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  1. Forum Rules
  2. Buying Gladiators
  3. can't remove perk
  4. Gold Coins
  5. recruiting
  6. Buying gold error
  7. Major bug or error.
  8. Connection and Freezing
  9. XBOX is down
  10. So you released a gmae that can't be played?
  11. servers
  12. Help for Spartacus legends
  13. Gladiator killed by the crowd?
  14. GOLD COIN ERROR and other shameful ATROCITIES... this is disgusting
  15. Offline Mode
  16. Can't Do A Execution
  17. Achievement issue
  18. Lost 2 Gladiators and Gold from Freeze
  19. Lost my legend because of a freeze?
  20. no uplay rewards
  21. RAGE QUITER caused me to lose a purp and blue char purp i just got never used.
  22. so I just killed myself
  23. Gold coin bug
  24. Customer Support Contact Breakdown
  25. Did not receive any gold
  26. my guys keep vanishing RAAAGE!!!!
  27. Xbox 360 and poofed fighter
  28. lost my 8 gold and my gladiator Spartacus Legends
  29. no download option in xbla
  30. I can not connect to server
  31. Gladiator disappeared
  32. Fix ur game
  33. Game not counting multiplayer kills correctly
  34. Corrupted Save bug/error
  35. Stop people from exploiting the gold!
  36. Player Dash Boarding in Loading screen giving both players a QUIT on there Gladiator
  37. perk not working
  38. my game locks while playing legend mode
  39. My Gold, My Character is Gone!!!!!!!!
  40. Auto Save
  41. Buying Gold Issues
  42. Gladiators Disappearing Getting Old!!!!!!!
  43. Penalize by freezing the game?
  44. Tired of loosing Glad"s from rage quitters on the live arena.
  45. Devs please fix my account
  46. Redeemed on uplay but did ot get my silver.
  47. Lost gladiators
  48. Console freezing after winning Primus fights
  49. Can't delete perk
  50. Time Until Recruits Refresh 1455:28
  51. Can't buy recuits
  52. SPARTACUS : LEGENDS - Missing Gold and Gladiators
  53. PS3 rewarded but xbox not? - id like a DEV to answer this.
  54. Feed back here !
  55. Lost Gladiator and purchased gold due to players quitting.
  56. Lost Gladiator plz help
  57. There should have been a open beta
  58. More sugestions then anything
  59. match freeze/server lost connection triggers warning and potential gladiator loss
  60. Bug report
  61. Xbox Fighit Record Roll back
  62. Few new bugs I've noticed
  63. Ubisoft may you please explain why...
  64. Not getting galdiator after defeating them.
  65. i lost my gladiator
  66. Lost my ledgend gladiator when another player left the game
  67. minor bug
  68. black and white?
  69. 1X Use Perks Not Working on Xbox 360?
  70. Problem with the game.
  71. Another bug
  72. lost fighter and no double xp
  73. XBL Not letting me Buy Gold due to converting to Local Currency
  74. new bug?
  75. Online/Offline gladiator bug?
  76. ATT: xMiiSTY
  77. Lots of issues, not worth the time
  78. Kills
  79. Bug found when queued for online and then select Mystery fighter in single player
  80. Xbox Version
  81. Vanishing gladiator bug still not fixed
  82. Lost my gladiator!?!
  83. Helms
  84. Exploitable bug regarding gamesave FIX IT
  85. Not getting perks after kills/executions online
  86. When a player DCs/quits in a multiplayer match, both players are penalized.
  87. Health Glitch
  88. PS3 Service not available
  89. Can't buy Crixus
  90. cant recruit on xbox 360
  91. Help
  92. Two Handed Sword Combo forward+x,x,A does not work....at all I wish it did
  93. it wont let me buy a slave:(
  94. Double Xp in merkatus? i think not.....not for me at least
  95. Glitch gave me wrong player
  96. [Ubi Official] Playstation Update 8/6
  97. Spartacus Legends error
  98. ps 3 EU service is not available
  99. Annoying glitch that needs to be fixed.
  100. Up-date issues and game not working
  101. MY LEADERBOARDS GOT RESET!! Please help me, please
  102. THe Game Turned off my Ps3????
  103. Spartacus Legends
  104. PS3 update install problems - PLEASE FIX
  105. Suggestion Thread
  106. Serious lagging ps3
  107. question to start over
  108. Update 1.01 download corrupts game (PSN Australia)
  109. AUS-PSN - Update 1.01 corrupts the game data
  110. I still lost my character even though they dashboarded
  111. Losing controle of my glad mid match...
  112. Is this the end?
  113. Spartacus Legends
  114. services down 22/8/13
  115. UPDATE CORRUPTS AT 14% AND CAN'T PLAY??..I have the fix!!!
  116. Lista completa de fallos: / Full list of bugs:
  117. Quitters, Lost Gladiators, So Fed Up!!
  118. The game is still FREEZING!!!
  119. offline versus mode
  120. help plz
  121. After last patch game broke finally. What to do now? Help...
  122. I neep help
  123. Problem with new recruits (big crash...)
  124. Spartacus legends help!!!!!!!!!!
  125. My Gladiators have vanished
  126. splinter cell metagame
  127. Double dagger bug !HELP PLS!
  128. won't start
  129. Lots of serious bugs
  130. Locked gladiators - suspension of PS3 Game Spartacus legends
  131. Xbox game! Game freezes when I select gladiator! Reinstalled still not work!
  132. bug in tournaments?
  133. The big freeze
  134. broken gladiator
  135. Mini update
  136. Secundo Tournament Winnings
  137. "Service not available" and i lost my Gladiator
  138. 3-Lives in an online Match
  139. bug. game freezes when trying to use spear and shield
  140. Idea to increase skill play over button bashers
  141. Cuirass of Blood bugged.
  142. Problem with Gladiators. two freeze my game
  143. Game crash, gladiator lost
  144. LANISTA Mode
  145. Legit Bug and a complaint
  146. My Bug report List
  147. change unarmed. its flawed
  148. Devourer Perk on NPC's
  149. Training Mode
  150. Idea to fix tournament leader boards
  151. Spartacus legends: fight cool down timer glitched at really high number
  152. recruit refresh is way to long 522,561 minutes
  153. Crazy Waiting time for "offline" match - suggestions please
  154. Bugged unlock
  155. Spartacus legends bug
  156. disappear gladiators 8 gold coins
  157. Why does my gladiator keep getting deleted?
  158. Character Getting Deleted
  159. New bug found today
  160. Still losing gladiators
  161. online match waiting time
  162. Losing gladiators
  163. Losing ALL the gladiators every time quitting the game
  164. Revive Gladiator not working
  165. lost gladiators
  166. CREATORS, something changed
  167. Rejected by Hell achievement not unlocking... no matter what I do.
  168. Losing Gladiators!! / Can't restart?
  169. Current issues
  170. Spear and Shield
  171. CREATORS, it's again me...
  172. Taunts
  173. Losing gladiator issue.
  174. Updated ludus
  175. Gold disappearing!!!!!!!!!
  176. Gold disappearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  177. lost gladiators
  178. Issues after new "patech", my issues with new patch.
  179. New bug, CREATORS...
  180. You need to do something about this desperately. Tournaments are a joke.
  181. Gold/Rank vs mode/lagg switching/ unlimited attack vs defense
  182. "Resurrection" Perk not working
  183. Banner item bought without me???
  184. Major Bug After Patch
  185. Sickn of dumb ****e
  186. Loss of silver and daily rewards
  187. My Gold is disappearing on me.
  188. Quitters and perfectus rewards OUT!!
  189. in fight bug
  190. xbox freezing after installing new update on 24th december
  191. Latest Tournament Gives WRONG REWARD
  192. Latest Tournament Gives WRONG REWARD Extreme error
  193. Tournament mismatchups
  194. Tournament and people quitting especially with legendaries.
  195. Losing titles forever
  196. Lobotomy never running out
  197. Seriously.... W.T.F?! Explain? :mad:
  198. Freezing glitch, dead character on log in, and missing silver
  199. Incorrect records being posted, kills not recorded.
  200. Tiered online match-making? Please read and offer feed back!
  201. Ashur,...i wiecej
  202. Long waiting time for online matches, auto-disconnect
  203. Can't recruit new gladiator!!! Major bug/glitch!
  204. *shroud of the fallen gladiators disappeared* please fix asap
  205. ubi you have to make a correct matchmarking
  206. I cant reclude new gladiators, beause i have to wait 3528747697:07
  207. [Video] Untouchable player, using hammer but fighting as a dagger user. Exploit,hack?
  208. win/loss record and kills online
  209. missing silver, and couldnt read.
  210. IDEA for tournaments & season rewards
  211. glitch if both gladiators fall at same time.
  212. Suggestions | please read!
  213. 4000+ minutes until character refresh?!
  214. Gold lost when Goals/weekly rewards are claimed
  215. Tridents and spears
  216. Rewards and Gold Disappearing
  217. logged in for a week gold gone
  218. game stuck at Updating Game DATA
  219. Claim rewards issue
  220. 30 Gold disappeared without being spent !!
  221. Daily reward gold disappearing?
  222. Trying to Earn same 7 day gold bonus for 3 days.
  223. Gladiators dying for no reason and staying dead?
  224. Perks that don't work
  225. Over 90 Gold gone
  226. Hitting a player, their health goes down, but they do not suffer knockback.
  227. gold disappeared
  228. Why the claiming daily rewards my be glitched
  229. my gold is gone
  230. Button Mashers and Fun - My perspective
  231. Blocking and attacking at the same time
  232. Spartacus Leggend bug gold
  233. Daily Rewards and GOALS are BUGGED. Do not accept them or compromise saving!
  234. 20 Gold deleted via Daily rewards
  235. Fame not added after winning battles
  236. Boosts won on tournament NOT working.
  237. Arena brightness cannot be changed
  238. Goals not adding Silver, Gold, Fame after completion Mainly on Second Level Goals
  239. Game getting bad Reputation online. Please give us a new update.
  240. Are these problems going to be fixed?
  241. News???????
  242. no gold
  243. Loading bug in the recruitment screen
  244. Patch 1.06 available today 2/12/14 So what do you see new or fixed?
  245. SL 2.0 level 60 or higher Any ideas or recommendations? What would you like to see?
  246. Patch 1.06 Makes your Glad. slow and dumb. Your attack misses, bot does not!
  247. Patch 1.06 Cannot recruit new Glads. Try one change at a time.
  248. Fame boost lost after fighting a dashboarder.
  249. Cant buy new Gladiators
  250. Cannot recruit new Glads since patch 1.06