero's ability] Draw a card
  166. Fun with Stream Singer
  167. What the hell
  168. 3 things I saw that might need changes. . .
  169. What's keeping me from switching to DoC
  170. Crystal Cavern - too bad?
  171. Void rift is amazingley bad...
  172. Dhamiria THE REAL PROBLEM!!
  173. Little Feature - Sacrifice Warning
  174. remove elo, replace with "collection level" - also add unranked duels
  175. Fix Necropolis creature removal decks.
  176. berserk and cursed chains allmost useless
  177. Zardocs ability waay to strong c,pared to other callers
  178. nergal ruins so many interesting deck
  179. POLL Change Siegfried
  180. How to make healer creatures viable ?
  181. Unique Creature Recycling (Specifically Necro)
  182. Jackpot tournament infested by ridiculously imbalanced Throne of Renewal mill decks.
  183. Making weak cards on purpose as a learning opportunity - bad idea ?
  184. Blackskull spellsmasher ability
  185. Cards are simply too strong.
  186. Double Immolation + Might of Nature/Monsoon
  187. A Proposal of change: Curse of the penitent + crystal of power; Blackskull crusher
  188. The Upcoming Nerf…
  189. A way to stop leavers from ruining Swiss tournaments.
  190. 7 minutes per match in Swiss is too short for me(Sanctuary)
  191. creatures that need to be buffed ASAP to be any good..
  192. Haven Faction
  193. Thoughts from a newish player
  194. We need more creatures with bloodlust!!
  195. Nergal: The potentially misunderstood stepchild? [Response to 7/5/2013 Dev blog]
  196. Change takana's ability
  197. Puppet Master.
  198. The song of the lost
  199. Finding Heroes
  200. "Puppet Master" and "Force of Nature"
  201. Interface feedback and suggestions from a 3-week old player
  202. Few "OP" units
  203. Few things from 1500+ player perspective
  204. Improving the Infernal Pit
  205. So i am gonna wait few more months?
  206. Some ideas to make this game better
  207. Change Vampire Assasin
  208. My thoughts on Mother Namtaru
  209. First win of the day?
  210. Card: Avalanche - any logic behind creating it?
  211. Weapon Supplies / Dragon Vein / Cartographer
  212. General feedback from a new player
  213. EPIC CARDS revamp
  214. Creature Ability Icons
  215. Stall decks are boring
  216. there is no Premium Box selling ??
  217. Wild spirit/ Tamed spirit
  218. IS Banshee cost correct?
  219. This card destroy everything doesn't matter what you have on battlefield.
  220. Necropolis feels (MUCH) easier than other factions
  221. Altar of the Spider Goddess
  222. Blackskull spellslasher underpowered
  223. Tormentors and Lacerators
  224. Change Hellfire Juggernaut
  225. Atropos: Destiny requirement?
  226. Disconnect Protection [DP]
  227. Resources system feels boring.
  228. What's the point of BLIND ARBITERS and TURNCOATS???
  229. Adar-Malik activ and Atropops
  230. Undeads, undeads and more undeads...
  231. Necropolis
  232. Flavor Fixes
  233. How long until Limited Tournaments?
  234. Leavers in Swiss tournament ? there could be a good solution...
  235. Beyond Matching on Elo
  236. Resource/Magic Cost for Sweepers
  237. Infernal Pit Should Give Out More Gold
  238. Avalance: wrong wording (or otherwise bug)
  239. how to beat light of tomorrow?
  240. Low Elo farming, carfight mechanic change
  241. Infect Does Not Work As Described
  242. So, if Nergal is getting slightly nerfed...
  243. Ward Against Darkness
  244. Dhamira Too Strong!
  245. Anyone Have a Matchup Matrix?
  246. No Valid Targets Clause (Spell Twister, Dispel Magic)
  247. What are the Current Must Have Cards?
  248. Swiss bugged
  249. Half Damage Rounding
  250. Swiss tournament - stop wasting our time!