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  1. Balancing Team
  2. Possible FFA multiplayer variant!
  3. Magic Peddler
  4. Two minor suggestions for convenience
  5. What exactly does ' Cannot be targeted ' mean?
  6. Unique cards balancing
  7. Wasteland and Buildings
  8. Big Promblem of balancing i think is.....
  9. Filters in altar of wishes/infernal pit
  10. Phazed creatures shouldn't be affected by ambush!!!
  11. The developers have a lot to learn from MtG Online
  12. why does war tent require magic???
  13. Team vs Team idea
  14. Stream Singer is gamebreaking
  15. Add a reconnect feature
  16. Are you a scrub? Or do you play to win?
  17. Adjust Kelthor Ability
  18. Dispels
  19. Player Priority
  20. Spells that Deal damage should never be useless
  21. Decks should be 69 cards minimum and
  22. [Suggestion] Let the player decide from which expansion the price booster is coming
  23. Power of the commons Reward
  24. Idea to fix ranked games a little: more gold for higher elos
  25. Matchmaking value!
  26. Idea for new event cards.
  27. Is soul Consuming Lich too Over Powered??
  28. 4player coop game mode
  29. Will weak cards ever be buffed?
  30. Ideas to improve matching experience
  31. Sayama Stalker
  32. new card ideas :)
  33. Puppet master
  34. Void Wraith - terrible design
  35. Official game rules
  36. observatory and arcane academy issues..
  37. Blackskull vulture Rider.OP
  38. Ipad user here - new player but mtg vetran
  39. Ariana; destroying creatures with Enrage Counters??
  40. Chain Lightining
  41. Cards coming back to game
  42. mfw the launcher doesn't close on client start up
  43. Pao Lifeseeker
  44. Stronghold's Blackskull Spellsmasher
  45. Desire More Standard Strategy
  46. Seriously?
  47. some proposals about Cosmic Singularity
  48. The ultimate solution to matchmaking
  49. Cards with unrealized potential
  50. Sand Kame and Crusader Commander
  51. Daily Rewards
  52. Prison shouldn't empty the remaining resource of opponent
  53. Timer for all tournaments
  54. Small easy change to fix prison lock
  55. Minotaur brute < Rakshasa
  56. Balance and Metagame problems Discussion Thread
  57. Idea for a Tournament mode: limited tournament
  58. Counter to altar of shadows
  59. Idea for new Necro Hero
  60. This balance is ridiculous
  61. Need neutral dispell / fortune removal
  62. Card type suggestion: Trap
  63. Concept for Balanced and Abuse-Safe Trading System
  64. Outmaneuver needs to cost more
  65. Venerable Kappa and Wasteland ?
  66. Suggestion for addressing the "surrender exploit"
  67. Hearthstone Balance and DoC Balance
  68. In which situation do you use this card?
  69. Bug Garden of ecstasy
  70. Solution to gold farming and staying low ELO
  71. Pimped Out Deck Achievement
  72. Will we ever get an auction house?
  73. need new function - block one type of deck
  74. Town portal vs Broken Bridge
  75. 3 card descrip. fixes/suggestions
  76. academy
  77. Fountain of Youth
  78. How the (doc) community deals against stall decks
  79. Am I Missing Something?
  80. Increase Deck Limit?
  81. Filter on Altar of Wishes
  82. Nerf Ishuma or buff Nergal please
  83. Underpowered Prime and dark unique spells.
  84. Skywalking's Crazy Insane Card Ideas
  85. Removing Cards We SHould Be Refunded
  86. Whirlpool; I suggest a change:
  87. Why does this card cost 5 ? Al-Betyl Ghoul
  88. Prison
  89. Relocation and Immobilized
  90. Berserk and altar of shadows
  91. Please Please Please, make uniques non recycling.
  92. Insight into the enemy-hand: BS-Vulture Rider & NotRM
  93. Please fix Siham!
  94. BS1 Cards & Balancing
  95. Balancing cards
  96. Destroy all enemy creatures.
  97. Spell card suggestion
  98. Is there a way to make fatties a little more usable
  99. MY IMPRESSIONS ON THE CHANGES FOR BS2 - long text incomming...
  100. Hero hp
  101. Swiss Tie-break suggested improvement
  102. A new Blizzard
  103. please add a cheap rare creature for necro!!
  104. [Suggestion] Use of Surrender
  105. Idea for 2vs2 game mode, easy to create for developers
  106. Foil/Premium cards
  107. Might & Magic jukebox?
  108. Green,yellow,red & black lists
  109. Balance changes after no more uniques
  110. This Game Has Gone Downhill Hard and Fast...
  111. My opinion about this game
  112. Chance to get a specific missing card from 5T expansion
  113. Ideas for achievments
  114. Hero"Takana Osore,Champions of the tiders",can't destroy target ongoing spell
  115. A very simple feature to make the game more social oriented
  116. Phrias need some fix
  117. Blackskull Vulture Rider vs Void Shade
  118. For what reason Siham must kill her own creatures?
  119. More Gold for Infernal Pit Offerings
  120. No Cards Left/Campfire
  121. Can we just remove inferno?
  122. Necro needs a fortune ward creature :(
  123. Enthrall / Puppet master
  124. applying the new unique rule to unique creatures is the DUMBEST thing you ever done!
  125. MM DoC game analysis, feedback and suggestions (very long)
  126. Here is an idea for card exchange. Please consider it.
  127. New Unique dark spell.
  128. Prime spell request.
  129. [new event idea] smoke screen
  130. Gazal OP a bit much?
  131. Tournament rewards and structure
  132. Gate to Sheogh discussion thread
  133. Academy fortune request.
  134. Week of Taxes and the like...
  135. Buildings and evade
  136. Cosmic Realignment and the sequence of effects
  137. Few new achievements suggestion
  138. Mass Rage adjustment suggestion
  139. Some card nerfs/buffs suggestions for the future
  140. The Underpowered cards
  141. Puzzles added weekly and made by community
  142. New client deck builder
  143. Options
  144. Bad card design in HoN: Why is this happening again?
  145. Please make it possible to dismiss daily quests
  146. New UI feeback
  147. Please make it possible to sort by Non-Standard
  148. ATTENTION DEV's : Swiss Tournaments need a fix
  149. Change unlocked achievements sorting to the way it was
  150. Here is an idea to make money without upsetting your player base
  151. Infernal Pit suggestion
  152. Button In Infernal Pit " sell all cards that we have more than 4 copies"
  153. Arkath's Wrath derp
  154. Necro too strong in standard?
  155. I want to play my gimmick decks !
  156. Nerf Necro+Dark Combo... OP
  157. REQUEST: Opponent zooms and delays N seconds the card before playing it and...
  158. Playing second - how important in standard ?
  159. Idea for a fun feature: gifting
  160. How to balance Boneyard
  161. Chain casting op in standart
  162. Option to read whole notification chat
  163. Nice try again but could u test cards more next time pls? >.>
  164. N00b question: Daily Rewards Timer
  165. Frustrated by daily quests
  166. Tip a new player should have got (Dont play Haven, game broke)
  167. Abuse/Exploit alert
  168. Trading
  169. Standard completely broken?
  170. Ward against darkness is broken now
  171. Thrall of Hatred
  172. How about a pre-game sideboard?
  173. Crusader Vanguard +1 on retaliate when full hp...
  174. Fiery weapon bad description or wrong mechanic?
  175. Base real damage damage showing nowhere
  176. Chain Casting Needs to Be Nerfed
  177. Make the minimum cost of ANY card 1 resources, not 0.
  178. Lightning Curse Useless?
  179. How can be the standard balance so incredibly bad???!!
  180. Time Jump.
  181. Make the deck remember the deck for each format
  182. Problem with time based income, suggestions are welcome.
  183. Boneyard is op nerf this god damn card
  184. Feedback from a returning player
  185. Dailies are Permanent
  186. Any plans to reward private challenges and tournaments?
  187. Standard format metagame is still not "fatties" friendly
  188. Possible Barkskin bug or game mechanic?
  189. Immolation - change to remove after doing no damage?
  190. Earth Spells
  191. Makeshift Shelter... makes no sence.
  192. Stronghold versus Banshee
  193. Ideas on how to make Haven more competitive in the current meta
  194. Rank shared between different competition
  195. Idea for a feature: redo button
  196. Heaven weak as %%%%, are u kidding? -.-
  197. Top Decks and Masfar
  198. What does Arcane Mastery do?
  199. The Light of Tomorrow + Banished Cards List
  200. what's the deal with magic damage that cannot be prevented or rduced???
  201. Suggestions for some Hero ability ajustment / tweaks
  202. Some thoughts from a new player vs Ariana of the severed fates
  203. Here is an idea for a fun weekly format
  204. More Standard!
  205. Devs: please, can we talk about haven and sanctuary in standard format?
  206. 24 days in - My impressions about various things related to balance
  207. Mulligan, 1st turn / 2nd turn and you ;)
  208. The Balance of The Game
  209. Evade discussion
  210. Circle of Nine discussion
  211. Badly designed cards: Chronicler
  212. Badly designed cards: necromancer apprentice
  213. Vampire assassin with thunderweapon does not kill by shockwawe damage!??!
  214. BS Crusher.. Why only stronghold has a warded creature?
  215. Thrall of Hatred ability
  216. 5x balancing suggestion for heaven
  217. Badly designed cards: Earth Growth
  218. Remove Chain Casting from standard
  219. Wonderfully designed cards: trasury
  220. Good/Bad design: Djinn Cloudshaper?
  221. Mizu-Kami & Honourable Challenge + Lotus Guard
  222. Suggestion for the pit
  223. No balancing on cards, no enjoyable content, nothing worthing time and money...
  224. Some spells in the standard are just too OP
  225. Blatant exploit of Night of the rising moon
  226. Swiss Tournaments
  227. Rebalancing old cards instead of inventing new ones
  228. Mass rage decks, are they fair? (standard too)
  229. How to make more useful buildings ?
  230. Shop change
  231. another stupid inconsitency - scattershot archer hitting melee shooters in the back
  232. Hall of Honor / Mercenary Camp
  233. Important things to understand about a meta
  234. Hilderic, the Fist of Dawn got his cost reduced from 20 to 15
  235. Lets create awful cards
  236. Add more search functionality in game
  237. Dat Pit
  238. Remove Commons from Infernal Pit
  239. Idea on how to fix going 1st and 2nd in game
  240. best open decks?
  241. The activation cost of Cosmic Balance
  242. Why are Lightning Curse and Mutual Agony rares?
  243. on the list of stupid inconsitencies ..pao veterans also buffs enemy warriors
  244. could designer disign a feature that let player design puzzle?
  245. Creatures with activated abilities a la MtG
  246. Fleshbane <> Sveltana
  247. Damage Type Clarity
  248. Ariana
  249. Cloudshaper Djinn After the nerf
  250. Stacks Broken