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  1. Frustrating experience for new players
  2. Banshee nerf : killed Fleshbane ?
  3. Jackpot should be named Carpal Tunnel of Love
  4. UBISOFT, Do you have brains? The Song of the Lost - Ice Splinters ????
  5. Inferno is a ****** faction
  6. Why not create purchasable deck slots instead of..
  7. For the fun of it or once again about MoN
  8. Focus mind + Shantiri Titan
  9. Altar of Wishes and the need to unlock them
  10. The Silent Death
  11. Fix the broken combo (Ice splinters + song of the lost)
  12. I can't be the only one who thinks this.
  13. New to the game... and I chose Haven
  14. Optimization
  15. Scholar Op?
  16. Forgotten Hero "Gazal" ability is OP and needs to be balanced!
  17. Soulreaver tweak
  18. Might of Nature is Overpowered
  19. Opinions on damage reduction and "Unique" cards
  20. Why is every new expansion must to play?
  21. Ammar broken deck (free win)
  22. Balancing game
  23. Haven deck guide ?
  24. suggestions
  25. Suggestion for tournament tickets and wild cards
  26. Is there any plan to balance matchmaking ?
  27. Water/Air - The Song of the Lost - Ice Splinters -
  28. Drafts
  29. wizard tutor OP !!!
  30. Achievement Request: Exactamundo!
  31. Things that make new players like me feel like the game is boring and unplayable.
  32. Necro deck is WAYYY to OP
  33. Why Jezziel is so op that noone wanna play her?
  34. Balancing some Heroes
  35. Official Bot League
  36. [Suggestion] Enrage ; similar to HoMM V
  37. Some propositions to balance turn 1
  38. Suggestion for tweaking the useless uniques
  39. suggestion .give Striking Fury SWIFT instead of ATTACK ANYWHERE!!
  40. suugestion give sayama champ and rakshasha raja sweep atack
  41. Would You Rather Play First Or Second?
  42. Yet another terrible Inconsistency Zouleka gives magic resist ONLY during supply
  43. desighn inconsitency FOCUSED MIND does not override FEAR
  44. New Necro creatures are total crap!!! petition to improve them
  45. Some Things i Think Should Be Different.
  46. Incorporeal, Fortunes and Stronghold
  47. 10% decks in Jackpot were Ammar deck. Seriously??
  48. Reinforcements
  49. [Feature Request] Remember Password
  50. Frustrated by 'Insect Swarm'
  51. Possible way of rebalancing Siegfried
  52. Please be faster (and gentler) with balancing
  53. Export Card List
  54. Does anyone else believe Dhamira broke the game?
  55. Haven Big Creatures
  56. Am I the only one who doesn't think Ammar needs to be nerfed?
  57. Can we talk about Crusader Treasurer...
  58. Kieran & Siegfried Fix
  59. Void-Tainted Djinn Bug
  60. The current state of academy in general...
  61. Suggestion for a new ability ^^...
  62. Arcane's Quick-Fix Shop: card rebalancing on the fly.
  63. Outmaneuver and anchor spells
  64. Suggestion: Change Pit Card More Often?
  65. Fix the old cards so they can actually be playable someday PART 1
  66. "The Song of the Lost" card should is too unbalanced
  67. Give Ice Splinters Charges?
  68. Buff Kieran
  69. I'm skipping Academy Heroes
  70. Deck of Wishes - Suggestion
  71. Any Tips/Decks For Beating Asalah?
  72. Why are the nerco's and flame people bigger board bullies then light people?
  73. I know how to make The Gate to Nowhere Playable.
  74. Dear Ubisoft.
  75. Once Again give draft asap
  76. Matchmaking system
  77. Homebound Winds vs Anchored
  78. Some suggestions and ideas for improvement
  79. Elo Reset?
  80. This is the last time I'm saying this- KILL OTK.
  81. Quick question
  82. IS Ammar really that strong???
  83. Enthrall vs Puppet Master
  84. Faction`s unique features or Forgotten Wars **** up the game.
  85. DoC/Hearthstone Balancing
  86. Swiss redesign
  87. An imagination exercise
  88. What if foiled cards had gameplay implications?
  89. Scholar and Wizard Tutor
  90. Too mutch op fortune/spell cards?
  91. Manastorm and Week of Taxes event
  92. About time to nerf the shadow spells?
  93. Coral Priestess
  94. Things you should implement
  95. Might of Nature - damage rounded up?
  96. Concerning Dispel Magic
  97. Infernal Pit need a rework
  98. Feature Request: Daily Achievements
  99. Pack Prices
  100. Can we change Siham's ability?
  101. Can we please change that kill monster on first attack card?
  102. Feature Request: New Type of Tournament
  103. Replace ELO by divisions ?
  104. Strategy Beats QQing - Please Read
  105. Ariana of Severed Fates
  106. Mass Dispel vs Cleansing Light
  107. How to deal with sanctuary?
  108. Just another frustrated day [Who else then Ammar]
  109. first you ask to nerf stall decks now you ask to nerf SOTS
  110. Moar cards like...
  111. Trade system
  112. Is it just me... or is this game INCREDIBLY creature focused?
  113. MMDOC's Balance track record
  114. Multiple Heroes
  115. Hero Balance or rather Balance
  116. Hellfire Maniac
  117. What's the point of OTK?
  118. OK so now you are going to ask to nerf Ishuma and crag hack....
  119. Great core mechanics , bad balancing ,check out a few obvious sugestions
  120. Suggestion: deck building, allow replacements!
  121. Easy solution to some balance problems.
  122. Spelltwister - why non unique ?
  123. Song of the Lost + Ice Splinters
  124. Please stop pushing unique cards power level
  125. Ignore premium button in card selection
  126. "The Might of Nature" -> balance suggestions
  127. Sanctuary and academy cards are broken + card prices are too high double feature post
  128. Pao Deathseeker with untargettable
  129. you guys need to work on some balanceing your going to drive away new players
  130. Please add a deck build save feature and a smart sort feature for the wildcard screen
  131. Sanctuary in swiss
  132. Constructive Critcism: Better Profiles, Game-Layouts, Extras, Game-Modes and more - T
  133. [Suggestion] Health, Attack
  134. Why do cards with identical stats have different costs
  135. a filter in wild card exchange page And officlal Chinese version?
  136. Is Manastorm what makes the current meta?
  137. Main problem with sanctuary deck.
  138. my idea with ongoning event card
  139. Was SotS a greater nerf to Namtaru or Ishuma?
  140. Prison + Cosmic Singularity and Enthral + Spell Steal
  141. Developers Pls read this "Current Tournament mode is not friendly for New players."
  142. Any proper Xorm deck suited for Swisses?
  143. WTF is wrong with Academy? (Wall of text!)
  144. Haven Basic Set Rebalancing
  145. 8 event cards required
  146. Ariana // Incorporeal vs sacrificial alter
  147. I don't think this combo should be legit
  148. how about 2v2?
  149. I havn't seen any deck without Pao's in 5 days...
  150. The timer. It needs to go.
  151. Fun game but needs improvement
  152. Toxic players, bad manners
  153. Siham is useless.
  154. About Swiss
  155. Elo Floors
  156. Intro music too loud !
  157. Swiss, two winners of first two games don't play with each other?
  158. Death Seal, Soul Reaver, and Puppet Master
  159. Some ideas for cards in new expansion
  160. Fattest Card in the Game?
  161. does focused mind enable rakshasa raja to atatck?
  162. 2:00 min per turn too arbitrary
  163. Dark Assasin and Wolf Captain
  164. Dark Wood Hermit
  165. Creature balance formula
  166. Spectator mode?
  167. Spell Schools: Analysations and Conclusions
  168. I think dervish master is too weak
  169. We need more DECENT 1 cost creatures with Five Towers expansions.
  170. Champion Balance and income rework/more t1 creatures
  171. What do people cry for?
  172. Academy NEEDS better creatures in 5 towers.
  173. Competitive Play & Shadow Image
  174. Sandal/Cass Lock and Prison Recursion
  175. Not liking 1001 ELO and possible sollution
  176. Calling It Now (Expansion Decks Unbalanced)
  177. Deck Size Limit?
  178. Haven heroes in base set totally UP
  179. Enhancment Requests for improved functionality
  180. Inferno Very Unbalanced Stats for Costs...
  181. [Guide/Discussion] About possible OverPowered (OP) cards & how to deal with them!
  182. Is Scholar a tad OP?
  183. Hero balance and their abilities
  184. Thematic Jackpot
  185. heaven is too weak heaven never win againt inferno and necro
  186. ahhhhhh...what the hell just happened? I lost when I should of won?
  187. Sanctuary Akane
  188. Does Crusader Chaplain trump Cosmic Singularity?
  189. What should i do?
  190. First impressions and desired feature list
  191. Purity is stupidly OP
  192. Pao OP
  193. Necro is trash
  194. Sayama spy
  195. The song of tomorrow why?
  196. Ideas for a Sealed-deck game mode
  197. Ideas for a Draft mode of play
  198. Damage on hero abilities
  199. Sanctuary and Outmaneuver
  200. Does this game need more deck rules?
  201. Fire Card Deck to OP
  202. The client needs improvement
  203. Magic shields and darkness spells
  204. Price of Wolf Captain in Altar of Wishes
  205. you will lose a lot of fans if you dont do some balance.
  206. Give me 3 steps, Give me 3 steps mister
  207. Full field taking half damage OR how The Might of Nature might finally get OP
  208. Sanctuary (Ishuma) and Strongold top decks
  209. Flyers vs Meele/Shooters
  210. New dispels
  211. New EVent: Time of War + Shalan = draw all ur cards in one turn??
  212. Gazal's ability needs more downsides
  213. Funny
  214. DoC improvements topic (in depth analysis and discussion)
  215. Concerning Week of Austerity
  216. New 1 drops... wrong factions!!
  217. Enthrall vs Puppet master
  218. Suggestion *New Feature in my wishlist*
  219. Five towers: The winners and losers ( did they get it right? )
  220. Haven feel... is weak
  221. Wildcards ):
  222. Low cost cards too much damage!
  223. limit buff cards for cards per turn
  224. Locked cards in the Altar of Wishes - cosmetic change
  225. Throne of Renewal vs Week of Taxes
  226. Give us more WILDCARDS for sacrificing cards.
  227. Adar Malik and Paos stealth buff?
  228. New five towers cards way way way to OP combo
  229. Song of the Lost needs nerfing
  230. This game is not balanced in to many ways...
  231. Imbalance of Wolf Captain!
  232. Tower of Gardener
  233. Concerning Ishuma
  234. Spellstealer Wizard, NERF IT! Or BUFF other Spell steal to be EQUAL!
  235. Concerning events
  236. Gazal, Herald of the Void too BROKEN.
  237. Feature request: a feature to trade in my tickets
  238. Necromancer Tower is not effective!
  239. MMDOC Devs, here's an Idea for a New Haven Hero.
  240. Concerning Swisses
  241. Patch did not fix the most played card: PAO
  242. Dying in Prison
  243. DoC improvements topic - TRADE discussion
  244. DoC improvements topic - SIDEBOARDING discussion
  245. Specify what kind of damage is done!!
  246. The Immortal Garant
  247. New Idea - Towns in DoC
  248. Ice Splinters + Song of the Lost exploit ruins the fun
  249. inferno deck for swiss
  250. Suggestion for Trading System