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  1. Scales As Lessons???
  2. How to post pictures to post?
  3. Civilization
  4. Thinking of getting rs for Xbox one.
  5. Super Bowl 50 Forum Party!
  6. R.I.P. Maurice White
  7. Are You Buying More, or Less, DLC recently? Poll
  8. Rcole - check this out on hamsters...
  9. buy your next guitar here.... just found this stie
  10. Performances
  11. Kirk Hammett insults pedal manufacturers everywhere
  12. Solar panel Project
  13. Iron Madiens new 747
  14. Interesting article on the globalization of heavy metal music
  15. Unpopular Music Opinions.
  16. Gigging musicians
  17. How long have you played Rocksmith so far?
  18. Aerodrums integration ...
  19. Rockin' the Kitty
  20. What makes you move?
  21. Potential good news for cross-platform use?!?!?
  22. Help with big stretches (5 frets)
  23. Silversun Pickups Live !
  24. New Computer Time
  25. Why I'm not buy any Rocksmith products and why you shouldn't either
  26. RIP Keith Emerson
  27. Do You Lead Or Play Rhythm?
  28. What I do when someone tells me to put down the bass
  29. Practicing scales without Rocksmith
  30. 'Dumb' Music Questions
  31. Happy Birthday JS Bach
  32. Art vs Product
  33. External Hard Drive?
  34. Beatles closer to being in Rocksmith
  35. Rocksmith VR support
  36. Give me rocksmith 2016 with drums and vocal!
  37. Not a request
  38. Best intro to Blues?
  39. Mudcrutch going on tour!! Tom Petty in clubs...
  40. Rocksmith 1 Bass Only Event Run
  41. Joe Bonamassa US Fall Tour
  42. Acoustic Jam Saturday
  43. So...Who's Still Here?
  44. Stuck In Rocksmith :(
  45. Rocksmith 2016 out October 26?
  46. Dear Rocksmith Forums Community
  47. Killswitch Engage show
  48. Are There Known Licensing Issues With Skid Row?
  49. Cool story, bro!
  50. "Science"
  51. NBD For the Riders
  52. I wish more bands had Tom Petty's attitude
  53. Any RSers in Wiarton/Owen Sound area?
  54. Score Attack/Learn A Song Percentage
  55. RIP Prince...
  56. R.I.P Lonnie Mack
  57. Ear training
  58. What do you play when testing out a guitar?
  59. Looks Like Zappa (Frank) is another DLC no go
  60. Rocksmith + Beer in Charlotte, NC?
  61. Win the Chappers' Rig
  62. [Personal] Rock Concert!
  63. Audrey and Kate - Demon Be Mine
  64. Errors in Rock Concert Thread
  65. Errors in Rock Concert Thread
  66. Errors in Rock Concert Thread
  67. Errors in Rock Concert Thread
  68. Make America Rage Again
  69. From PS3 to PC
  70. Do I have to pay a THIRD time for the same game???
  71. WTF is Reddit?
  72. Motorcycle Trip Planning (with Travel Guitar)
  73. Rocksmith Expansions - conservative finger position
  74. Summer concerts...just love 'em
  75. Hail The Sun
  76. Best features in RS not in RS 2014
  77. whats wrong with eric clapton
  78. 100 Riffs - Riff mash up compilation as DLC??
  79. Can I sell on iTunes my playing on session mode?
  80. Went to see Screaming Females
  81. Pro skier killed while filming for Ubi video game...
  82. Back to Being a Beginner
  83. Company Picnic
  84. NAMM 2016 Performances
  85. Master tracks? Would this ever happen?
  86. You guys need to sell Rocksmith 'care packages' in your shop
  87. Best things you learned OUTSIDE RS to improve
  88. Any success with Audio Evolution?
  89. Can we get a Rocksmith App?
  90. do the younger players like playing older music???
  91. Practice routine built around Rocksmith
  92. Interesting take on the Pentatonic Scale
  93. Interesting science thread about learning new skills
  94. What's your maximum picking speed? Help determine the "average" max picking speed
  95. Beware the "millennial whoop"!
  96. the Violent Femmes basslines are AWESOME.
  97. Followup Company Picnic
  98. Followup Company Picnic
  99. New forum features - What do you think?
  100. Bringing my 13 year old Daughter into RS2014
  101. Playing guitar on bass
  102. What was your first song you played?
  103. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies
  104. Soundtracks that hit the spot
  105. Got my Ernie Ball prize pack today....
  106. Hurricane Matthew
  107. Proud Father - Son's First Gig!
  108. Happy Thanksgiving (fellow Canadians)!
  109. Nutty31313 - Taught by Rocksmith, now performing Live!
  110. Congratulations, Bob D...
  111. Twitch Filter
  112. Awesome Harmony Video!
  113. RS needs 6 string bass!
  114. Q: What Song In RS Resembles ............
  115. Best Sibling Argument Ever
  116. Guitar Crate - Subscription box for Guitarists
  117. How do you hold your pick?
  118. Anyone tried Guitar tricks website or Yousician app? - views??
  119. Improvising with something other than Pentatonic Minor in session mode
  120. Lost song from 90's. Do you know it?
  121. Audiation
  122. RIP Leonard Cohen
  123. Elbow pain (tennis elbow / tendonitis / etc.)
  124. Anyone else having issues with the forums today?
  125. How to get young people interested in guitar?
  126. Best and Worst Songs of 2016!
  127. Rocksmith Nation
  128. Sad Anniversary:
  129. Teaching Aid
  130. Such a great tone! Wish i had it!!
  131. Share one youtube song for Christmas for all Rocksmith fans
  132. RIP George Michael
  133. 100 Riffs from Rocksmith
  134. Happy New Year!
  135. [Feature] Tablature view
  136. Pondering the Rocksmith "Top 40"
  137. After 2 or more years of Rocksmith my first video.
  138. Ubisoft Acquires FreeStyle Games (No More Guitar Hero Live?)
  139. <----- Feedback Tab on Forum
  140. posible new songs
  141. Poll - backward compatibility enabled for RS1(2012) on Xbox1 and PS4?
  142. Pop Vocals
  143. Dave Grohl is a freakin' genius!
  144. Looking for opinions
  145. 2 musical losses the last couple of weeks
  146. "See-saw" effect,, or what I call "fFying Fingers"
  147. Cover songs
  148. Looking for feedback on original piece
  149. Oh my holy ....!
  150. Guitar Hero to Rock Band to Rocksmith to IRL Band
  151. This is pretty cool!
  152. Is there a way to change your username outside of building a new user?
  153. 10 songs that aren't in standard E
  154. Rick Derringer is fined over carrying gun on plane
  155. Hey, Birdseed007!!! Check your PM's
  156. The worst video of all time... And the story behind it...
  157. Jessie's Girl guitars and bass
  158. Want to share some good music
  159. Happy Pi Day!
  160. Dan :-) fun question about E3 2017
  161. Fresh from the studio
  162. Forum Login???
  163. What's up with the Stream
  164. Chuck Berry Dead At 90
  165. Chuck Barris is gone...
  166. Won Skid Row DLC last livestream question...
  167. Underrated Guitarists
  168. Guitar Pro 7
  169. RIP Ikutaro Kakehashi (Roland Founder)
  170. Remastered Feature Requests
  171. QOTSA just announced something is happening on the 25th
  172. Volume Settings in RS twitch stream
  173. New Session Mode
  174. Baby playing rocksmith
  175. Scales for bass and guitar sold and presented like songs
  176. RIP Allan Holdsworth
  177. Star Wars/Beatles parody album
  178. Open mic last night.
  179. Songs from RS moving to stage
  180. The Rocksmith 1000
  181. Got to meet one of my musical gods.
  182. Chris Cornell Dead At 52
  183. Terrorist Attack At Ariana Grande Concert
  184. Memorial Day Sale???
  185. IF you were approached by ubi for your tunes what would you say?
  186. Can't Play Rocksmith
  187. Your up to 5 absoloute favourite guitarists list.
  188. Gregg Allman, Dead at 69.
  189. A documentary about the guitarist and becoming one.
  190. Worst guitar players musicians that made awesome songs - Suggest Top 10
  191. The history of the electric guitar documentary.
  192. Anyone who know how Randy Calefornia does this?
  193. Def Leppard "Hysteria" 30th Anniversary remaster out on August 4th!!!!
  194. Pink Floyd "Their Mortal Remains" exhibition
  195. Documentary The joy of the guitar riff.
  196. Anyone watching the weekly Twitch streams notice non-Gibby/Epi axes lately?
  197. Some of the guys in this video should buy Rocksmith. :)
  198. Normal vs mobile view on ipad
  199. The 100% in the songs dilemma.
  200. Two Complaints About The New Site
  201. King Crimson live in concert, USA 2017
  202. Cheap Trick is Amazing!
  203. The Slow Secret Death of the Electric Guitar
  204. Decline of the Electric Guitar
  205. Scales for bass and guitar sold and presented like songs
  206. The Horrific Painful Death of the Electric Guitar
  207. A story of Horror and Joy (Thank you Ian W.)
  208. Chester Bennington Dead At 41
  209. Your Favorite Lesson Videos
  210. Frustrating! Sometimes hitting the wrong string. :- (
  211. Any tips for a finger spreading exercise?
  212. More string skipping for wherewolf1967
  213. Third string skipping for wherewolf1967
  214. Glen Campbell has died.
  215. Licensing Use Authentic tones for own music
  216. More basics... 7 string guitars and 5 string basses, Oh My!
  217. More basics 2: Do I need to learn all of those scales?
  218. Some of the funny things people post on product reviews
  219. ah, simple forum request
  220. Can't Log Into Suggestion App
  221. Brand new New Player suggestions by old players
  222. Great movies featuring music and guitars
  223. Favorite Power Ballads
  224. Odd question about requesting songs from non-standard sources
  225. Walter Becker Dies at 67
  226. Hugh Flaw in Request App
  227. How about a FunkSmith
  228. Alt Rhythm/Lead
  229. Ernie Ball Prize pack arrived!
  230. Another great Okie-Tex star party :D
  231. Who are "Versus Them" and "Disonaur"?
  232. Tom Petty has died
  233. Share Your Good Vibes Songs
  234. Finally - all Rocksmith 2012 achievements complete
  235. Note names on the line
  236. RIP Gord Downie
  237. Discussing Rocksmith and other learning tools on podcast.
  238. RIP Malcolm Young
  239. Most metal cat gif.
  240. How to edit a thread
  241. Desired Features
  242. Carl and The Llamas
  243. Scales for bass and guitar sold and presented like songs
  244. What inspires your playing?
  245. The Best And Worst Songs Of 2017
  246. RIP Pat Dinizio from the Smithereens. :(
  247. RIP Warrel Dane from Nevermore and Sanctuary
  248. Spotify is getting sued for all the pants in the world
  249. NAMM 2018 Anaheim -- Attending
  250. Cranberries lead singer died.