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  1. Why MMX is not a good successor !
  2. Ivan Bug!
  3. Bug: "Radiant weapon" spell doesn't stop blocking that turn
  4. black screen- out of range
  5. I like it..this game reminds me lands of lore
  6. Stables question
  7. Why do they make the same mistakes everytime? no need to reinvent the wheel UBISOFT
  8. Grid System: Not as bad as everyone says
  9. Direct question to developers - Grid System
  10. Concerning a movement speed issue
  11. Let's talk about: Core game experience of Travel
  12. Maybe your/our proposals are useless
  13. Graphical item representation + other minor pleas
  14. New to game my review/first impressions:
  15. Evolution Of M&M Creatures...thankyou
  16. Regarding the Stream patch On 14-11-2013 @ 15:15
  17. second official patch
  18. Weapons disappear?
  19. turn based mode
  20. Second offical patch initial feedback:
  21. 2nd patch
  22. Buffs
  23. Some suggestion
  24. problème de lancement du jeu
  25. A few tips to enjoy your Early Acces Experience (patch 2)
  26. Technical Problem Fighting Ghosts
  27. Portal System
  28. Why are the Bosses so hard? A Theory
  29. Some Bugs...
  30. Dev help needed!!!
  31. Might & Magic X gameplay concerns
  32. Initial Bugs/Observations from 2.0
  33. Unable to Fight Mamushi
  34. Color coding quests in journal to indicate difficulty
  35. I suggest everyone check this thread.
  36. my 1.2 bug reports and observations
  37. Any released mods out there?
  38. What the F... has happened to forum design?
  39. Question about the Modding?
  40. Some clues from the "dev chat #3"
  41. Open Dev Chat #3: Complete Log
  42. Escape From Combat and Placement Bug
  43. FIX Item Breakage by Next Patch Please & Other Concerns
  44. Problem to get into sorpigal
  45. Spinning in Circles, is this ever going to get fixed??
  46. Antidote Item issue
  47. bug
  48. Huge disappointment
  49. Den Of Thieves Bug
  50. No new content till release (Maybe this should be thought over)
  51. Sad sad sad
  52. Have faith in the development team
  53. Great work, but regeneration is op
  54. Bug/Suggestion Report
  55. Positive Feedback
  56. When is this game coming out?
  57. I don't have acces to Might & Magic Legacy Early Acces, but I bought the game
  58. Next turn not coming around Ghosts
  59. Strange Glitch/possible bug?
  60. I think I know what is the problem is.
  61. Nothing but hypocrites
  62. I wish MMX had something similar to the MM6-MM8 games.
  63. Bug in fight
  64. Very Confused
  65. Boxed Version Activation Questions
  66. Lost link
  67. tile system idea
  68. Castle Bug
  69. unable to save the game
  70. video
  71. SHOP Problems? My purchase was not sucessfull- gold is gone but no cards
  72. Spell System Explained
  73. Feedback, Bugs, and Problems
  74. M&M: 6,7,8 vs Legacy
  75. How to leave level 3 of lighthouse
  76. where is patch 3
  77. Akt 2 Preview (Deutsch / German)
  78. Will there be a boxed version for North America?
  79. RPGCodex Act 2 Preview
  80. Movement speed of Party and Monsters
  81. Might & Magic X Legacy Race/Class view on Homepage?
  82. my initial thoughts
  83. Start Problems
  84. Problems with steam
  85. Probably dumb question
  86. Are you kidding?
  87. General question about the retail box
  88. Party order question
  89. might magic fan
  90. Display Issue
  91. Reset skill points
  92. New MM idea
  93. Finding out about this project has made my December! Here's what I hope to see:
  94. Ghost
  95. Level Cap / Skill Cap?
  96. Can't create any threads on early access discussion
  97. how to edit game data ?
  98. Critique Of Legacy Demo
  99. Patches
  100. Gaming Resolution - Technical Support please Read
  101. Spell Casting by my members
  102. Bug in program
  103. where's the teacher for expert two handed weapons ?
  104. Mamusi
  105. The Might @ Magic Adventuer Guild Community Homepage is Online!
  106. Balance & Completely Different Classes for 3 Runs
  107. wishes
  108. Where exactly takes the game place?
  109. Any point in pre-ordering now?
  110. Geister Fix
  111. "Normal" edition?
  112. Just finished the early access!
  113. Movement method
  114. No boxed version in the UK?!
  115. Lost hard work when a new patch is released...
  116. M & M Legacy and G13 Gaming pad
  117. Might and Magic X Legacy Strategy Guide
  118. Ultimate Adventurer title?
  119. Very good game
  120. Buying Pre-MM6
  121. All classes, all skills overview (per EAV!)
  122. Sword of the bounty Hunter
  123. steam/uplay required?
  124. Big Questen about the Modding Tool Unity!!
  125. swords of xeen
  126. Error with order in UbiShop!
  127. Complete Spell List?
  128. Aggro! How does it work in this game?
  129. Party Number?
  130. Light or Dark Path?
  131. The gold game (Jan 23th release)
  132. Crusader and Blade master
  133. Apple Mac version
  134. badge
  135. Seahaven & The Crag?
  136. Will the deluxe box edition pre-order grant early access?
  137. List of Warfareskills?
  138. Why I regret Deeply, why you shouldn't buy, how can it be improved?
  139. Soundtrack download fails on Uplay?
  140. Where to buy potions in Sorpigal?
  141. Question about graphics card
  142. My Dream Prime Magic School
  143. Delux BOX Edition - not able to order from country that was on supported list
  144. Jan 23 release question
  145. [UK] Physical copy of the deluxe edition not available on the Ubisoft Online Store
  146. Ubisoft Autopatch failing frequently
  147. Might and Magic XL release day questions
  148. Ultimate Adventurer Badge?
  149. Minimum requirements
  150. why cant you turn your character aroung using the mouse
  151. Its there... Unboxing MMX!
  152. M&MXL on PS Vita?
  153. frame decreasing in sorpigal and sometimes in the wilderness
  154. Couple questions about dungeons, who knows?
  155. Closed treasure chest in first town.
  156. To those who have the game already
  157. Observations about gameplay & difficulty
  158. trainer names and locatoins should be automatically put in journal
  159. Game successfully installed but don't want to launch
  160. Known Differences (Retail vs. Early Access)
  161. How do pre access folks get the full game?
  162. OS 32-bit and MMX
  163. [OFFICIAL] Important information regarding the release of M&M X Legacy
  164. will there be a hard copy on dvd for might and magic X
  165. Spells vs Melee vs Ranged
  166. Can't read the installation cd
  167. Full game deeply disappointing
  168. First impression of full version (before day1 patch)
  169. Unable to start the game.
  170. Uplay client
  171. Deluxe Box edition received.A few questions
  172. Apparently its GMT time to download Full game.
  173. For you modders: Want a mod that gives a few more skill points per level
  174. Can't kill Mambumba
  175. How do we get out of the third floor of light house after killing mamushi?
  176. How do we get attack icons to show up et. al.
  177. full game on steam
  178. [GER] Exact release time from EAV to full version CET
  179. What is the .exe version for release ???
  180. Are the devs sleeping?
  181. Unable to uninstall
  182. It has begun!
  183. Confirming: box version updates to latest patch upon UPlay login?
  184. Four faces per race
  185. Where is the MAC version?
  186. 4 Classes for your first game
  187. BUG:Full Release graphic engine not working.
  188. Problem with graphic
  189. Graphical Horror
  190. Deluxe Edition Extra
  191. Congrats on the game release
  192. [Read this first] How to Install, day one patch, system requirements
  193. Options change problem
  194. Short my own REVIEW -by old crpg player
  195. Voice over ?
  196. Wow!! What the...
  197. BUGLIST - Please report bugs here
  198. Might & Magic X is now officially released
  199. Problems with steam-release
  200. Warrior vs Adventure mode
  201. Lackluster map notations
  202. Cant get past Lighthouse Level 3
  203. 1920 x 1200 resolution (16:10)
  204. High GPU Temperatures in Might and Magic X, Early Release and Full Version
  205. Still having graphic problems
  206. This game is missing one feature...
  207. MMX Full Game Manual
  208. Magic Experts
  209. How to identify relics?
  210. Retro pixelation + mouse interaction
  211. Upgrade to the Release Version not possible
  212. Mod Request + First Impression Comments
  213. Savegame verloren nach Neustart
  214. Soundtrack is available now but music files on the main folder? (Steam Version)
  215. after install 8,6 GB Patch ?
  216. So what to do after Act 1, and how to travel?
  217. Might & Magic X - Uplay.
  218. Only able to play boxed copy in offline mode. Help?
  219. Shield Expert?
  220. Share Your Relics!
  221. How do Steam owners get the bonus content?
  222. only a 4gb download from steam?
  223. Play online..
  224. Redactor
  225. 64 bit system but game only runs in 32bit mode
  226. Fly to Elemental Forge option greyed out, stuck
  227. Statue of blessing bug (?) [possible SPOILERS]
  228. Bestiarium Questbug?
  229. How do you open secret doors?
  230. update download fails every time! can't play the game online.
  231. Black Screen
  232. in game - pink texture on objects
  233. Bought into Early Access, can't get access to full game
  234. Den of Thieves Help
  235. Secret passages and their respective prerequisites
  236. So excited the game has a finished release, how are the classes faring so far?
  237. Reactions so far
  238. Tower of Enigma
  239. Disk write error whenever i try to patch
  240. 1000 Savegames
  241. a riddle i cant solve
  242. Could anyone give me details for the soundtrack?
  243. Crash folder, how to submit?
  244. Is there a way to drop potions on unconscious party members?
  245. What to do after the lighthouse ?
  246. Do advance classes unlock higher levels of skills?
  247. Black screen when exiting game
  248. FPS Issues on High End system?
  249. Still Early Access/dlc?
  250. Learning new skills after start?