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  1. New players (and old?): a no-rare option? And, um, some scrub heroes?
  2. Necro Nerf: Decay Spitter
  3. Best Creatures By Rarity
  4. Puppet Master - should be an enchantment.
  5. Why Limited Tournaments Need to Happen Now
  6. Necro Nerf: Atropos
  7. Shi-No-Shi
  8. New Achievement : Handicap duel
  9. Creatures by Deck
  10. You Know Necro is Overpowered When...
  11. Nergal is ridiculousy OP
  12. Hellfire Maniac OP????
  13. Video of Non-Necro Player Beating Atropos
  14. Can "Card Balancing & Feature Discussions" be divided into 2 sections?
  15. Best Uncommon Creature
  16. Necro,Bastion,Earthquake,Insect Swarm very unbalanced! heaven crap!
  17. Balancing the Factions
  18. Ice Splinters+Song of lost OP!
  19. Proposed improvements Blood Caller
  20. Possibly Huge Haven Improvement!
  21. Giving Zardoc light and earth wasnt the best idea...
  22. Giving Zardoc light and earth wasnt the best idea...
  23. Swiss Improvements
  24. Monsoon aslo affects enemy creatures BUG or intended??
  25. Other solution for atropos - increase his requirements
  26. What's the point of hellfire slave???
  27. for DEV:working trade system solution
  28. Meaning of OP?
  29. Pollception
  30. Overpowered Definition
  31. Adar Malik is OP
  32. Critical improvement suggestions
  33. Best Magic School(s)
  34. Week of the Wild/Tamed Spirits in reference to the upcoming nerf.
  35. Feature Request: Swapping and Upgrading
  36. This game is OP
  37. Suggest new card for Haven - Divine Vengeance
  38. Feature Discussion - Crafting and Clans
  39. my experience vs atropos/adar
  40. Balancing Decay Spitter
  41. And now you can nerf Adar-Malik and Dhamiria maybe in 1 week???
  42. Nergal nerfed, Shout out loudest to get your way.
  43. New Chat Noises
  44. New Nergal (post nerf) versus Ariana
  45. The real need to balance: Dark Magic
  46. People will quit if u dont balance the factions!
  47. Haven State
  48. Leave my sweet decay alone
  49. Use Creature Reminder Option
  50. Healing Haven (Would you play it if...)
  51. Feature Improvement - Remove Commons From Infernal Pit
  52. Inferno vs Stronghold
  53. Ice Splinters + Song of the Lost exploit
  54. Stone Shield Balancing
  55. Necropolis creature balanc
  56. make pao deathseeker unique
  57. Swiss Time
  58. Full screen
  59. Too many Dhamiria
  60. Ban It Results
  61. Abusers and happy to be 1!!
  62. Unbalanced cards
  63. Restore Nergal - use this nerf instead.
  64. Inconsitency woth crusher when he takes damage from hellfire maniac and bloater
  65. swiss tournament: tied for 2nd but getting 3rd, simple fix
  66. I just saw a Malik Deck without Atropos or Decay Spitters
  67. Why Don't More Competitive Inferno Decks Run Ravager/Fireball?
  68. The Ultimate Haven Needs a Boost Thread
  69. Magic Peddler/Wandering Bard Balance
  70. Pool nerf the Throne of renewal
  71. Enrage counters are not balanced but kelthor is the top...
  72. Nerf? Buff? In scientific way !
  73. Help: What's the function of Martyr (3 cost Light Magic)
  74. Ideas about Eleonore.
  75. Can someonr explain me
  76. Balance
  77. Regenerate is overpriced
  78. Decay Spitter vs The Banshee
  79. Flavor Issues
  80. Free Weekly Trial stuff like in LoL
  81. IS and EQ still a problem? Also card trading idea
  82. Fun > Balance. Please change cards that make the game boring.
  83. Week of austery still buggy and ubisoft doing nothing
  84. Simple and necessary change to correct farming
  85. Ariana Experiment
  86. What would make retaliation Haven decks viable to play?
  87. Soul-consuming lich: I don't even know what rules does he invoke
  88. Current spell cards status and bunch of new ideas to 'balance' them.
  89. Epic Balance
  90. Feature Request: End Turn When Done
  91. Intentional for Ariana to be hard counter for Kelthor?
  92. Feature Request: Jackpot Dashboard
  93. Changing Akane
  94. Request : New Infernal Pit
  95. Feature Request: Chain cards/Effect cards (Please discuss!)
  96. New player problem
  97. feature request: show amount of packs a player has opened when you mouseover his name
  98. Buff Haven plz i cant even get 100 win streak
  99. Getting single cards, Suggestion
  100. Upgradable creatures
  101. Soulreaver rework?
  102. Blood Caller
  103. Puppet master
  104. What is the Most You've Outplayed Someone and Still Lost? Which Cards Stood Out?
  105. Are there any viable rush decks?
  106. Any Way To Beat Shaar Without Mass Dispel?
  107. Ravager is a nightmare
  108. Dhamiria or Adar Malik. Which one is better for the balance of the game?
  109. Essential Epics
  110. modest change to make paos less gamebreaking
  111. Remove 1000 Elo lock ?
  112. Feature Request: Allow At most 3 of any given Event Per Deck
  113. Can DoC Survive Without A Way To Purchase Singles?
  114. Request: Give Heaven serious 4 drops, why can't we have em?
  115. Most overpowed Card (IMHO)
  116. nerf both spirits
  117. Easiest Way To Show Malik/Atropos/Decay Spitter Is Overpowered
  118. Swiss Tournament - Notification when match starts
  119. Stongest Necro Hero
  120. Which Inferno Hero Is The Strongest?
  121. Which Haven Hero Is The Strongest
  122. Which Stronghold Hero Is The Strongest?
  123. Which Sanctuary Hero Is Strongest?
  124. [REQUEST] Drafting
  125. What are the viable 'sidebaord' options in the current Meta?
  126. Is Dhamiria Supposed To Beat Sandalphon?
  127. Fix Ariana's skill
  128. Top 5 Balance Issues (As Of 8/17/2013)
  129. Value of Silentbobus posts/topics VOTE
  130. Second hand cards
  131. Which is the Strongest Hero Overall?
  132. What is balance?
  133. Just a random thought
  134. I finally saw an Alia deck that Worked
  135. fix current meta, split hp pool into "instant" damge and "activated" damage
  136. Artifact cards
  137. Chain Lightning
  138. Top 10 Epics
  139. Feature request: Store filter
  140. 4 Week of Taxes 3 Cosmic Balance not enough against OTK?
  141. Proposals changes ability Kieran
  142. Proposals changes ability Siegfried
  143. Shall we make "Tree of Truth" a neutral card?
  144. New Gametype..!!!
  145. balance fix, make all "board" spells target 3 rows
  146. revised tactics - change requirements
  147. Crag Hack
  148. Balance Isn't Rock-Paper-Scissors
  149. Request - Basic Card Jackpot Tournament
  150. Opting out of card effects
  151. Objective Over/Underpowered Criteria
  152. Consolidated List of Proposed Changes
  153. suggestion NEW MECHANIC FOR FLYERS
  154. better rewards for swiss tournaments
  155. continue leveling achievements past level 50
  156. Spell steal
  157. suggestion for altar of shadows
  158. suggestion for wasteland
  159. Is Necro Deck a bit.. OP?
  160. Few ideas
  161. Bo3 format.
  162. Turn duration
  163. What this game desperately needs!
  164. Make Berserk more berserk
  165. suggestion for UNMEI KAMI
  166. [Feature] sound in game and notifications when play
  167. ELO related rewards
  168. Inferno & Haven: Fix them or nerf Necro
  169. hitting end turn 15 times without being able to do anything is not fun
  170. It's me or jackpot is filled with Slowpokes now?
  171. Wasteland vs Avalanche
  172. The Case For Comprehensive Stall/OTK/Lock/Slowpoke Reform (w Video Explanation)
  173. Bounding Avalanche and Wasteland
  174. Basic things that MMDoC does wrong.
  175. Blizzard card: Had an enemy card adjacent, Jumped to my own troops instead???!
  176. Anyone keeping track of Swiss tournament/win rates?
  177. Improve cards in Infernal Pit
  178. Top 5 Most Lopsided Matchups
  179. To people who want to change thing to make it balance
  180. Lack of balance - Inferno
  181. Getting a T1 Jackpot
  182. Suggestion for the deck builder
  183. Fix throne
  184. suggestion for GATE TO NOWHERE
  185. Why Pao should be Unique
  186. buff immaculate glory
  187. Ideas regarding daily log-in reward
  188. What the F...?
  189. New game mode: Gold entry swisses
  190. Possible New Counters vs OTK/Mill Decks
  191. New card type:Artifacts
  192. Adar Malik.. really?
  193. Few words to all complainers...
  194. Pao Deathseeker
  195. Suggestion for the $$$ Cry Babies
  196. Good Luck Ubisoft!
  197. Feature Request: Change Swiss Structure / Payouts
  198. A brand new middle row; Tactical tiles; Henchmen/War machines cards
  199. ELO exploiting with istant-forfeiting
  200. Mother Namtaru
  201. changing shadow image a bit
  202. Balance issue with necro at higher lvls.
  203. Is Dhamiria Really Supposed To Beat Yukiko Lock?
  204. "skill raise" cards
  205. [Client] Please, make the interface safer...
  206. Banning cards in matches
  207. Are the new sets more powerful?
  208. Will Atropos be changed with the expansion?
  209. Mulligan option wording is confusing
  210. EPIC or not?
  211. New Practice Feature Suggestion (and a way to use more of your collection)
  212. Ubi please change breeders and breeder mothers for forgotten wars
  213. Suggestion: Alternate Art Cards for $$$
  214. Best of 3 matches and sideboards
  215. XP and Gold Boosts should only consume a use on a win
  216. Alternate Art rewards
  217. The Matchup: Dhamiria Vs Sandalphon!
  218. Card Idea: Neutral Fortune -Enchantment Permanent/ Specific Spell Ward
  219. New Unique Creatures incoming!
  220. Improving the business and player fun with small changes
  221. Lockdown/slow decks
  222. Decks To Beat Necro
  223. Another Yukiko Lock counter?
  224. Area spells are too powerful
  225. Stronghold is the weakest, by far.
  226. Adding the amount of *WC* to your other currensy´s//pit card preview
  227. Im pretty new to the game, but I have a couple of suggestions
  228. Something for playing with friends
  229. suggestion for enrage just from the top of my head
  230. Card Request: Cleansing Fire
  231. Hero Matchup Matrix!
  232. New player reaction to starting out - Thoughts and ideas
  233. Easy way to fix Infernal Pit
  234. Death Spitter
  235. Remove useless borders
  236. Ubi, wtf?
  237. Wombo-combo up to 5 times a game :-)
  238. [Suggestion] How to get less leaver in the first round
  239. Improving Crag Hack
  240. Just a couple of suggestions
  241. Some thoughts about new expansion and Necro.
  242. Altar of wish option
  243. Well It Looks Like I've Seen The New Atropos
  244. Playable Forgotten Wars Cards
  245. Feature Request: Put Wildcards in Pit
  246. At First Glance Academy Looks Pretty Powerful
  247. Dark spells are to overpowered !!!!!!
  248. Good (unannounced) change to Stone Shield
  249. Swiss tournaments, leavers and breakpoints
  250. Song Of The Lost?