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  1. [Suggestion] MM:DoC API
  2. Collateral Damage & Charge?
  3. Suggestion Change Acamas ability to work with Orc creature subtype
  4. What's the deal with Darkflame fanatic and Bloodscar Goblin
  5. Suggestion: display current active effects in the card text
  6. Suggestion: game log like in Hearthstone
  7. potential op stuff: RELOCATION and combination of BLINDING LIGHT + TOWERING
  8. So boring because of the one turn kill
  9. lava spawn WTF!
  10. why isn't WHAT LIES BELLOW permanent??
  11. Hall of Torment not working as intended.
  12. Going first "anomalies"
  13. Empowered Spell discussion..
  14. Some new quirks in GB
  15. Matchmaking
  16. Mercenaries of Ashan: A proposed DRAFT FORMAT for MMDoC
  17. Inferno Deleb is way too strong!!!
  18. If u really want slow decks, increase life points!
  19. Several months in - My view on factions -> Necropolis in particular
  20. Question about Arkath's Wrath and BS Crusher
  21. venom soldier + boneyard
  22. Feature request: Full art mode in Altar of Wishes
  23. skeleton token design
  24. Blinding light is imbalanced--over powered
  25. Is haven back?
  26. Format request: Standard Weekly
  27. Feature Suggestion: Premium cards in Altar of Wishes
  28. Spell suggestion for next expansion
  29. GB balance (canīt wait any longer)
  30. Simple fix for a lot of the "OP" cards/stratagies
  31. Bloodclaw Shaman and Bloodsnake Shaman discussion
  32. Hide Duplicate
  33. Bad Heaven synergies need a fix asap
  34. Chain Casting OTK decks
  35. Stronghold and Stacks
  36. New Campaign direction, Two Headed Dragon, Guilds and more (long)..
  37. Possible multiplayer game modes
  38. Cards needing nerf
  39. Going first/second
  40. Side-boarding for diversity and balancing
  41. "Themed deck" feedback thread
  42. Titan Work Force
  43. First and second player's affair
  44. Ice meteor so IMBA it makes me laugh
  45. I hate Water school
  46. Do you build your deck with honor?
  47. Card: Hold resource
  48. bloodsnake shaman, the biggest joke in the game atm.
  49. focused mind and fear (lurker int he dark, etc)
  50. Annoying quests
  51. Three vs. four copies of the same card in any deck
  52. Requirement cap on cards
  53. Solution to going first and second
  54. Multiple Time Jumps don't stack (!)
  55. bloodthirst and shaman vs haven and tokens
  56. How can I have better chances against the current meta?
  57. Zardoc's active ability tweak (really small one)
  58. Suggestion for Ubi to make $
  59. Spellhungry Breeder and Spawning Chamber
  60. Immolation Card should be ballanced!
  61. August metagame analysis
  62. Standard Card Distribution
  63. blackskull crusher and a tear in the veil....
  64. Thoughts about MMDOC after over 10 months of MMDOC experience
  65. Turn Time
  66. Chain Casting should be balanced.
  67. Please nerf that ******* Necro!
  68. weekly format:only commons
  69. Battle visuals adjustments
  70. I always lose to stronkghold the same way, need help
  71. Academy swis tournement deck
  72. [Suggestion] Shogun change
  73. Balancing First Turn Player and Aggressive Starts
  74. I have 18 hp, my opponent kat has 1 hp
  75. Confusing cards and interactions
  76. Make all jackpot battles unranked
  77. Enemy Hand Card Placement
  78. Stronghold needs buffs!!
  79. sanctuary 1 cost creatures
  80. will there EVER be a use for turncoats?
  81. Light Unique creature needs buff
  82. Hide Duplicates
  83. Is it just me, or is Hellfire Maniac ridiculously good?
  84. Please nerf 'Lotus Empire Guard'... c'mon now.
  85. Make player "away" after 10 minutes of idle time in game
  86. Concerns about the new 1st player / 2nd player system.
  87. Poor Fleshbane
  88. Do you think that haven got a buff in SoB??
  89. is Masfar OTK even playable post SOB update?
  90. Cleansing Priestess, Why She Sounds Good Only on Paper, and What to Do with Her?
  91. Ice Spear - whaaat?!
  92. Want to make a proposal
  93. poison> heal?
  94. The "vanilla" 1 cost creature cards need a requirement fix
  95. Dragon Crystal
  96. Make Dragon Crystal unique
  97. Mother Namtaru Invoker of death needs to be nerfed
  98. still no nerf for LAVA SPAWN???
  99. Regarding Nerfing and Changing Economics
  100. Is Anastasya's Special Ability OP?
  101. Noob Necro Needing Advice
  102. Crippling suggestion
  103. Hellfire Maniac and his req
  104. Spell stealer Heretic needs to be nerfed
  105. Alone in the dark
  106. One less card for player 1, how much does it hurt the game ?
  107. Nurfing Lava Spawn or getting rid of MASS RAGE???
  108. Next update
  109. How do you deal with the Baracks?!
  110. Foiled card effect make too much of a strain on the eyes
  111. Ur jubaal's minion ability, why inferno?
  112. Nerf Kitten Warrior
  113. cards i've payed so far (from SOB expansion) that are imballanced/op
  114. somethig I wanted to say but forgot..congrats on the desighn of the new hykiu
  115. Fix convirmation step please
  116. Unmei-Kami is not water creature??
  117. Snapshot of Meta
  118. some thought about Bound Succubus
  119. Playing Sanctuary in standard is a miserable experience
  120. What is the deal with magic deal?
  121. Siham spirit severer not working as described
  122. Haven in SoB not good enough, please slight buff
  123. Necromancer apprentice. What is it good for now.
  124. Premium cards concept needs to be reworked and improved
  125. UI Suggestions
  126. Ubisoft please make a better single player experience
  127. Either Spellhungry Breeder or Spawning Chamber MUST be nerfed.
  128. another stupid interaction..cleasnisng priestess removes holy light counters...
  129. Balance for the current standart!
  130. Doombringer and its requeriments
  131. buff older cards?
  132. Why so litle row/line cards in standard
  133. How do you counter or play around Ice Spear when you can't even react to it?
  134. SSH, Lava Spawn and more nerfs announced
  135. Format Availability
  136. We need answers against direct damage
  137. How playable is goblin scout now?
  138. unpreventable direct damage is NOT fun
  139. Testing team fails
  140. Timed Ranked
  141. Open is broken by Inferno and Bound Succubus
  142. Alliance/United
  143. Shorter turns time, please
  144. All of Heavens problems
  145. Counterparts to Bound Succubus Style Effect- creatures for each faction
  146. The Most Over Powering Card
  147. The Card Repair Shop
  148. Nerf Nahla time lock please
  149. @DEVS: Problems with Premium Card Appearance/Effects
  150. Ran into a bunch of Inferno decks today that abuse indirect damage...
  151. Neutral Elementals / spirits
  152. About to ragequit that game
  153. 2v2
  154. guardian golem and warding pillars
  155. Spell Stealer Heretics And Arkaths Wrath
  156. PLEASE change timer defeat rule! Suggestions included.
  157. Collateral Damage not stackable
  158. I think I've pinned down the real problem with Bound Succubus
  159. [open] does ignatius need nerf??
  160. DoC is a waste of time at the moment
  161. State of the game – problems and solutions
  162. Can there be conversion from gold to seals made available?
  163. There is no way to tell which is the last card that went to the graveyard
  164. Balancing Problems
  165. Please make FleshBane playeble
  166. barracks, boneyard, spawning chamber
  167. Another Stroke of Brillance or Lack Thereof - Bound Succubus
  168. Time jump
  169. some thoughts on Faction spesific abilities
  170. Save last game setting! REQUEST
  171. Inferno Indirect Damage Abuse
  172. Some thoughts about turn system.
  173. Future of the card games like MM:DoC.
  174. The week of [heroname]
  175. Gate to Sheogh
  176. why stronghold or sanctuary dont have token??
  177. Are you ^#$@ing SERIOUS?!
  178. Design advice for Blue Byte
  179. Blinding Light nerf?
  180. Wow that was fast...
  181. Meta Genesis in SoB era
  182. High toughess stackables + recurrable stack increase = automatically broken BS
  183. a lot of time thinking
  184. a new zone dedicated for banished cards
  185. What Cards Would You Like To See In Future Expansions?
  186. nerf open and merge with standard?
  187. Looking for opinions about Sideboard
  188. A new UI option for the Sacrificial Pit
  189. Simplification of gameplay and rules
  190. Magic Interdiction
  191. Please consider my suggestions
  192. Tournament Tickets!!!!
  193. Mulligan Mechanics
  194. Add new (or rather old) music pieces
  195. Establishing Sanctuary in the meta
  196. Consistency across factions formats
  197. Balance
  198. Interface feature request: Sort creature by element
  199. Bound Succubus party
  200. Infernal Pit - It has to change
  201. Hall of Honor
  202. 10/10 inferno decks
  203. Shop improvement
  204. Suggestion: Visibility of counters
  205. Ice Curse: Why Can't I Target?
  206. Remove Base Set 2 Cards
  207. Random noob's QQ about life
  208. Move building
  209. Challenge: balance std meta with least changes possible
  210. My opinion about AW, Kal, TJ and other stuff being talked about
  211. Feature request: Jump to final moves in Replay
  212. Feature request: A web API for Duel of Champions
  213. Any chance of fixing scrolling issues?
  214. dieplay suggestions
  215. Idea about achievements
  216. Asalah vs other invokers
  217. Show fatties some love
  218. Word of light need change :(
  219. A few buffs you might want to consider
  220. deck builder suggestion
  221. Invokers'abilities
  222. BloodScar Goblin
  223. Suggestion: Negating creature's abilities
  224. Shinobis OP pls nerf
  225. Kitten Warrior
  226. Discussion/Prediction for new meta
  227. why no Ambush in standard???
  228. Is Malik capacity bugged ?
  229. Having trouble? You might need to tune your deck....
  230. Kelthors ability is so imba
  231. Feature Request: Worldwide Campaign mode?
  232. spirit wave buff
  233. Poison stacking bit OP?
  234. Anastasia
  235. Comeback after DC?
  236. [Discussion/Suggetion] Rebalancing the stacking mechanic
  237. (Discussion/Suggestions) Let's talk about Dark Spells
  238. Frozen Wave + Akane, Caller of Memories needs to die
  239. About Five Towers and Magic School x Factions
  240. Buffs and Nerfs that are needed now IMO
  241. Well I know which deck is up for a nerf
  242. Deckbuilder sorting option & ToR
  243. Does anyone elso think that Path of the Ancestors is the worst bull?
  244. Stronghold creatures
  245. Light Magic Needs Buff
  246. Time Jump Should Be Unique
  247. Stacks
  248. Lets talk Mass Rage
  249. Cards you think should be fixed
  250. invoker namtaru is ruining the game