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  1. Video games theme on guitar
  2. why isn't Rocksmith a free to play platform?
  3. new guitar hero announcement, and why no rocksmith contenders... nad wi
  4. Guitar Hero Live - New Guitar Hero Game (Xbox One And PS4)
  5. rocksmith for scientific research on guitar performance
  6. "Heavy Blues" by Randy Bachman
  7. differente culture music?
  8. Sometimes the other guys just don't get it.
  9. Sex Pistols Sound
  10. fret buzz on new guitar
  11. Hiatus
  12. Kids playing guitars & Rocksmith
  13. Figuring out custom tones; missing gear.
  14. As per Twitter: Happy birthday to #Rocksmith2014's fearless lead notetracker Brian
  15. Half Past Four
  16. Interesting Birthday Gift
  17. Could RS copy this? I realize we would all have to make custom guitars.
  18. Rocksmith-a-thon?
  19. Rocksmith swag?
  20. Building a parts guitar
  21. Why buy songs multiple times
  22. New Sub-Forum: "Learn a Song"?
  23. Audrey and Kate's new song "We Say"
  24. Kidsmith (My son's first Rocksmith experience)
  25. Exporting RS meta data??
  26. Bad news for blues fans
  27. Emil Werstler live and a PRS giveaway.
  28. Staying logged in forum
  29. May the 4th...
  30. Palm Mutes - Beatles??
  31. Cinco de Mayo Dance Music
  32. Saw Seether and Tremonti last week...
  33. Will the PS3 version ever get the Jan 2014 update??
  34. Where to after the minor Pentatonic?
  35. The Biker Thread
  36. Did you ever try to play a song backwards ?
  37. Playing single notes and when to stop?
  38. Game Prices To Increase in Australia
  39. Versus Them album up for Pre-Order!
  40. Suggestion for better Players Stat following page.
  41. What's this FEEDBACK Tab for?
  42. Mobile Site View Issue
  43. What is your country? Someone from Dublin, Ireland?
  44. BBC: The Joy of the Guitar Riff
  45. 2nd Rocksmith Cable. Why Are These Such Poor Quality?
  46. Starting guitar
  47. free blues guitar workshop - livestream 12-7pm today 5/16
  48. standing up vs sitting down
  49. Rush: R40 Celebrating 40 years of not being cool
  50. Real Tone Cable availability.
  51. Andromeda Dude Ranch
  52. For those looking for another learning tool
  53. Rage Against The Machine is Fun!
  54. Lead Bass? ... Royal Blood
  55. And Shinedown
  56. % of song vs playing live
  57. so proud!
  58. How do you learn songs? (Outside of RS)
  59. Do you Love Rocksmith
  60. RS1 question on Star Spangled Banner
  61. Dusty End of the Fretboard
  62. Better Chord option for all songs
  63. Forum Feedback
  64. Whammy bar/tremelo and RS, anyone?
  65. can you help me get to the next level as a guitarist
  66. I'd like some advice on electronic drum games
  67. Banning Question
  68. Do you play to along to Rocksmith, but through your amp?
  69. Idea for a new challenge.
  70. Next Generation console feedback
  71. Free Windows 10 offer Should I do it?
  72. Voodelic
  73. Do you use RS as a primary learning tool for guitar?
  74. SURF Download, song with wrong date
  75. ROCKSMITH for Keyboard
  76. Achievement unlocked: played out for the first time
  77. Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways (HBO Series)
  78. How do you know when you can play the guitar?
  79. DLC SALE on Steam!
  80. Dave Grohl is amazing.
  81. Long Road To Ruin
  82. Ubisoft E3 press conference - New rocksmith "likely" according to digital trends
  83. 【강동건마 "퀸】〔정읍휴게텔ハ나주키스방ஞோ【A b a m 2 6 . C o m】「아찔한밤&#
  84. 【강동건마 "퀸】〔정읍휴게텔ハ나주키스방ஞோ【A b a m 2 6 . C o m】「아찔한밤&#
  85. 【강동건마 "퀸】〔정읍휴게텔ハ나주키스방ஞோ【A b a m 2 6 . C o m】「아찔한밤&#
  86. 구청휴게텔『〈역삼건마 *끄라비〉』『A b a m 2 6 . C o m』「아찔한밤」금촌키스ǡ
  87. 구청휴게텔『〈역삼건마 *끄라비〉』『A b a m 2 6 . C o m』「아찔한밤」금촌키스ǡ
  88. 《가좌키스방,〔구로건마 `홀릭〕,목포휴게텔《아밤》|『A b a m 2 6 . C o m』
  89. 《가좌키스방,〔구로건마 `홀릭〕,목포휴게텔《아밤》|『A b a m 2 6 . C o m』
  90. 《가좌키스방,〔구로건마 `홀릭〕,목포휴게텔《아밤》|『A b a m 2 6 . C o m』
  91. No surprise announcement of Rocksmith 2015?
  92. 12 threads per page, really ?
  93. unOFFICIAL Rocksmith Facebook Group
  94. Taking Lessons Again
  95. Musical Bucket List (Non-RockSmith)
  96. Rock 'n Roll or what?
  97. New Iron Maiden Album !!!
  98. Happy Birthday sir Paul
  99. Happy Fathers' Day folks
  100. What?
  101. Rocksmith, been playing for a while
  102. Looking for players in San Bernardino,CA
  103. RIP Chris Squire (Yes Bassist)
  104. Name this Guitar....
  105. Muse - Reapers
  106. Can I transfer my Xbox copy and DLC to Steam/PC?
  107. handedness and string instruments
  108. Learn on Your Own Challange - July 2015
  109. Forum Problems, Again!
  110. 7 String, 8 String, and 9 String guitar DLC; also 5 and 6 string Bass
  111. kick down for long time supporters
  112. i swapped some art for a bass guitar.. now i need tips on bass
  113. Artists/Groups you just discovered
  114. Will RS come out with versions for keyboard, drums, vocal or wind instruments for PC?
  115. Old rocksmith new songs
  116. Are expansion out of the question?
  117. Anyone else wish there was a career progression?
  118. All Hail the Pinkie
  119. John Mayer goes full Hendrix
  120. Achievement unlocked: radio airplay of my recording
  121. Not Quite Radio Worthy
  122. RS Portlanders?
  123. The Missing Ingredient: Fake Book!
  124. Rocco Prestia
  125. Honestly? you plan to learn guitar with numbers and colors? What about music theory?
  126. Cool find
  127. Clutch
  128. Ever wonder what a 1,000 musicians playing the Foo Fighters would sound like?
  129. What to make of Neil Young?
  130. Easy Heaven
  131. "Your Covers" thread vs. "Learn On Your Own Challenge"
  132. Learn On Your Own Challenge - August 2015
  133. organized by a technique list???
  134. A Dose of Buckley - The History of Rock Radio in 5 Minutes
  135. teen drummer Senri Kawaguchi
  136. rocksmith2014 promo code?
  137. Best gaming youtube channel?
  138. Rock band set list trailer released, hope for the future of rocksmit?
  139. Free Songsterr app for Android right now
  140. The A.V. Club
  141. a thread for song awareness??
  142. Danzig MOTHER
  143. Another use for a mixing board
  144. The secretive nature of game development
  145. Good tool for playing along outside of rocksmith - thought I would share
  146. Anyone have tabs for Andy Timmons song Redemption?
  147. The program for ear training "repeat one note"
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  153. Labor Day Sale
  154. ios
  155. Buddy Guy: Born To Play Guitar (deluxe Edition) Free On Google Play
  156. Giants Among Us
  157. Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls!
  158. Favorite of these bands with horn section
  159. Backward compatibility for Xbox 1
  160. Learn On Your Own Challenge - September 2015
  161. Rip
  162. REO Speedwagon guitarist Gary Richrath dies, age 65.
  163. Fusion Guitar, quite interesting (sorry if this topic was already preseted)
  164. Nice article on Bill Withers in NY Times
  165. Your original songs
  166. Do you have to pay the $28 for a $20 steam card at coles?
  167. Surf Rock article in today's NY Times
  168. imgur servers compromised
  169. Recommendations besides RS2014 to hook real Guitar to PC?
  170. Bands with Yarl-y voice or Wail-y voice singers...
  171. Tapping: A great exercise for the guitar student
  172. Rock Band 4 Songs List, U2, Van Halen, Ozzy...
  173. How do i delete my account
  174. Ubi-Mobile Page
  175. Exposure needed for this band!
  176. Rocksmith Presents Metalocalypse Now
  177. Will Rocksmith 2014 ever go on sale on PSN?
  178. Windows 10's New Low Latency API AudioGraph and Rocksmith.
  179. Ad in Guitar Player
  180. Does Kiss count as glam rock?
  181. Looking for Feedback on my original song...
  182. Guitar Hero Live & Rockband 4
  183. Looking for a new TV for RS - Any thoughts?
  184. Halloween!!!!!!!!!!
  185. Black Sabbath announces "The End" tour
  186. Dead and Company show streaming
  187. Album of the Year winners
  188. Train musical ear "repeat the note
  189. The Eagles of Death Metal have escaped from the Bataclan Theater
  190. Rocksmith's strongest big mistake
  191. Steam Fall & Winter Sale Dates
  192. Same Amp for Guitar and Bass?
  193. Paradigm is strongly desired to Rocksmtih
  194. Black Friday music
  195. Rocksmith 2015 Country Edition
  196. Rock smith drum edition
  197. Best And Worst Songs Of 2015
  198. Is the bass holding back blues songs?
  199. Rocksmith 1 Events Only + Windows 10
  200. What is RS1compatibilitydlc_p.psarc?
  201. Copyright questions.
  202. Requesting songs without Facebook.
  203. Beginner Question about String Muting
  204. Scott Weiland Dead At 48
  205. New Guitar hero
  206. RIP Scott Weiland
  207. Guitar instructors and Rocksmith.
  208. Chord tools for future revisions of RS
  209. Pick Technique Question
  210. Holiday music that doesn't suck
  211. Rush Drummer Neil Peart is calling it a career
  212. game is
  213. Possible Idea : NOW! That's what I call rock smith 2014 music variety packs
  214. Overdue Praise for the Notetrackers
  215. DLC Sale no comments?
  216. AM Gold
  217. GoPro
  218. I have an Idaa for a stream
  219. Rocksmith featured in a Hollywood movie.
  220. Making the Switch
  221. Does U2 have an exclusive deal with Harmonix?
  222. FREE Game Play recording software
  223. Beatles streamning
  224. Why does the stream only use Gibson and Epiphone?
  225. Rocksmith Insider (Rocksmith Canada)
  226. Steam Suffers Massive Data Breach; Not Caused By Hackers [Updated]
  227. Lemmy Kilmister Has Died At 70.
  228. Guns n Roses rumored to reunite for Coachella
  229. Stuff we might buy...besides RS3
  230. Good Bass learning websites?
  231. How much do you play?
  232. 2016 Resolutions
  233. Pipe dream thread :-P
  234. Singing Game?
  235. How many songs can you play outside of Rocksmith ?
  236. Old School Scales, Stepped Scales, Fretboard memorization, chord construction, etc.
  237. Music Discovery 'Book Club'
  238. Community-made historical backtracks
  239. RIP David Bowie
  240. An inspiring video: Devin Townsend creating a song from scratch
  241. Bowie Bonds & DLC?
  242. Alien Fingers - can't form the Dm chord
  243. Twitch stream Jan 14?
  244. Funny nickleback article
  245. A show worth seeing for any guitarist!
  246. RIP Glenn Frey
  247. What pieces are ya woodshedding atm?
  248. Favourite albums of 2015
  249. @ RS - Time for a new approach?
  250. Custom Tones