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  1. Forum Rules
  2. Question about Trailer and health bar
  3. Question about level up
  4. Some questions about the games
  5. Classes
  6. Will this be purely Turn based or will we have full Mandate POWER
  7. Status Effects
  8. WHat have you done ?
  9. Might&Magic X and Arcomage
  10. Your hopes and wishes on MMX
  11. When will they reveal MMX at PAX?
  12. Thumbs Down If Console Game 4r PC
  13. Grid/tile based movement, but is it possible to look around?
  14. Distribution platforms - will there be a GOG version?
  15. The game needs more exposure! Screenshots, gameplay videos, info - anything!
  16. MMX Q&A at Celestial Heavens
  17. Might & magic 10 expectations
  18. Sounds like your screwing this game up already......
  19. I think I'm about ready to give up on this title already....
  20. Sorry to spam the room but just one more thing before I stop....
  21. Please consider no/high level/skill caps
  22. Please dont put spiders in Might and Magic X :(
  23. Do the developers read this forum? Some negative previews have surfaced
  24. Limbic: Please tell me this preview is not true.
  25. distribution question
  26. Petition to allow free movement outside combat.
  27. mmx,the interveiw
  28. About the free roaming/affects my previous posts.
  29. Omg, yes!!!
  30. So it's a Might & Magic game, but you CAN'T freely explore the game world?!
  31. about free roaming. what is it?
  32. The game looks awesome
  33. Will the game go from fantasy to sci-fi?
  34. UBISOFT developing Disney-inspired game?
  35. Latest news post looks like it was written by an elementary school student
  36. Meet your Heroes - chance to win a ticket to Gamescom 2013
  37. Will this game also use the Online Save-Game-Feature?
  38. No Artifact/Relic Caps
  39. Will there be static idiot enemies in the game?
  40. Just started playing Legend of Grimrock
  41. is m&m 10s battle system influnanced by 9?also my thoughts on 9
  42. why are you looking forward to this game?/what are your main concerns?
  43. best in might and magic main series?
  44. Heroes of Might and Magic VI Questions Come In Plz
  45. might and magic gameplay video.
  46. release date.
  47. My thoughts on the lack of free movement...
  48. Will the toolset allow scripting?
  49. possible screenshots and possible confirmed release month?
  50. Staying true to the Might and Magic feel.
  51. MOAR promotion please!
  52. sci-fi elements???
  53. M&M X World Map vs the "old" ones
  54. Big request!
  55. Collector's Edition Item Request
  56. I've been waiting for a game like this.
  57. Turn based combat and grid based movement
  58. Open beta test phase?
  59. Open development and the Dungeon
  60. fun what is it and how chould it be added to mmx
  61. E3?
  62. Half-baked?
  63. Map mowing and M.C. Escher style dungeon
  64. Mixed feelings... BUT STILL EXCITED
  65. anyone seen the new MMX pic yet?
  66. Open Dev? Or is this just an empty PR stunt? (an open letter)
  67. Will the interface be contextually animated?
  68. skills and classes reveal rant . oh dear this game is already looking very bad..
  69. How will this game keep variation up to stay interesting until the end?
  70. Monster Respawn?
  71. My opinions of the best parts of Might and Magic
  72. Question about question
  73. I have a story to share about Might and Magic and one of it's Devs.
  74. mute the singing
  75. Speed of movement
  76. Request: MMX Open Development Blog RSS Feed
  77. M&M X Music
  78. gold making tips.
  79. regarding arcomage
  80. FAQ about MMX/to attach?
  81. Some Speculation on the Magic System.
  82. Release date?
  83. I can't login to open dev to vote with my uplay account.
  84. freemage=useless
  85. about the freemage
  86. poll version:best in might and magic party rpg
  87. how did you prefer to defeat the might and magic party rpgs?
  88. Who thinks that Ravens Klaws should only be allowed one new thread per week?
  89. Goodie huts, monster huts and bonus locations?
  90. Artifacts!
  91. When?
  92. Is storyline epic enough?
  93. Rss
  94. poll: which magic type needs re-doing completly?
  95. i won't be using freemage, this smells of a bad flame game.
  96. Pre-order or reserved a copy of MMXL
  97. Chests ?
  98. Is it possible to have or build a castle
  99. Choose your favorite Might&Magic
  100. Choose your favorite Might&Magic
  101. some interesting interviews
  102. Is there official Chinese version for China players like MM6?
  103. As a Might and might 6-8 fan, what's here for me?
  104. this may not be a might and magic game, but
  105. What are your top 5 CRPGS?
  106. PC Gaming (German) Interview
  107. your thoughts on legacy
  108. Which religion are we having in this game?
  109. The Ranger
  110. Hirelings in MMX and what they can do for your party.
  111. More RACES and CLASSES please!!!!
  112. Save Might and Magic X while you still can!
  113. When will we get an MMX gameplay video?
  114. Please do not FAIL as badly as the recent Blade of Destiny remake.
  115. Thank you for NOT having SCI-FI ELEMENTS in MMX. My Reasoning.
  116. To the Devs: Can you bring back the 5 primeval forces which was introduced in MM3?
  117. your opinion:the barbarian
  118. your opinion:the ranger
  119. your opinion:the defender
  120. your opinion:the freemage
  121. To the Devs: I have 2 questions, Character Expression and Moddability.
  122. This is just a reminder of my frustration for M&M LEGACY
  123. Possible solution for animated portraits requiring less work than stiff portraits
  124. Just curious for any info on the game.
  125. Trying to help
  126. Yeah new trailer!
  127. Boxed edition only sold via UPlay? I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION!
  128. Will buy ONLY if NO CLIENT ATTACHED
  129. two things i want to point out.
  130. Deutsches LP zum Early Access von MMX am Montag um 16Uhr
  131. early access on Monday?
  132. Other platforms than PC?
  133. step vs free movement/turn based.
  134. Adventure & Warrior Game Mode Clarification?
  135. New video up on youtube?
  136. White outlines around objects one can interact with and giant icons
  137. Bought MMX on steam, but no download happened. How do I get this game on my PC?
  138. Uplay-buy Clarification needed
  139. Question about M&M X badge
  140. Might and Magic Legacy - Ultimate Adventurer (PAX East)
  141. suggestion on vendors
  142. Shop.ubi.com
  143. Combat Lock Bug
  144. Please fix the shop
  145. Hello its about Time!
  146. Pax EAST 2013 Ultimate Adventurer Code
  147. Some Bugs
  148. MM X legacy - Mac version and Early access
  149. Boss encounter at the light tower - how did you do it?
  150. New Forum for Early Access Specific Discussion
  151. Suggestions, foot step noise and space bar on dialogs
  152. Will Limbic be updating the Early Release version as we go along?
  153. Why is there no free movement mode in the options?
  154. Grid-style movement Pros/Cons
  155. Where do we buy "supplies" ?
  156. Real time movement?
  157. No writing rights to the Early Access board?
  158. Character & Inventory; following the mistakes of might & magic IX?
  159. R First Feedback Post
  160. [solved] Digital download order is gone?
  161. How to purchase boxed edition in the US - if you have a German address available?
  162. Product Not Available
  163. "fake" patch for MM X?????
  164. [solved] Is the Steam version the Deluxe Digital Edition?
  165. [solved] Preorder bonus ?
  166. Free Movement
  167. Product Not Available - MMX removed form Ushop?
  168. No Box in the US?
  169. Not installing correctly
  170. Early Access Forums
  171. Cannot Post to Early Access Forums (Purchased through Steam)
  172. [solved: ctrl+alt+r = known issue]Crashing during combat?
  173. Grid movement
  174. I have a black Screen On Start ...64Win7 + installed thr DirectX from game directory
  175. MM6 received for steam how about the rest?
  176. Игра говно, верните деньги!
  177. Unable to find/buy box edition
  178. Топик для русских багов.... This is topic of bugs/feedback's special for Russians!
  179. Are developers reading this section as well?
  180. FAQ: Early Access players of MMX and private forums
  181. How good is this game looking?
  182. Paperdolls
  183. bug?
  184. Wish list for Blog
  185. Fragen
  186. [solved] Lighthouse Problem 2nd floor
  187. Why not continue the story of the original 9 Might and Magic games?
  188. MMX has been in Steam's Top 5 Bestselling Games List since it was released
  189. Bug: Cant do anything
  190. Will the US not have the Box Version... as in ever?
  191. No DVD (boxed) version for more countries - need clarification from Ubi
  192. Might & Magic X Legacy Deluxe BOX Edition includes a Steam key?
  193. SDK/Toolset. Game file format specifications.
  194. How to report bugs.
  195. Обсуждение Might & Magic X: Legacy (Discussion for Russian-speaking users)
  196. Alchemy!!!!
  197. lingua italiano
  198. Miscellaneous Skills - Yea or Nay
  199. Walking
  200. Resting? Occasionally broken?
  201. Lack of Ambition?
  202. Any release date on first patch?
  203. Am i the only person having fun playing this game?
  204. Windows XP
  205. R DO NOT BUY - too many game breaking bugs
  206. R Moveable Region map ?
  207. Prime impressioni e segnalazione alcuni Bug-errori
  208. Grid time vs real time
  209. Crashing and Locking a lot
  210. Some bugs
  211. Need to make item breaking MUCH less frequent... and other recommendations
  212. Will any ingame content be locked to online play?
  213. Bugs!!!!
  214. Where can I buy Deluxe Box Edition?
  215. As a long time M&M player over 20+ years, I am loving...absolutely loving X
  216. Bug with doors and monsters, and restrictions with diagonal attack abuse possibilitie
  217. Gamma set to 0- D'oh!
  218. Title & trailer music
  219. Regarding Uplay and this game
  220. Is the lighthouse section supposed to be impossible?
  221. Question from a 6-8 player to the "old schoolers".
  222. Status / Progress
  223. Dungeon Stories
  224. 10 good Enhancement ideas from an Avid Fan!! Comments welcome
  225. Mono+Unity=Linux?
  226. M&M2, My Favorite, and what id like to see copied from it...
  227. Eventual Editing Ability
  228. One - possibly silly - question
  229. Final product release date
  230. Weapons appear in combat attack ! please READ ! and vote ! :)
  231. Ubisoft deployers from Might magic X read it please..
  232. Free game movement and turn base combat !
  233. Uplay or Steam
  234. Ability to post feedback and reply to threads.... how the heck do i get that?
  235. Still no access to "early access" forums
  236. ***deutsch*** Frage wegen MM6
  237. Devs Q&A session II - complete log
  238. Add Boxed deluxe uplay version on Steam?
  239. [Soft] Save Game Converter (LSG2XML & XML2LSG)
  240. The heart of Might and Magic...
  241. No Status, no mm6
  242. Party movement
  243. can anyone tell me if this runs on intel hd4000
  244. where to download the game ?
  245. Boxed edition & Steam
  246. Install crash
  247. Woodchucks chucking wood
  248. For those who seem confused about why some people will love this game
  249. Unconscious state bug.
  250. Addictiveness of MMX