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  3. I really do miss the show
  4. Timetable on Glitch Fixes? Really want to play more.
  5. Does anyone know how to get the unlockable content via Uplay?
  6. Blood & Gold
  7. just dumb
  8. Looking to Make New Friends that are Playing Spartacus Legends
  9. Option for Playing Freinds?
  10. How Do You Play These Games?
  11. Aus Game Given R18+ rating yet no blood WTF??
  12. Ideas, problems, other general feedback, and compilation plan.
  13. I lost my fighter due to another player rage quitting.
  14. Favorite Perks
  15. Losing gladiators to the game Freezing
  16. Console: PS3 -- Serious Lag Issues
  17. players disconnecting and you get warned WTF
  18. Content should have been more spread out?
  19. European release
  20. I lost my gladiator while playing against the computer.
  21. Great patch fix! Except 1 thing!
  22. New ps3 patch
  23. Thoughts and Feedback
  24. Game not saving campaign progress
  25. PS3 Version Fixed before/after I downloaded?!
  26. PS3: Arena Matchmaking
  27. Is there anyway to fight against your xbox live friends???
  28. Newbie question, please help
  29. UK Release date
  30. Save game issues
  31. server lags and freezes during gameplay
  32. I feel a little ripped off
  33. Spartacus Legends is fun but.....
  34. PC Version - Spartacus Legends
  35. So close to perfection!!!!
  36. Losing Characters
  37. QQ or Woohoo?
  38. How do I play as the legend fighters once I unlock them?
  40. Uplay Rewards?
  41. when is there going to be an update
  42. Idea for recruiting gladiators
  43. Which seasons of the show have you watched?
  44. Unarmed gladiator?
  45. quick question
  46. This Game Has Serious ****ing Issues
  47. How to cheat death & Not buy gold
  48. Save your good characters from being deleted from quitters.
  49. PS3 Patch #1 Today
  50. i'm gonna take all your gold!
  51. Solution: STOP BUYING GOLD!
  52. New Patch Broke PSN Match Making
  53. Game Request
  54. Hw do you dodge attacks???
  55. Hw do you recover from a stun?!
  56. Did The PS3 Update Fix It?
  57. Spear & Shield Gladiators
  58. cpu bosses RTG question
  59. Leveling up after level 25
  60. Do you open up more perk slots on your original characters?
  61. Disconnects
  62. Need Help using Spear and Shield in fighting Beating Baal and Ferox on 3rd challenge.
  63. Played entire match in slow motion
  64. I get a warning for disconnecting during single player mode?
  65. Fist weapons.
  66. Defeating Crixius & Spartacus
  67. To Thick Skull, or not to Thick skull.
  68. Legends reloaded
  69. Hoping the Devs stick with this game (improve on it)
  70. Question about online matches
  71. Where is the news on the xbox patch
  72. Quans sera disponible Spartacus legends sur la PSN EU
  73. ubisoft will lose!
  74. So whats up w this MARKET MAYHEM that was adverstised for today and then no update?
  75. Shroud of the Fallen 1,2,3
  76. Could you PLEASE stop asking me if I want to replenish a boost before every match?
  77. Add the ability to fight people on your friends list
  78. Xbox froze right at the end of a match
  79. Ok this is getting rediculous, Shroud of the Fallen perks!!! Kills and vanishing perk
  80. Was Shroud ofThe Fallen supposed to expire from my perk list?
  81. Spartacus Legends error
  82. Full Account Access
  83. Still some bugs
  84. Is anyone else so sick and tired of seeing this?
  85. Please take away ignore pain perk, it is overpowerd
  86. ***GREAT IDEA *** Maybe? You decide!
  87. Can i reset my save??
  88. waiting time !
  89. What a game
  90. Earn Rating: 0 wins online at Capua Arena...
  91. Highest rated gladiator
  92. Turn silver into gold option
  93. This game would be amazing even flawed if one fix....
  94. Suspension of PS3 Game Spartacus legends
  95. Censored content?
  96. Am i reading these posts right? the disconnect loosing gladiators issue is fixed ?
  97. Any help appreciated beating ixion round 2
  98. Terrible Customer Service.
  99. Great game but massive flaws.
  100. Ban this game from xbox live!
  101. ducking fights with 40 - 50 level players
  102. how can iget a man that fights with fists . wat do u have to do to get one
  103. to many glicks on this game
  104. Exploits...
  105. Customizable Legendaries/Cheap people
  106. severus the hunter
  107. Do we get a some restitution?
  108. New game accomplishments
  109. Market bug
  110. level 36, 463 gold >> any idea ?
  111. To greater glory.
  112. primus matches round 3
  113. So I've been gone for awhile...some improvements, some MAJOR fails.
  114. Whats the best fighting style to go unarmed with?
  115. Could we have a sperate tournament for rating 300+ ?
  116. Yellow Slaves
  117. Best ways to get gold
  118. question about legendary gladiator
  119. Couple of general questions - Online matches and revive cost
  120. How do I do finishing moves?
  121. Fix to prevent LOSING GOLD!
  122. How to never lose, works every time. Pro tip!
  123. New Legends
  124. A way to end Slave's Confidence Domination
  125. recruiting gladiators
  126. Can gold gladiators be revived?
  127. Online match making
  128. ******ed PvE matches
  129. chasing off players?
  130. Fame NOT growing after reaching level 43
  131. Daily Goals getting stuck
  132. game lagging
  133. Server Overloaded?
  134. Are the Servers Down....
  135. Server Down?(PS3)
  136. What determines the winner in a draw?
  137. ur jokeing right?
  138. Opponent gladiator stops at a stand still ??!!
  139. CONNECTION LOST: You have been signed out of PlaystationNetwork. You must be signed..
  140. 11 days
  141. Community Boss Fight Rewards
  142. PS3- unable to connect
  143. loss for words on this
  144. online matching
  145. Management
  146. My words for all the gladiators
  147. Contact Ubisoft Technical Support
  148. How do I report a cheater on Spartacus Legends, just ran into the first one ever.
  149. As I wait
  150. Helmet not avaible
  151. How do I defeat Acteon the Aggressor?
  152. perks are out of control .
  153. How do I defeat Wilhelm the Proud?
  154. How do I win in the Third Encounter with Ashur?
  155. gladiators disappeared since on 5/24/14
  156. rage quitting
  157. Stuck at uploading data????
  158. I can't get into the game, servers down, since this morning. Anyone else? post please
  159. Something needs to be done about resurrection cost!
  160. Server error
  161. The game is complete ****
  162. Reduced costs needed!
  163. Idea's for the game updates
  164. Rebel camp rave!!!
  165. Shrouds?
  166. Agron's Greatsword, Mark of Achilles and Agron's Rage must go!
  167. Oenomaus is kinda impossible.
  168. Legendary Gladiators
  169. Best place to get Mark of Achilles?
  170. About Online Matchmaking
  171. Purchase New Titles for Gladiators
  172. hackers and dashers top players yeah right hahahaha
  173. teleportaion issues.
  174. tournament of apollo
  175. Practic mode
  176. An idea to increase profits and improve game
  177. Tournament Ranking/ grouping
  178. community boss xbox 360?
  179. Game needs serious fixes
  180. Spartacus Legends: Gold Transfer
  181. Tournament/sale items
  182. Gold Executions
  183. Banner for Spartacus Legends
  184. Add original Spartacus into the game!!!!
  185. Argons Rage is not dropping. Perks not being given out for kills.
  186. Extra fame help?
  187. Tournaments a waste of time?
  188. Tournament di Fortuna!
  189. help me figure out these boosts...
  190. Fairly new, question.
  191. fearless fists/Slave's confidence
  192. An Official Spartacus Legends Game
  193. moa 3 drop rate
  194. Summons to punish disconnector!!
  195. crappy server disconnection and got banned for it!
  196. Perk Stacks and Rage Quitting
  197. Perks, perks and more perks
  198. Quiters & over perk up gladiators
  199. Community Boss Fight
  200. Thanks Fro the 2 CBF's...
  201. SL No Longer Available
  202. New tournament
  203. Yo moderator
  204. Tournaments
  205. The game is dying.
  206. Spartacus not for european's players
  207. Let's ask together : Please, don't close spartacus legends.
  208. Let's ask together : Please, don't close spartacus legends.
  209. finaly something is clear , SPARTACUS LEGENDS is close for good
  210. Spartacus Legends 2: Retail Game
  211. Read!! -- similar game to spartacus to play !!!
  212. Spartacus Legends possible offline game?
  213. An idea to increase profits and improve game!! help
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  218. For the love of the Gods!!!