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  1. BCD Edit & higher Texture Quality - 32 bit
  2. Cant get into Sudgerd
  3. My Review of Might and Magic X
  4. Adira
  5. Volos
  6. Keeps installing additional content opon launch
  7. New to the game and need advice :)
  8. Class Mod
  9. The Owl Cave?
  10. Trapped behind locked doors
  11. Console command
  12. Any solution other than a full re-install?
  13. Why they take away all the fun in the end? Is this a mockery?
  14. M&M X Legacy crashes on startup
  15. New to the game & having large troubles
  16. Problems with Lev in Castle Portmeyron
  17. Deluxe edition
  18. What happened to the Mac version
  19. ok, i bought the game and play it
  20. duel wield master location spoiler wanted
  21. Problem with Spike / Warden promotion
  22. Next steps?
  23. Forbidden Saga - missing 2 books
  24. Sudgerd crystals
  25. Steam Mac version now available!
  26. unable to obtain golden key to open door to water shard
  27. Lehrer
  28. Karthal-The Virgil
  29. cursed ruins, stone disk
  30. A humble feedback
  31. So I got the Obelisk treasure...(spoilers)
  32. npc hunter outside of seahaven....
  33. Would it be possible to make a previous version (before 1.5) available for download?
  34. Games Saves ?
  35. Spending skill points - how?
  36. Is there a way to port PC saves over to mac version safely?
  37. Too weak to beat Caindale
  38. So what will be the future of MMX?
  39. Unable to find golden key to complete Air Shard Forge Quest
  40. Bladedancer problem
  41. Some freeze issues
  42. Создателям игры надо руки вырвать.
  43. And the Shalassa and Malassa? :/
  44. Feedback and Suggestions
  45. Cloud Save sync not working
  46. What is the meaning for these parameter?
  47. Falcon and the Unicorn escaping prison
  48. Please add feature to disable grid system
  49. Weapon not available in action line!
  50. freezing when trying to access lost city level2
  51. Before I give up on this game, is there a list of what quests to do in what order?
  52. Clairvoyance?
  53. “Meow Dungeon” or the “Relic Set”?
  54. so how do I continue after erebos?
  55. Any plans for a console version?
  56. Pls help, cant learn fire master and water expert level spells!
  57. about the relic weapons and armour you got from uplay
  58. $2000 Packhorse: worth it?
  59. Stuck in sewer after Liberation completed!
  60. THANK YOU! *drooling on the keyboard*
  61. Making MMX more fun and challenging (quest after completing the game)
  62. Missing equipment
  63. please add a house or a chest
  64. Seriously, the might and magic x support suck and is horrible.
  65. Where is the key that opens the door to level2 in faralgans mansion?
  66. NOOB QUESTION: Did I choose the wrong classes? :(
  67. SOLUTION: Steam Mac version infinite loading
  68. no luck with endgame - starting over
  69. endgame angst - SPOILER
  70. How to "fire" hirelings...? [possible spoiler alert!]
  71. New to game.
  72. [Spoilers] Some Quests Broken After Finishing Falcon & Unicorn DLC
  73. TO THE DEVS: please add the uPlay-cloud for savegames!
  74. Map and minimap have always been black
  75. Where's the Fortress of Crows?
  76. Finished it! My feedback.
  77. What are your top classes?
  78. Finished Act 5 with All-Hybrid Team
  79. How do i access the dlc?
  80. My Thoughts on MMXL
  81. cant play on ubisoft online??
  82. help
  83. Possible workaround for MMX hanging when loading certain areas
  84. Why even play M&Mx when there are games like Dark Souls, Assasins creed...
  85. FPS Issues
  86. Dialogue bugg, can hear everything except the dialogues.
  87. druid
  88. Suggestion for a group
  89. help screen is pink
  90. Ubisoft's latest annual earnings report for year ending March 31, 2014...
  91. Is there a new patch coming? What about the new dungeon?
  92. The point of torchlight spell?
  93. karthal
  94. This game is getting difficult and I like it
  95. OK, the latest DLC is just plain bad, is there a way to uninstall it?
  96. About riddles...
  97. Game wont launch
  98. Danger Sense - One of the most useless spells
  99. Few questions for Devs
  100. "All Might All Night" - The easiest of the three? (minor spoilers)
  101. mmx on sale at amazon right now for 17 usa
  102. light shard puzzle
  103. my review
  104. Been playing M@M since pt3 but X seems to be deserted by Ubi shortly after release
  105. Uplay Connection?
  106. Serious questions about savegame format
  107. Area Regeneragtion
  108. Help becoming a Grandmaster!
  109. Mac OS X Version does not work!
  110. Help with Summer Palace Courtyard Fight
  111. How can I find Secrets if I don't have a Freemage?
  112. Spells descritpions - what colours means
  113. cant get any further
  114. Unidentified item equip - feature never used smart in any game but few.
  115. Money.
  116. no character sound
  117. Longer days , night (now several steps and there is new part of day)
  118. Warrior difficulty - insane
  119. The game is now officially dead
  120. Blade Dancer Cleave ability - is it broken?
  121. After the completion of my first M&MX game...
  122. Items that make no sense (feel free to add)
  123. Bug with texture quality
  124. bestiary
  125. Sorry, but last DLC is terrible.
  126. How Ubi killed series in your opinion?
  127. Equipment skill level bonus stacking
  128. Can't download the patch
  129. How to disable the M&M X DLC?
  130. Summer Palace Mysterious Crypt solution
  131. Cannot save or load at all
  132. Please provide us with a way to bugs since you have dropped all support for this game
  133. Need Help in elemental forge lvl 2
  134. Might & Magic Wiki Recuritment
  135. NPC - Scholar's (Edwin+Hadji) skill do not work together???
  136. Screen Resolution Error Launching the Game
  137. Party Makeup Feedback - Warrior Difficulty
  138. Shrine of Malassa (Dark)
  139. Elf Warden Point Blank Shot bug
  140. Weapons of Relentlessness
  141. Game crash after battle
  142. Alchemy
  143. can't load saved games
  144. Game Crash
  145. Cannot enter the Temple of Ylath
  146. Problem with Microsoft .NET Framework Installing at statrup
  147. Problem with Microsoft .NET Framework Installing at Startup
  148. First party choice struggle :)
  149. Lvl 3 Doors Won't Open
  150. Trying to get unofficial patch. Error: "Beta Access Code Invalid"
  151. Does Might and Magic X work with Intel HD Graphics Family display?
  152. info abt taskbar
  153. why my act 4 don't unlock
  154. cant access to the meow dungeon after unlock the reward
  155. grid mods
  156. Getting on the griffins
  157. Falager's Mansion-Shard of light quest
  158. Still no answers to entering Lost City
  159. bug rosalie is not giving me her mission
  160. Need Eribos tips.
  161. Removing or preventing Feebleminded condition.
  162. I gave up--tips for new players
  163. Server down?
  164. Why can't I spend UPlay Points on Rewards for this game?
  165. Lost Ranged Attack Action Bar Icon
  166. "Complete Act 1" Uplay Action with reward won't unlock ?!
  167. Game won't load leaving Sorpigal
  168. Falcon and Unicorn
  169. Just *POOR* Designers ....
  170. Castle Portmeyron door to Lev closed
  171. game crush when entering the "sun hind"
  172. Patch downloads to 100 % then nothing happens. Keeps "downloading", never finishes.
  173. Gender change mod... or something?
  174. There isn't a product key in my Game
  175. stuck after Galkor
  176. Astronomers lab
  177. HELP Dustan's dream BUG
  178. Unlock Rewards Might and Magic X Legacy
  179. 2014 - a year in gaming
  180. help how the game works
  181. Can't leave tomb of 1000 terrors
  182. Can't get into Tomb of 1000 Terrors
  183. Can't complete game
  184. In-game cheats...
  185. I can't earn uplay points with this game
  186. How Do You Get to Level 40?
  187. Proper uninstall on seperate partition
  188. ACT I - my thoughts/experiences
  189. Thunderblade Relic - As No Response from Support - How Do You Unlock It!?
  190. How do I play the falcon and the Unicorn
  191. A suggestion make modding free now
  192. what is the point of the naga bank ?
  193. Ubisoft support Might&Magic X uplay Rewards
  194. All weapons 1 handed - 2 handed weapons disappear from shops! Anyone know why?
  195. Dark magic is awesome now!!!
  196. Magical focus deals the damage
  197. Honorary promotions
  198. how to access my cloud savegames?
  199. Poor Antialiasing
  200. Crash on start up...
  201. Couldn't switch to requested monitor resolution
  202. Anyone Can Become A Much Better Player With This Guidance
  203. No Video showing, game starts up and music can be heard. [GTX 760 /w latest drivers]
  204. Not a power ranger..
  205. Cannot open door to Montbard even though I have bronze key
  206. Cannot upgrade skills to Expert Level
  207. Castle Portmeyron L2
  208. How to move
  209. Lost City Level 4 Chest at 19,16
  210. Upgrading Abilities to Master
  211. Will we ever see a full blown open world theme park Might and Magic MMO?
  212. Black screen upon entering buildings
  213. Have they really abandoned this series or will we see another game - M&M XI?
  214. No weapons able to fight Perren
  215. Where is Spike, the dog?
  216. This game is so GREAT ! I am so impatient to play M&M XI
  217. Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter is live
  218. Paladin quest bug
  219. How come ?
  220. Can't save a game in Might and Magic X
  221. Need help - Game is unplayable on OSX
  222. version number??
  223. game crash?
  224. Problem with steam activation
  225. learning new spells?
  226. No music at all
  227. Half way through -- enjoying it
  228. Barbarian, Rune Priest, Druid, Freemage???
  229. load problem?
  230. two questions
  231. GM skill prerequisites missing
  232. Trainers list (the fastest way to reach trainers)
  233. The higwaymen
  234. Plz help Den of Thieves
  235. Found all Obelisks, still last hint missing
  236. Old dog learned a new trick :-}}
  237. Can't launch game
  238. Game crashes when certain achivements are completed
  239. Might and Magic X - Legacy in Windows 10
  240. Tell me List of all Skills by number in ClassStaticData file ?
  241. Enable DLC Thunderblade Helm in "new" game
  242. Sell items Mac version
  243. How to create your own quest?
  244. Launch problem recently
  245. chest problem
  246. teleportation
  247. How do I know if I have Falcon & Unicorn DLC?
  248. new to game
  249. Can't equip dwarf
  250. Things just don't add up?!